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  • Award Winner 2021
4.8 from 333 reviews

Priding itself on being the ‘local name in LPG’ for Western Australia and the Northern Territory, Kleenheat has been providing a reliable gas energy service for over 60 years.

  • Reliable residential gas service

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Affordable rates

  • Trustworthy local company operating for 60 years

  • Only services Western Australia and the Northern Territory

  • Transparency
    4.7 (264)
  • Customer Service
    4.8 (290)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.6 (255)
  • Services ProvidedGas
4.4 from 1,156 reviews

Latest review: I commend John James roldan de mesa for excellent customer service. He answered my question promptly and clearly! I am pleased with outcome. Keep up good work! Congratulations covau for best e l

  • Transparency
    4.6 (318)
  • Customer Service
    4.7 (374)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.4 (328)
  • Services ProvidedElectricity and Gas
Enova Community Energy
4.9 from 55 reviews

Latest review: I spoke to a n English speaking australian who gave me splendid answers and no high pressure sales pitch. Very happy and have recommended we d to all our

  • Transparency
    4.9 (47)
  • Customer Service
    4.9 (48)
  • Rates and Fees
    4.8 (41)
  • Services ProvidedElectricity and Solar Feed-In Tariffs
Click Energy
4.0 from 5,957 reviews

Latest review: Absolute joke of a company with terrible customer service. I signed up with this company and they couldn't even manage to connect the power following multiple phone calls. So I cancelled my contact,

Diamond Energy
3.9 from 93 reviews

Latest review: Very poor install causing leaks . Ok these things happen but absolutely no interest at all from them to put things right . Never ever return calls and simply ignore our pleas for help with the shody

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Wendy Z.
Wendy Z.22 Nov 2019
Pacific Hydro
4.5 from 33 reviews

Latest review: I am with Pacific Hydro with last one year. Straight forward electricity price. You no need to calculator for discount rates (one time pay), no discount movie tickets-ETC. i am very happy with them.

3.6 from 305 reviews

Latest review: Evy was amazing this morning, helped out our situation with a simple and stress free solution. Customer service was fantastic, thank you. She rang me yesterday but due to myself being unavailable

Globird Energy
3.5 from 240 reviews

Latest review: I have just joined GloBird through a process of comparing plans. Thus far GloBird have made my transfer journey easy and have responded to my enquiries promptly. At this point, I am suitably

Energy Locals
3.6 from 98 reviews

Latest review: Signed up for online self serve account. things went smoothly for a week was able to log into portal to check status of transfer from one provider to energy locals then approx 7 days into process

Locality Planning Energy
3.5 from 72 reviews

Latest review: LPE energy rang me last week about changing electricity providers. Said they can supply power at a completive rate. So I agreed to have one of their reps drop around to discuss pricing. I was more

Origin Energy
3.0 from 3,854 reviews

Latest review: We have gas and electricity and it was easy to renew out plan over the phone. We tried to renew on the app but the app was down. We haven't experienced

Tango Electricity
3.3 from 75 reviews

Latest review: Was with Tango until prices went up then on questioning they advised they were owned by Pacific Hydro Australia which sounded ok but then found they are 100% Chinese owned. So went for Aussie owned

Arc Energy Group
3.2 from 79 reviews

Latest review: Wonderful service! Spoke to a very helpful and friendly staff member who assisted with my queries and requests immediately. Arc resolved any issues I had whilst still on the phone. The short queue of

Darebin Gas
3.3 from 54 reviews

Latest review: We had Nick from Darebin gas repair our 2yr old ducted heating and are cosy and warm. Explained process /prompt /professional /your service is fantastic. We will use your company for any future

Mojo Power
2.9 from 132 reviews

Latest review: I had forgotten to schedule electricity only a few days before our move, and signed up to Mojo but could only select a day to move 2 days after we were moving in. Although getting set up with no

Powershop Australia
2.7 from 435 reviews

Latest review: Have been with Powershop for many years, and found the bulk packs saved me money although estimated power-usage definitely worked in Powershop's favour, not mine. Now, suddenly, the option for bulk

Dodo Power & Gas
2.7 from 436 reviews

Latest review: I just got connected gas and electricity with Dodo. Being a longtime customer predicting a good service from Dodo. Currently I have mobile and NBN services with Dodo and no doubt Dodo will not be

2.4 from 158 reviews

Latest review: one month bill is almost same as three month bill comparing agl which is my previous privider. I had no choice since my new building is embeded network with wimconnect.They only have customer like me

ACN Pacific Energy
2.5 from 67 reviews

Latest review: I sign up last June 2019 for this ACN click energy because of this agent who promised me that I will save a lot of money than my previous provider. For the next quarters I did notice that I was

ZEN Energy
3.8 from 11 reviews

Latest review: Their website says Talk to an Expert - which is fine but only for new customers seemingly. Already paid your money? then no-one can take your call - leave your name. Not good enough - they don't

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