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Dux Airoheat
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Great start.

We have had the Dux Airoheat for at least 8 months now and have no problems at all with the system. There has been no water leakage at all, it is quite to run, we have at times 8 members of the family in the household for extended periods of time and keeps up with plenty of hot water for all jobs necessary. I’m glad we made the decision to purchase the Dux Airoheat.

Purchased in August 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse for $2,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 7 person(s)
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
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Hi Wayne, Thank you so much for your great review. We do appreciate your business. Please email us at help@dux.com.au if we can help for you in the future. Our team is always here for you anytime. Regards, The Dux Team

Do not buy

We have endured 2 of these pathetic heaters. First one started giving us rust after 4yrs then total tank failure at 5.5yrs.

Dux did replace under warranty and this second unit has lasted 2.5yrs.

I am currently dismantling this one to see what the hell is going on inside these tanks.

I am amazed that people don't research such an expensive item before purchasing!

Dux you should remove this item from the shelves!

Please watch the YouTube video and share as much as you can and we may save some poor soul from going through the same problem.

Purchased in February 2016 for $3,000.00.

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Hi Bloody Annoyed, We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you. Our team would like to resolve this for you. We are trying to get in touch with you via phone to the mobile number we have on file but we got no answer. If you can email through your phone number to help@dux.com.au we would greatly appreciate it. Regards, The Dux Team

This deserves no stars, one is being generous

This product should be removed from the market as it's got to be a safety risk. Our builder installed this heap of junk when we built. If I'd known more about hot water systems I would have done some research and chosen something that wouldn't put my families health at risk. Over a period of a month this pathetic excuse for a hot water system has been turning our water orange. Orange water comes from all our house taps after the hot water has run. We then have to clear the system by running cold water for many minutes. Plumbers hate these units, as soon as we contacted a plumber he knew what the problem was and asked if we had a dux heatpump. We contacted several plumbers for second and third opinions... all had the same answer. The unit is 7 years old but seriously turning water orange.?? It would be better if the thing just stopped working instead of polluting our drinking water system. Apparently it's very common for these units to pump their vile waste into the plumbing system. Do yourself a massive favor and stay away from this brand completely. For a unit that costs $3,000 you'd except an amazing unit. Plus they are super super noisy and so not worth investing in. Heap of junk.

Purchased in January 2011 for $3,000.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Household Size 5 person(s)
Temperature Consistency
Heating Speed
Hi Louise, We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Our team would like to resolve this for you. If you can email through your name, phone number, address where the unit is installed, model number and serial number of the unit to help@dux.com.au we would greatly appreciate it so we call you back? Sincerely, The Dux TeamHey Dux, my dux heat pump is at the rubbish dump where it belongs. Got ourselves a nice new electric rheem installed today. So thanks for your concerns and generic response to my review. If I were Dux I’d be very alarmed about review after review of your product contaminating peoples drink water. As a business this should have you very worried. But the fact that you still sell this heap of crap for $3,000 at Bunnings is proof that you just don’t care and are oblivious to customer feedback or care. Hopefully all the negative posts sends your rubbish company broke. Good always wins in the end. I will be making a complaint to health authorities/consumer affairs about your heat pump. Other owners need to be warned. I would imagine such a faulty product should be recalled. I don’t know how you’ve managed to avoid it for so long. I’m still very concerned about possible health implications that drinking contaminated water from your system could cause in future years. You should be worried just as much as all your customers.

Good but designed to be redundant

Hi had a Dux Radiant Heat pump installed in early 2012. The thing is noisier than an old box aircon som is completely inappropriate in high-density areas, like units. I had it put on timer so it turned off at night and turned on in the morning, I was always able to have hotwater in the morning as the insulation is good. The fan unit failed after three years and a contractor came out and fixed it but they charged me $200 to replace a part. A year later the thing started leaking and by then 5 year tank warranty had expired. I rang Dux to get someone to fix it, they said to call a local plumber. PRETTY LOUSY that they can't get people to fix their own product even if I was willing to pay. The plumber basically informed me the unit had 'shat itself' and the leakage was rotting the tank. So basically it's redundant as soon as the warranty expires. So much for 'sustainability;!

Date PurchasedFeb 2012
Hi The Old Bloke, Thank you for your post. Can you please email through your name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model number and serial number of the water heater to help@dux.com.au? We'll get in touch when we receive your details. Best regards, The Dux TeamToo late it's already been picked up by hard rubbish!

Have to replace every 5 year!

I have had 4 Dux units since 2005. The common problem was water leaks from the top. Always breaks down just after warrantee has expired a a few months! My third one leaked just after 3 years and was replaced by a new one which started to leak after 4 years. Gave them a call today but they said that it is not covered under warranty cos they included the 3 years from the previous one. So don't buy Dux, they don't last long!!!!!

Date PurchasedDec 2014
Hi Mogann, Thank you for your post. Can you please email through your name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model number and serial number of the water heater to help@dux.com.au? We'll get in touch when we receive your details. Best regards, The Dux TeamWhy? Done that via phone, was told nothing can be done and I said I'd write a review and she said go ahead!

Buyer beware!

I first purchased one of these units in 2007. 3 weeks after the 5 year warranty was up, the hot logic box and fan stopped working. Because it was out of warranty, we had to have them replaced as well as the valve, at our cost - very expensive! Within a week of replacing the box and fan we noticed water pouring out of the tank. That was it - the whole system needed replacing. I was very upset. I called Dux and was told their new improved systems will last longer. I was furious! After an initial outlay of over $2,000 AND the expensive repairs I would have expected it to last much longer than 5 years! I made a few phone calls, including the Office of Fair Trading. I called Dux back and told them this was unacceptable and I would be taking the matter further. I also told Dux how their own representative had told me on the phone that these systems only last about 5 years. I certainly wasn't told THAT piece of information when I purchased it! A few minutes later I received a phone call from someone higher up at Dux. This person told me that Dux would replace the system at no charge but without a further warranty. I believe this only occurred because I had been in touch with OFT. The system was replaced within days. In 2015 we had to replace the logic box AGAIN. It's now December 2018 and yesterday we had to replace the box and fan. 24 hours later still no hot water. The system needs further repairs which could cost upward of $1,000. In total there has been close on $8,000 spent since 2007. The money saved on power bills does not balance this out. The reason I purchased a heat pump in the first place was to do my part in being "greener" and contributing to saving the planet - something I take very seriously. But does the landfill cost to dispose of these 5 year units outway the fossil fuel cost to the planet? I could get 15 to 20 years out of a simple electric hotwater system I could purchase for around $1,000. We only need one for 2 people. We would dearly love to install a system that doesn't rely on fossil fuel, but as pensioners we can't afford to take another financial risk. It was hard enough on a pension in the first place but we felt good doing our bit for Mother Earth. After 4 days without hot water I'm a little upset! Please, do your research when it comes to these systems, read these forums and feedbacks and make your decision wisely! One good thing that's come out of all this is we've made very good friends with our outstanding plumber!

Date PurchasedAug 2007
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Since writing this review Dux have come through for us exceptionally! They have replaced our system with a top of the line electric one. Thank you Dux for standing by your customer. I would like to give Dux a 10 out of 10 for their service.

Nothing but trouble in the beginning and bigger trouble in the end! one dead unit and 5 years old! A

Awesome to start with and then 2 visits from appliance person; finally called plumber to have another brand installed and he said "Stay away from heat pump!"
I have another brand which is so far so good after almost 5 years - plumber did not know about that brand which is probably a good indicator.

Just waiting for my other dux heat pumps to implode at my other rental properties - very bad technology which did not work as planned! Dux should be ashamed of themselves and assisted the people who purchased these units which turned out or (will turn out ) to be DUDS!

Date PurchasedMay 2012

After two failures through leaking tanks - never again will we buy a Dux product

Everyone deserves a second chance but when the same thing happens again and the company doesn't back it's product, it is time to take action. I am interested in a class action. I stripped down the replacement unit and it appears to me that the leak has been present for a long time. It did not become apparent externally as Dux have gone to great pains to seal around the cylinder which stops the leak showing for months or maybe even years. I am going to get a professional engineer's opinion.

Date PurchasedMay 2009
Dear fedup, We're sorry to hear about your experience and would like to better understand what occurred. We'd appreciate if you could email your details including your name, contact number, address where the water heater is installed, model number and serial number of the product to help@dux.com.au? In regards to what you are describing about the inner cylinder being encapsulated, this sounds like our foam insulation which reduces heat loss from the water heater. We do this to improve the efficiency of our product and to comply with MEPS (an industry standard which sets maximum heat loss values). We hope to hear back from you soon. Best Regards, The Dux TeamI responded to this post and received a telephone call with an offer. Unfortunately I have lost all confidence in the Dux product and am awaiting a satisfactory resolution which I believe for both parties would be much better than legal action.

This dux airoheat System is the worst system

The water system came with the house we purchased 18 month ago. It was fine to start of with, then it started leaking water out of the very bottom, the condenser wouldn’t stop working. We had a plumber come and look at it, he cleared the valves and serviced it and said that maybe it could be the extreme humidity we have. It was going ok the water leakage stopped somewhat for a month and it started again and I noticed some jelly brown stuff leaking. Trying to ring dux itself didn’t achieve anything, they didn’t want to know about they own hot water system. Again I called a plumber he checked it out and said it, this system is cactus. By now it was just loosing water constantly and would need a new tank, which would cost more than a basic hot water system. I can only say to anyone don’t buy anything from DUX they systems are not good, they after purchase service is the pit and staff is rude. Only today while looking at other reviews and while doing mine I found out this airoheat systems are discontinued which is good as people are just being ripped of by buying one. We feel so very disappointed:(

Date PurchasedMar 2016


This was installed with our brand new home....CONNECTED TO RAIN WATER.....called in the plumber 5 years 2 months after purchasing....water was leaking at bottom......actually the plumber found the root cause at the top of the tank..... corrosion everywhere....corrosion from leak was months or even years old.....it needs replacing.....NEVER EVER A DUX .....

Date PurchasedFeb 2013

Buyer Beware Dux Airoheat Heat Pump Review

Dux Airoheat Heat Pump Review


This is a review I just added to productreview.com.au for the Dux Airoheat Pump.

Buyer beware this could happen to you! Do not waste your money purchasing the Dux Airoheat Pump as I discovered the hard way. In 2008 when I had my house built, QLD government legislation required all new houses to have an energy efficiency rating hence the requirement to purchase an energy efficient hot water system i.e. Dux Heat Pump costing $3700. Since installation in November 2008 by a professional plumber and electrician the Dux Airoheat Heat Pump has failed three times with 2 blown heating fans costing over $300 for each repair via electrician installation. The second heating fan was replaced in April 2017 by the Dux authorised service agent who inspected the system. Note I also had the 5-year manufacture service as per the Dux Airoheat Pump manual.

The third major failure occurred on 10th February 2017 during the night with the element seal failing causing a massive water leak inside the metal jacket of the Dux Airoheat Pump as per the emergency plumber’s report. Due to the Dux Airoheat Pump element seal failure this caused water to be forced back up through the electrical conduit that wraps around the bottom of the tanks exterior and through the rear concrete block exterior house wall into the internal wall cavity of my residence causing significant flooding to the lounge, kitchen, laundry, pantry, hall and one bedroom. Suncorp Insurance estimates in excess of $10,000 damage to flooring, walls and cabinets of my residence. Note as the damage to my residence was caused by the Dux Airoheat Pump I cannot claim the cost of the heat pump with this claim or the new electric hot water system I had to install.

The Dux Airoheat Pump was located outside my residence on the rear deck and when the tank ruptured, imploded this caused water to flow under mains water pressure through the external wall of my residence whilst also leaking a brown, jelly like sludge all over the deck.

I cannot and would not recommend the Dux Airoheat pump to potential buyers as this hot water unit never really produced hot, hot water and it took over 30 seconds to become hot upon turning on any hot water tap inside the residence. In relation to energy efficiency savings I have no real comparisons as this is my first hot water system. I did consult several friends who have a standard 250L electric hot water system and their bills were very comparable to the Dux Airoheat pump bills.

As at Feb 2018 I could not find any retail sellers of the Dux Airoheat Pump in Cairns Qld apart from Bunnings which are they are available as a special order only item. No plumber or electrician in Cairns that I consulted recommended the Dux Airoheat pump due to the numerous repair issues and tank failures they have experienced with this hot water system. Buyer beware of the Dux Airoheat Pump hot water system!!!

June 30th 2018 Update: Dux Airoheat Heat Pump Review Buyer Beware

An update to my previous review of the Dux Airoheat pump which had a catastrophic internal tank rupture which flooded the interior of my residence on the 11th March 2018. Repairs totaled over $15,000.

Here is the reply from Dux re their faulty Airoheat heat pump...22nd February 2018.

[Unfortunately I must advise you that you have been unsuccessful in your claim for compensation. Purchase of a Dux water heater assumes an understanding and acceptance of the manufacturer’s terms of warranty, which accompany the unit. Your hot water system came with a 5 year warranty which expired fully in 2013. The terms of warranty state that: - Dux’s obligations under this warranty and replacement guarantee are limited to repairing or replacing the hot water unit or components. To the extent permitted by law, Dux will not be liable for any loss or damage to furniture, carpets, walls, foundations or any other consequential loss of any kind caused by a defect in the hot water unit or any component. You may have mutual rights to claim under relevant insurance policies. This decision has been based on the facts tendered by you. If any new details can be brought to our attention, please contact this office to further discuss your case.]

Dux Hot Water PO Box 5108 [details removed]

I purchased an electric Hot water system (EVERHOT) which has saved $65 off my first electricity bill since the Dux Airoheat pump ruptured. The new stainless steel electric hot water system is whisper quiet compared to the noisy Dux Airoheat pump and significantly smaller in size. Hot water out of the taps becomes hotter far quicker than the Dux Airoheat pump ever did (great water saving). I do not recommend purchasing the Dux Airoheat pump buyer beware!!!

Date PurchasedNov 2008

Garbage product - short life span

I agree with anyone else who considers buying this rubbish. I can't imagine how Dux can pass off any of their systems as being good. They are not worth a single dollar. We had ours just over 5 years. In that time these are the problems. Water not as hot as you would expect. At year 4 thermostat breaks down. Rang and told sorry out of warranty. Cost arm and leg to fix. Just on year 5 main hot water tank splits. Seriously after just 5 years and how in heck does something wrapped and protected split. Cost to replace $3.6k. No way we are proceeding with that. Dux don't give a hoot and offer no assistance. Do not buy a dux aeroheat system of any type. You may save on power but you will loose on short term costly break downs and poor quality, lack of support from Dux who don't want to know you when something goes wrong. If you want a short term hot water system that costs you the world then go ahead. Your money would be better spent on something better. JUST DON'T DO IT. SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLES cost and those nights or having cold showers.

Date PurchasedDec 2011


New house. Runs RAIN WATER. A piece of shit.
Failed after 2.5 years of install. We'd been using it for two years. Energy bills were huge, constantly running and in South Australia that is a big stress. We got to the point of turning off the system and using the water until we needed to heat it up again to save on bills.

Beware if your building a new home and they specify a Dux, ask for an upgrade and install your own. Not worth the ongoing cost or replacement in two years...even if it is a cheaper initial outlay.

We'll never buy a Dux and wouldn't recommend to anyone else.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


- Sold as a premium product alternative
- Spurred on by the potential energy and $$ savings from switching from an all electric system

The Dux didn't improve $$ savings all that much though was good for government rebates. Our household was a 3 person household with regular domestic use and our unit died in just under 7 years. The number of negative reviews shows Dux engineers its products to fail and is an indication of their engineering standards of Dux products.

Far from innovative, probably overpriced. Our family will exhaust all alternatives before returning to Dux.

Date PurchasedJul 2010


There are 2 aluminum annodes in the Airoheats that offer good protection to the tank, but I suggest the tanks be flushed through the element port every 3-4 years depending on water quality. I work on these regularly and have seen some pretty scary looking jelly / toothpaste like stuff come out when flushing. Unfortunately its nearly impossible to replace the annodes, and thats most likely why they installed 2. These days when the Hot logic or fan dies (usually due to exposure to weather), we simply install a regular thermostat and 2.4kw element at a cost of around $200. Sure your power bill will increase slightly, but you will have a very reliable HWS. The tanks I found to be good quality with only 1 having sprung a leak in 8 years. For the money (after rebates that were offered at the time) I think they were ok.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

Jelly like Substance in the Tank

Our Dux Areoheat started leaking from the base of the tank last week-end.(7 years old). Our plumber replaced it with a new system yesterday.When draining the tank we found it was full of a jelly like substance.Does anyone know what this substance is and if it harmful.I have kept some of the substance for testing. Dux seem to be ducking for cover when others have had the same problem.

Date PurchasedApr 2010

Do not buy!

First unit installed in 2009, broke down during the Christmas holidays barely 8 months old. Compressor would not start hence no heat and PTR valve would leak constantly (I measured it at about 2 liters an hour). Dux sent a plumber within 48 hours (good service) who installed a conventional heating element but didn't address the leaking PTR valve spilling close to 50 liters of hot water in to the backyard every day on peak tariff (bad service).
Over a period of three weeks it took 21 phone calls (worse service) all the way up to the NSW state manager (thanks for listening [name removed]) to have their area service manager ascertain what I said in the first phone call weeks prior: "The compressor is not running, the unit is faulty and needs to be replaced" (I explained the issue during my first phone call to the DUX Service Desk [name removed] but obviously an IT person cannot be trusted to troubleshoot a heat pump).
The unit was eventually replaced with a new one which worked fine for about four years. Hot logic was then replaced at great expense and the unit worked until September 2016 when a large amount of boiling water and steam spilled from the PTR valve.
Turning the unit off at the fuse box until all hot water was used (good thing tempering valves are mandatory nowadays) and back on when it was cool showed the over temperature thermostat has tripped (way too late) as the unit had no power.
I replaced the thermostat as it hadn't tripped or turned off the system before the temperature got so high that it triggered a substantial release of very hot water through the PTR valve.
The system worked fine for a few months after. It then started playing up again and not turn the compressor off even though only the green led is on and the fan is off. This causes the coil to freeze solid, but not before making the water in the tank very hot again. Presumably the relay on the hot logic circuit board switching the compressor on and off gets stuck in the on position (I kept the old faulty hot logic to satisfy my curiosity on the inner workings). Turning the unit off until it had cooled enough to trigger a heating cycle used to fix the issue for a few weeks. Unfortunately the reboot trick no longer works and the compressor will not turn off at all now at the end of the heating cycle.
I am now considering to either replace the relays on the hot logic board or just give up and to replace the system with a single element off peak storage heater so I can expect a trouble free service life of 10+ years again and relegate the Airoheat to scrap metal.
In summary when the unit works it's great, but it seems to have many flaws that are all very difficult and/or expensive to fix. I can also see no evidence of energy saving, most likely as both units performed sub-optimal because of their inherent faults and design flaws.

Date PurchasedApr 2009


This thing is a piece of junk, Then trying to get it fixed is worse, Dux have very cleverly found a way of been any assistance what so ever. It will be the fourth time in 9 years there has been an issue, this time it is the fan blown again for the third time. Thanks a lot for the great customer support.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Dux AiroHeat Pump hot water system

We have had trouble with our cold taps for a number of years with only some taps blocking and having a jelly separated substance and grit in the system. It only happens when the cold taps are run and not the hot taps so we did not think it could be the hot water system. I have had water experts out to check and even had the water tested and it came back with exceptional dangerous high levels of Aluminium in the water tested. Finally today our plumber was speaking with another colleague and he told us about the problem with this jelly like substance in the DUX AIROHEAT SYSTEM! Our drinking water has been continual compromised and contaminated and DUX does not want to take any responsibility for its pour manufacturing of this product. I understand why the product has been discontinued!! Samsung took responsibility for a phone that was not up to scratch now it's your turn DUX! Our plumber has been told today on the phone that it is out of warranty so not their responsibility. MANUFACTURING FAULTS and BAD DESIGN should always be the responsibility of the company producing the product!!! What will you do DUX?

Date PurchasedAug 2010

It's a lemon

I had initial problems because I live in Canberra and I was assured by Dux it would work down here in the cold.
It failed immediately as did over 100 delivered in Canberra in 2008. The hot logic box was not installed so they put in an element to mains while they fitted the correct chip. They then lost the bung where the element was so they left the element in and it has corroded the housing. Dux refuse to accept any liability for this even though they selected the technician. When the plumber tried to repair leaks last year all this white muck came out and when I phoned Dux they said "it must be Canberra's water". BTW, we have the best potable water in the world down here.
It now leaks like a sieve and I've ordered a Bosch 270 Compress 3000 to replace it.
Anyone out there want to start a class action?

Date PurchasedJul 2008

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Questions & Answers

Is this unit a solar heat pump?
2 answers
Hi Robin, The Airoheat is an environmentally friendly heat pump, without the need for solar panels. Here's the link to the product on our website - https://www.dux.com.au/product/range/heat_pump. Would you like to talk through your needs? If you can email through your full name, phone number and the state where the unit will be installed to help@dux.com.au we can get someone to call you back if that helps. Best Regards, The Dux TeamHi Robyn The aero heat pump is a heap of junk and should be taken off the market. Please read all the negative reviews and avoid this company. Definitely not solar. Electric heat pump that is gauaranteed to cause you grief and a whole lot of money.

We have noticed Orange / Rusty coloured water coming from the hot water taps mainly in the mornings. We have a full copper cold water service. The orange / rust colour is not evident every morning. My wife normally has a bath about 10.30pm most evenings, and the water is not turned on again until the morning,. So we assume that when the tank is refilling after using hot water that is when this orange / rust coloured water is occurring. We had Sydney Water check our cold water supply and they could not notice any discoloured water. They even disconnected the house from the main stop cock and ran the water for at least 10 minutes. So does anyone know what is causing this problem, and is it a potential health problem. Regards, Dennis - Croydon - Sydney
4 answers
Hi Dennis, We'd be happy to assist you with your question and sorry for the delay. If you can email through your contact number, model number and serial number of the water heater to help@dux.com.au it will be great. Regards, The Dux TeamHi Dennis, From the information given, unfortunately it seems that the tank is beginning to rust. Given the age of the unit, we would suggest replacement with another heat pump or a 250L electric storage unit. Best Regards, The Dux TeamHi, thank you for your advice....well looks like we will have to replace before winter. Regards, Dennis

Do these units have an anode fitted inside the tank ? If so how often should it be replaced ? Thanks Bob.
1 answer
Hi Bob, Our 250L Heat Pump is fitted with a sacrificial anode. To maximise the life of tank, it's good practice to replace the anode at 5 year intervals (or sooner in areas with poor water quality). This work should be completed by a licensed plumber in conjunction with a tank flush and replacement of valves as required. You can book in a Service call by calling Dux on 1300 365 115 or registering online at www.dux.com.au/support-and-aftersales Choosing not to undertake this work will not affect your warranty. Best regards, The Dux Team

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