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Latest review: Just Renewed! Great service! Would recommend! Reliable. No Drop outs. Their customer service is great as always! Marisa was polite and extremely helpful, making the entire process quick, easy and

Click Energy
Latest review: Sadly i have to leave Click Energy. We have moved into a retirement village who supply all of our power needs. Click has been the best provider we have had in a long time. We had solar panels on our

Diamond Energy
Latest review: Life is not always about the cheapest price as cheap service usually hangs together with it. Diamond Energy goes against this by offering very competitive prices and best of all, excellent customer

Latest review: Misleading claims on their pricing structure re: solar Added solar meter and made unauthorised change to my mains fuse and I have been following up for over 3 weeks. Constant run around, no

Pacific Hydro
Latest review: I simply don't worry about checking every year: I know I'm not being ripped off. Tango's rates are very keen indeed; and I'm taking them with me when I move suburbs - even though it means having to

Tango Electricity
Latest review: Swapped from a more expensive competitor on advice of vic govt compare website. Rates are around 50% cheaper than my old retailers base rates(before their pay on time discount) I now don’t have to w

Mojo Power
Latest review: Hmm. I'm still dithering between 2 and 3 stars, because Mojo isn't bad, or awful, but it's also not reliable. You only get the basics. If something stops working, it takes days or weeks to get

Energy Locals
Latest review: Finding a good energy supply company is always difficult. Wattever made the search much easier with the ability to compare so many offerings and so many choices. They checked my progress when I made

Powershop Australia
Latest review: First 3 months great.Live alone in a unit. Bill $50 -$60 a month first 3 months. Just received a bill for almost $300 for the 4th month. That is $300 for 1 person living alone. Done nothing different

Locality Planning Energy
Latest review: I have been a customer with LPE for over 3 years now. I have received great savings on my electricity bills over this period of time. I found the bills easy to read and understand. Best of all

Globird Energy
Latest review: I have been renting all my life and this is the first time I have problems with a energy provider. They not just charge a ridiculous amount of fees but also made a mistake in my bill leaving 26dols

Momentum Energy
Latest review: I signed up in August 2016, and the sign up process was smooth, with their rates being the most competitive on the market. The cost was 92c a day supply, 17.1c kwh peak, 16.1c kwh off-peak Every

ACN Pacific Energy
Latest review: Absolutely terrible do not recommend. Hard to communicate, website login only works half the time do not recommend. It’s like talking to a robot when phoning the call centre glad I’m no longer with th

Red Energy
Latest review: I had issues with the meter numbers at my property and received inconcictent information each time I called. After around 5 hours of calls and misinformation, the issue was still not

Alinta Energy
Latest review: I went to pay my bill with my energy provider only to be told I had switched to another company , alinta has hijacked my account without verbal or written consent , I really hope they don't expect to

Darebin Gas
Latest review: When I called Breezair to find someone to repair my Evaporative Cooler it went automatically to Darebingas. This is a monopoly!! They serviced and did minor repairs my cooler on 4/1/18 and charged

Dodo Power & Gas
Latest review: The most important issues are; 1. Price..c/KWh [usually between 16c and 32c/KWh] 2.Daily Supply Charge, [anywhere btw. 90c to 149c per day] . Anything else is crap. Many supply companies are trying

Latest review: Our recent experience with Ausgrid has been extremely pleasant, they had a team of professional engineers working tiredlessly in extreme heat conditions to restore power quickly for the affected

Lumo Energy
Latest review: I have left Lumo after 3 years of pain with these ignorant plebs. After many hours and calls regarding our solar installation and these guys telling me my new smart meter was going to cost $600 to

Arc Energy Group
Latest review: I have dealt with a number of energy retailers and Arc Energy Group is by far the most competitive and helpful. Other companies might tell you their rate is lower but do your research like I did and

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