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Reboot controller repair RIPOFF

I sent in my son's ps4 controller to have the charger port repaired. 3 week wait! Once home there were new issues with the buttons getting stuck. So another 3 week wait and they say there isn't an issue and they have tested the product to be in good working order. Get home and same issue. 6 weeks I waited and still no controller that works. Very annoyed customer. I Got a refund, never using there repair service again!

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Waste of money - Ripped off

Hesitantly purchased a RIG headset, but reassured by the sales assistant that I couldn't go wrong as it's a good brand and comes with a 1 year warranty. The jack broke off within 3 months. Took it back to EB. They said there was "no sign of physical damage", but still refused to replace or refund, even though there is 9 months left on the warranty. Apparently they've changed their "refund policy" recently and completely fobbed me off. Their "warranty" isn't worth the paper it's written on. Have spent thousands of dollars at EB in the past. Will never spend another cent. Feeling very ripped off.

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Misleading delivery information on website

The only reason I ordered an item for my Son was a 2 day delivery window if I paid the cost additional for Express Post. This is false and very misleading information.
I placed and paid for the order in full all within a few mins only to find out that the order processing takes between 48-72 hours before the item can even be sent to warehouse for dispatch.
Very poor service and wont be back

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Beware refurbished EB consoles

Let me set the scene - 6 tweens over for a birthday, one present being a refurb PS4 from EB Games and all the kids get super excited seeing the PS4 unwrapped and all get ready to play the latest accompanying game. Girls arrange a game to work out who is playing whom and in what order. They get a small white board and write their names in order and all get ready sitting round the tv as I set up the PS4...

...except...this PS4 won’t turn on or display....try different cables, different ports, different TV...nothing. We finally get it to turn on but then nothing in the screen at all. It won’t go to boot screen...try diff hdmi cables/ports...nothing.

Apparently these refurbs are all Tested and verified ? Yeah right...one charging cable has wires openly exposed and won’t recharge the controller and it looks like the graphics card is completely stuffed in this unit - so it was clearly never ever tested as advertised. In fact, this refurb unit looks like it spent its 1st life inside a washing machine, that’s how marked up it is. I can’t convey how disappointed the party of young girls were...I just can’t come close to even explaining.
Pity whom ever it is I confront on Monday at the local store.

****update. Console replaced with upgrade thanks to EB Glenorchy.

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Not impressed with service

Messed around with faulty product for months only to be told no refund without me posting it to Queensland. As it was an afterpay purchase I would have to spend refund immediately in store. I resent having to buy unwanted items to get my money back. No store credit, no afterpay refund for weeks??
I'll be taking my business else where from now on.

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Be smart. Check everything. Don’t rush. Be patient. Check facts. Don’t be made a fool of.

I’m not at all impressed with eb. I like video games and am only recently upgraded to ps3 now I have almost all the Ps2 titles I wanted. The bulk of my games I got for $5Nz at op shops. I advise you buy a ps3 12gb for $88 at eb. buy a caddy from maybe amazon, use a HD from home and swap your games at op shops. The staff are not bad peoples but they would be better off staying at home and getting a job that is not at the bottom of the food chain. eb games is not the droid you are looking for. I went here for an update in knowledge but was not helped at all. I wish you all to live long and prosper but be advised that this company is you enemy- not your friend.

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Why have so many systems in place yet no system in place to help the customer? I personally prefer to go in store as i'm on good terms with most of the staff there how ever there is always the time you need to go online thanks to an out of date set of systems. trying to buy an older title that's a bit on the harder side to fine these days so i don't expect it to be sitting front and centre at my local store but why not have a system in place where if the game is in stock on your website i can pay cash in a store, have the game shipped to said store where i pick it up from said store. I know they have the web in store witch does exactly that however, this system is not linked in with the online stores inventory instead has its own inventory that as far as i know not view able to the customer. there is also an internal system used to ship stock between stores to help keep an even distribution of stock, that's reasonable but why not let the customer piggy back off this system to get a title that's in Perth shipped to a store in Brisbane, i know personally its not feasible for me to drive/fly 2,000km just so i can do a click and collect order at the other end of the country. What i'm trying to say is implement a system just like you have 15 years ago where the CUSTOMER can have a product shipped from one store to the other. weather that's by going into a store giving cash and having an alert sent to the other store saying ship xyz to abc or by allowing the customer to buy the product online even if the warehouse is out of stock having an alert sent to a store with said stock saying ship xyz to customers address. I have seen people in store buy items through click and collect so they can use afterpay, the alert for there order comes through in under 2 minutes possible under 1. you have all the systems in place yet you don't let the customer have advantage of it. instead you make them go through the online order process to find in the 5 minutes it takes to complete someone have brought the last copy in the warehouse forcing us to sit there looking at 1 copy 2,000km away and a 2nd 2,300km away with 0 means of purchasing the product.

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If your over 30 the staff do not see you

If your over 30 the staff do not see you iam just 33. Most of the sales staff are under 25
I noticed the game prices are up and down and speaking of games when you trade games in you get peanuts so be warned. Some game prices are cheaper elsewhere
My advice if you’re buying a new console IE PS4 XBOX1 etc sometimes there is a game but if the game is not to your liking trade the game back and put towards a game that you will like. Just ask it worked for me and most stores will price match with JB etc. .

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The Katoomba store is small but has fantastic staff!

A small shop, but one with great staff who know their products, actively play games, have real personalities (not just mimicking the prescribed spiel) and are actually a lot of fun to have a chat to. They have also made me aware of games that they knew I would like but I had not even heard of. I see a lot of negative feedback about EB Games, but note that most of it seems to be about their online stores. I won't deal with the online store, and why would I when it competes with (and threatens) a great shopfront store?


Bought a second hand game online, was delivered a few days later, no muss, no fuss. Postal service on the other hand was a little bit on the slow side. Will definitely buy again from the online shop.

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Your Fired

Epic sale my a%$#,No stock available but they will try and take a deposit only to demand full price when it arrives.Trade in prices border on criminal which could also describe the sullen staff.No longer a customer.

Return Claim MadeYes

Paid express. Never recieved order.

I ordered a chair from the online store that was sent to my postal area then resent back to the warehouse to be sent yet again to me. I wasnt notified of any of this till i waited 43minutes on hold to find out that the australia post wasnt able to send me the item to begin with and a new delivery service had to be used. Instead of sending me out a new chair, the original was sent back to be resent via startrek which also never came. Paid for express which was useless. I ended up cancelling my order. First and last time i try eb games online. Great customer service tho.


Purchased a HTC Vive set for $970. It is awsome experience, i was treated with respect and was assisted perfectly by the staff. I have no hesitate recommending EB Games and the vive set to anyone with an interest in technology. It is also heaps of fun!

Good in store bad online

I have purchased quite a few things from ebgames both online and in store. I have been given games with the deepest scratches imaginable and also some that were cracked, but most of the time they are perfect. Online however is different. You can only have a small limit of 10 items in your cart at a time, postage is super expensive and whenever I go to do a click and collect order for what ever reason EB Games seems to keep cancelling them. They send me a refund of course but that takes almost a week to go through.

Cancelled order for no reason....

I ordered a rock candy wireless PS3 controller from EB's online store, only for them to cancel the sale saying they were out of stock, which is funny considering that they had 3 in stock! The only reason that they cancelled the order is that they didn't not want to honour the discounted price displayed on the website.... Never order anything from them online!

What the?

They constantly get rid of their great prices online. i nearly got a xbox one s for 238 but the day i went to buy it, they literally removed from the whole store. the online is f*cking b*lls**t. now i have to literally go to the store in warragul and ask them for their cheapest xbox one s. i expect them to say 400 dollars for f*ck's sake.

Warranty claims not honoured on two consoles

Controller for Xbox broke a month outside warranty and wouldn’t replace it. Now nintendo switch dock broke when only 2 MONTHS OLD and they wanted me to go online to Nintendo who didn’t respond then I went back to store they said it was moisture damaged when it has been inside my house in bedroom nowhere near moisture. Seems to be standard response is that it’s moisture damaged so they don’t have to replace anything under warranty. Advise against shopping there for anything expensive or with warranty

Online order

Ordered some PlayStation icons lights as a Christmas present with the release date to be the 14th of Dec. On the 16th of Dec I emailed customer service saying I hadn't received an email, and online the release date has changed to the 4th of Jan and I wasn't made aware of this. I didnt hear back until the 19th of Dec, by this stage I had already tried calling around 5 times but could never get through (when I did get through the girl was helpful and apologetic). In the email they sent me all they said was that the release date had changed, nothing regarding why I wasn't made aware of it!
Today (7th Jan) I still haven't received an email regarding my order that was supposed to be released on the 4th and the money hasn't been taken out. I am sick of this cat and mouse game, shocking!

Unbelievably Bad Renewal of iPhone 8

Received the second hand iPhone eight in the mail today, and was extremely excited, couldn’t wait to get home to set it up.
Plugged it in and it started to charge, or I so I thought. I checked it 15 minutes later and it wasn’t charging or turning on. They didn’t check if it would actually turn on, and we tried many different online websites on how to turn on the phone. None worked. We then called them, and was put on hold for almost an hour, then agreed to either re-place the phone or get a refund and we chose replace. They said they would call us back, it’s been about 3 hours and they still haven’t. I hope the next phone is better than this one, if it even fricking comes.

Our advice to any potential buyers, is: (Short & Sweet), don’t even bother to shop at this hopeless store.

Yep, No longer buy online

So my son wanted a very specific toy, after looking around, i saw that eb games had the item in stock. I added 2 extra items and placed order. Now i have ordered online a lot, and when i select postage i get the item with in 6 or 7 days. I placed order on December 4th. 2 items where shipped together and the one item i really need was shipped by itself. My first package with the 2 items was received with in 3 days. Great, but the other had a expected time of a arrival as December 12th. The day cam and went, and the package details never changed on Aus Post website. so we contacted eb games, after 40 minute hold, was told a case would be opened. Great a few days later rung again to be told we needed to wait for Australia post, and case would be opened. Another 40 minute wait. Rung again, about 50 minute wait, oh that case has been closed, i will re open it. Waited 4 days, used Facebook to message and rung, hour wait and got hung up on. rung next day, to be told Aus post never got item, need warehouse to confirm this. Now i have to wait till the 8th of January to see whats going on, now since eb has never contacted me with this issue i can see another 40 minute wait to be given another stupid excuse. Its a $25 toy, and i went to my local EB store and brought another one so that a 5 year old Christmas was not ruined. Do not buy online and get posted always do in store pick up, you don't need a month long hassle and multiple 40 minute waits on the phone.

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Update: after ringing on Wednesday 9th was told they would process my refund right then. Monday 14th. No refund. No email to confirm a refund was requested. So guess what I have to do again. Yep more time on hold trying to get my money back.

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Questions & Answers

Why do your products not work?
2 answers
We never received the product. I'm trying to get a refund for a product I didnt receive because EB games never actually sent it. It took 4 weeks for them to find out that they never actually sent it. And I'm still waiting for a refund.I wish I knew why the switch doesn’t work properly Most of my stuff works great - I buy a lot of tech so I guess there are some duds here and there

Dear Eb games can you lay buy or do you have to pay money straight up to buy something
1 answer
Short answer no you can’t. But you can Afterpay it, it’s like Lay-by but you get right away.

What kind of condition are the refurbished iPhones usually in? There’s quite a few products with a wide range of prices but no way of indicating what kind of condition each product is in. Like the $448 iPhone 6S Plus, does everything work? The Touch ID etc.?
1 answer
Hi. Don't forget they are used items and subject to wear and tear. However, they appear to be tested and generally ok. The issue you may have if purchasing online is the wait period to receive the phone. The phone I purchased from EB Games took 7 to 10 days to arrive.

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