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Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M500

Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M500

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Works well when it actually runs

Bought the M5 in December 2014 (paid over $2k).
Was working brilliantly and very happy with how it cleaned the pool.
- In the first year the tread came off a number of times and had to go back to be refitted.
- In the second and third years it stopped dead a number of times. It would look to be operating at the control box, but the device would not move in the pool. A few times it would just start working again after a couple of days and taking it back they found nothing wrong with it. Then it stopped completely and twice it had the power cable replaced by the manufacturer.
- 3 years and 2 months after purchasing it, (2 months outside the standard warranty) it stopped again with the same symptoms it had each previous time. At this stage I paid for the cable and motor unit cover to be replaced again.
- less than 12 months from the previous repair it breaks down again with the same symptoms. Even though the repairs came with 12 months warranty I'm told it's different components and needs $500 worth of repairs.

I won't be paying that amount for repairing a device that breaks down consistently, especially one that is a premium model to start with. My pool has an automated chlorinator and is always kept at the right levels of operation. The cleaner doesn't sit in the pool all day everyday. There must have some sort of fundamental flaw in the one I purchased and I've had no luck when discussing this with the manufacturer.
After referring several friends to buy the same device previously, I can't anymore.

Purchased in December 2014 for $2,100.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Average
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning


I have had nothing but trouble with this cleaner, 11 visits to pool shop to have it repaired over 5 years, only to be told that nothing was wrong with it or user error! I mean come on you put the cleaner in the pool and press start right! New motor, new bearings twice, changed the cable, power supply and on the control panel, remote unit did not even bother with that and finally a motherboard and now I am told that it to upgrade to the newer. NO thanks Maytronics the contempt and lack of empathy shown by you and your agent is outrageous and I will never send anymore of my hard earned money your way again.

Purchased in September 2014 for $1,950.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Average
Small Debris Cleaning
Large Debris Cleaning
Wall and Step Cleaning
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Hi Peter. We are sorry to hear that you have had this experience with your Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner. We would like to discuss these concerns raised with you. Could you please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com at your earliest convenience.

Suggest there's better value elsewhere.

We purchased our Maytronics Dolphin Supreme M5 for $2499 on 13/11/2013 after being assured it was the best robot cleaner -- with 36 month warranty. Worked well till 9/05/17 when it had to be fitted with a new motherboard cost $398 after a discount due to my complaining that such an expensive item should have lasted longer. In Dec 2018 it stopped working again. Have just received quote for repairs (note how long it has taken for quote to be given - 2 months). Quote is around $1100. Needs new motor, etc etc. Very disappointed with the reliability of this product. And the pool shop suggests we buy another of the same brand!!

Date PurchasedNov 2013
Hi June. Please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com and we will look into this with you to understand what is happening with your robot.Contacted Maytronics as suggested above. Gave us a good hearing and suggested they would look into the repairs. Found out repairer warranty only lasts for 2 months so decided to abandon repairs and buy new. Did hours of research and seems all brands behave similarly re reliability. Our local pool shop assured us that Maytronics is the better of the brands they sell, so as they gave us a good deal, (we'll cross our fingers and hope this one lasts longer) we're now the proud?? possessors of an X30.


I purchased a home that came with the dolphin m500 it switches off after 5 minutes of use can someone please help me I’m in Sydney Australia. Remote is all damaged on inside. Need new remote also. Will it cost a fortune to repair replace items on this thing. Also what would people recommend for a pebble Crete pool 65000litres

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi Danial, When a robot moves for a short time and then stops, it could be due to the following: -A high pH level can prohibit the unit from climbing as the pool surface will become slippery. We recommend having this checked and the pool balanced, if it has not been done so. -The impeller (which resembles a fan on the top of the unit) can be tangled with leaves, hair, etc. Take off the impeller cover and examine with the unit off and disconnected from power. -Debris or an object can be stuck in the tracks and/or rollers. With the unit off, turn it on its back and roll the brushes with your hands. You may feel resistance if there is something stuck. If you cannot roll the brushes to free the obstruction, you can take the side plates off the unit and inspect the full tracks and rollers. Try the troubleshooting steps below: 1. Turn the unit off 2. Remove from the pool 3. Turn the unit upside down (brushes facing the sky) 4. Try to manually turn the wheels… do they turn? 5. Do you hear / see: -Clicking noise? Something may be blocking the drive system—check for any obstructions -Check the impeller (fan type device on top of unit) and remove any debris Please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com if the above does not rectify what you are experiencing and we will do our best to assist you.

Not a reliable product

Purchased our M-500 two months ago based on the product claiming to clean the pool more efficiently and the product operating on low voltage. There are no trees near our pool, so the Dolphin is simply used to scrub the pool liner surface.

Trouble immediately out of the box with difficulty pairing the Dolphin to my Samsung phone. Additionally, within two months after purchaee, the M-500 does not operate and I already need to take the product in for repair. I should have known that the M-500 is discontinued.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
Hi Carl, very sorry to hear of your initial experience with the M500. You are covered by an industry leading warranty for this machine. This is a very reliable robot, it is not a discontinued product line. We train all our dealers and provide them diagnostic equipment to give you the best local support. However, should you need our support, please call Maytronics on 1300 693 657.While it was disappointing to have our Dolphin not operate, Maytronics stood by their warranty. Our issue was that the umbilical cable failed. Maytronics immediately UPS rushed a replacement cable and our Dolphin is up and running again. Thank you!Hi Carl, thanks for the update glad to hear your Dolphin is going well.


This cleaner is fantastic! I have owned the M500 since last Summer and havent had any complaints. It cleans the walls and floor and filters the pool water at the same time. I can go on Holidays and set the timer to clean my pool every three days and when I come home the pool is clean.
I highly recommend this cleaner to anyone.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

3 year lifespan, minimal support.

We purchased a m500 supreme in April 2015 from our pool installer. It unfortunately stopped working a week ago with no display or powering up of the control/power box. So just outside the three year warranty our $2500 pool cleaner is now a pool anchor. Maytronics replied to an email with the advice that we can buy a new one and supplied a local suppliers address. Not an option I’d consider at the moment. While the pool cleaner worked well in the main, I can’t recommend the product due to the short lifespan vs cost. I wish I had done my usual degree of due diligence and read reviews on this and other sites. Considering the ratings, our money would have been spent elsewhere. So my review gets one star only due to minimal interest in support from the manufacturer and a lifespan far below my expectations.

Date PurchasedApr 2015
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We pride ourselves on after sales service and have the most competitive spare parts in the industry. Will send a private message for further details on your repair.

Love my M500

I purchased the M500 just after we installed the pool last year in August (2017). I used it in the initial cleaning after the pool was turned over to us and all the way through the winter season as I wanted to be able to enjoy the pool.

Can't imagine not having this thing to help me with pool maintenance!!!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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Thanks for your review Rick.

Worst Purchase Ever

Have had a Dolphin M5 for just over 3 years. I can't think of a worse experience with anything else I have ever bought. I was happy to pay the ridiculously inflated price thinking I would get a good quality machine with some longevity but alas this is far from my reality and it seems the same for many others. When it's working it does a good job of keeping the pool clean. The major issue is reliability and mine has been back for repairs 2 or 3 times each year during the warranty period. Maytronics have fixed it each time in a fairly speedy fashion. Out of warranty Maytronics do not themselves provide a repair service ... instead they have some pool shops that are 'approved' repairers but I doubt their standard of workmanship or training/expertise levels. I will not be buying a dolphin again.

Date PurchasedNov 2014
Hi Denis, we train our service agents thoroughly for quick turn around, quality work and great customer service. They are equipped with our service equipment and are just as trained (in some cases they've undertaken more training) as Maytronics staff. Please call us on 1300 693 657 and we will definitely help you out anytime.Easy to say that but this is not my experience. Dolphin died mid November-it was still just under warranty but though initially refused was repaired under warranty by Maytronics. Worked for 2 weeks after that repair & then broke down again in early December . ( Now out of warranty). Taken to shop in early December ( now out of warranty). Shop 'repaired' it ($180 paid) but bringing it home it did not work so taken straight back to shop pre-Christmas. Still remains at shop 3 weeks plus after initially taking it there. They say they are waiting for help from Maytronics. In fairness the multiple breakdowns during the warranty period were fixed in a timely fashion but first repair just out of warranty has been a rather frustrating exercise & not over yet.Denis, we want to help you, would you mind emailing us on infoau@maytronics.com with details of the dealer. Want to follow up with them as well to see why it is taking such a long time.

You won't be disappointed

We love the Dolphin M500. It cleans like no other. We used to have a different brand robot cleaner that wasn't the best. On advice from our friends who can't speak highly enough of theirs, we bought the M500 and haven't looked. Would gladly recommend it to anyone to give it a go. You won't be disappointed.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

very poor

when working this pool cleaner does a excellent job unfortunately the product is a very poor product & is constantly have problems needing to have major repairs several times, these are very costly we have just got it back from last repairs & still having problems . Bearing in mind this product is supposedly the top of the range in pool cleaners costing around the $2000 mark, you would expect this product to be able to provide a reasonable working life.
I would recommend anybody contemplating buying a new Pool Cleaner give Maytronics Dolphin products a very wide berth Their after sales service is not the greatest probably caused by the flood of dissatisfied customers

Date PurchasedApr 2013
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Hi Bee K, sorry to hear about your experience with your Dolphin M5. We do offer a full 3 year warranty. We will send you a message to connect privately to see if there is anything we can do to help you.

Expensive to Buy and Repair

Purchased this model as new from local pool retailer as the great new product on the market. At the time they were $1800 new and the first two years I had good solid operation.Then ten problems started. Major electrical fault required $600 worth of repairs by the approved repairer in Brisbane. Then 3 months later it stopped working. Was told that locally a new repairer was now in operation in 2017 and no warranty for past repairs applied and the new motor was also $600. This means a $1800 machine is requiring $1200 worth so repairs in less then 4 years. Not a great buy and sadly the brand is flawed in my opinion. Off to look at a new cleaner now and Maytronics Dolphin won't be on my list.

Date PurchasedJun 2013
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The Surpeme M5 (now Dolphin M 500) comes with a full 3 year warranty and all replacement parts are offered a 12 months warranty. It doesn't sounds like we are able to help you at this point. But if you do need assistance we would be more than willing to help, we encourage any user with a problem to immediately call us on 1300 693 657 if unsatisfied with a repair agents service.

Good performance, poor lifetime, expensive replacement parts, poor customer service

For such an expensive item I found this product very short on life performance, replacement parts are very expensive for not much and the customer service is very poor. My control box had intermittent problems but when I finally decided I had had enough it was just out of warranty and I got an extremely poor response from the Australian distributor. I had to buy a new controller less than a year ago and that is now on the blink. I would never buy one of their products again and I would not recommend them. There are plenty of cheaper robots on the market that are more economical to run.

Date PurchasedJun 2014
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Hi Niall, we are disappointed to hear this from you. However, if you purchased your Dolphin Supreme M5 in June 2014, it will be covered by our 3 year warranty. I would encourage you to call you local Maytronics branch on 1300 693 657 to investigate further. Most customers get much more than 3 years service from their Dolphin robotic pool cleaner.

Died just after warranty ran out

Very expensive at $1000 per year. And the power cord is a real trip hazard. Only lasted 3 years. Did not do steps or corners. Very manually intensive to clean out the filters by hand all the time. Much prefer the cleaners that suck dirt out of pool into the filtration system.

Date PurchasedJun 2013
Hi Anom, we have many customers who have experienced great results with this Dolphin cleaner where it does clean all corners and steps. We also tend to get a lot of reviews saying how much easier a Dolphin is to use - so it is disappointing to hear about your experience. We would like to help you get your cleaner working the way it should, please send us a message or call our national support line 1300 693 657 and we will gladly help as it seems very strange you that had all these problems and it just died as you say.What can you do for me that doesn't cost $88 just to tell me what's wrong with the thing, like one or all of the 3 motors needing replacement $400 each, or the circuit board $200-300, which all ads up to another $1,000 to get it going again?Hi Anom, I will send you another private message so we can connect to help you if you are interested. It would be good to know more details so we can provide a solution, your experience is definitely not normal so we are happy to help in the interest of great customer service.

Love our M5

We had our local pool shop out to our pool for a free demo. We were sold after the we saw how easy it is to use and the quality of the cleaner. We love our M5 but after reading other reviews it is really important to keep you pH levels in required range, chlorine on lower side and don't leave your cleaner in for long periods or it will not climb for you. Basic steps to ensure long life. Highly recommend this cleaner!

Date PurchasedOct 2015
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Thanks for taking the time to review your Dolphin robotic pool cleaner. Great tips for all users.

Spits small debris back into your pool

I want to use a Dolphin to remove large debris like leaves from your pool the product is ok. But the problem with the Dolphin 5 (the one I have) is that it does not lock dust and small debris into its system. So basically it would suck it up but then spits it out again back into your pool as the mechanics and filters are not made to retain small debris. So after a few days your pool has this bad dusty brown residue that stays at the bottom of your pool. Worst investment I have made in a long time...considering the price.

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Hi Martin, there are different types of filters that can be used. We've sent you a private message so we can touch base to help you with this issue. If we can find out what type of filter you have we can work from there.


The foam rollers are becoming covered in green blotches. How do I clean them. I check the water regularly. The ph, chlorine and alkalinity are good. This is the second set of rollers I have gone through. I replaced the first set because I couldn't get them clean. Also the unit won't stay in the shallow end. All it wants to do is work its way downhill to the deep end.

Hi, it sounds like the algae growth is due to the lack of chlorine in the water to control the growth. The foam rollers need to be white or it will not get traction in the pool.The pool is a magnapool so it is self chlorinating. Chlorine is never added. Every time I test the water it says chlorine ok. So how can I get the algae off the rollers?I would usually recommend rinsing the unit after use before storage. The foam rollers is very similar to your everyday sponge, just denser. I'm not sure how bad the condition is but try cleaning it with a mild soap and give a few good squeeze to get all the algae out. If that doesnt work, you would probably need to get a new set of brushes.

After sales support is terrible

The cleaner works very well for the first 3 hours after you turn it on, but if there is a tree in your suburb the filter full indication will come on at the end and you will need to clean it. If you use the spring net filters it will last longer, but they deteriorate quite quickly when exposed to water.
If you try and replace the filters, good luck to you. Maytronics have no sales depeartment available to the public, so you have to go through your local pool supplies store. Unfortunately, no matter how many times you say you want the mesh net filters to your pool supplies store, they order the standard ultra fine filter that only runs for 3 hours.

Hi Greg, sorry you ran into trouble with the pool shop. Local pool stores act as our sales outlet as we are only the distributor. I believe you are after the "Spring Cartridge Filter Kit Of 4". Quote the pool shops "9991433-ASSY". As with the LED indicator, its just a reminder, does not affect the performance of the cleaner. Hope that helps.I had no luck getting the spring filter from the local pool supplies shop however, I did manage to make contact with someone at Maytronics who could help me and the unit is back in the water and doing a great job again.

Worst Pool Cleaner Ever!

Our Aquabot died last year after 7 years of use. My husband went to a local pool company and bought their top of the line Dolphin Supreme M5. Of course it was the most expensive one so it must be good right? This cleaner isn't even close to being average it is that bad. Here are the reasons I hate it: 1) It does a horrible job of cleaning. I have to run it about five 3 hour cycles to even get the pool sort of clean (and yes I clean the filter thoroughly after each cycle) 2) It's slow 3) It doesn't clean the walls or stairs 4) it's heavy. I would never buy another Dolphin again. We will go back to the Aquabot, I never had any of those issues with it.

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Sorry to hear about this experience. If you need some help with our M5, please let us know and I can arrange a service technician to help.

New pool 15/7/13 - 8 repairs in 2.5 years

Expensive product i.e. $2700.00.
After sales support limited - phone contact to Brisbane only (we are on Sunshine Coast) and item can only be repaired in Brisbane.
Item has broken down ten times; twice it needed a new power pack, once there was water in the motor, a fuse (?) another time, electrical/internal issues and then roller problems or unexplained.
We use product every day (we have trees in our area) - we have been told we shouldn't use it every day.
Doesn't clean sides/steps.
No local agent - item has to be sent to Archerfield Brisbane at our expense (we live on Sunshine Coast and our pool service agent unable to assist).
Item turn around usually 2-3 weeks due to having to be sent away and/or busy. Considerable difficulty experienced when had to pack up and send to Archerfield - awkward shape and quite heavy.
Advised to put hose/cleaner on lawn and dry out in sun to detangle/give it a break, etc. but then advised to be cautious as sun could deteriorate.
Advised to not leave in water for long durations (it couldn't handle it), but also advised not to leave outside of water for long durations (i.e. foam rollers would dry out).
Nearly all parts on cleaner replaced but issues still continue.
Does not pick up little thin leaves/items i.e. tiny light casuarina leaves (long and thin).
Very heavy when remove from pool as is full of water - you lift up via hose and it is cumbersome.
Have found staff capability and willingness/ability to assist quickly and professionally is limited.

Worked well first month.
Quiet and does not ever do that "sucky sucky" thing that the barracuda's do as they hit the air and air got sucked into filter.
When demonstrated at store it works amazingly and you are confident you are buying the right cleaner. i.e. in a 1x2m tank where there are no actual leaves, steps, sun, outdoor conditions, or humans using it.

Hi DFM, we now have a very good authorised Dolphin Service Agent on the Sunshine Coast. Would happily put you in touch if you need.Could you please publish the details here so that others can also benefit who may live in this area. I can also put info in my phone contacts so that I can get help quicker already having the contact details and so on, if another issue occurs again. Hopefully there won't be any more issues. Thanks kindly.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, have completed a. quick test and one side does not run one direction but runs for the 10 secs the other way, the other side all good. Does this mean that the circuit board may have a fault? The reason I ask is when the unit is in the pool after a period of time the unit just turns in one direction in circles as the crawler on the faulty side is not turning. the unit is a Supreme M5 4 years old. Thanks Steve
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Reason for this is with time the holders of the underneath white brush getting worn off. Easy Test is try rotating the brushes by hand manually and they should rotate. If they are not rotating freely you got a problem them. Call the help line and they will help you. When this happened to mine I called them and they sent the replacement parts which I replaced myself as it was easy. Best of luck......Hi Steve, Please contact us on 1300 693 657 or at customercareau@maytronics.com so that we can gather further information and understand more in depth what you are experiencing. We will then do our best to assist you. Thank you.

My nearly three year old M500 has suddenly stopped working. Connector module ("reset" and "test" buttons) could be the culprit as "Test" button is now jammed. Is this likely to be the cause or is there another potential problem? How much is a replacement connector? JC-Bellbowrie
1 answer
Hi JCB, if it is just under 3 years old, you will be cover by warranty for a replacement part. Please call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 and we will help you out. If you can please also get your serial number ready that would make it easier. It is located on the inside of the chassis.

When I connect the App to my M500 it gives me the incorrect date for the next clean. I’ve deleted the app and re-installed it. Also power cycled the main unit. Can you assist?
1 answer
Hi, please call us at Maytronics on 1300 693 657 and we will connect you with customer service tech who can help.


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