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Hydrotherm Heat Pump

We have had this heat pump for 9 months and has not missed a beat. Great value, great warranty period if it is ever needed. We had the kids/partners and grandies over Christmas and New Year and it coped easily with the added hopt water required. Would recommend to anyone in the market for a new heat pump.

Purchased in April 2018 for $1,700.00.

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Hi Gentiana, Thank you very much for providing feedback on your Hydrotherm system. Just a note, there are options to mitigate the noise levels produced when the system is running. Please call us on 1300 769 904 or email us at service@hydrothermhotwatersystems.com.au and we will be able to provide assistance. Kind Regards, The Hydrotherm Team

Very nice looking system. Modern.

The u it copes fine. We have at the moment 6 people living in the house, yet the hydrotherm hasn’t missed a beat. Always hot water. Silent heating. And a power bill $200 less than the previous bill. The sales and after installation assistance was A1. Would definitely recommend this.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

We're very satisfied with our Hydrotherm heat pump

We've had our Hydrotherm heat pump now for about 6 months (since August 2018) and we're really happy with the unit. We have not had any issues getting the unit installed and it operates smoothly everyday. Thanks to the built-in timers we are able to let the unit run during the day when no one is sleeping, so the hum of the heat pump is no bother to us. The unit looks good and the purchasing process over the phone was smooth and easy - especially considering that Hydrotherm normally doesn't sell to WA - they were able to arrange transport to our door and a week later we had the unit installed. They even gave us a better price, considering that we had to pay a little more for shipping.
I can't precisely compare the cost of running the unit vs our old electric storage, since we moved into a new house, but our power bill has shrunk considerably, and I am sure switching to using a heat pump has played a big role in this reduction of cost.

All in all we're stoked about our heat pump and would recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable quality way to heat your water.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Great so far

So far so good! Great company to deal with. Unit works as expected with no issues to date. Timer is very helpful to maximize solar usage. I have the timer set to turn on 6:30am and off at 9pm. It generally runs a couple of hours in the morning then a few hours in the evening post showers ect. The unit is loud but from what I have researched comparatively quieter than rival brands

Date PurchasedAug 2018

So far so good!

System has been installed for about 6 months and seems to be working well so far. No issues with water heating up immediately. My first electricity bill was more than reasonable so that didn't seem to have had a massive impact from the solar panel system we had on our roof before. The unit, though imposing, looks pretty good in stainless steel.
Thumbs up!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Money saver

Before I installed the water heater my power bills for hot water were around $150 a quarter. Now i've installed the unit and changed to day tariff so that it only switches on after 9am and if the water is below 50 degrees. That way the power from the solar panels will heat the water after they have put several hours into the grid and only heat if necessary. I have received two power bills since the install and have a power credit which is growing. Hard for me to fully assess until 12 months has passed, but with a household of people over Christmas, hot water was in demand big time - and to receive a power bill with credit, that shows that Hydrotherm works. It is quiet, you may notice the heat pump at first but then nothing, I have installed it close to the outdoor kitchen and tables and even over the Xmas meal, no one complained of the noise, it really isn't an issue. All up it cost about $2800 purchased and installed, I estimate that it will definitely pay itself back within 5 years before warranty expires, going on current savings. Just remember to connect to the daytime power, not the overnight rate, if you have a 5kWh or more solar system.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Reliable & reduces power bills

The performance has been good right from the start with absolutely no issues with the supply of hot water.
Delivery & Installation was simple and done with very little fuss, follow up to ensure our satisfaction was also done.
More importantly it has reduced our power bill significantly since install.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great system

We had an old large (30yrs) water system, so when we upgraded to solar and batteries it just made sense to fib the same thing with our hot water system. After a lot of digging around and reading other reviews we decided on the Hydrotherm unit. With the built in digital timer & temp control we’ve been able to set it during peak solar collection to heat our water. with it’s extremely low energy consumption we hardly notice it on the solar meter. Talk about a great investment. Nice 60°c hot water all the time. With 2 teenage daughters we never run out of hot water.

Date PurchasedAug 2019

Good product so far but installation did not leave the unit plumb

Good unit for hot water. Power usage to date is comparable with previous Dux unit. 15 year guarantee is far beyond other unit presumed due to due to stainless steel tank. However installation was not the best and the unit left out of plumb. Had to correctct myself.

Overall I recommend this unit.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

A very reliable product and excellent customer service.

I have this Hydrotherm unit installed for six years now and had been really happy with it until recently there were few minor faults occurred. I contacted Hydrotherm on the weekend and by Monday, Chris Farthing came and carried out a very professional overhaul of the unit. It is now up and running and perform much better than before.
Thanks Chris.

Date PurchasedJan 2013

So far, very good

If you want to save money and not run out of hot water, it can take a little tweaking. I set mine to run during peak solar, raised the heating trigger temperature to make sure it didn't miss heating in the window allowed and I've not run out of hot water since. Definite savings on the electricity, almost halved my bill! Guess it's early days for a hot water system, but very happy so far!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

So great

We have it set to run along side our solar hours, and a 2 hour buffer window at night to deal with night/morning showers and dishes. Has lived up to every expectation. You get used to the noise, just as if the air conditioner was running outside. Saved us a lot of money

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Met all of my expectations

Being able to chose the 60 to 90 minutes a day it runs to supply the hot water needs of my 3 adult household and having timers on 2 freezers so they don't run at the selected timed, I am able to maximize cost saving by ensuring the solar panels I have are producing all the power needed for hot water and more to the grid.
The unit copes well with our demands which are really not high or extended.
Haven't noticed any temperature fluctuations. Water is off the roof tank with electric pump pressure.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

"AAA" Professional service. will always recommend!!!

we havent had any issues so far with both units, and I'm sure we will not have any problems in the future. We are very pleased with the product and the way it functions and it actually does the job better than we thought it would. it heats up very quickly

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Great product

We have had no trouble with the Hydrotherm at all. In fact we have purchased two in the last couple of years for different houses. Any questions before purchase were immediately answered by the manager/owner. The hydrotherm runs efficiently in the background without us having to do anything. The settings are easy to use, and the readings show exactly how hot the water is. It also looks great. Slight noise like A/C unit which was expected. No issues at all. Thanks team.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Great Service

So far so good! After my last system packed it in I approached Hydrotherm for a Heat Pump alternative. Their price point was much better than anyone else, and the installation was quick and stress free. As I'm in real estate, service means everything to me and I cannot speak highly enough of the team...

Date PurchasedMar 2018

The amazing hydrotherm

I purchased a Hydrotherm water heater and find it efficient, economical on both water and electricity, even heating, easy to install and a great looking unit. It was recommended by the company that put in our solar system and works beautifully in conjunction with it as so far no electricity charges for the heater.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Energy Efficient & Inexpensive

This is the third Hydrotherm we've purchased. We recommend them to all our clients. Easy to change the timer settings. We never run out of hot water and our power bills aren't too bad. Dealing with Dewet is an absolute pleasure. He is very efficient. Communication is excellent. Very happy customer.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Great. Free hot water.

Easily copes with 2 long showers and 2 loads of washing in 1 day. We live in a cold climate (Canberra) and have had it for 6 months with a very cold winter. No problems at all. By using the inbuilt timer I've set it to heat from 1 pm to 5 pm as needed. This is when the air temperature is highest and the sun brightest, so by using the power from my solar panels it costs me nothing for hot water. Have now disconnected from gas saving me around $300 per year in connection costs alone. Win, win. Very happy.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

After Sales service is of a very high standard

have owned a Hydrotherm Heat pump since late 2012 and have to say that the after sales service is the best I have experienced with any product. I have had on 2 occasions needed to call about alarm going off on the heater and they have talked me through how to reset the pump on 1st occasion and arranged for someone to come out within 3 hrs on the second occasion to look at the sensor. Only other time I needed a call out there was no charge. Kudos to Simon and rest of the staff they are very professional and provide great service

Date PurchasedNov 2012

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Questions & Answers

Is there an installer in Adelaide?
No answers

Hi, I had a Hydrotherm installed yesterday and the timer set so it would run through daylight hours as we have a large solar system as well as mains power. The timer turned off and the system had heated to 58 degrees. So switched it back to auto thinking the system would turn back on. It didn't so assumed it was waiting until water temperature dropped below 55 degrees. This morning the temperature dropped to 54 degrees so far and the unit still has not begun heating. The panel shows it is on auto, the status shows as "warm" and temperature as 54 degrees. There are no alarms or anything that looks out of place. Sadly it is Saturday and I cannot ring the supplier until Monday. Any suggestions or does this seem ok?
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Hi lew, we have ours set to ECON MODE and set the timers so that she comes on at 12pm midday. That has been working well for us for the past 7 months. Perhaps try setting the unit to ECON MODE, and see if it comes on during whatever time you set your timer to. In my experience, now, during summer, the unit rarely takes longer than 1.5hrs to heat back to 60degrees, hence why we set the timer to 12:00pm-4pm so that we get the most out of our solar panels. I hope this helps.Hi Lew, Your system seems to be set to turn on only at 50 degrees C (which is normal). Having the system turn on at 55 degrees C is not necessary for the majority of households (2-6 people). This parameter can be changed to 55 degrees C but we wouldn't recommend it unless you're running out of hot water (and all other timers/settings have been checked first). Please let us know if you need anything else. Kind Regards, The Hydrotherm Team.Yep, thanks guys, I worked my way through the panel and that is spot on, it is working like a dream, love it.

Can the Hydrothermal unit be plugged directly into an existing gpo 10 amp circuit or must it be connected through a junction box hard wired into the 10 amp circuit? Also can the junction input be plugged into gpo?
2 answers
Yes you can plug it into a standard 10amp. It has a very small amp draw. Although will depend on the requirements of the state you live in. Initially advised to use a junction box. Electrician decided against. Would check with your state requirementsHi Daisy Thanks for your question. As mentioned above the Hydrotherm comes with a 3 point plug and can run off a standard GPO. However individual states have requirements for the installation of electrical items with a motor, such as air conditioners, pool pumps and heat pumps. Some states electrical standards require that all systems with motors be hardwired into an isolated switch so that future service mechanics can isolate the power to the system when servicing. Installing a Hydrotherm using the plug will not effect warranties or after sales support, however it is important to check with your installing plumber/electrician regarding the individual requirements for your state or territory. Regards Simon Baird Hydrotherm

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