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Dun & Bradstreet

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Dodgy overseas scam centre

I was e-mailed regarding a fake debt that didn't exist. When I declined giving them my address they got very aggressive so I asked to speak to a supervisor. They then put me on hold for over 5 minutes so I hung up. I called the business that I supposedly owed money too and they said that they had a mail issue and that thousands of people were receiving e-mails from Milton Graham (they changed their name because of the terrible reviews they have received). If you are contacted by them ignore and report it as spam.

Scam, just a scam

Scam scam scam, don't even bother. Just ignore.
Don't call back, don't email, don't reply - is just an out and out scam.
This is not a company worthy of rating their customer service.

Milton Graham Lawyers spam and harassment.

They have Harassed me even while I was at a funereal, I blocked their number and they still leave over 26 voice mail messages on my phone. This is beyond illegal and stalkerish and just creepy.

call centre

Dumb people in the call centre. Have no idea what they are talking about. They call me to inform that i owe some money to monash health care and i have no idea about this so request them to send me original copy of bill from monash its been 6 months they send me msg every month to remind me that i owe money to monash but dumb people never send me original copy of invoice.

I wouldn't even rate these guys!

These guys text me claiming I owe 50 dollars, and will take it further! Wow O said to myself, also further said good luck. absolutely poor attitude guys. Don't waist my time.


Called me on a Sunday morning at 9am automated msg to say urgently need to call back. Tried to call and office closed. Appalling these people try to contact me on my only day off. Disgusting.

Milton Graham ( day they used to be D&bB)scam?

I received a text out of the blue saying I owed Citylink Melb a certain amount and if I didn’t pay, it would escalate. I clicked on the link provided and it was requiring my visa details including secret 3 digit code with no security. I called Citylink ( actually called Linkt now) and I have no debt. Called MG to tell them I had no debt and they demanded identifying info I wasn’t prepared to give. Wouldn’t agree to emailing me details of the supposed debt. Reckon it’s a scam.

Waste everybody's time

I received a phone call telling us to call back straightaway. It was an automtaed message not addressed to anyway. I called the number and nobody could help me or tell me why someone had called. Ridiculous

Keep Receiving Texts Addressed to Someone Else

Terrible and unprofessional company who can't get the memo that I'm not who they are looking for so they continue calling and texting me asking for a person I have never heard of. Disgusting company!

Cannot speak with real person only option is to pay

I have received a text saying I need to call regarding a debt which I suspect is three years old and already paid by health insurance, when I try to call two options pay or put on hold for 20 minutes waiting to speak with a person and then be cut off.
So idea is you give up and pay for debt you do not need to pay.
Nice work - not a way to run a business - no redress or customer service.

Scam alert

I received a text last night saying my “Intrum” financial debt was still outstanding $1648-02, I was to pay immediately to avoid further escalation. I clicked on the link and BEWARE it all looks pretty legitimate. Called the 1300 number last night told them I didn’t have a debit - a fumbling Indian guy patched me to the 13 23 33 number....listened to an after hours message. I tried calling the 1300 389 112 number again this morning - it’s been disconnected. Strangely the 13 23 33 number on the company website has also disconnected!!

Scum bags

I received an out of the blue bad credit record because of D&B which was according to them n unpaid account for electricity which dates back over 9 years ago, I have never used this. Onpany and the outstanding was fir icef $1000. This made me kook like a thief which I am not. But because it was over 9 years old I decided to have the black list removed which cost me money through a clear my name by a. Company in Sydney. It was removed but made it difficult for me to get good rates for my new address for supply of utilities. Duh to D&B who Are now trying to get an unpaid amount of $11.77 owing to telstra, yet my Telstra account is up to date. What the hell???


I received numerous phone calls late last year, 2017 from D&B, and finally answered one of the calls this year. I stupidly gave them my email address so they could forward the supposed 'outstanding invoice'. I told them during the call that I had no idea what debt they were talking about. Then, I heard nothing from them until yesterday (Dec 2018) when I received an email which relates to an unpaid Electricity bill from 2016!! I didn't even USE that particular company!!! Beware. I have no idea how or why they are doing this except for gaining personal info to sell to overseas companies, as a previous victim has stated. I'm going to look into reporting them to the authorities!


I have no debt. Indian man stop calling me. Have blocked their number but then another call came thru on another number. Didn't even know my correct name. No I am not answering your questions. GO AWAY

Contacting me asking for someone else about debt. Either a scam or very incompetent debt collection

I keep getting texts asking for a different name than my own regarding debt, asking me to call 1300971286 and quote a number. This happened to me a few months ago and so after while I did call them and say they have got the wrong person (unfortunately to do so I had to give them my full name and address) and then I stopped receiving messages. Now it has started again, with the same name they asked for last time. I am going to block this number, either it’s a scam or very incompetent debt collection party.

Numerous calls every day for a name we don't even know of

Acquired this Telstra number in October 2017 after we purchased a new house in a different suburb (sadly we couldn't take our previous number of 14 years with us which NEVER got unsolicited/harassment calls).
We have NOT given out this current number to anyone as we use our mobile phones for all inbound and outbound calls. The number is simply there as a requirement of Telstra as part of our Fibre to the home broadband. (Telstra are the only supplier of telephone and broadband services into this area sadly, so we have no choice to go elsewhere at this time).
We chose our number to be unlisted from the get-go, and I updated the Do Not Call Register with this number within hours of Telstra informing us what the number is.
To add to that, I/we have NEVER made even one outgoing call on it since obtaining the number and in fact, the phone I connected to the line just for emergencies (should the mobile phone be down for whatever reason), I have the ringer turned off all the time. I only know there has been an incoming call due to the flashing red light for "new call".

The number must be recycled, as we have received daily calls from various numbers at all times of the day and night. Most are silence calls, some are hang-ups (for the few I actually answered) and on the rare occasion, an automated message is left on the Telstra Message Bank facility that comes with our services. The message is as follows verbatim...
"This is an important message for [name removed].
Please return this call on 1300 554 191 between 8:30am and 5pm Melbourne time Monday to Friday and quote reference number 10 million three hundred and twenty thousand one hundred and seventy two.
It is important we speak with you as soon as possible.
Thank you."

Never has anyone, or the automated voice message as is the case, announced who or where they were from.

I suspect scammers from overseas (always are aren't they?!) are masquerading as Dun & Bradstreet and their previous name before that.
And now, I have just discovered they have changed their name once again which I wont mention here at this time to safeguard their new name.

For your reference, I personally have never requested any credit check reports online or face to face with whoever deals in those, nor have I defaulted on any debt or even been late for a payment.
In fact, I/we are very fortunate to have a perfect credit score and have no debt.

Either way, I can certainly clarify my name is NOT... [name removed]. Neither is my wife. Or our little fluffy white dog for that matter.

It seems [name removed] (whoever she is) is a naughty minx, and we sadly seem to have inherited her old landline number from good old Telstra.

I won't be calling any of the numbers that "[name removed]" is being asked to call. And I haven't and wont be calling any of the spurious numbers that appear on my caller ID numerous times per day.

However, I just found a number on the idiot website (yeehhaaaa) that I am going to call now and see if they can advise on if their previous business name(s) have been targeted by fraudsters.

More importantly, I'm getting onto Telstra today (yeah, that'll be fun... not!!) to request they supply me with a new number. Brand new in fact. Unused and fresh.
Ok, stop laughing, that’ll never happen will it? But a man has gotta try.
At best, knowing Telstra, I have a feeling they will only be able to offer me some kind of “add-on service” at MY expense that may or may not give me the ability to block numbers at will. Hmmmm!!

Anyway, wouldn’t it be great if someone in government made it law where we all could be given the details and locations of these annoying scamming fools, free return flights / transport to the front door of the mongrels and complete immunity from persecution for cracking their stupid little heads open like grapefruits and sending bits and pieces of their bloodied bodies to their verminous family in cardboard boxes, whilst the remainder of their nasty annoying corpse rots in a ditch somewhere?
Oh what fun eradicating the earth of these vermin. Vote Paul for Prime Minister / President.


My husband Contacted them and gave them my reference number, He is a lawyer, he knows what to say and they immediately freaked out and said that the sms was and 'accident'. GUYS PLEASE, NEVER CONFIRM OR FIVE YOUR DETAILS. frauds!!!!!!

Same name wrong person

I recieved several SMS from Milton Graham saying I owe Nimble $1325. Thinking this is a scam I contacted Nimble and they confirmed I never had an account but they do use Milton Graham as a debt collector. So I called Milton Graham on 13 23 33 not the 1300 number in the SMS ( to be sure ).
Spoke to a Lady who seemed polite, gave her my ref number, name and address and she confirmed I was not the person connected to the debt and (hopefully) I wont be getting any more messages.

I then told her that I thought the SMS might have been a scam and had read many reviews indicating the same thing and she replied saying they are just trying to track people down.

I did find the SMS's quite concerning the way they are writen especially when someone is accussing you of such a large debt you know nothing about.


I received a message quoting a reference number to talk about something important, came on here to check what the heck it could be about. Decided to block and delete.

This was not the end. I have received a phone call every single weekday whilst at work, all from different numbers, leaving voice messages that are silent. When I ring them back goes to Milton Graham automated message.

I've had enough! I don't even know if I should call them back as I'm scared from what others have said!
blocking doesn't work.. they'll harass you from other numbers! I don't have any debt!


Incompetence at its highest they dont even have access to emails I was asking questions regarding an email they had sent and he said they dont have access to emails sent uuummm seriously they are also short on information or have incorrect information they don't listen and if you ask a question there's a 98% chance they dont have answers they will just keep repeating themselves oh and the way they speak to you is disgraceful. Be careful they will try to get as much information out you as possible (previous address etc...) and they'll try using that against you. Extremely annoyed.

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Questions & Answers

Are others having trouble getting their free credit report from illion (formerly Dun & Bradstreet)? After using the online form to apply for a free credit report, I was asked to upload an ID document, which I did. I have now been waiting almost 2 weeks with no contact from illion at all. Is normal for this company?
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Update: I emailed illion to chase up my credit report and they finally did contact me after 14 days.

I am not a business...and I never heard Dunn & Bradstreet until I applied for Telephone payment plan that I discovered Brad and Dunn interfering my personal life. I was contacted by Dunn agent a young lady heavily accented, I immediately knew that this is a scam, because of the details they were chasing from me and mistakenly me a husband of somebody else. In fact the reference and the details information unheard and never knew there was. How could we lodge directly complaints to the Ombudsman so these company shall stop faking and Hoaxing vulnerable people, young and old and risking many lives in financial depression looting and scamming stripping us by these sort of HOAX AND FRAUD.
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Does any body know which government agency these oxygen thieves report to? Spoke to a so called operator in Melbourne. Answers were -- its on website NO NO NO - send an email to complaints area NO NO NO they do not answer or resolve complaints (I would like that job just sit there all day and delete everything that comes in !!!!. Could not even give a phone number to contact just website emails.... The war zone looking tram line constrauction was esier to speak to.
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I called the number after another text today and spoke to someone - obviously in Singapore or somewhere - and I told him that after all these years of harassment I was going to speak to the Police and complain formally. He said he would delete my number from the data-base. I said that I'd been promised that before. We shall see what happens. As far as I know, they are not answerable to any government agency as they are a private enterprise operation.

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