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Terrible customer service

I chose to sign up with Energy Locals as they seemed easy, fairly priced and a smaller Australian company, what a mistake that was. Contacting their customer service team is very hit and miss, most of the time no one knows what’s going on or no response is received at all. The first major issue I had was asking for an extension on a bill which I was granted an extra 2 weeks, before the 2 weeks was even finished Energy Locals referred my account to a a debt collection agency without any notice to me about my bill being overdue in the first place. When contacting them about it I waited 3 days to simply be told it was “sent to the debt collection agency in error” pretty sure you should take more care when it comes to these issues or at least let your customer know their bill is “overdue” so the issue can be resolved. Secondly, when moving house I called to switch my address over, accepted the T & C’s over the phone and was told I’d be sent a confirmation email, however I didn’t receive anything. I didn’t think much of it until 3 months later when I tried to disconnect my service when breaking my lease that apparently there was no record of the phone call, no record of my new address and I didn’t have a current account with them. How does this even happen? After some investigation they managed to find a record of the phone call and I was eventually informed it would be my responsibility to contact Origin to resolve the issue myself. Please fix your computer systems and hire some competent customer service team members. Unbelievable.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Awful customer service, avoid at all costs

I signed up with Energy Locals as I liked the idea of supporting a small business and what they stood for. I set up a direct debit to avoid their credit card fee. My first payment didn't go through so I checked the details I'd inputted and any problems on my end such as balance. No problems. I checked with my bank to see why it didn't go through, they said it must have been a problem on Energy Locals' end. They then charged me a $20 dishonour fee despite the problem being their error.
I contacted them to rectify this and they didn't offer any solution despite the fact that I'm happy to provide statements proving my account had adequate funds. I asked if I could take advantage of their offer to get $50 free power if unhappy with their service and switching back to a past provider. They refused to do this as I'd signed up slightly before the start date of this promotion.
Definitely would not recommend this company based on my experience. They did nothing to try and help me out when it was their error. They also did nothing to try and keep me as a customer. I was simply told to switch providers if unhappy. I'll be going back to AGL who I've not had a problem with in the past, and who actually have customer service representatives who attempt to fix issues and retain customers.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Very helpful and comprehensive

Finding a good energy supply company is always difficult. Wattever made the search much easier with the ability to compare so many offerings and so many choices. They checked my progress when I made a choice and ensured that I got rapid service from my new supplier.

So far so good!

First week as a customer has been great. Power connected on the expected day with short order time, short call wait times and friendly customer service for the two calls I have made. Will review again after the first bill. Good experience so far.

What a breath of fresh air....

Electricity connected. Done easily & efficiently beyond my expectations. This is the type of organisation that I wish to transact with.

Thanks Stu, we really appreciate your feedback. Welcome on board! Adrian, Founder - Energy LocalsReceived our first bill. Proof is in the eating. Well Done of delivering on your promise and commitment. Hopefully, the rates do not climb from hereon. So pleasing to deal with an organisation energy provider/retailer without the surprises later after receiving the first invoice.

Cheap rates and 5 start customer service

I have been ringing around retailers to find a cheap rate. Energy Locals staff were efficient, friendly and very professional. Their rates were even better! Highly recommend this energy retailer.

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Hi Ronnie, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review - it gives our team a great boost. Adrian, Founder - Energy Locals

No problems

Early days, have just set up process of transferring from another provider, and scheduled first smooth pay installment. So far the process has been efficient and easy.

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Hi Lyn, thanks for joining us and it's great to have you on board. If there's anything we could have done thus far to win a 5 star review please let us know so we can make changes


Fantastic personal service. Best rates in the business. A company you can rely on to not nail you to the floor!

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Thank you Brucee, it's great to have you on board!

Good Solar FIT

Easy to change over - after my supplier Click - kept putting up prices.
Just had 2nd 3 month account & more than happy with their simple rates & 12c solar feed in tariff [FIT].
Energy Locals keep the customer well informed.
My daily supply cost now only 2 thirds of previous with Click.

Worst customer service

They were quick to get me connected in my new rented house however I called up 3 months later to disconnect because I was moving back with my family and I kept getting billed. At first I notified them that I longer live in the house and requested to disconnect and the man over the phone said it was all done.

Few weeks later, I received an email with them in regards to my bill so I followed it up. They said they don't have any records of it so I said okay can you disconnect it now and send me a confirmation email. Upon request, nothing was received. 20 July 2018, I received an email with my bill of $276 however last time I called the stated I had $250 credit in my account. I called again they said the billing team has made an error and they will give me a call in 10 mins max to rectify this. Yet again, they didn't do as said and no call was received.

I am working full-time and taking my time to call Energy Locals yet they keep making me wait. This issue has been going on for at least 2 months now.
I completely understand if there is a huge workload as I work in a large company however it is terrible to be still following up a issue for 2 months. This is showing terrible customer service and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone,

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Hi Mel, I'm very sorry to hear about these issues. Can you please message me with your full name or account number so we can investigate and sort it? You can reach me directly on adrian.merrick@energylocals.com.au. Thanks, Adrian, Founder - Energy Locals

Loving Energy Locals

Changing over to Energy Locals when I moved house interstate was the easiest electricity connection I've ever had! It was super quick to sign up and then I moved in and the electricity was on when needed and without any issues - and I haven't had any issues since. I'm moving house again now and it was so easy to switch power to a new property. You can set up direct debit to pay off a certain amount each month so you're not hit with a big bill at the end of the cycle and don't need to worry about forgetting to pay. Brilliant. AND they contribute to a charity of your choice so you can do some good while you're paying for electricity. If you're keen to go with them you can use my link and we'll both get $50 off win-win woohoo - [link removed]

Simple no fuss energy provider

i switched from "click" to energy locals 6months ago
I have only had 1 quarter bill so far ,but it was a pleasant experience
easy to understand,just like the old days before all the smoke and mirrors with discounts,pay each month
it was as simple as
this is your usage,this is the rate
this was your solar feed in,this is the rate
then a quarterly due date -and that was it
like I say-like the old days
would and have recommended them to anyone

En Local Refused to Connect for Previous Tenants History!

I was shocked! Energy Locals 'Refused to Connect Us' based on the 'Previous Tenants Credit History'. Unbelievable & I wonder if they can legally do such a thing.

We arrived at property to 'no power' at all. Spent so much time on comparison sites & finally chose Energy Locals. Sign up was easy. I like the way your email messages show up on your Chat window (although that raises privacy concerns).

They were willing to get us connected the following day, but then said that the power had been disconnected due to 'debt related reasons'. Well, we are not who ever was connected to whatever supplier that was used for that property...So how on earth can they refuse new people moving into a property, based on some one else's wrong doing? So having wasted so much time on them, we are left for another 4 days with no power...lovely weekend.

We were happy to be giving this new company a go & happy that we would be supporting a charity of our choice & happy that the plan was simple & easy to understand plus very decent rates!

However...will NEVER use them & will spread the word! Thx for Nothing!


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Hi Lee, we're sorry we couldn't take you on as a customer. As we've explained to you already, we do have a policy of not taking on new properties where the power has recently been disconnected by a different retailer due to unpaid debt. Why? Because we're a very small Aussie startup that's taking on the big guys. Every unpaid bill reduces our ability to do this and to keep employing our Australian-based team. We don't have the big margins of the large retailers to fall back on, so we have to be a bit more cautious. I'm sorry that this meant we couldn't take you on as a customer - we would like to have done so.

Customer Focused Power

Very happy with Energy Locals so far. Price is less than the discounted rate my power provider of 20 years was prepared to give, this includes the ‘we don’t want you to leave rate’. Energy Locals also seem to be very transparent in regard to their costs, this isn’t something I have previously experienced when it comes to power supply. Customer service is chalk and cheese too. Nice to talk to a local who is actually interested in helping you.

At present Energy Locals is offering a bill credit of $50 to new customers. There are no contracts. This link will get you the credit.

[link removed]

The cheapest summer electricity bill in years.

Want to save money on your electricity bills and get massive solar feed in tariffs?
As well as receiving my lowest summer energy bill in years I am also supporting “r u ok”.
I did a comparison search on the Queensland government electricity comparison site. By far the cheapest and a part of my bill goes to supporting a R U OK.
Check these guys out on the link below and if you join you get $50 off your first bill and so do I.

[link removed]

Cheapest in market without any fuss!

Mine is anytime usage with excellent rates! Setup did not take too long and power supply is very reliable without any dropouts! Their Customer Service is very good as well and if you join using my link, both of us will get $50! (weblink removed)

Exemplary Service

We have used Energy Locals for 12 months. Their customer service levels are outstanding. I deal with the same person for all my inquiries from connection right through to billing. Whilst rates with other companies were increasing ours went down. A great little company That deserves your support.

Energy Locals-The new energy player on the block

I had been with Click for a long time and even wrote a glowing review, but over time they became less competitive, and offered so many variations/discounts(like most other energy companies) it was almost impossible to check if one was getting the best deal That was until Energy Locals came along. They are currently only in SE Queensland and NSW but will be expanding into other States I believe.
There are no discounts, no gimmicks, just the lowest price possible. Easy to work out and I believe currently the highest feed in tariff if you have solar. And they donate to your favourite local charity.(In my case the Gold Coast Sailing Club)
On a three month bill, they beat Click by $118, and last month I was expecting around $80, and it was $32.
I cant recommend them highly enough. Call them with your current suppliers Account and they will tell you if they can do better and they will tell you if they can't. Good to see an honest ,ethical company having a go .

Questions & Answers

Any timing yet (beyond its coming) on when you will be up and running for the VIC market?
1 answer
Hi Stevo, thanks for your question. We have our licence at last (yay!) and we're busy setting up all the bits and pieces that can't be done pre-licence. I can't give a precise date yet and we still have a decision point over timing. However, we'll probably start with a small friends & family group so if you'd like to be part of that, please drop us a note to hello@energylocals.com.au and we'll get you onto our list :) Cheers, Adrian, Founder - Energy Locals

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