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Diamond Energy

Diamond Energy

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Excellent service!

I have been with Diamond Energy for some years now and have found them to be consistently pleasant, helpful, efficient and cheap. Apart from short breaks in supply during the occasional electricity storm I have had no power interruptions.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Many hidden charges

Admittedly I did not do my research prior but just got a bill for $424 for 4 months - one bedroom flat, no air con, lived there for 2 months, for sale for 2 months with Real Estate Agent turning power on at meter for 30 minute inspections only. I did not realise this company charges 109 cents per day for electricity whether you are using it or not, nor was it clear about the connection charges. Cant wait for the next bill with the disconnection charges.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Amazing customer service

Diamond Energy you are amazing! I found myself in difficult times and unable to pay my bill in full . I called customer service to discuss and i was so nervous and had some anxiety initially... i even worked myself up to make the call. This was due to previous bad experiences in the past. Well! The lady i spoke to was so warm and friendly and completely understanding. I was soon relaxed and felt like i was talking to someone i knew. She efficiently and calmly helped me to a solution and I didnt feel any judgements upon me at all. Congratulations Diamond on having staff who truly are “ Diamonds in the rough”

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Overpayment trying to get a refund

I like Diamond Energy but am currently very disappointed with Thier current policy in refunding overpayments of Thier account I decided to use Thier smooth pay which works really well however I recently requested a partial refund due to the balance being in excess of 846 dollars My average account being 245.00 dollars I was told this would take up to ten weeks Very dissatisfied not acceptable

April 11th 2019 Update: Re Over Payment Refund Diamond Energy

I am pleased to advise that Diamond Energy did refund my over payment after communicating my displeasure on there earlier advice that it would take up to ten weeks being there next billing period, Thank you Diamond Energy

Customer Service

Great expectations

Diamond Energy has been our supplier since we switched to Solar about 7 years ago. Every now and then I do some research to see if i can pay even less. I usually find that Diamond Energy is the cheapest based on daily avg kwh and the price even if it is only a few cents, it still shows i'm paying the least so there is no benefit to switching away.

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Rates and Fees

A great, green company

Finally, an electricity company that is transparent and offers great service. We have a premium feed-in tariff. When we're in credit, Diamond pays our bank account on the day the invoice is due. Never had that before! They rank second on the Greenpeace Green Electricity guide, with all renewables (no fossil fuels). That's the most important factor for us.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Top customer service

Life is not always about the cheapest price as cheap service usually hangs together with it. Diamond Energy goes against this by offering very competitive prices and best of all, excellent customer service. I have called a number of times and the call gets answered straight away by very friendly Aussies who sort out problems on the spot. It makes customer service at the other retailers look like a complete joke.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Great customer service

Used Diamond energy for our electricity. Quick setup incl direct debit. Excellent customer service via phone (no anoying menus). Detailed and useful quarterly usage reports via email.

Consistent, perfect renewables power supply at great rates

Hands down the best electricity company I have ever dealt with. And the only one to ever offer me discounts. If you believe renewables are the future, I'd recommend them.

Easy to deal with.

House is 100% electric.
Switched over a couple of years back form another supplier after they upped their pricing and did not tell anyone.
Diamond Energy are easy to deal with and their supply charges seem to be a little cheaper than all the others I have checked with.
I check constantly what other suppliers charge, Diamond Energy still rate the best.
Billing is easy and direct debit is convenient.
My only criticism is that you cannot access your account on their web page as you can do with others.
With all the discounts I have obtained with them, my bills are almost manageable.
At this stage I am a happy Diamond Energy customer.

Always honest

Always been happy with diamond. Have left them in the past. HUGE mistake. Back now ppl in the office actually answers your calls and Australian based and owned as far as I know. Just better than the rest. And I sent solar for a living so looking at bills constantly.

Bill shock!

Recieved a $1350 bill from these guys after recently signing up. I have a two bedroom unit and usual bill is between $300-$400 with previous companies.
Be very careful!

Genuine and helpful

I changed from Origin to Daimond to move to renewable energy sources and have had no regrets. Their feed in tariff is competitive. Customer service is local, helpful and honest when I called to query some details on my bill. Also, they've just passed on a real saving to us customers. I replied: "Great news! Thanks. Glad I said NO to the cold caller the other day who said, "So you're not interested, even though you could save lots and lots of money?" Ha ha"
Daimond replied: "Hahaha I loved your response! Yes we have been working hard to ensure all our customers are getting the best competitive low rates and feed in credits for their area. Supporting renewables doesn’t have to cost you more!"
Talk about human. And not out-sourced slave labourers. Go Diamond.

Exceptionally helpful and friendly staff

Friendly staff that go out of their way to help.
Value green and sustainable energy sources :)
Great service all round.

Best electricity company yet!

Very helpful customer service, and extremely good rates. I'm very happy with them. Other electricity companies were an absolute nightmare to deal with, but for over a year now with DE, I have no more issues! And they just emailed me to let me know that the rates have gone down, and that I'll be saving between approx $150-200 per year.

A great, hassle-free experience

After being given the run-around by AGL Electricity several times, I was looking to change. And Diamond Energy seemed to be head and shoulders above the rest. And so far the experience has been very pleasant and hassle-free. Customer service is excellent, and pricing is certainly fair. I wish they'd do Gas too.

100% renewable sources, reliable, great customer service

After years with AGL & Alinta, I became alarmed at their exorbitant price hikes, so I switched to Diamond Energy. My elec bills are much lower, I like that DE sources its energy from renewables not dirty coal, the supply is reliable and their customer service is excellent! Wish they also supplied gas but not as yet.

Service is the clincher.

Diamond does the best kWh/hr deal for my personal house hold consumption and PV production. (ToU) Others sometimes get close but what $ value can you put on being able to get quick sensible and informative answers over the phone (every time I have called)?
I have considered churning several times but over approx. 3 years with Diamond, the numbers (for my circumstances) when crunched convince me that great customer service is the clincher. Thanks Jess and Luke.

Time has passed and I see Diamond Energy meanwhile as the best available option

1 to 2 years have passed since my entry (and additional comment to it - however, both entries seem to have disappeared with my new review here...).

Meanwhile I reckon that Diamond Energy is the best option available where I live (country NSW), since they lifted their feed-in-rebate to 12 cents (while a small portion of my feed-in-kW even attracts a 15 cents rebate each period.

I see reports on TV of people with horrendous power-bills. This is beyond my comprehension.
Those must be people without solar and without any idea how to use power responsibly.

During a 3 month period, of which I was on my own for 2 month, I even had a power bill over those 3 month, where I received $15.

Obviously the "daily charges" are a rip-off, however they are systematic in Australia, and not Diamond's fault. But with my 5kW system, I was even able to offset those completely (at one time) as I wrote above.

Cooperative effort, successful results.

We had to have someone remove and re-install our solar panels to permit the installation of a new roof. Cole and his team did a super efficient and professional job, and his price was very competitive. All of the workers were polite and hard working, and they were able to fit their schedule with the roofing company, so we did not lose much energy at all. We could not be more pleased with the work.

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Questions & Answers

Should I only go with Diamond Energy if I have solar panels? I am moving out and will be renting so we won't have solar, will it still be a reasonable price?
1 answer
I think they do a bill compare if you ask them. They did it for us. They're good even with no solar.

I'm looking at Diamond Energy, I'm in an apartment so trying to work out whether I need solar panels or not?
1 answer
It would be tricky to get solar panels in an apartment but Diamond energy is sourced from renewables, so at least you know you're helping the planet!

Is it more expensive to have solar on private rentals than owning you own home?
3 answers
I can only speculate, that as a tenant, after getting the owner's agreement to install panels, if indeed you are responsible for the electricity bill as most tenants in Australia are, you would earn as much credit for the electricity your panels generate as an owner would, but without the security of tenure an owner has, you will have the extra costs of uninstalling, taking the system with you and reinstalling on your next rental property...if you can find an owner who agrees to it.Hi. We have solar panels, a 5kw system. Diamond energy give us 11cents per kw put back into the grid. But I think the main benefit is that with solar it uses the power generated for the home use first then any excess going back into the grid. My bills have more than halved since installing solar. Try using your heavy electricity usage between 9am and 2pm if possible, that is the maximum gain period for solar. I must admit I have not heard of anyone taking the solar installation with them when they move. The way new technology is going, there will be bigger and better all the time. Hope that helps you.If your bill is 800 plus you may benefit. Personally I would go halves with the owner and only if your bill is really high

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