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Horrible customer service!! No delivery day 8 nor response to my emails

I wish I read these reviews I would never have purchased form them if I knew how bad they are. I purchased an item over a week ago and was promised 2 to 4 business days delivery. Still no arrival of my product.
I have emailed them 3 times now since yesterday and still no response on the status of delivery or when I'm expected for my item to arrive.
I'm disgusted about the poor customer service. I feel like reporting them to the consumer of fair trading soon as don't want to lose my money as money is hard to earn but companies like these are good at taking your money and not delivering!!!
Disgusting please don't use this horrible company!

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Ordered some teats for my infants bottles online on the 21/3/19. Live in rural NSW so not available at any stores. Chose EPharmacy over others because :

"ePharmacy will dispatch most domestic orders within ONE business day Monday to Friday assuming all items are in stock"
"Express Post within Australia. Allow 1-3 working days from the date we ship your order"

It's now the 29th and have had to ring them. Apparently their warehouse was full and they couldnt pack orders. This was explained in an email that they didnt send. If I had received the email I would have cancelled the order and bought somewhere else and it would have arrived sooner. So now they might be able to send it on 1/4/19.

0/5. Avoid.

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Bad Customer Service

I ordered products and paid in full. After two weeks with no delivery I raised a dispute with them online. I am yet to receive a response. Tried to phone them, but no reply.
Now worried that this place may be a SCAM. Buyer Beware!!!!

Zero star Rating FRAUD

I ordered vitamin supplements form Discount E Pharmacy on 24/01/2019 and they have charged my credit card for $ 124.51 and I have not received my supplements.
I have tried to phone them, they do not answer the phone. I have emailed them twice and no response. This company is a fraud. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.


It's been nearly 2 months since I placed my order. No ordered received to date. No response was received from customer service when I followed up on numerous occasions. Purchased through PayPal. Have sought a refund through my financial institution. Don't purchase from this online website!


I bought a product about 3 weeks ago, still waiting for it... I've had called multiple times, send emails and still haven't got a simple answer. what a SCAM! i want my money, back, seriously is this even legal ? shame on you australia


I'm convinced this site is a scam
I have requested reimbursement from Paypal
I have sent to messages to their dispute portal - no response.
I have also pones ChemistMax their host/parent company and they indicated that the product was on back order - despite it being listed online as in stock.
Follow up phone calls have been unsuccessful - is either unlisted or unanswered.

Dodgy as!

What has happened to this pharmacy?

Have used the company for 18 months until November 2nd when an order was placed and paid for. Over $60. Since then I have sent two emails- no response. Have rung and spoken to customer service twice . Was told the product wasn’t available but a similar one would be sent immediately. Completed the Complaints requirement- no response. Requested a refund as I have had to purchase the product elsewhere. It is now the end of December. No product and no refund.

These people need to be in jail

3 weeks ago placed an order and no show no reply to email now going via my bank fraud action think these people should be prosecuted.

Paid, no communication and never received product

It's been over a month and I haven't received the products I ordered and there has been absolutely NO communication. I think I just lost my money, going to report them to my bank to recover losses.

Service NO such thing!

No service what so ever. I ordered products from their site paid in full 7 to 10 days quoted on delivery time a MONTH later I’m still waiting. No response to emails. It’s hard to find an extra $85.00 at this time of year to purchase the products twice.

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Guess what folks still no delivery and No refund

Very happy with delivery and service

Website easy to navigate, checkout was smooth and products were received in good time and were very well packed. Prices are competitive too, would order again and can recommend to others.

Great service - order received the next day.

Amazing service - order received the next day. Bought a perfume and a few other items. Much cheaper than Myer or David Jones. Very impressed with the speed of (free) delivery and service. Will buy again and recommend to others.

Poor customer service

I wish too that I had read the past reviews before ordering from this group. Poor customer service indeed. Once I placed an online order and they accepted full payment, I never heard from discount e pharmacy again- no confirmation email, no communication, no tracking information. Every email I sent to their correct listed email address bounced back. They did not reply to my order enquiry posted through their website. They never answered the listed telephone number and when I left a message; they never returned my call. After multiple attempts to contact them, nothing. So far, no ordered products and no refund. Go somewhere else for your pharmacy orders.

great service

items arrived fast, great service, highly recommended to anyone who want great prices and fast postage. very happy customer here

No delivery, no response to emails, phone number not manned by a person and no refund.

Should've checked the reviews before I bought as this is consistent.
My purchase still has no tracking details after 2 weeks, I've sent 2 emails & raised a dispute to their resolution centre which hasn't even been checked (why have a resolution centre if you ignore it?). I rang the phone number and it goes straight to a message bank.
Requested a refund as my product clearly hasn't been dispatched and no response.

Charged custom fees due to incompetence

I made a bulk purchase of glucose powder through epharmacy to be sent to me in the UK.

I order this product online on a regular basis and have never had to pay custom fees before.

I tried epharmacy for the first time (BIG mistake) purely because this product was cheapest through them at the time.

I received a letter from Parcel Force here in the UK to say that they were holding my parcel, as I had customs fees to pay and their fee for receiving the parcel on my behalf.

After paying the fees, I asked the staff member if there was any reason they could think of why I was charged a customs fee when I've never had to before.

When they looked at the customs declaration, epharmacy had written 'powder' as the description of goods.... Really?

I promptly wrote a complaint email pointing out that apart ftom the fact that simply stating 'powder' is just totally irresponsible as it could mean anything and was just too vague, I would never have been charged a customs fee had they written a true description of the contents.

Despite this epharmacy refused to accept responsibility or refund me the customs fee and the only resoonse they came up with was that they wasn't responsible for customs fees (based on their terms and conditions).

I didn't think there was any point in wasting my time writing a bad review, but after seeing all of the others, I though I must to warn other overseas shoppers, potentially facing the same problem.

Needless to say I won't be using this company again!

I'm happy to report that customs and excise here in the UK refunded me their fee after I'd explained what had happened and them agreeing that I would never have been charged a customs fee had the correct description been given (they were unable to refund me the fee charged by Parcel Force for accepting the parcel on my behalf).

What happened to delivering as stated

No Delivery, Not what you say you are.
Again, the delivery has gone straight to the post office. I paid for delivery, but now I'm going to have to go get it. I am so sick of websites not delivering items. If they charge for it they should do it, full stop. If you don't want to deliver, get a shopfront like all the others and pay the rent.

Bad Customer Service

I placed and paid for an order approx 4 weeks ago. After my first phone call, I was advised that 1 of the items was out of stock, I agreed to wait until it came into stock the following week. I have now called 5 times, each time the uninterested person who answers the phone says either, 'ring back tomorrow', the only person that can help you only works on Friday, "the item is probably out of stock" "the only person that can help you only works on Wednesday"
"can't find that invoice number but I would say that the item has already been shipped" It is very frustrating considering I could of purchased these products locally for not that much more once you added the GST and the shipping costs. I am still waiting. I would suggest not using this company!

Still waiting

On the 9th December 2017 I placed an order ( as I have done many times in the past with no problems at all ) and I still haven't received it. It cost me $75.50 so I'm pretty annoyed. I've sent emails with my invoice number but have had no response. With this last order I did notice products were missing from various categories and I wondered about this. I also had a terrible time with my password not being accepted and because of multiple attempts and time outs I had to keep changing it til a new one finally worked.
Very disappointed as it has gone from very good ( 5 stars) to terrible. Because of no response I have my doubts I'll see this order. If it had been my first order I would have given this review one star only. One can live in hope!!

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can someone please give me a phone number other than ( 02 ) 9261 2448 They do not ever answer and its a generic voicemail, doesnt seem to be associated with the company at all
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