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The Keys of Opportunity

We think the Real Estate Rescue (RER) course is masterful. It is systemic. And it has planned system that carters for a majority the issues and outcomes. That is what RER does. Each step leads to the next, clear, and the documentation provided is key.

It unfortunately, doesn’t cover all the various areas where distressed properties, may be located. Nor, does it work through a successful transaction.

We also appreciate the general information offered through monthly webinars, access to a supportive community of graduates, a network of experts and the staff within DG Institute itself.

And this opens a whole new world of investing with little or no money down. Outstanding support from the DGI team with access to an investment community to source deals, source finance, source tradies and access to workshop material and resources.

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Thanks for your supportive words and feedback Richard. If you need further help with distressed properties we suggest you speak to our concierge about the Elite Mentoring Program through which you can have the dedicated support of a coach. Please email em@dginstitute.com.au and one of our team members will give you a call to discuss your options. Regards.

Worthwhile course

Dominique is very knowledgeable and professional and runs a very interesting Real Estate and Rescue course with straight forward teaching material. The follow up team are great...very friendly and very keen to help.

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Mary, we're glad that you've had a great experience. Thanks for the review!

Innovative Learning

I attended the Real Estate Rescue course, which I found very innovative and I learnt so much from the content. Dominique is a very cluey person, but I have always found her easy to understand. Of course, my learning has not just been from the 3-day workshop but all of the “after care” via her emails, webinars, YouTube videos, and the many resources in our Members’ website e.g. manuals, documents, videos, slides, links, etc.

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We're happy that you've learnt a lot about real estate from us Vicki! Thanks for your review.

DG institute does what other accountants and lawyers couldn’t.

I was extremely satisfied .
The wealth protection method offered no obstacles at all because of the guidance given.
Dominique has nailed this one:)

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Dave, we're extremely delighted that you're extremely satisfied! Thanks for your review.

Very informative. For the action taker

The teaching content was very informative, easy to understand and broken down into simple steps that make it easy to follow.

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You are correct that you need to take action. Thanks for the review!

The only place to get this training

The course was delivered in a dynamic and interactive way, which was engaging and informative.
Meeting other like minded people is a real boost and great for networking.
You may not grasp all the information in the course, but the post course support has been great with queries and questions being answered in a timely manner.

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Thanks for your insights Cameron! We're delighted that you've had a great experience.

Property plus

We absolutely loved the real estate rescue course we attended. There was a wealth of information and we felt empowered and ready to go when we finished the course. Dominique creates an amazing environment to learn and provides access to a community of like minded people

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We're happy to know that we have empowered you! Thanks for your review.

The tools to succeed!

I have completed both the Real Estate Rescue course and the Property Uplift Program and consider that the DG Institute delivers a very professional product packed with information. Dominique herself is very professional and approachable, and has a wealth of legal and property knowledge. She can deliver complex content in a very understandable and coherent way that instills confidence in those listening. Dominique also recognises that content, whilst absolutely important, is only part of the equation for success. She also helps participants focus on the mental blocks that are holding them back from succeeding. She and the DGI team provide all the tools and encouragement to help participants reach their property goals. Highly recommended.

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Phil, we're delighted to know that we were able to provide you with tools to succeed! Thanks for your recommendation.

Good information

I have been involved in property development and property investing for many years however, the Real Estate Rescue program opened my eyes to methods of securing property that I had never considered.

The course was well run with the information provided in a practical and understandable way. One of the difficulties many people face in embarking on a new venture is they have to do it alone. Doing this course with the DG Institute gives you access to an active community of like-minded people, finance advice and many resources that can help you on your road to success.

My experience is that there is no free rides in this world and like anything else, to be successful in property investment you need to take action and be prepared to ride out some disappointments along the way. With the DG Institute you will have the support of a great community to support you through the ups and downs and also celebrate your successes.

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Raoul, we're glad that we were able to show you new methods for property development and property investing. Thanks for the review!

Very professional and informative

I found the Real Estate Rescue program to be informative, well-structured and delivered in a very professional manner by Dominique and her team. Following the seminar, there is also a lot of additional information and support provided to students to keep you engaged in the program. I went on to join the Master of Wealth Control asset protection program and have been equally impressed with the service provided by the DG Institute.

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Patricia, we do our best to embody the qualities you've mentioned and we're delighted that you noticed. Thanks for your review!

DG Institute

Dominique and the team at DG institute provides a lot of valuable information to develop a different way to invest in real estate. The Real Estate Rescue course gives you the opportunity to acquire property under market value whilst also giving you the skills to help out people who may be in a tough situation.

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Thanks for your review Albert! We're delighted that we were able to provide you with valuable information.

Personal growth and acquiring tools to capitalize new opportunities.

From her own experiences of losing several properties, Dominique has put together a wealth of knowledge on how to avoid and recover such losses. The Real Estate Resque course that I was privi to attend, focus on how to invest in properties that are in distress and achieve a win-win outcome for your self and the distressed property owner. Dominique has a phenomenal way of presenting and combines the subject matter with several strategies for personal growth. I can absolutely recommend this course for any person considering to invest in real estate. In Australia.

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Thanks for your review Henning! We're happy to know that we were able to help you learn how to achieve win-win outcomes in investing in properties.

Refection on Real Estate Rescue

After completing the Real Estate Rescue Course with Dominique and her team there were several self improvements to undertake so I was able Goal plan for the future. Dominque is a great mentor with the insight and information that she is willing to share as well as her life journey that gives every individual encouragement to change their own lifestyles so that their future is more positive. I have had the privilege to invest in two quality projects that is providing leverage for further investment opportunities.

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Thanks for your review Jen! We're glad that we were able to help you create a plan for the future.

Fabulous Knowledge!

I completed the Real Estate Rescue Course and found the expansive knowledge fabulous for my learning curve of Property investing. 100% focused I continued with the Elite Mentoring program. I now feel well equipped with all the materials provided and ready to face any obstacles on my property investment journey.

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Thanks for your review Alisa! We're excited to see the results of your property investment journey!

If you don't go with Dominique and DGI your Crazy

The Real Estate Rescue Course run by DGI puts a whole different slant on Property Investment. Dominique's unique combination of knowledge and skills is not available with anybody else. Do yourself a favour and get information that will put you ahead of the pack by doing the course. I took away a lot of new information and skills.

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Thanks for your review Fay! We're delighted to know that you have gained new information and skills.

A New Way to Deal in Property

As we go into a slowing market, Dominique's Real Estate Rescue system has the potential to save some precariously balanced owners from disaster by taking their case and supporting them out of trouble with their loan issues.

The course teaches the system, with all contingencies covered, and the work needed is probably a little more time than was expected.
As the tales unfold and the deal emerges out of the discussions and meetings, the system can produce a good outcome for all.
I look forward to again helping a borrower resolve their problems and having a chance to be rewarded for my efforts too.

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Thanks for the review Remmy! We're excited to see you help as many people as you can.

Real Estate Rescue to the Rescue!

i attended the Real Estate Rescue course and was blown away by the content.
So much information delivered in a fun, professional manner.
i highly recommend this course to anyone wanting an insight into distressed property.

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Thanks for the recommendation Ross! We're glad that you had fun.

DG Institute Workshops

I have attended both the Real Estate Rescue (RER) & Property Uplift Programs (PUP) and found the content and delivery of the workshops to be very informative and enjoyable. Both courses require time commitment after the workshops to get traction. The online refresher training being offered for RER is a great initiative to assist graduates.
The live webinars run by Dominique are also a great initiative to keep the community up to date on the status of the property market.

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Thanks for the review Paul! Commitment is key.

A brilliant hands on, actionable property education course

As a hands on property investor'/. developer, I've attended and paid for many real estate education programs in Australia and internationally.But DGI and Dom's method of training is second to none. practical, insightful, and more over actionable! Dom's Property uplift program was so beneficial I decided to sign up for her Real estate Rescue program. So far I'm working my way thru this course and thanks to the class materials, books, templates, etc etc, I can now host the ground running with my additional real estate strategy- distressed properties.
Greg Morgan

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Thanks for your review Greg! We're delighted that we were able to provide you with an addition to your real estate strategy.

Your future depends on what you do today!

It's rare you find someone in life that is there to help others for the right reasons, Dominique is one of these people. She is a great teacher and mentor, sharing her personal experiences and her wealth of knowledge in the legal system. I found the course easy to follow and it's evident that it has been put together by people who know their stuff. The workshops were great for hands on learning and I met life long friends along the way. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do good in the world while being your own boss.

Some people come into your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons - Dom has been both for me!

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Thanks for your recommendation Julia! We hope that more blessings come your way.

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What if you purchase but then can't on sell quickly especially where you don't use any of your own money. Who is left paying the mortgage?
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Hi Maree, please give us a call on 1300 871 251 or email info@dginstitute.com.au and one of our product specialists can discuss details with you.

Notice most give 4 or 5 stars only posted 1 review, very suss ?!!!!! Property spruikers are everywhere, they will take your hard earned & destroy your financial future.
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What is the statistics for 'turn over' success stories?
1 answer
Hi Sara, the results vary depending on the amount of time that each graduate dedicates to applying the principles of what they learn at our workshops. You can watch some reviews and case studies from DG Institute graduates on our Youtube channel: DG Institute reviews: https://youtu.be/DmOn7Evj--Q Elite Mentoring reviews: https://youtu.be/LCBxhFcIX5E Alternatively you can call us on 1300 871 251 or email info@dginstitute.com.au to talk to one of our product specialists.