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Dodo Power & Gas

Dodo Power & Gas

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Pricing is good but watch out for the devil in the detail.

Applied for electricity (gas not available in SA). Over three days spoke to 2 people directly at a kiosk and i was informed in writing and verbally that there would be a total of a 43% discount. This was made up of 25% standard and 18% for "existing customers". The writing was in the form of notes on a brochure (first instance) and subsequently on a notepad page. (The old fashioned version involving pen and paper.) All my calculations were based on those quotes which made their product very competitive. However, when the agreement was printed out, the seller points out that the second part of the discount (the 18%) was 'the maximum"! That word did not appear anywhere at any time until I wrote it down myself. That was the first time that word was mentioned and immediately raised a red flag. When I questioned it more closely there was a lot of humming and hawing. Then he called customer service to explain it, conveniently dropping in the idea that the second part somehow involved the pensioner discount, which of course is government (ie: tax payer) funded. After I spoke to the woman on the phone and cleared that red herring up she was adamant that there was only the 25% discount and "she did not know where I got the other 18% from". Strange given that she was told in no uncertain terms that I got it from Dodo employees and I had it in writing. At this point I told the rep I would take the new figures and re-calculate the outcome to see if a change was still worth it. At this point he got somewhat agitated and "insisted" that I had to sign the agreement or it couldn't go through. This was stated on at least two occasions. I just took my paperwork and walked off. We subsequently decided not to go ahead and had the agreement (unsigned) cancelled due to concerns about faith in the process. I'm not saying don't use them, just read everything carefully and get advice if it seems confusing ... and it is; for all the electrical and gas offers as far as I can see, especially with the changes coming in on 1 July 2019.

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worst provider - BEWARE!

If you don't like to have headache avoid joining DODO electricity. We had our solar installed in February, it's almost June now, no credits have been reflected on billings. They keep on promising to fix the problem but nothing happens. When you call them the line will be cut suddenly and not even tried to call back. Worst ever, not to mention their very unorganized billing system. 1000% regrets signing up with them.....


Expensive so we changed.

We were with Dodo for gas only & despite the "claims" of pay on time discount what was not explained was this ONLY applies if you have both gas & electricity. We were in substantial credit for years.
We were over the years billed each month in advance ($60 in summer & $125 in winter). This also had credit card fees applied.
We eventually changed providers to a cheaper provider that had post paid as I prefer to manage payments in this way. Our account terminated on 29th of April 2019. However on 15 May we were again hit for another $125 (plus charges). To add insult to injury even though we had a substantial credit from their over estimates $384.92 credit they again charged the $125.
I had to phone Dodo to correct this "oversight". Their excuse was the termination was still pending. They assure me they will refund the $509.92.

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Rates and Fees

Not good

Electricity, gas and internet. Absolutely the worst people to deal with on the phone. There billing system leaves a lot to be desired. Very hard for the elderly to understand. Cannot pay your bills as a one off payment . Taken out as instalment. No longer a customer. As of the 1st April . Still paying accounts. if I could give a lower star rating I would.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
ServicesElectricity and Gas

Money sucker - do not use them!!

Since joining up
They charged almost 10 dollars per month on BPAY transfer fees,
hit us with the highest rates of energy
My mother is on concession and did not realise what she was paying high rates for 2 years
When I enquired, 100 dollars is all they can give from rentation - after more than 5000 dollars in bills yearly including hidden fees and charges like the above
Absolutely no customer focus, retention team do not care


Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Utter disgrace

Gas, electricity and ADSL.
Just changed over from Origin-
don’t do it!
Dodo just disregard the agreement I have with them and
are now just dipping into my bank
account now they have the account number with whatever they choose.
To the Ombudsman come Monday.

Customer Service
ServicesElectricity and Gas

Great service

Made my moving home so much easier and customer service was great. Thanks dodo for the extra discount too! You went above and beyond to get me set up. Very happy customer.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
ServicesElectricity and Gas

Accounts bundled and easy to access

We bundled the electricity and gas and received $10 discount on our internet.
Set up was relatively easy, took about 14 days
So far power/gas has been reliable and customer service great (call between 11am-7pm weekdays)

Customer Service
Rates and Fees
ServicesElectricity and Gas

Worst company I have ever dealt with

Electricity account deducted from our credit card each month was on average $57.00. It was paid early and no problem. Average usage was 11.00 kWh and then in November they claimed 64.28 and deducted $1,400.00 from my credit card. How is this possible? 3 young students living in a shared house, no aircon, working and attending Uni. Never home. There is more than something wrong. Avoid them at all cost.

Customer Service
Rates and Fees

Electricity prices

The most important issues are; 1. Price..c/KWh [usually between 16c and 32c/KWh] 2.Daily Supply Charge, [anywhere btw. 90c to 149c per day] . Anything else is crap. Many supply companies are trying to pull the wool over our eyes by offering discounts and at the same time increasing the nominal charges.

Free Gas from Dodo

I've moved to this new property, keep receiving bill from Dodo, though I never signed up with them, called them to find out whats going on, the rep said they have the "billing rights to the property", however as the owner of the property I never gave them the "rights"
So good luck with Dodo, Thanks for providing me free energy for the time.

30% Discount but put the bill up

I have had issues with this company before and it does not get better had 20% discount put my bill up then they gave me 30% i bet they put the bill up again and hy dnt seem to understand. also just got solar and te say it takes 20-40 working days to put a smart meterup are they serious should take no more than 10 days and as for putting the meter in takes less than an hour so i have no idea why it takes so long energy they are missing out on.

Stay away from this company if you value your sanity.

Cancelled my electricity account 3.5 weeks ago, was promised a refund of the credit accumulated in my account within 5 days, still nothing. Three calls and I get the same line that it was processed and will take 3-5 business days. Very quick to take your money but don't want to give it back. Not to mention that in the whole 6 months I was with them I did not receive not one bill and no one is able to tell me why, just blabbering about the bills being cancelled by the system. Even with closing the account I am still not able to get a final bill sent. How is this incompetent company even allowed to trade in Australia...????? I hope they go the way of the Dodo (and I mean the 'flipping' bird).

Off to the Ombudsman I go.

Expensive and liars!!

Changed to Dodo electricity because they offered a "20% discount" worse mistake ever!!

As soon as I transfer my bills get more expensive, this so call discount it is a big lie. Do not sign this service with this company.

Dodo the worst ever

Probably I don't want to give a single star for dodo apparently gave it as they answer the phone. They have an account management page where it says day, week, month electricity usage tracker and that's useless where the customer representative said so.

If you take my case,

July - 17.94 Kwh (Average daily usage) total monthly usage says 540Kwh
August - 12.35Kwh (Average daily usage) total monthly usage says 360Kwh
Septemeber- 11.76Kwh (Average daily usage) total monthly usage says 360Kwh

If you total it for monthly usage 1260Kwh.

Now coming to the bill, it's the funniest bill ever you get it

Page 2 says total usage 2335Kwh where from their website says 1260Kwh average daily usage as 26.35Kwh wherein all 3 months I did not reach 18 even.
Page 3 the funniest part, it says average usage 51.85Kwh daily

When I talk with customer care they advised me it comes from a distributor and we don't have an accurate reading with that and it can be emailed in 3-5 business days.

Relying on such provider is a waste of time and money where you billed incorrectly every month any pay more.

Best energy company I have used

In the past three years I have been with three different energy providers. First I was with Origin who I found to be one of the most disorganised companies I have ever dealt with. Then I moved to AGL and despite repeated attempts, they could never get my bill smoothing working correctly. I moved to DoDo as I had my internet with them and I have not had any trouble at all. It was connected effortlessly, and my prepayment plan is much lower than what AGL we’re trying to charge me and each quarter I have been in credit and DoDo let’s you withdraw funds in credit which is a handy feature. DoDo costs less for the same gas and electricity as others sell for more and their payment plan has made life easy.

I am very happy with DoDo

Had enough of their lies and scoorge behaviour

I've been with dodo power and gas for 4 years in that amount of time I have received 4 bills have asked repeatedly for bills which i have now find out that they charge you a fee for the bill to be emailed or sent. Have been asking for the hardship papers for the last 6 months and keep being told we have sent them and now I have just received a email telling me my gas and power will be turned off rang once again and they are now saying they don't need to send a bill. They sent me a message on a saturday to ring them so I rang surprise surprise they are not open on a Saturday. I have all five star rated products but since I've got them my bills have double in price. Dodo do your self and your customers a favor fire everyone that works for you have your call centre in Australia and hire English speaking worker's

Worst customer service

I have contacted a few electricity companies shopping around and Dodo has the worst representative I have spoken to, i dont think they wanted me to sign up hang up on me after asking me is that all u need...urghhh was asking for details and all they can tell me is whatever they have online..now ur off my list

Shame on you dodo

I’m totally speechless, living with such condition where my gas & electricity bill is almost equivalent of my fortnight salary. Dodo took $1250.00 + from my account, left few dollars for our 4 members family. I lodged a complaints, guess what? Dodo even didn’t bother to contact me and simply replied that their bills are accurate. I’m current checking with other service providers and see myself in totally helpless condition as regardless whom I go with, most of the companies are the same 

Absolutely terrible. Bullies too!

I have a 2000 bill I have been paying off. They now want their money and are sending me to debt collectors. I continue to make the repayments, but the threats keep coming. I have finally paid the last $1000!!! Good riddance!!

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Do dodo do credit checks
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Sorry I don’t know the answer to that. Just know there billing system in very confusing.Only internal credit checks.

do you have to have a good credit rating
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What is the process to have a solar meter installed at my premise? I am having the panels\inverter etc installed shortly and wish to organise the metering side of things prior to the work starting. Thanks Phil
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