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They never answer emails

They never bother to answer their emails and when I called their solution was to send another email. When i called they were also rude and condescending. Will. Making a complaint to the financial services ombundsman.


Definitely a scam

I kept getting phone calls from a number my phone detected as potential fraud, so I didn't answer them. Then I started getting msgs from milton Graham (formerly Dunn and bradstreet) saying I'd been approved for a payment plan. I kept ignoring all of this. After 3 months, they finally sent a text saying I owed $2200 to Lumo Energy. I had to look up who they actually were! Connected to Red Energy. As I've never had an energy account in my name, and I had to google who they were I know it's definitely a scam. They may be a legitimate business, but from what that I've read they do scam money ot of people because they seem legit from their website and accessibility when you do an internet search.

Disgraceful scamming liars

I have no outstanding debt but keep getting sms messages telling me to call Milton Graham to sort out my owed “debt”. Lying scammers!
Reading other reviews I am positive this is a phishing scam. I’ve blocked the sender


Email management and dispute resolutions a joke

Non-responsive to emails requesting payment plan and concerns raised around bullying tactics and threatening emails received by Milton Graham. a total joke.

requested a review into alleged debt, response was threat of credit file damage. when i responded with mutliple emails where i was requesting payment details and even tabled a payment plan all i got was another threatening email stating any failures will end with credit file note.

Absolutely terrible customer service - understand the need, but theres a better way.


Pestering pilferers

They didnt get my sense of humour, and I'll be damned if they're getting my money. I dont respond that well to private numbers calling me up and demanding personal details without disclosing why they are calling. I guess they gave up on the phone calls and decided to be more chummy and send a few text messages instead. How nice

Absolutely Disgusting!

They could teach a clinic on how to deliver horrible customer service. Completely rude and disrespectful. Refuse to help in anyway.

In addition, I advise recording all communications you have with them and document absolutely everything as I would describe their practices as “shady” at best.

They deserve zero stars!


Abhorrent service

I fully respect that an organisation has the option to engage the services of companies like a Milton Graham, however, debt has been paid and I've been advised they are unable to send written confirmation of this. Therefore I have zero evidence that the debt has been finalised and closed. I'm unsure of the legality surrounding this, but your procedures clearly need some review.



I kept receiving the txt messages saying I owed money to Origin Energy and I called Origin to check if the debt is true or not. Origin's representative said there is no account relates to my mobile phone number and advised me to contact Graham first. I called Graham and one gentleman asked for my details, name, dob, and address. I check I need to check if the debt is true before I tell you the name, but this guy insisted to get my details first and hang up the call. I am pretty sure that they are scammer and try to get your personal details by sending txt messmages to random numbers.

Zero use. Don't bother. Worse than one star.

They are now called Illion. Waited 6 weeks for the report I requested when their site says 3 days. It came back as a "sample" report, not one relating to me at all. Incorrect current address. Zero use to me at all as I'm none the wiser what my credit rating is. So much for being able to check it every year.

Worst customer service, procedure, policies, hidden costs will be advised later once you signed up

I chose Dun Bradstreet service last year to be my debt collector for some Pharmacies owed money to us. I then filled out some online info which said no hidden costs but only charged 6% on the total if they could collect for us . They did follow up a few phone calls with my debtor then out of nowhere send me a Invoice of $5800 for their service . I rang up and asked for why I have been charged for rbis amount and they said based on T&C I signed up for , I have to pay that amount . I only signed up for 6% and No hidden costs . They didn’t email me any Contract which they claimed they did and they couldn’t explain to me why they come up with that total ? I rang up amd requested to talk to Kath Hack whom the person emailed me and they said sorry you can’t talk to any collection team member. I would not recommend this company to anyone so please read their T&C or Contract clearly prior entering eg so many hidden costs and worse customer sevice ever


I have called these clowns 4 times now to stop their bloody robo calls. The person they want does not live here and yet I am being harassed weekly by their robo caller asking me to call them. Each time they say they have removed my number but then a couple of days later I will be robo called again.



I received a text from [name removed] saying I’m in debt to Suncity Sales (after googling I found out that this is a Tupperware distributor in Queensland which I have never heard of- I live in Perth!!). A link was sent saying to immediately pay to avoid further escalation. I called their customer service team saying that I am a 20 year old who is in no debt whatsoever and they asked if my name was [name removed] (which it is not)- not sure where they got that name and my number from??? They then said they would remove my number from this account. I got a call an hour later from someone at [name removed] asking again if I’m [name removed] and I told them no and I don’t know anyone called [name removed]. They again said they’d remove my number from the account. After a lot of googling about [name removed] I’ve found a lot of other people saying this is a scam and that a similar thing has happened to them. Both people I spoke on the phone to had Australian accents so it’s very believable that this is a legit company- but don’t be fooled!! Just waiting for another call from them so I can politely tell them to screw off!!!! Do not be alarmed or worried if you get similar calls/texts- they are SCAMMERS!!!


It’s a legit company, not a scam, but their threats are disgusting.

Had calls and texts from Milton Graham for months saying I owe money (but never stating how much or to whom) and threatening further action. Blocked 40+ numbers. They just keep calling from different numbers, usually based in Melbourne, with 3-5 calls a day. Then I got a text from them saying I owe money to Origin Energy. First time they’ve actually said how much and to whom. So I called Milton Graham and the woman I spoke to wanted all of my information including my address so they could “cornfirm who I am”. Like hell I was going to give them that information!
I then called Origin and complained about the “scam”, but they said they actually use Milton Graham for their debt collecting and it’s a legitimate company. However they obviously have the wrong person and number as I’ve never had an account with Origin so I obviously don’t owe money.
It’s a disgraceful company, seriously. I don’t know how they got my number, and their bullying tactics are scary when you’re being bombarded with calls, texts and voicemails at all hours of the day and night with threats. It honestly feels like they’re nagging random people for money, using companies that actually hire them for debt collection so the claims sound legitimate, just to get an easy paycheque on the side. It’s disgusting.


Calls me almost everyday

They call me everyday and when I start speaking they immediately hang up, so called Milton Graham, if I don't pick up they tell me to call back, like seriously, leave me alone, stop spamming my calls everyday, I'm super tired and sick of it


Worst Customer Service Experience to Date

Worst customer service experience to date, call centre team don't seem to follow any kind of procedure, many transfers, and still no resolution to a mistake made by Milton Graham (previously Dunn & Bradstreet) 2011. I have made four phone calls and sent emails, I can now no longer be found in the system. I am in the process of now applying for my credit check so I can make endless phone calls back to the company to have them try and 'update' my file, which it seems the 5 different people I have spoken to so far have no interest or capability to do so, I have been told by different departments that it is someone else's responsibility. Just update my file.

I get that a credit collection agency won't get many good reviews, however, this isn't about money or collections, it is about Milton Graham making a mistake, me suffering the consequences, and now me spending a ridiculous amount of time trying to rectify a mistake made by a Milton Graham Employee in 2011. Going by the negative reviews, and the terrible experience I've had, I doubt the company will be making any improvements in the future.

The only people that probably leave reviews here are those that have been sent to collections anyway.


Scam or not ???

I received a call from Milton Graham asking to call back. I called back and was put on hold for a good 10mins until their background music stopped playing. I hung up and called again 4 times. The 5th time someone hung up on me before speaking. the 6th time, at this point their contact number, the same i had been calling was disconnected. What is this ?


Why has this scam not reported to ACCC?

Maybe those of us who have no debt and constantly abused by Milton Graham can collectively report Milton Graham to ACCC and have their practices investigated? Why is it okay for Milton Graham to ring up random numbers and demand us to pay for no existing debt. It's a scam and it has to be stopped.


Milton Graham

I have been waiting now for 3 days for someone to ring me back as promised following their texted instructions. Either have someone call me on Monday or STOP hassling me. The account is with Medicare and My private health insurers and until they have finished processing their parts of the account I'll not be paying anything. Furthermore I did advise Sullivan & Nicolaides upon Receipt of the initial account.

This action was taken on advice from my private health insurer as the charge was made for a procedure whilst I was in hospital.

Don't get sucked in

It's a scam, don't give them any information. If you have make sure you go change what you need to change to disappear of their raider. Cut your loses and go elsewhere is the best advice anyone could say about these guys
If they call you just hang up and block their number


Time Wasting parasites

Received countless emails from Milton and Graham supposedly and Formerly Dunn and Bradstreet
they said I had an outstanding dept of $ 57.39 from Amaysim Australia Limited I have never ever ever purchased any thing from Amaysim I don't even know who they are I hope these scammers get their just desserts. This is what's wrong with this country people are now being constantly harassed by Telemarkers I blame the Government for letting these off shore telemarkers run riot constantly harassing people trying to go about there normal lives its put everyone on edge because they are sick to death of there time be wasted they by these low life parasites these people think we have nothing better to do.

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Questions & Answers

How can I stop these harassing phone calls first it’s was a recorded message saying to contact them and now it’s texts and calls saying I owe money. I have never had a loan so I know it’s a scam they never leave a message with my name so if they were genuine surely they should know who they are requesting money from. I keep blocking number after number and they still call. I’m really sick of this harassment. After reading all these posts with the same problem Does anyone know how we can get these stopped?
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Any idea how to block them permanently? Waste my time and interference my life.
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Should be able to block there phone number, auto delete emails and if need be change bank details by talking to your bank. If the contract you via post put return to sender and they shouldnt be able to reach youwhy change bank details? They were switching phone numbers to call me. I have already blocked 4 numbers so far.I have blocked different numbers and still get called on new numbers. I do not get emails or snail mail just text and calls on mobile.

Are others having trouble getting their free credit report from illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet)? After using the online form to apply for a free credit report, I was asked to upload an ID document, which I did. I have now been waiting almost 2 weeks with no contact from illion at all. Is normal for this company?
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Update: I emailed illion to chase up my credit report and they finally did contact me after 14 days.

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