There are more pros than cos

Easy to use
Easy to clean
Slim and Compact
Iconic design
Energy saving
Large water tank of 34 ounces
Large used capsule capacity of 10 capsules
Automatic coffee flow stop
Can be used as a hot water dispenser
Makes espresso only. Need to buy separate frother for latte and cappuccino.
No descaling alerts. Need to keep track of the last descaling done.
This is really a great feature for us busy people who have a lot on our mind very morning. Making sure that we have shut down the coffee maker is probably one that we would rather not have on our checklist before we leave home. Who doesn’t want a piece of mind?

Purchased in June 2018.

Great machine on my bench top

A great machine that will use a number of different brand pods. Froths great to all different milks. Easy to clean and empty. Would recommend to anybody. Does not take up a lot of room on my bench top

Purchased in September 2018 at The Good Guys for $300.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Milk Frothing
Product is used: Daily

Love it

I have had my amazing DeLonghi Nespresso coffee machine now for about 5 years. Now and again, it sends out a bit of a puff of what appears to be smoke and I think it's had it. But I turn it off, give it a rest , turn it on again and presto it keeps on keeping on. I order my pods from Nespresso and they are delivered promptly. One time they didnt turn up and a replacement order was sent free of charge. The coffee temperature is just right. The only issue I have is with the cleaning of the milk frother, but I only use it when I want to impress someone and have learnt a small bottle brush does the job. I am sure I will enjoy making my coffee for many years to come. My machine was given to me as a Christmas Gift so I am unable to provide proof of purchase.

Date PurchasedDec 2013

Coffee is in my blood.

I love this machine! never lets me down. its the first thing I grab each morning. user friendly, easy to clean, looks good on the bench. would never go to another brand! and this is more cost effective than buying coffee's in cafes each day! Thank you Nespresso- you help me survive my kids!

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Great machine! More consistent than barista made coffee. Love that crema on top!

I can't stop using this machine! I've been using a mix of Nespresso pods, and Nespresso compatible pods and they all taste amazing. Easy to use, small enough to fit on the counter space. Definitely love this purchase.

Looks expensive, but with cash back offer, it cost about $100 without the frother. Personally, to froth my milk, I use a cheap automatic whisk/frother from IKEA which costs about $3.00 and it creates voluminous froth. Buy this machine, you won't regret it.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Has lasted a long time with lots of use

We do love our DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz. Shot sizes are good & it is still going strong after 3 years. Nice & hot, milk frother/warmer is still going. Tried other brand more eco friendly pods, but they didn't taste as good as the Nespresso ones. Sure beats paying $4 each at the coffee shop, - thanks Coffee Machine Makers!

Date PurchasedSep 2015


I have been using this machine for several months and it is performing well even when I use Nespresso-compatible capsules at the supermarket. It heats the water pretty quickly and coffee is ready in no time when you are on the go in the morning. Maintence is minimal, easy to wipe and clean.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Luke warm milk, a waste of money, I Like my coffee hot.

We bought this machine to save money with buying coffee from Mc Donald's etc. I am very disappointed as the coffee is not hot enough. You can gulp it down is one go. For people who like warm coffee it could be fine, but I like my coffee hot, so my machine sits here, while my daughter picks up the coffee from McDonald, brings it home, and it is still hotter than the coffee we make in the Delonghi Nespresso machine. I am taking it back to the shop and complaining that I want my money back. Most people would expect it to make hot coffee, not luke warm.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

this is amazing

the coffee was absolutely amazing and the coffee tasted great nice and smooth and creamy. the coffee produced by the machine changed over the 2 years I have had it. also, the production of coffee depends on how clean the machine was inside. the temperature was always consistent no matter when i used it

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Can't live without

I am a mum of 5 so obviously need my coffee fix daily. I was drinking the usual supermarket coffee and got sick of it. I started looking into coffee machines and thought this one looked easy to use and would look good in our kitchen with our other decor.
We purchased it without even trying the coffee as a gamble. We purchased it through myer and had to go into Nespresso for the coffee pods and to verify our machine for our warranty. They staff were absolutely wonderful and have continued to be wonderful every time we have gone in.
The machine itself is the best thing I've purchased for my kitchen. The milk warmer is fantastic, we also use it for hot chocolates for the kids. The coffee itself tastes amazing and we always compare our cafe coffees to our home coffees. The machine is a little bit loud when the coffee is being poured but other then that it's fine. It's easy to use, easy to change flavours of coffee and easy to change from Capp to flat white. It's an all round winner in our house and I would recommend it to everyone, we even bought both parents one each for gifts!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Cafe tasting coffee in your own home

This machine is life changer and investment into saving money from regularly buying coffees on the work commute. The fast is sensational, very user friendly and extremely simple to clean. Having one on your own bench top satisfies the cravings and needs for a coffee in a very simplistic, cost effective manner

Date PurchasedMar 2015

good value for money

bought this coffee machine on special for the Good guys. the machine works perfectly. Coffee out of this machine tastes no difference compared to some high end models. My wife and I are bother coffee addicts and we completely love this machine. And it does not take lots of room. Perfect for a small kitchen.

highly recommend this model and DeLonghi brand.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Simply the best! Easy, affordable & tasty coffee

Wow o wow!!! Super easy to use and get the hang of, as well as clean and maintain. Coffee comes out really smooth and delicious, as good as the one sold at the cafe near me (so in turn, have saved a tonne of money!). Also great for when guests come over as it's very quick and you're able to put whatever type of coffee blend they like in it without making an entire batch for just one cup!

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Best bang for your buck in the nespresso coffee machine line!

Best machine in its price bracket in terms of pod machines. Highly recommended! Was able to purchase it on a cash back and coffee credit deal from JB HIFI so that was quite the added bonus. Only thing I would change is that I'd like the coffee produced to be a little bit hotter, but I like very hot coffee so that's a personal preference.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great tasting coffee

Great machine. Very easy to use and clean. Wide variety of pods available. It would be great if Nespresso produced biodegradable pods. Hopefully in the future. Like that the frother is atrached so that it only takes up one powerpoint. Very stylish and will suit all kitchens. Good cash back promos that are on fairly regularly it seems.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Best start to the morning

So easy to use and so easy to clean! Milk froths perfectly to the perfect temperature. Could not be happier with this machine. Nespresso also provide such a great variety of different flavours and intensities. It is hard to choose a favourite! Good looking machine too. Real coffee, real easy!

Date PurchasedDec 2014

Drinking my coffee right now :-)

Yep, I'm drinking my coffee as I write this review! :)

Easy to use, tasty coffee, hot fluffy milk, easy to clean and doesn't take up much counter top space. What more could you ask for really?

It's easy to buy more coffee pods as and when you need them, either online or at Coles/Woolies/IGA.

I even get 2 coffees out of one pod, as they're quite strong

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Great little machine

The ease of use with this machine is why we bought it. It’s easy to clean, makes a nice coffee and looks nice on our bench top. The variety of coffee from Nespresso is also very good. I look forward to having my morning coffee using this machine. I’d definitely buy this brand again.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Quick coffee without needing Barista skills!

I initially bought it to save me time in the mornings and I am really so very happy that I did so. Now, if I am not rushed, I use my traditional stove top Italian Cafeteira, but when I need a real coffee in a hurry, I use the Delonghi Espresso pod machine. I have given up on the full size barista machine ever since I bought the Espresso pod machine because it simply makes sense to me - so little effort and definitely easily accessible ways to clean it between uses. No longer do I have to put up with strange smells from the full size barista machine or worry about water/ milk temperature and getting the latte versus the capuccino style froth right for guests - I am a short black coffee drinker myself.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Cash back rort

This is our 2nd machine, the first has been great except for the frother being a little hit and miss. Bought the second for holiday house - a good buy with the cash back - so we thought.
The fact is that Nespresso wants you to jump thru hoops to make the claim and god help you if you don't own a computer. Of course they will tell you you can purchase direct from Nespresso and they will do the cash back for you - but - you pay a lot more! Buy from somewhere else, they really don't want to know you.
The cash back site requires information to be submitted including the bar code of the product, unfortunately not that legible on my machine and a letter was mistaken for a number - fail no. 1 for the cashback attempt. I called them and was told exactly what the letter should be, so they knew but could not change my claim, I had to resubmit.
2nd attempt - failed again. Another call to find out why. The scanned receipt did not have the date legible. Same receipt used as in attempt 1 but they could not tell me that in the first call, I only find out when it is rejected for the second time. The fact is that the receipt is so long that it is impossible to get both the store name and the date into a photo that is an accepted size for the Nespresso claim back form on line.
OK, I am told to fold the receipt in such a way that it fits the photo download, blocks out the bank details and then it will include the date. Wow, who would have thought.
3rd attempt - well lets see. The machine is still in its box, if the 3rd attempt is rejected, then the machine will be returned for a full refund and we will purchase another type.
The cash back is a great 'come on in'. If Nespresso were absolutely serious, they would process the cashback in store. And they may consider selling the products in their stores for the same price as other stores. Perhaps in the very least the cash back claim online could be more user friendly - it did not even register the store I purchased from. What if you don't own a computer? In reality Nespresso do not want you to claim. At least it is keeping someone employed to reject the claims, maybe they get a bonus for every reject!

Date PurchasedApr 2018

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Questions & Answers

We have The nespresso citiz and milk,the milk comes out like whipped cream what am i doing wrong?
2 answers
Possibly too much milk or maybe not enough. I only use almond milk but when I have used full cream milk for other people the consistency is always different. Hope this is of some help.I'm using pasteurized milk and filling to the first max Mark, maybe trim milk might be better

My machine uses the water but the capsule is not used water is in tank under used capsules
No answers

I have a delonghi Nespresso latisimo touch with the 6 buttons I have de scaled twice but light still on and milk barely pumping coffee dispenser is fine. Any ideas?
No answers


Nespresso Citiz EN265BAE (Black, Aeroccino)Nespresso Citiz EN267BAE (Black)Nespresso Citiz EN267WAE (White)Nespresso Citiz EN165B (Black)Nespresso Citiz EN165CW (Cream)Nespresso Citiz EN266CWAE (Cream, Aeroccino)Nespresso Citiz EN265SAE (Silver, Aeroccino)Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)Nespresso Citiz EN167B (Black)Nespresso Citiz EC600MR (Red)
Pump Pressure19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar19 bar
Input Power1,870 W1,700 W1,710 W1,260 W1,260 W1,870 W1,870 W1,870 W1,260 W
Water Tank Capacity1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L1 L
Colour / Finish BlackBlackWhiteBlackCreamCreamSilverBlackBlack
Dimensions 277 x 237 x 372 mm277 x 218 x 372 mm277 x 218 x 372 mm278 x 130 x 372 mm278 x 130 x 372 mm277 x 237 x 372 mm277 x 237 x 372 mm277 x 237 x 372 mm277 x 113 x 372 mm
Capsule CompatabilityNespressoNespressoNespressoNespressoNespressoNespressoNespressoNespressoNespresso
Milk FrotherIntegratedIntegratedIntegratedNoneNoneIntegratedIntegratedIntegratedNone
Heat-up Time 25 seconds25 seconds25 seconds
Auto Shut-offYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
Shot FunctionsEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and LungoEspresso and Lungo
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)2 year(s)
Release dateMar 2009Mar 2009Mar 2009
Replaced byDeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN267BAE (Black)DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN266BAE (Black, Aeroccino)

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