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SSS, simple seamless super

8+ years, very satisfied with the fact my Self Managed account is kept compliant. Performace is my responsibility, and I invest in one high risk gas and oil exploration company. The company has now turned the corner from exploration to production and exploration, is now cash flow posative with a rising share price. Happy any gains are in Super system to be transferred at a later date to our main stream superannuation income stream accounts.

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Low fees, efficient and trouble free.

We established our SMSF about 12 years ago, upset with paying someone else to lose our money.
We are reasonably satisfied with our investments, and happy with low fees and efficient services of the e-superfund.

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Simple and effective.

I have been with this fund for just over 10 years. The driving force for me was to take control of my investments and ESuperfund has given the framework to do this. From setup to annual compliance obligations it has been very straightforward and a perfect fit for my objectives.

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E Superfund is a breeze

Easy to use and manage since inception. Tax time is simple with the automated system for share purchases and dividends. It’s easy to upload all of your documents as well. Well done E Super.

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Site is not working the same.

Been with them since 2017. Was working fine until this year.
Cannot update my banking or coding.
My property disappeared for months and it took two complaints to have it reappear.
If I cannot update my financial information I will be leaving them. Anyone have a good alternative?

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ESuperfund is easy to use

I have been using ESuperfund for a couple of years now and have found it to be very easy to use and cost effective. The system captures information well and is intuitive to like transactions. I have also had a positive experience in purchasing property through the superfund which again was well support by ESuperfund and their staff. Keep up the good work.

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Very Good but SMSF is not for everyone

Managing a SMSF is not for everyone and it requires lots of compliance and reporting, in addition to over head cost. E-Super has one of the lowest fees but the overhead for administering was not for me. I used esuper for 3 years and had to wind down due to the compliance reporting requirements.
I was was very satisfied with their service, interface and compliance reporting. The flat feed does not cover insurance for income or disability. Therefore, really weigh your options before joining a SMSF.

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Simplicity and responsiveness

7 years
I am in awe of how well they communicate what is needed in order to manage our fund compliantly. My questions are always answered promptly and clearly. The paperwork we need to sign is provided with all the information pre populated so we basically review and sign. Also proactive alerting us when we need to take action because of certain activities within the fund. Best customer service I have experienced and this industry is NOT a simple one. Well done

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Prompt and excellent service

I continue to be totally satisfied with the service levels received from the Esuperfund. Each year it works like clockwork and our superannuation fund affairs are managed in a most professional way. This includes rectification of classification errors (by me) and resubmission of tax returns to the ATO within 24 hours. This is a no-frills low-cost service which enables asked to efficiently manage our own superannuation needs.

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[Urgent Reminder!] – 2018 Annual Return Due on 15 May 2019 – Submit 2018 Checklist Immediately

I have been with them since 2009, The above alert they send me in June, no alerts before that. I did what they ask for. Till date I am still waiting and their response is that I am in Q. What is the point of having a alert if you cannot do anything because you are busy? Or why cannot you alert base on you pressure load so that customer is actually protected. Really very disappointed and really looking for alternative. Came to this site, looking for alternatives.
---Updates ---
ESuperfund team called me and explain to me that they did send alert before and I may have overlook it. For future they suggested that I install their mobile app as it will make alert easy and on time. Current situation they said the will handle it for me and will fast track my tax file. Thank You so much ESuperfund Team.

Customer Service

Canceling our application based on a scenario question !

super aggressive and bad customer services.
we asked questions based on a scenario that might happen in the future.
and they cancelled our fund registration application from their end and without even asking for our confirmation!!!

What a service!!!

Customer Service
Insurance Options
Income Protection

E for excellent

Been with them since they started. No bad issues at all and have appreciated the ease of navigation around the website and the easy to complete annual compliance questionnaire. The annual fee is very competitive and I hope all the good reviews they will no doubt get doesn't lead to an increase!!

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Everything is fine, I have no complaints. We have been users of e-super for a decade. I would prefer a contact phone number so I can call instead of email.

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Get what you pay for

OK service though took five months to prepare tax return. Lost money as I wanted to transfer money to a higher earning fund but they won't let you until return lodged and any tax paid.

Just what we were looking for!

ESuperfund was just what we were looking for to run our SMSF. So much cheaper than our accountant and all the information required is clearly set out on the website.

Customer Service

Look Around For Another SMSF Agent

I have been with esuperfund for many years.
I have always found them to be very impersonal. When you do ask them a question they give you a prepared answer. Many times I have had to ask the same question over and over until I received a proper response.
They have limited scope of products they allow.
Am currently waiting for more than 3 months for my return to be prepared for last year after providing all the info they requested.
You can do better.

One of the best organisations we have ever dealt with.

We have been with Esuperfund for five years. The best decision we have ever made. Their pricing is very fair and their service is the very best we have had from any one in the Superannuation/Accounting Industry or the Finance Industry. We encourage all our friends to use Esuperfund.

Excellent but know what you are buying

I have just wound-up my SMSF with ESuperfund after ten years because of a change in my personal circumstances.
I think it is an excellent service but like anything, you must know what you are paying for. ESuperfund is for those who genuinely want to make their own investing decisions. Their annual compliance process is easy and gets better each year.
I have always found they answer email questions promptly but you must understand they are not in the business of giving financial advice.
I have never regretted joining ESuperfund and highly recommend them.

Terrible customer service

Had enormous difficult contacting and dealing with esuper fund, they cancelled my contract with them with no warning based on my annual and GST statements not being signed the previous year. Very difficult to deal with the customer service manager, and on the few occasions he responded to emails they were rude and short.

Would not recommend

Superb product that continually improves

Since 2007 my fund has performed to my satisfaction during difficult times aided by its exceptionally low fees and capacity to accommodate a wide range of investments, including realty.

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Questions & Answers

How do you get out of esuperfund?
2 answers

I urgently need to contact eSuper regarding a fund that was managed for me by my Father who is very ill and returns have not been lodged. Is there ANY away to contact them???? I don’t know account details. Please help!!!
3 answers
Hi Lynne, Yes this is a problem for them, they do not have a contact number, if you would like to email me your details I can go into my portal on your behalf and ask them to call you. jmoloney@adam.com.auHi Lynne, You may contact us via our Contact Us page (https://www.esuperfund.com.au/why-us/contact-us). Please go to the "Help Centre" section, select "Prospective Client of ESUPERFUND" - "Other" and specify your query.This is an old thread, but I hope someone from eSuperfund watching this. I'm logging my application and send a query via my eSuperfund accoun, it has been 2 days with no answer, should I trust them with my investment?

I am sending emails to esuperfund. No respond. I want to know we are about 15 people brought a property worth 1.5millons. Out of 15 people few are investing money from savings and topping up mortgage. Few are investing from there own self managed fund. If I establish SMSF from esuperfund, doese esuperfund allows me to invest on above said vacant land. Thanks
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