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Dick Smith's Bushfoods Breakfast

Dick Smith's Bushfoods Breakfast

2.3 from 135 reviews

Most impressed

I will certainly keep buying this product from Dick Smith. Simply add milk and it is delicious. I also found that it is very filling (I wasn't hungry again half an hour later).

Purchased in March 2019.

Original cereal

My family loved original recipe of Dick Smith cereal. Was an all round favourite. New recipe to much puffed wheat no nuts and frankly a bit tasteless. Why the change. Would have happily paid more for original recipe.

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolies for $5.00.

Looooove it so much.

I have never tasted any breakfast cereal like it..your bush breakfast cereal my fruit and yogart I am in heaven.

Very Happy

As I did not try the old version of this product I cannot compare. Sadly, manufacturers change/go out of business so new ones have to be found. I really enjoyed this product and certainly don't find it tastes like cardboard unlike Uncle Tobys Shredded Wheat which I used to eat and now find totally unpalatable. The weight is the same as other brands except they are not wasting cardboard by filling it with air.


Love this cereal! There is a slight difference but otherwise it’s the same! I love that profits go to charity and that it’s up to 93% Australian! If you keep making it I’ll keep buying it!

Why call it BUSH FOODS when there are no bush foods in it???

This is false advertising. My wife is European and thought she would try some Australian bush food, only to find that there are no bush foods in the cereal. Could not find 2% of the wattle seeds in it.
I used to admire Dick Smith for trying to do the right thing but I think his wealth has changed his attitude.
Don't lie to us Dick!

Is anyone still buying this stuff?

Is anyone coming back for seconds? This used to be hands down the most delicious cereal around. Thankfully version 1.0 was still around just over a year ago when I was going through my morning sickness. It was the only thing I could keep down. If I was given version 2.0 back then, I'm sure I would have projectile vomited the contents right back in your face!

Bring back the old one!

Bush foods was the only relatively nutritional food my partner loved to eat. Now his snacking has turned to chocolate and sweets and has told me not to bother buying it again. Disappointing when you spend near $6 a box and there are so many other cereals available much cheaper.

Once my favourite, but no more!

What a pale imitation of what this cereal used to be! Every ingredient is the same beige colour and dry, dusty texture and I'm yet to find any of the promised mango Even the amount of currants seems to have been halved! I can only guess that cost cuts have driven this change. So sad. I'll keep checking the cereal aisle in the hope that the company sees sense and returns to the previous recipe, which was lovely! But I won't be purchasing this again.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!!

This use to be our favourite family breakfast cereal - everyone from our 2 year old up to our grandad use to love it. So you can imagine our disappointment when it disappeared off the shelves in the supermarkets and then our excitement when it reappeared again! But...yuk!!! The new recipe is very different and so much sweeter than it use to be. Even our 2 year old won't eat it anymore! I'm not sure why they changed a great Australian breakfast cereal. We no longer buy it and looking at the other reviews many others are disappointed too. Go back to the original recipe Dick!

It`s all about profit making

This new product is cheap and not enjoyable. I have been buying the original Bush breakfast cereal for years but not any more. So disappointed. If you decide to go back and use original ingredients please let me know.

Why change a good product

Had been buying bush foods for a long time, then they changed it tastes like cardboard. The last box had a grand total of 11/2 macadamia nuts not at all satisfory. Macadamia nuts are the first listed in ingredients. Will be looking for another breakfast cereal.


Please email me back when the old recipe is back on the shelf and ready to buy. My family will be much happier and so will other loyal Dick Smith Bushfoods Breakfast lovers....

When did the recipe change?!

I’m so disappointed with the new recipe.. I was looking forward to having a bowl of tasty cereal this morning and after the first mouthful I knew something wasn’t right.. no crunchy nutty pieces.. no sweet fruity pieces.. just a bland mix of wheat and currents.. there’s no substitute for the old recipe, my day is ruined.

but why...?????

What everyone else has said. Why change what works? Now it looks and tastes bland and like any other cheap cereal on the market. We won’t be buying it anymore

What's happened?

The new product is nothing at all like the cereal I have bought and loved for years. It's now full of small, gritty pieces that stick in my teeth. Very sad and wont be buying again unless they go back to the old recipe.


What have you done to this cereal. It tastes toxic and artificial. Was my favourite cereal but not now. Will never buy again

Stocked on original

Had 1 box of the new Bush Breacky and only ate half. We found a supermarket in a little outback qld town with old stock so we bought it all 6 boxes, now on the last one, not happy!

Very disappointed. Please change back!

This used to be my favourite but the new recipe is too sweet, texture is too puffy and it tastes less natural

Very Disappointed

Bush food tastes like cardboard and paper. I don't like it anymore. It was the only cereal that I loved- not anymore!

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Questions & Answers

does anyone know how many "Weight Watchers " points apply to the 'Bush Foods Breakfast' ?
No answers

Are you taking your Australian bush food breakfast off the market? Woolies is no longer stocking it, do enjoy this product, thanks Kerri.
2 answers
They remove the good cereal to replace it with Rubbish . I'm won't be buying it anymorePlease see my review above dated today. The product dated after Oct 31st is so much better. Ring the company and they will give you an explanation of why the change.

How much sugar per serve in Bushfoods Breakfast cereal? Thanks.
4 answers
9.3 gms from what I can see.Have done some research and find that it is equivalent to approximately three teaspoons of sugar per serve. This of course takes in the fruit content as well. Certainly higher than oats but also more palatable.Thanks Monica..........that helps me balance my sugar intake per day. Meant to have 6 teaspoons per day all up, so better do my sums!

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