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Dyson Hot+Cool AM09

Dyson Hot+Cool AM09

MPNs: 35902157 and 35902161
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Sleek, space saving design

I own two of these fans now - that's how much I like them. There's a very constant airflow with no buffering and, without having moving blades, it's safer around children and animals. The heater is very effective in small-medium rooms; perfect for the bedroom. I like how adjustable it is and having a remote is excellent. It takes up so little floor space, which is great, and has an excellent design so isn't something ugly you want to hide away. The only downside is that it's not the quietest of fans - but that's a minor niggle with an otherwise amazing product. It is great quality and, based on my experience with respect to other products, Dyson's customer service and warranty are excellent. If you have that amount to spend on a fan/heater, this certainly won't disappoint.
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Date PurchasedJan 2019

Dyson AM 09 JA2-US-GGA0957A

Not working! Every time I start the heater, after 2 min it turns back to "H2". This is my WORST experience with a Dyson heater. My cheaper heater works so much better than this expensive heater. What a waste of my hard earned money. The model I have is dyson AM 09 JA2-US-GGA0957A

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi there, I am sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulty with your Dyson Hot+Cool, we are happy to help. So we can best assist we would kindly ask you to email our US Based Dyson Experts via askdysonus@dyson.com and our team will be in touch to help. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting. Best wishes, Shan

Won't stay running and not because of the thermostate

Fan heats and stops once reached the required temp, but totally shuts off after a few hours. Contacted customer service several times and was given nonsense. answers. Then mysteriously hung up on or they would leave the chat session. This is the 2nd one now. Not happy with customer service

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi Heather, Thank you for your query. I am sorry to hear about this, this is certainly not the experience we would expect. To confirm, in addition to thermostat control, your AM09 has an inbuilt safety mechanism that will shut your machine off after 8 hours of active heating if you don't press any buttons on the remote. After shutting down, this can be turned back on and will continue working as normal. To discuss this further and for us to look into your experience further, please contact our US Based Dyson Experts via askdysonus@dyson.com as we would value the opportunity to assist. Best wishes, Shan

New Dyson AM09 ... Will not heat & no recourse!

I have owned 4! Now I just opened a new Dyson & will not heat! I had kept it as a spare only to open now & it will not work!
I will no longer recommend as I called the local Dyson service center & will not take phone inquiries!
What a waste of $450!!!

Date PurchasedApr 2018
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Hi Cathy, I am sorry to hear about your experience and trouble getting in touch with us. Neither of these are what we expect. I can confirm our contact number of 1800 239 766 is open and our Dyson Experts are happy to help. This helpline is open Monday - Friday 8am - 7pm and Saturday - Sunday 8:30am - 4pm EDST. At time of writing, the wait time is less than 3 minutes. Should you rather email, our team can be reached via auaskdyson@dyson.com and will be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting. Best wishes, Shan

Dyson very disappointed

Brought this Dyson hot and cool air conditioner thinking a dyson product should provide what I am after. After using it very disappointed the air stream at max is not very strong and does not really cool a small room I have. More of a decorative piece. For the money spent really low for expectations.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi George, Thank you for reviewing your Dyson Hot+Cool. We do apologise for any confusion, while this machine will provide personal cooling as a fan, it won't actively cool the room as an air conditioner would. Should you wish to discuss your concerns further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch and happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Mislead on the “cooling” feature.

Bought this to give to the in-laws for Xmas who live in a cool climate NSW location, and swear by their Dyson vacs.
It was a last minute ( un-researched ) decision.
We purchased it under the understanding that it has a proper cooling function as well as heating. Only until box opened and present given does it say it’s cooling feature is dubbed an “air multipler”... I think this is terrible.
Dyson coins this term and it can mean anything they want it to.
The sales people where purchased didn’t understand this (deceptive) marketing either.
This is quite an insult, and makes the purchaser feel very embarrassed.
Today is a very warm day (Xmas day ‘18), and the point was to impress by cooling the space.
When not in heating mode, this is nothing more than a bladeless fan.
Very let down by Dyson, who makes good vacs, but uses extremely deceptive marketing in this product.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hi Ash, Thank you for taking the time to review this machine. We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. While on cool mode, the machine will circulate the air in the room and won't actively cool the air as an air conditioner will. Dyson machines don't reduce the room temperature, rather provide personal cooling through the wind chill effect of air passing over your skin. Apologies for any disappointment. Best wishes, SamuelThanks for the reply. You should be apologising for the deceptive advertising that you apply to your products of this kind. It’s not a question of us “feeling” one way or the other, it’s the fact that we were duped by your marketing that’s the issue.Hi Ash, Thank you for your reply. While we do apologise for any disappointment, Dyson don't manufacture air conditioners at this stage, nor do we claim any of our machines will provide this function. Should you wish to discuss this further, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch to assist. Best wishes, Shan

Hot and cool fan

Useless had for a while never really put out enough heat and now it’s starting to melt around the outer frame. emailed dyson and was told to use my hoover on it to remove any dust? What a joke very concerned it could catch fire! Please beware this product is not as good as you would expect.

Date PurchasedSep 2015
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Hi Amanda, So we can best assist, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch as soon as possible. Best wishes, Shan

Do Not Recommend

I found the fan and heater to be great for my babies nursery until it started issuing an h2 malfunction code. After several calls to dyson and many attempts to reset the machine the best they would do for me was a minimal discount on a new machine. After spending so much money on the first one I could in no way buy another. Very disappointed with not only the heater but with the company that I have bought several products with in the past.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Lowsy & Overpriced

After wanting a Dyson fan for a long time, was bought one of these as a gift and I'm very disappointed. Was wanting one to use as a fan, but hardly blows any breeze at all. And definately not silent. What a waste of money. Better of buying a cheap fan from Kmart. If you want an expensive heater, is probably okay, but I hardly ever need to use a heater.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Ok product and on the expensive side for what you get.

Generally okay, appears to be better used as a heater than a coolant. Would not be suitable as a substitute for an cool fan/ air conditioner depending on the size of your room. Consider it to be expensive and would like other features included as part of the product given it's price tag, i.e. air purifier/water injection etc for cooler performance. Otherwise, a decent looking product and safe for kids.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Overpriced Junk!

I had to replace this ridiculous priced fan within 8 months. They were nice enough to send a new one that broke 12 months later and of course out of warranty so no help. I could have bought 4 others at cheaper cost that if only lasted 1 year would have been 2 years longer. This and my other Dyson vacuums have also broke after 2 years. What a waste of my hard earned money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
Hi there, Thank you for reaching out and taking the time to review your AM09. We are sorry to hear that you have experienced these issues with your machine and would like the chance to learn more of your situation. Please email the serial number of your machine and contact details through to auaskdyson@dyson.com and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible to further discuss. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/DysonYour entire product line is junk now. I’ll go buy some cheap product at least I’ll expect that not to last.

Very disappointed.

I purchased my Dyson Hot+Cool Heater white AM09 at Foster Harvey Norman 0n the 2nd June 2018 and it is a disaster for my needs. I have a small apartment and was told it would be adequate but it is no where near adequate. Having spent so much I am very disappointed. I have now decided to use my aged three bar electric heater and it is doing a great job on one bar. I finds it noisy also. At least the bar heater is silent. I await your call.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Beth, Thank you for your query. Sorry to hear you are unhappy with your Dyson machine. So we can discuss your concerns, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch to assist. We look forward to hearing from you. Best wishes, Shan

I own 2 x AM05 units and 1 x AM09 and these are great. I also own 2 x AM06 Tower fans

I an that satusfied with this product i own 3 of them. One is in our bedroom, one is in the lounge room and i have one for my wife and baby at my mother in laws house. We just love these things, i cant believe so many negative comments in these reviews. In summer, these fans work great. They dont throw choppy air like those big bladed fans, they put out less noise and make me feel cooler than the balde fans. I have checked the wattage on these with a plug in watt meter. It uses 1800watt on the heated settings but when used as a fan, it only uses 4 watts of power on setting 1, 11 watts on setting 5 and 22 watts on setting 10. That is a very efficient for a fan.

In winter, we usually put the heat on in out bedroom 20 minutes before we go to bed and its toasty warm when we enter. In the morning when i wake up at 5am for work, i put the fan on and the room is toasty when i get out of bed. I love these fans so much i have a total of 5 including the tower fans for summer.

To anyone who reads the negative comments, just be aware that these people obvioulsy have no idea how to use these fans and its not that hard. Tue AM09 is packed full of features, remote control, timer, thermostat settings, jet air propulsion for further distance across a room or wide flow for smaller areas.

The fans also fit nicely anywhere due to the trendy slimline design. Great job dyson, i am a lover of these tems. Thanks

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Dyson A09

I bought this as a fan heater to heat a 3.3m x 5m room, has been on high for an hour & has taken room from 9C to 16C, really did think something for $500 would heat the room faster, this unit replaced a Arlec tower fan heater that was 2400w compared with 2000w & $160, I can honestly say the arlec heated the room much better, design & everything else on the Dyson is much better, fan & everything on the A09 is very close to perfect, if heating was better would be close to a 10. Only had this for a day so hope I don't have to come back & comment on reliability.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

As described - climate control heating and cooling

I have used this Dyson Heater and Cooler for over three years and have found that it is perfect within the confines of what it was made for - that is it is designed to heat a smaller area in a climate control manner. I love that I can remotely program it to run for a certain time at a certain temperature and just fall off to sleep without worrying. My home is a 1960s build and we use a reverse airconditioner for the open plan kitchen-dinning-living room and this Dyson for the master bedroom (4.2m x 3.6m) - remembering to turn it on and close the door for 15 mins before you enter the room is best. I can also adjust it's use to an old-fashioned "blower" style of cooler or heating fan with a narrow stream or wide stream of air, either oscillating or still direction. Very happy with the purchase!

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Does not cool

False advertising or at the least misleading, claims POWERFUL cooling, not true. It's just a fan and a very expensive one, for the price you could buy a REAL reverse cycle air conditioner that does actually cool. Efficient heating? How? 2000 watts of power( and you need a magnifying glass to find this) same as any fan heater you could buy for 1/10th the price. Power use not mentioned in the manual. Returned for full refund thankfully. Stick to vacuum cleaners.

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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The efficiency of any electric space heater is almost 100% because almost all purchased energy is converted to building heat. So the AM09 is more efficient? More than 100% efficient? WOW he is a clever bloke that Dyson fellow...


After reading all the negative comments here on the Dyson heat + cool, I decided to buy one because I knew these comments would be false (I also own a Dyson tower fan and find it to be wonderful) and to my expectations this is just as wonderful as my tower fan. Those negative comments are people that don’t know how to use the unit in particular those that complained it was too loud, I guess they don’t realise you can turn down the fan portion of the heater to be quieter. Personally, I have the fan part set to a 3 and the temperature to 23 and it heats up a room in no time. The bigger the room the higher the temperature, and it goes all the way to 37.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

This is a high quality, gentle heating, electric fan heater with the option to just use the fan.

Frankly, I'm a little surprised by some of the other reviews of this product. The AM-09 does heat, and does cool in exactly the same way ANY fan with an optional heating element should. It is nowhere near large enough to house refrigeration components, nor does it have any capacity for water so evaporation is not possible. It cools by creating a breeze.

Perhaps my fellow reviewers were lied to, or the somehow missed some key information, how their expectations became so skewed... I can't say. Having used the unit, and making sure I did my research before buying it seems to set my expectations to a realistic level.

However, having said that, this is a very expensive fan heater, but may still suit your needs if you consider both the specs and the needs accordingly.

Dyson has that distinctive circle/oval head on their fans, and when used with the heating mode, it's completely natural for the hot air to mix with the cold air drawn through the centre of unit's head. It's not ALL hot air going through this, so it surprises me how many people think it's going to be as hot as a traditional fan heater. I'd honestly put this somewhere between a radiator style heater, and fan heater. Definitely closer to the fan heater end though.

I've been using this unit in a 3.5m x 4m bedroom in Canberra winter. We've had some -4 degree mornings, and this heater works fine. It takes only a few minutes to raise the room's temperature by a noticeable amount. Certainly enough to cause my other equipment (like a projector) to warm up substantially, and max out it's fan. However, I'd say this fan maxes out at about 18-20 degrees in Canberra... it never cuts off if I set it to 23. Of course, it's sucking air into the unit a few centimetres above the floor.. so it's kinda unsurprising that it's harder to heat that when it's mere inches from a cold concrete slab. I'm sure you'd get to higher temperatures in warmer climates.. but whether this is enough heat for you, is a decision you have to make.

So this fan is NOT for people who are cold blooded, and require their toes to be set on fire in order to avoid feeling numb. If that is you, buy yourself a traditional fan heater.

Conversely, I'd suggest if you have kids/pets who like to stick fingers/tails/toys/metal cutlery into the small gaps on a traditional fans, or you like the idea of a gentle heat for young ones or old ones alike, then this unit is probably better suited. I find that on a low fan setting, you can get the gentle heating without being kept awake. However, it does get to be as loud or louder than a traditional heater when it's turned all the way up.

This unit only has an on/off button on the actual heater. You can't switch from hot/cold, set the temperature or fan speed, nor can you set the oscillation function without the remote. It remembers the last setting though, so if you've got it the way you like it... the button on the unit is enough.

The remote is where most of your controls are. However, the remote is very small and not ideal for huge hands. Being so small, I've misplaced it several times in a small room... so I'd suggest you create a system and stick to it. Mine apparently likes to wander, and I found it inside a pillow slip of all places. Keep out of reach of children, forgetful partners and pets alike. :-)

Aesthetically, this unit comes in black or white. Which I find the black seems to command less attention. However, if you have an all-white (or lighter coloured colour scheme) in your house, you may prefer that option.

I give it 4 stars because of the $400+ price tag.. but I bought it because my aging $15 fan heater caught on fire that morning, and I wanted a quality product, ok! I cannot deny that replacing the $15 fan heater every year would probably save me money until long past my retirement. If you want major cooling, then you need to buy the appropriate device for that... I have been using a industrial fan for years, and while I have successfully vented, and cooled with it during even the hottest of days... I feel that trying to sleep in a wind tunnel is somewhat difficult. Hence I appreciate the option to use a quieter fan.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Buy a fan

We were sold the fan as an air conditioner, which obviously it is not, the fan is quiet enough but doesn't cool any better than a $30 fan, didn't try the heater. I bought the unit from Domayne, when I returned the fan and explained that it wasn't fit for the purpose that I had bought it for I was virtually accused of lying by the store owner, he claimed that I would never have been sold the unit as an air conditioner, who would pay $570 for a fan? After a lot of argument with the store owner who refused point blank to give me a refund and only offered a store credit which I refused, it was only after Dyson was contacted that I was eventually given a refund, and that was agreed to after I pointed out that there was an ambiguous statement in the information booklet that stated the unit was thermostatically controlled, which obviously related to the heating not the cooling. Thanks to Dyson at least I was given a full refund.

Date PurchasedNov 2017


Wish i read reviews before i bought this.
Only had it for 3 days & unless you are sitting on top of it not much good.
I have dyson products & i love them. Unfortunately this is not one of them.
Is there a money back guarantee on this item?

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Vickie, Thank you for taking the time to review your AM09. We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. Please send through an email to auaskdyson@dyson.com with your contact details and the serial number of your machine and our experts will be in touch to further discuss. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

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Hi, I am moving and really need to ship my dyson hot and cool to my new place. I still have the original box, but I can't get it into the box without removing the base. I have been twisting the body anti-clockwise to try to remove it, but it will not budge! Is there a way I can fit it back in the box?
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I have just purchased an am09 today and when in standby mode there is a minor humming noise Is this normal as would of expected it to be silent
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How do you clean the filter if the dust can’t be removed by a vacuum hose?
1 answer
Hi Emily, Thank you for your query, we are happy to help. To clean the air inlet holes around the base of your Dyson Hot+Cool we encourage you to use a soft dry microfibre cloth to remove any debris. For any stuck debris, we encourage the use of a soft dusting brush or the like to help dislodge this. I hope this helps, however if we can assist further please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch to further assist. Best wishes, Shan


Hot+Cool AM09
Price (RRP)599
Maximum Standing Height580
Heating FunctionYes
Remote ControlYes
Release dateMar 2015

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