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Happy customer

Just received the two books I ordered.
Wow such fast service and the books are beautiful, so colourful and looking forward to seeing my grandsons face when I give them to him.

Product Quality
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Red Shoes

thank you for quick response emails communication. My Personalised book for my grand daughter arrived well packed and no damaged. The book is absolutely awesome I will definitely be using you again.

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Don't waste your money!

I bought pencil stickers for the kids pencils not even 5wks into the school year and they are already peeling off. I have bought from other companies and they last the whole year and more. But thought I would try Dinkleboo as it saved me abit on $$. Waste of money not even lasting 5wks.

Too much time wasted on phone calls and emails.

Lost half my order I work in child care so ordered early before everyone left for the year. Lots of emails no answer finally got someone, said sorry we will resend, great waiting, waiting got hold of them after several attempts and lots of wasted days, how do I get a refund? you cant if you don't return items that you say didn't arrive, all personally named so definitely don't need two lots if they think I kept them which is the impression I got, Lesson learnt don't order again, several people said they had trouble with their orders but I didn't listen.

Great customer service

I purchased name labels and my previous address of 5 years ago was set as default. After a week of not receiving the labels I emailed them. Dinkleboo postage is very quick so I knew something was wrong. A lovely lady named Hayley said they had posted it over a week ago to my previous address. I was in a panic and emailed her. She very kindly-at no charge- is sending the labels again to my correct address-even though it was my mistake. I am a kindy teacher and I always recommend parents to purchase labels from Dinkleboo for their stationery items. I definitely recommend.

Improved Customer Service

Having had a bad experience and written to Dinkleboo about it, I was offered a replacement snow globe if I paid the postage, which I duly did and then received the snow globe required. The person assisting me was helpful and reasonable.

Fast delivery, nice products.

Their customer service is very good, I did have a problem with one of the books having creases in a few pages, I messaged them and within 24 hours they replied and are sending a replacement..
I bought snowglobes, books, a bottle opener, a cooler and a chopping board, all personalised. The snowglobes are great, thick and sturdy. The books look great, bright colours and pictures. The bottle opener and can cooler also look great, clearly labeled/sketched on, not blurry or crooked in anyway. Everything but the chopping board was delivered 5 days (including weekend) after ordering! Will be ordering with them again.

Sent my photo book to some random person

Dinkleboo sent a photo book that was made for a friend to a random person in another state. They wouldn’t admit their error and said if I wanted another one I would have to pay for it.

They wouldn’t contact the person whom they sent it to to try and recall the photo book. This has photos of my children in it.

Extremely poor customer service and you get what you pay for.

I would recommend Photobooks Express or Snapfish as I haven’t had any issues with them.

Love the labels

I have ordered all my childrens labels off Dinkleboo, I love the colours, the picture options and not to mention the price!
I always stock up when they have sales on and my girls love picking what design they want!
I have not experienced labels falling off of containers or fading etc but I handwash all of my childrens bottles etc.
I also brought personalised christmas books which i thought were amazing value for money not to mention my kids love having their names in a book.
I have recommended this website to a lot of friends and family aswell as purchased gifts for them.
Will def order more again soon!

Labels where the print comes off in 1 month? Updated

Update : I complained to Dinkleboo and I must say the customer service is EXCELLENT, hence the 3 stars.
Even thou it had been sometime since my purchase, they (eventually) offered me a coupon to order again for free. I did but had to pay postage. SAME problem - stick well , print comes off. I contacted them yet again just to give them feedback. If they don't know, how can they fix a problem? AGAIN excellent customer service!! They said that they had identified a print problem with my batch and another offer for free labels (more than I bought originally) . I said thanks but I'm wary (cynical) and if they are no good it's another wasted postage. They offered free post as well.
So I ordered again. I will say again the kids LOVE the pictures and design. Well, the labels ARE better than previously but if I use autowash on my dishwasher (top rack) they still have a tendency for the print to lift off. The temp is probably higher than 45deg as my dishwasher is only run when it is full, FULL, FULL!
3 stars also because now I have enough book labels to last me years :)
All in all the first set of labels I got from Identity Direct are well faded but just legible after 3 years.
Original post below.....
The ONLY positive I can say is that they DO stick (unlike one review here) .
Also the children loved the design and pictures.
Too bad the print ink comes off in the dishwasher - you can see it "folded over" and then it scratches off - all starting after about a month. The labels would get washed or rinsed after every use BUT that's with hand washing them 2/3 of the time and only 1/3 of the time in the dishwasher AND top rack ONLY and 45deg . Also , I have multiple kids food containers so the same ones don't get used every day.
Perhaps getting them thru Groupon means I got a specially cheap version.
I agree with "MumOfBoys" - Only good for kids books - under a contact covering

Disappointed ..Now poor Quality

Have bought these labels previously and they lasted however purchased some January and despite diligently following instructions they peeled off and faded in 2 washes. Poor quality.. don't stick.

Don't purchase the 'dishwasher safe' labels... because they're really not

The good: Their customer service (once you have an issue) seems to be good - prompt and willing to help (although their email response and understanding about how customers might use their lunchbox labels could use some work "Labels are dishwasher safe. However, when using a dishwasher labelled items should be placed on the top shelf and the dishwasher should not be set on "high temperature" settings." )

The bad: Their vinyl labels are terrible if you're looking for a product that actually retains the ink printed on it. I specifically purchased these labels as they indicated that they were dishwasher safe but the ink has washed off after 2-3 dishwasher visits. Also having an issue with the ink rubbing off on the small labels (our kids used them to stick onto their school pencils).

Overall, would not recommend (even if you find them on sale via Groupon) unless you enjoy blank labels on your kids lunchboxes.


I ordered a book from Dinkleboo and looked over it and seen an extra letter was added to a word but when I went back to correct it I accidentally hit accept. I immediately chatted with someone online who said no changes could be made even though it had not gone through, I called the company to see if they could correct it and waited for 10min until I got a message that said I needed to leave a voicemail and they would call me back and STILL have not received a call. I understand I made a mistake but I also tried to get it corrected within plenty of time. Completely disappointed

I gave up and got a refund

I bought a voucher from Groupon, for a 20 page photobook, 20x12, hard cover. The price was about $18 so I thought it was pretty good.

With some excitement, I logged in to DInkleboo and began working out how to make my lovely photo book of our xmas holidays in Thailand. OMG what a shocker of a site. Not intuitive at all. Very confusing. I could not work out how to upload photos, then I couldn't find how to do simple templates and then, well, trying to make it all work was just too hard.

It was so hard, I contacted Groupon, told them the story and they gave me a refund. Thanks Groupon. I've now gone on to Snapfish and the job was done easily. It just so happened that Snapfish had a half price discount, so it cost me $19.90 anyway!!

Very poor quality for photo book

I also ordered a photo book from Groupon with Dinkleboo. Was so hard to load photos and move them into the correct order I nearly gave up. Six months later had another go and finished the book which ended up costing an extra $69. Book came quite quickly and was so disappointing as the photos didn't fit the pages, half a person face on some pages, and some look way out of proportion. Very poor pixelation of the photos when my camera has 12-megapixel and the photos used were very good quality. Would never use them again as waste of time and money. Incredibly poor product. I have done a photo book with another company and they were great. Forgot the name so bought this. Never again.

Poor quality of personalised Bag

Bought a large bag in January 2017. First I received a faulty one which they replaced after i sent photos. Postage was very fast. The bag was nice but fabric was thin and then by September the zip handle snapped off so now i can't even use it. I bought a bag from hippo blue and 3 yrs later, it's still all good. Don't buy from dinkle boo.

Personalised books

Recently ordered 5 personalised book for christmas!. Extremely happy with the results, very fast service and delivery. Cannot fault the books at all, fantastic quality, very well made!. Excellent discount offers.
Will definitely be ordering from this company again in the future and would definitely recommend.

A4 wire bound calendar

The software was easy to use. Delivery was rapid. However quality is not good. The hole punched is rough. The colour washed out, and looks blurred, even though the input image was very high quality. Additionally, each calendar had a product order detail bound in as the back page, and that's a pain to remove. It's a good idea to hide the join of the binding with the back cover, but when you remove the order detail, the join is exposed. Postage cost was significant (high) $31 for 12.

Cheap labels and terrible customer service!

Bought some rectangle name labels to stick on my child's bottles. Firstly, due to the cheap materials used, the labels do not stick down nicely on rounded surfaces and crease at the edges. Since the labels do not stick down water goes under the label causing it to come off after a wash or two leaving a very sticky residue. I have also tried to stick it onto a flat surface but that also came off in the wash. The claims that they are waterproof and adhere to most surfaces are false. I have used name labels from different companies and they stick well on rounded surfaces and comes off clean even after 6 month. Whereas Dinkeboo labels don't stick and leave a sticky residue even if you try to take it off straight away.
Secondly, customer service is terrible. [name removed] from Dinkleboo pretty much said he cannot help me and suggested I purchase a different product from their website since I am unsatisfied with the one purchased and assured that that other product will stick and not crease at the edges. [name removed] from Dinkleboo has also ignored my email in response to his ridiculous suggestion. I am an unsatisfied customer and you're asking me to buy more of your stuff? No thanks.
Don't waste your time and money. Yes, the price point is good and postage is somewhat reasonable but the product is cheap cheap cheap and will ruin your bottles.

Photo albums

Never will I buy a coupon through Groupon for Dinkleboo - can't even access the website. I have wasted so much time trying to change different browsers to no avail. What a waste of time and money!!!

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how fast has the delivery been for everyone? It's my brothers birthday in 4 days and I just ordered a personalised book for him but I'm worried it won't come in time, should I get something else just incase?
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I bought 3 drink bottles, is there a seal or something? Can’t drink out of any of them,
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