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cannot be contacted when a problem arises

Purchased 3 Huawei Mate Pro 10 from this company in May 2018. as from 30 June 2018, the company announced that they will be no longer trading (state GST and issue). sold me a phone out of Saudi Arabia and now Huawei will not honour warranty when I have an issue with one of my phones. Cannot get in contact with Company when trying to get answers as to why they not not advise customers of their consumer rights

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes

Company selling products that do not work!!

I bought 2 sets of Sony earphones for Christmas. One for my partner in Sydney and one for my sister in Singapore. Both did not work when opened. Had to send my partner’s one back to them in Hong Kong from Australia to fix. Now have to send my sister’s from Singapore as well via Australia? I don’t think so. Scam company selling fake and duds. Do not buy from them!!!

Grea Value !!

From order to delivery e-Global was faultless , I had no problems at all,from my expierence I would recommend them to my friends.

Warranty Scam

I bought a Zoom Q2n Handy Recorder. I have another zoom device, they are very good. It worked well for about 2 weeks. Then it stopped working. Did not switch on. I contacted eGlobal to organize a warranty claim. I sent in a video that it was not working. When I shipped it back they eventually contacted me saying nothing was wrong with it. Then said I can have the camera back if I paid an extra $20 shipping plus $50 service charge. I told them to shove it. So now I have no camera, and lost the price of the camera plus the shipping cost to send it back. Not happy! They have not done anything else to make it up to me. They ripped me off, and just walked away. I would NEVER buy ANYTHING from this website again. There was no instruction manual in the box which it was meant to have. So, obviously the box has been opened before I have bought it. I am sure they will sell it to somebody else in its current condition, whether it works or not.

Very cheap. Reputable as I remember

I was initially a little concerned when eglobaldigitalcameras changed over to eglobalcentralau, being worried that the business may have turned illegitimate or changed for the worse. The company is (thankfully) just as I remember. These guys will pretty much beat any price of an item you can imagine, at the expense of increased difficulty with Warrenty (which i think if you are going to grey import, you should come to terms with this). I Ordered a Samsung note9 well below Australian retail prices (their website gave me the ability to pick either a xenos or a snapdragon). Once the package was shipped, I recieved it within 4 days. Have purchased numerous things from eglobal in the past with a very similar experience. Over all very satisfied, I'll continue to use this store.

Unbeatable deal and delivered as promised

eGlobal offered an unbeatable price deal on the EOS200D with 18-55mm kit lens. I don’t remember the process of ordering and communication to be as smooth as some on-line retailers but ultimately they deliver, so I am satisfied with them.

Terrible Warranty

I bought a Sony A9 with 24-70 GM lens. The Lens's gasket became loose after a few weeks by itself and eventually the hinge started to come off. Sent out for RMA but was denied sighting physical damage.

There was no physical damage whatsoever to the outside but they opened the lens up and referred to a damaged hinge which is impossible to be damaged during normal use and a product this expensive (2.5K+) should have covered in its normal warranty.

Their robotic replies were insults to the injuries and became frustratingly difficult to make sense out of. Since they are now closed down in Australia, I can imagine they dont care about Australian customers anymore.

Good riddance!

Do not trust this company

I ordered and paid for an Anker Bluetooth wireless earphone 13 days ago whilst they advertised and are still advertising they have the stock. Email after email they said the item was sold out, and they were to reorder. Now I have cancelled it and waiting for a refund. Should have bought from other supplier of the same price. Will never deal with this company in the future.

E global warranty covers nothing

Water got into the Nikon water proof camera during its first use. Eglobal rudely sent their dodgy warranty over and over that they do not cover any breakages on their product. They are not a preferred supplier to any of their brands for a reason. I fell for their dodgy dodgy practices.

Fast delivery at lowest price

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S9 at more than $200 less than anywhere else. It arrived before the due date. I've used it for 2-3 months, a great phone. And where everyone else wanted $1100 or more E-Global had it for $880. I don't know how but it didn't mean slow delivery, or a lack of communication about where the transaction was up to, or knock-off or defective merchandise. It was a terrific deal.

Dishonest. Took my money, never delivered the phone.

Website is a .com.au but goods are shipped from Hong Kong.
Ordered a phone from these crooks. Delivery quote was 3-5 days. After 14 days, I launched a Paypal dispute. The tracking showed it was being delivered from Hong Kong, even though was supposed to be in Australia. They said they would offer a refund via email, but told Paypal that they had sent the item and that it was stuck in customs. Paypal told me that as an overseas seller, if they sent the item and it got stuck in customs, then its my responsibility. Never got a call from customs, or the courier "DPEX". Tried to call DPEX, they don't have an Australian call center. Finally after 2 months, paypal returned my cash. Hopeless. They should never have argued the Paypal dispute, instead made wait 2 months to get my money back. Don't trust these people.

Do not use this company

Don't fall for the low price. It's not worth it as you have no chance of getting an issue repaired or replaced. Part of the charging device fell out after a few weeks and this was their response: "According to our technician, this is the first time they have see such issue on this item. Therefore, this will not be accepted for warranty as it is considered physical damage". LOL Avoid this bunch of crooks at all costs.

Great service, great product, satisfied customer

I bought a Samsung frontier S3 for my husband online and the product is great, the delivery quick and without any issues. Great service and competitive prices.

Very disappointing...

I happened to buy a tablet from them last year in March. I did so because they had the best price around that time and their reviews looked OK. The shipment was dispatched pretty quickly and it was delivered within a week.
In November, I had the trouble for the first time with the screen. Even though the tablet worked, the screen did not show anything. They asked me to send it back so that they repair it. I had to pay a lot of money to ship it. Once they received they shipped it back within 2 weeks, saying that it was repaired. I was pretty happy at this point. I got it and everything seemed fine but within a month I got the same problem. This time, they arranged pick-up to get the tablet back. Again within 2 weeks, they said they repaired it and sent it back to me. I got it back in May and used it until July when the same problem re-occurred again: Tablet works but screen shows nothing. When I reported the problem this time, they told me that the warranty had already expired and they won't do anything.
Yes, the warranty did expire after 12 months but I did not even get to use this tablet for 6 months. They never told me what the problem was or how they fixed it. With the exact same problem re-occurring again and again, I am not sure what they actually did to fix it. At least after 2nd time and with me paying for the first back-shipment, I would expect them to give me a new tablet. But since they are based in Hong Kong, they don't really care about customer satisfaction.
I would like to warn buyers from Australia. If the product you buy from them doesn't have any issues, then it will be a good buy. But you might suffer otherwise. My tablet was around $300 and I paid around $100 to ship it back the first time. I could actually use it probably for 6 months in 1 year and it is broken now. I would not buy anything from them again and no one should buy especially expensive products, e.g. mobile phones.

They lost my cameras and lens and no refund

I purchased three items (cost 4000 dollars) form their store, This company lost my items and no refund no response.
Also the changed websitewww.eglobaldigitalcameras.com.au into http://www.eglobalcentralau.com/ still doing cheating in sales.

Failed Article!

Prices were very competitive.
Dispatch was speedy.
Not satisfied with the warranty process as I cant find a link to make a warranty claim.
Note: Unit worked well from installation but completely failed this morning. Only thing that works is the power light.
Extremely disappointed!!
Another Note: I cant log into your system and when I try to reset my password, it says that my email address is not valid or does not exist, but I just received an email from you.???

Buyer beware no refund no warranty no support

I purchased an ASUS Modem, it didn't work, I contacted Asus tech support, they looked at the model details and explained that it is a Chinese market model only and they don't do tech support for Chinese models, but they decided to assist, they determined that the modem was faulty, they then stated that they cant do a warranty claim on it because it is a for China model only, they instructed me to submit a DOA warranty claim with E-Global Digital Cameras.
I contacted E-Global Digital Cameras and they refused to help!!
Buyer beware no tech support and no warranty support.

Terrible if you want a refund

You do take a chance when you purchase overseas, but I had bought 3 camera lenses ( over $2000) here and had no problems so Feb 2018 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy note 8 from eGlobal for around $1000 to replace my windows based Nokia Lumia 1520 which I still loved but the apps are not supported for windows phones now, and also the camera on the Note 8 was reported to be very good. Initially, the bluetooth on the Samsung worked fine, then it just wouldn't connect to my car ( Honda CRV 2 years old). My old phone still connected to the car with no problems and my daughter's iphone also connected. Tried numerous times and still wouldn't connect. Without the bluetooth in the car, it was not worth changing the sim over from my old phone. I tried to resolve the problem through Samsung Australia who suggested various things to do such as factory resets, bluetooth reset, suggested that the problem was the car or that I should wait for an update and that might fix it. They then referred me to Samsung Hong Kong because it was not purchased in Australia. Samsung Hong Kong then referred me to Samsung Dubai who then referred me to Samsung Australia!
I then bought a Jabra Freeway device for my car and initially the Samsung worked with that but then a little later suddenly it wouldn't - tried numerous times and ended up returning the Jabra Freeway ( luckily bought in Australia at JB HiFi who refunded with no problems).
Now the Samsung bluetooth also wouldn't connect to my small Sony speaker when everything else would. The phone's bluetooth connected to some things but not others and my car was the most important to me. Waited for a couple of software updates but nothing changed. Bluetooth was still not connecting to my car and various other things, so I decided to try to return the phone to eGlobal for a refund. After a few discussions they requested a video of the phone not connecting to the car which I sent them plus a video of my old phone connecting to the car. So now they decided I should return it for repair ( return costs at my expense...around $80 with insurance). I explained I wanted a refund because how could they prove the bluetooth was faulty unless they used my car or the other things to connect that didn't work because it still connected with some things. As I suspected, they told me the technicians had checked the phone and there was nothing wrong with the bluetooth and that they would not give a refund for non faulty items. I insisted that it did not work and referred them to my video so they said they would refer to the technician again. Subsequently, they sent me a video of bluetooth working with 2 items and suggested the fault was with the car. I have kept reitterating to them that the car works fine with other phones and that the Samsung connects to some items and not to others( including the Jabra Freeway and the Sony speaker). They still say there is nothing wrong with the phone and that I should pay the return costs. Now I will be over $1100 out of pocket for a phone that does not work properly. I will not be using eGlobal again and will not buy a Samsung phone. Currently, I am stuck with my old phone and a new phone that I could just use as a pocket camera or sell at a severely reduced price because of the problem. I will not use it as a phone because of the bluetooth fault.
I am not sure whether this bluetooth problem is intrinsic to the phone I had or whether it is a problem with Samsung or android bluetooth. I have seen numerous complaints on the net about android bluetooth not working and people saying that it may be fixed in an update, but I don't see why you should pay big money for a phone that doesn't work as it says it does.

Worse experience possible - fraud company

I bought an underwater camera with eGlobal and the camera didn't work. I spent over $400, I booked a holiday and I have to say it was the most frustrating experience. I got in touch with eGlobal numerous times, and they told me many times that the warranty (that I paid extra for) doesn't cover. I did say numerous times that the default must have from fabrication, and they said that couldn't help me. I asked a number to talk to the supervisor, and they said that was nothing they could do, like a robot that answers the same message over and over. If you have the option to purchase grey goods out of eGlobal, please do, and you will save money, headache and frustration. I'm actually trying to reach high authorities to advise on the low level of conduct that this company operates. Fraud company! Don't throw your money in the bin.

Delivery great, but read on

This organisation was very good on delivery and pricing. However the camera sent to me was defective out of the box. It was returned to them. In spite of at least 12 requests for the purchase price to be refunded, they have simply refused to do so. They want to charge me a fee to fix the problem. Do not deal with these people if there is a warranty risk with your product, you will lose your money. This is the risk of dealing with a vendor based overseas, they can rob you and get away with it.

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Just thought I would update that eGlobal is still refusing to refund me. I keep getting the same cut and paste reply that does not address the questions I put to them.

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Can I purchase camera cases & sim cards as well as cameras?
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Price of samsung glaxy A8 plus 64gb dual sim?
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I recently purchased a camera from EGlobal which arrived DOA. They do not honour the warranties published on their website. They want to charge me to fix the problem. If what you are buying works, good luck to you. If there is a problem, you have lost your money.

Hi, Anyone had experience ordering a Samsung Galaxy Note 98 from E-Global?
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No experience with a Note 8, but I ordered a Samsung j7 Prime (made in Malaysia) with no problems.. Rock bottom price, well packed, quick delivery and the Optus Australian SIM worked immediately, despite the fact that the instruction leaflet said it should have a SIM from certain South East Asian countries and there was a sticker on the box saying "European Sim Card Only". Clearly the phone had been unlocked in advance so that was great.I recently purchased a camera from eGlobal that was DOA. They refuse to honour the warranty published on their website. Go somewhere else.

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