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Still can’t get my complete order!

Ordered a multi press bench unit and some weights. Received the weights set and a rowing machine (didn’t order a rowing machine). Emailed to notify the company of their error- they said the would send a courier to pick up the rowing machine first and then send out or bench press after- should have known then that this company was unscrupulous. Rowing machine was picked up 05/02/19, 27 ignored emails later still no sign of the bench unit which we ordered in Januarary. Next step is the department of fair trading!

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Sorry- meant to review dshop not dstore- my error

Worst online store ever.

Received missing parts, still not received replacements and no communication received from them with an ETA. Avoid at all costs. If you think you are getting what you see, think twice and look elsewhere

Product Quality
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Warranty Claim MadeNo

Bad customer support - AVOID!

I bought a shoe tree from Dstore. It arrived with a critically missing piece, making it unusable. I emailed customer support, sending them pics of what I had received, showing the missing piece. Heard nothing further. Escalated through paypal. Now they are offering a refund, but only if I send the item back at MY expense!. What a waste of my time and money! Ripoff merchants!

Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

HORRIBLE!!!! Oh my - a new low!

Order was sent thru fastway
Fastway missed us
Wouldnt deliver as per agreement

Go to dstore website - WAIT 90 MINUTES as person #1 in queue

And receive no help

As an upside, I have 800+ customer service staff.
I now have another story in what not to do to customers

Wow. What a horrible experience.

Poor instructions. Incorrect parts

Received a desk. Got what I paid for. Cheap inferior product. Top lifts off even though it is anchored. Instructions in Chinese. Dstore did forward in English when asked. Shouldn't have to.
Incorrect part included. Dstore did offer to exchange if I sent photo.
Too hard.
Will throw in the rubbish where it belongs.

Not as described, terrible instructions

Delivered very fast but product not as described. Its not real wood! Also, almost impossible to follow assembly guide. Very hard to put together. Very disappointing indeed!

DO NOT shop with Dstore!

Bought a new BBQ from them BUT once received item was clearly used as the box was opened and resealed (poorly done too) I tried to put the BBQ together however there was no instructions, the items snapped easily as it was made with cheap materials, item was also used as there was many dents and scratches on it, clearly item sent was not new as advertised! Dstore has not replied to any of my messages and has since ignored me!

Purchase a disaster

Purchase online
Outdoor furniture swing with canopy
Bias binding round edge of canopy not sewn in places
Product came with one of the plastic leg protectors split and taped with ordinary sticky tape
Guess this product was previously returned
This company has not returned my email

Crappy products

I made a purchase online and the product supplied had inadequate assembly instructions and the material the item was made out of was low quality and as a result the product was unstable and ugly. Not as described or shown in the images online. The item was returned and part refunded but not after multiple communications.

Stay away!

DON'T BUY ANYTHING HERE!!! Second hand crap is what you will get if you do. My pull-up bar I ordered has to go straight to the dumpster, unusable! Bye bye $35 dollars !

❤Truly Happy With D-Shop❤

Excellent products beautiful merchandise can't wait to use them super fast postage and the color we wanted cant fault this company at all.

I purchased a vibration machine, arrived.....however used product. Will contact today as I purchased

I purchased a vibration machine, which upon arrival is clearly second hand. Obviously someone else's returned used product. Really disappointed. Will ring in am, hopefully will provide NEW UNUSED product. Keep you updated! If not, ACCC here I come.

Not happy .

Ordered a fold up bag, and paid for 4 day delivery. They sent an email that afternoon saying my bag had been dispatched. A week later I got an email saying the bag was out of stock, and that I could instead buy a different bag, at double the price of the first one. Hopefully they will give me a refund.

Terrible Experience

Customer service non existent, contact by email only. First desk received badly damaged, had to fight to get it returned. Desk advertised looked much bigger than actual size. Lack of dimensions made it impossible to judge actual inside measurements. Drawer in desk wouldn't hold A4. Dshop not interested in my point of view. Will now have to off load rubbish and loose money. Wished I never heard of Dshop!

Poor quality..

Christmas Disappointment :
Delivery was prompt..Australia Post... However the quality of products very poor..Not happy, basketball hoop and dolls pram disappointed. Would not recommend shopping here. Big let down...spend good money, only to receive below average goods...

Couldn't cancel or contact

Tried to cancel after 1hour of purchase at 7am emailed immediately, but office not open, 10/4 only , wrote many emails and phone calls no help,would not stop delivery so it arrive and now I have to pay. I would have thought their website would allow changes, and I had no communication even though an automatic reply said someone would contact me. Didnt try to help in any way. Never trust them

Fast delivery

I couldn't believe it when I spotted FastWay couriers out the front. I ordered a gift for a grand daughter Sunday and it arrived today. All in good condition. I'm happy.

A faulty Garden Umbrella

I bought an outdoor umbrella end of October 2016, it was not working properly from beginning till one day we found it was broken because the stand was not strong enough for the umbrella (horrible quality) after so many exchanges of the emails and asking for the photos, they asked us to send the umbrella to them for “possible” refund and we had to pay for the delivery. Then I sent them 3 different emails asking them that where in their website it says that if a good was faulty to return it, the poor buyers should pay for the delivery. I was charged $20.00 for delivery when they sent me this horrible umbrella. Instead of responding to this question they kept saying that the umbrella has been bought over 2 months and customer should pay the delivery charges. When I sent the first email saying that the umbrella was faulty it was only mid of November so it was not even 3 month yet. The messages are being sent from their reception desk and customer can never talk to a person who has a real responsibility in that Company. This was a terrible experience. I have paid $140.00 to have a big piece of rubbish in my house. Not only I will lodge a complaint to Fair trading Office, I will also let the current affair know of this fact, and I am ready to go to court for this if needed. I feel that they have insulted my intelligence by not answering to my question.

Stated 4-6 days or 24 hour shipping /been 14 days/no progression

Stating D shop reversed the chairs that I was after, in container mix up, never got back to me, straight up x consumer/just want my $$$$$$ back/never going thru them ever again.

Do not shop here

Terrible quality and it turned up damaged. I have been asking for a refund and they keep avoiding giving the refund.

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Do they have any contact details phone number is disconnected?
5 answers
1800378673 They are still answering it as of this morning, but it is hit and miss!I've tried that number and it says your being transferred then it disconnectsNot sure what the story is there, someone else tried calling them for me and couldn't get an answer either... Just keep them I guess

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