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Why has this scam not reported to ACCC?

Maybe those of us who have no debt and constantly abused by Milton Graham can collectively report Milton Graham to ACCC and have their practices investigated? Why is it okay for Milton Graham to ring up random numbers and demand us to pay for no existing debt. It's a scam and it has to be stopped.


Milton Graham

I have been waiting now for 3 days for someone to ring me back as promised following their texted instructions. Either have someone call me on Monday or STOP hassling me. The account is with Medicare and My private health insurers and until they have finished processing their parts of the account I'll not be paying anything. Furthermore I did advise Sullivan & Nicolaides upon Receipt of the initial account.

This action was taken on advice from my private health insurer as the charge was made for a procedure whilst I was in hospital.

Don't get sucked in

It's a scam, don't give them any information. If you have make sure you go change what you need to change to disappear of their raider. Cut your loses and go elsewhere is the best advice anyone could say about these guys
If they call you just hang up and block their number


Time Wasting parasites

Received countless emails from Milton and Graham supposedly and Formerly Dunn and Bradstreet
they said I had an outstanding dept of $ 57.39 from Amaysim Australia Limited I have never ever ever purchased any thing from Amaysim I don't even know who they are I hope these scammers get their just desserts. This is what's wrong with this country people are now being constantly harassed by Telemarkers I blame the Government for letting these off shore telemarkers run riot constantly harassing people trying to go about there normal lives its put everyone on edge because they are sick to death of there time be wasted they by these low life parasites these people think we have nothing better to do.

I have Paid more then 2k to them

Hi I have paid more then 2k and they are keep asking to pay more. Not sure what should i do or who to contact. They said something because of centre link. Could anyone advice me please who to call? and how can i get my money back or stop them calling me

Don’t call back

Perfect scam. Beware
If you get a message from them just ignore.
They are making money on fear that’s all.
I have no debt at all still getting these calls.

Report report report

GARBAGE customer service

Tried to obtain DUNS number 4 weeks ago and took 4 weeks for them to tell me I did not provide enough information.
Had to re apply and wait another 14 days.
Absolutely garbage customer service.. Can never get a hold of them either

Same as everyone else this is a SCAM

I have received a number of voicemails, so no actual phone calls. Same as others, requesting me to call urgently. I know I don't have any outstanding debts and their whole approach is so totally dodgy.
I have worked in debt collection for a couple of government departments and this is NOT the way reputable business is conducted. It screams scam.

Seems like a scam.

Got a text supposedly from Miltn Graham saying I owed 66.61 to Citylink.

Don't think I do.

Threatening further escalation.

Have called Breeze/Eastlink and Citylink [Linkt] and they say I don't owe any money.

No call back number. Dont seem to have my name. Just asking for payment.


They keep calling and sending sms messages. Today it came through as a brisbane number, they quoted a brisbane address and even referred to my "mygov" account. Be very careful and do not engage. Call your government agencies directly if you are unsure.

Scam..be careful

Received a voice message today to contact Milton Graham no details or any personal identification it was for me. Checked them on line and convinced this is a scam for money. I dont have any debt and no credit cards. This is like the "you have had a car accident" scam. They want to scare you into paying. If you owe anything you will receive paperwork in the mail after all of you do owe someone they know who you are and will pass it on. Ignore anything not personally addressed to you by name. Block as much as you can. The numbers are just auto dial which is why the message is not personal. Dont give any credit or identifying details no matter what. If you owe they will know who you are.

Dodgy overseas scam centre

I was e-mailed regarding a fake debt that didn't exist. When I declined giving them my address they got very aggressive so I asked to speak to a supervisor. They then put me on hold for over 5 minutes so I hung up. I called the business that I supposedly owed money too and they said that they had a mail issue and that thousands of people were receiving e-mails from Milton Graham (they changed their name because of the terrible reviews they have received). If you are contacted by them ignore and report it as spam.

Scam, just a scam

Scam scam scam, don't even bother. Just ignore.
Don't call back, don't email, don't reply - is just an out and out scam.
This is not a company worthy of rating their customer service.

Milton Graham Lawyers spam and harassment.

They have Harassed me even while I was at a funereal, I blocked their number and they still leave over 26 voice mail messages on my phone. This is beyond illegal and stalkerish and just creepy.

call centre

Dumb people in the call centre. Have no idea what they are talking about. They call me to inform that i owe some money to monash health care and i have no idea about this so request them to send me original copy of bill from monash its been 6 months they send me msg every month to remind me that i owe money to monash but dumb people never send me original copy of invoice.

I wouldn't even rate these guys!

These guys text me claiming I owe 50 dollars, and will take it further! Wow O said to myself, also further said good luck. absolutely poor attitude guys. Don't waist my time.


Called me on a Sunday morning at 9am automated msg to say urgently need to call back. Tried to call and office closed. Appalling these people try to contact me on my only day off. Disgusting.

Milton Graham ( day they used to be D&bB)scam?

I received a text out of the blue saying I owed Citylink Melb a certain amount and if I didn’t pay, it would escalate. I clicked on the link provided and it was requiring my visa details including secret 3 digit code with no security. I called Citylink ( actually called Linkt now) and I have no debt. Called MG to tell them I had no debt and they demanded identifying info I wasn’t prepared to give. Wouldn’t agree to emailing me details of the supposed debt. Reckon it’s a scam.

Waste everybody's time

I received a phone call telling us to call back straightaway. It was an automtaed message not addressed to anyway. I called the number and nobody could help me or tell me why someone had called. Ridiculous

Keep Receiving Texts Addressed to Someone Else

Terrible and unprofessional company who can't get the memo that I'm not who they are looking for so they continue calling and texting me asking for a person I have never heard of. Disgusting company!

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Questions & Answers

Any idea how to block them permanently? Waste my time and interference my life.
2 answers
Should be able to block there phone number, auto delete emails and if need be change bank details by talking to your bank. If the contract you via post put return to sender and they shouldnt be able to reach youwhy change bank details? They were switching phone numbers to call me. I have already blocked 4 numbers so far.

Are others having trouble getting their free credit report from illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet)? After using the online form to apply for a free credit report, I was asked to upload an ID document, which I did. I have now been waiting almost 2 weeks with no contact from illion at all. Is normal for this company?
1 answer
Update: I emailed illion to chase up my credit report and they finally did contact me after 14 days.

I am not a business...and I never heard Dunn & Bradstreet until I applied for Telephone payment plan that I discovered Brad and Dunn interfering my personal life. I was contacted by Dunn agent a young lady heavily accented, I immediately knew that this is a scam, because of the details they were chasing from me and mistakenly me a husband of somebody else. In fact the reference and the details information unheard and never knew there was. How could we lodge directly complaints to the Ombudsman so these company shall stop faking and Hoaxing vulnerable people, young and old and risking many lives in financial depression looting and scamming stripping us by these sort of HOAX AND FRAUD.
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