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EvoHeat EVO270

Latest review: Works great right from install now for three months. Consumes 0.95kW/hr from my daytime solar to heat 270L of water from cold to 60C in just over two hours. Don’t waste money on vacuum tube solar HWS


Latest review: I love my showers, they are the best part of my day, turn on the hot water, close my eyes and let the hot water soothe my body, they wake me up in the morning and relax me at night, so the horror of

Sanden Eco Heat Pump

Latest review: Installed six weeks ago in suburbs of canberra. I've had my Solar in now for 2 years 10kW and my Tesla was installed just 6 months ago now. The final thing dragging me down on energy was the gas

Dux Proflo

Latest review: I have the 170L version and it has lasted 19 years. I had to replace the thermocouple once and it cost me a whopping 60 dollars from Reece on westwood drive postcode 3023. I'm happy with the heater

Chromagen Midea 170L Heat Pump

Latest review: Bought May 2019 with some rebate, it cost $799. Replaced Rheem 325 heat pump that was unreliable. Really energy efficient during warm months and serviceable during cold months. So far a definite pass

Stiebel Eltron WWK 222 / 302

Latest review: Just buy it least 1 year. I think It is not good enough. Always stop work and no hot water. I need restart it every day. If not, I will no hot water to use on second

Stiebel Eltron WWK300A / WWK300AH

Latest review: Inherited this hot water service when I purchased the house 4 months ago ,and was happy to have a German manufactured system. Found it to be noisy but happy with the pressure and temperature of the

Rheem Rheemglas Water Series

Latest review: This unit has been a great choice for many years of supplying Hot Water to my home, I am confident in the reliable service over years of operation and this has proven correct so that I have installed

Dux Airoheat

Latest review: We had a DUX system installed when our house was built, so we personally did not choose the system. After living in our home for 13 months, the heater stopped working altogether (in the middle of


Latest review: I saw all the negative comments here and decided to let everyone know that my Rinnai electric HOTFLO 250L purchased July 2019 is wonderful, good narrow dimensions, made in Australia, Victoria new

Thermann Electric Storage Water System

Latest review: Lasted 3.5 years before failure! Called Thermann to get told no warranty on any electrical components after 1 year. If you're happy to spend $1000 on a new hot water system every three years this

Reclaim Energy

Latest review: The demand for hot water is good we have not run out of hot water since we have had the system installed and there is at least for to five people showering every day and not short showers either as

AquaMAX E160

Latest review: Bought an Aquamax after my old Saxxon hotwater unit decided to die after 12 years of service. Since Saxxon is no longer around to make me a new one, I decided to upgrade. So far, so good. This

Rheem Electric Water 491/492/493 Series

Latest review: Installed a new 160 litre Rheem electric hot water system (model 421160R7) on 23rd August 2019 (by Inline Plumbing & Electrical) for $1560 with new AVG tempering valve, delivery & removal of my 15

Rheem Stellar Stainless Steel

Latest review: So as i just got my new Rheem stellar 160Lt Stainless steel tank im about to install it over the weekend so far my old unit 18 years old its 120Lt it's a duk fort as some may not be aware of that u

Gleamous DSL - 30N

Latest review: Worked okay for about 7 months then stopped working rang Gleamous in regards to my warranty got a complete run around saying we get back to you later never rang me back every time I rang them it was

AquaMAX E315S36

Latest review: I have had the 315 for 3 year's and had 4 elements leak and now they can't get the elements out so hot water services useless warranty department run by children they dont even documents each time

Rheem HDi-310

Latest review: Installed heater in a new build. Appeared to work fine until after four years no hot water. Technician called and fixed at a cost of almost $600. Turns out heat pump had never worked and we were

Rinnai Integrated Heat Pump RIN250EHP

Latest review: Words cannot really describe the problems we have had with this unit. We installed this system in November 2012 and every winter because of its flawed design water gets into the system and causes the

Rheem RheemPlus Water Series

Latest review: it will only last the 5year warranty period just, ours started leaking at the top 3 months before expiry of your warranty. Rheem did eventually give us a replacement unit but we were out of pocket

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