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Hopeless service

The worse service I have ever seen. Different customer service officer tells different story. They can’t even resend a password within 72 hours. The previous I called said he already lodged a request to set a new password. After 72 hours I called today the lady who picked up the call said the same story.

The worst possible credit company

Very frustrated with equifax. I was declined credit despite a very good credit rating - I do not know why and cannot seem to get any assistance from anyone. Honestly, I just want someone to have a look at it and help but no one will help me.

The call centre just passes the buck or fobs me off. If I am being declined credit, how am I meant to resolve the issue if I don't know what it is?

Deadset. Avoid at all costs.

Refusing to reimburse double up payment on account

I self-initiated Standard Annual Membership on Equifax in August '18. I was then told in February '19 that my membership had expired and that I could start a Subscription based membership. They also agreed to reimburse me the "unexpired" portion of the original membership. 3 weeks later I was told this reimbursement was NOT going to happen. I have therefore been "billed" twice for a similar service. The subscription based membership has now been cancelled AND I cant access the portal for the original August 2018 membership. Their "Customer Service" has denied my original Membership. NOT GOOD ENOUGH Equifax

Apparently, "Customer Service" is in 2 places (Offshore and in Australia - Somewhere). I have just received a reply email from the Australian Centre stating that my refund of the double-up payment is going to happen in 5 - 7 days. WE SHALL SEE if this happens. I'm not holding my breath on a resolution of this! Stay tunedI can now confirm that someone in this organisation has done the right thing and processed through the refund for initial membership. I suspect that the "Call Centre" were THE REASON why this issue occurred.

Don't bother contacting them!!

I'm currently a member but not for much longer!! Called to get a copy of credit credit as it should have been updated as outstanding debt was paid.
It was extremely hard for the person who took my call to understand such a basic request!! I doubt very much their call centre is based in Australia!! God help us all with these idiots adding & supposedly removing things on our credit ratings we are all well & truly doomed!!!!!!!

This Organisation controls your credit score! Ridiculous

I regularly check my credit file, every year I check all 3 Australian agencies, for some reason this year they say Credit Corp made an application for Credit using an incorrect address in NSW, I'm in WA, they flat out refuse to remove this false address, and I even have Credit Corp assisting as they know nothing of the address or the supposed Credit application, and there isn't one. They also, as others have stated, send me emails with the wrong name and details and flat out refuse to acknowledge this.
I am really surprised that the call centre is overseas, and that a credit reporting agency responsible to keep accurate information on Australian consumers, is as useless as this mob are. Be very careful that your score isnt affected, mine is with them, not other agencies just Equifax, I am taking it further.

Useless and hideous staff

Ended up taking equifax to the ombudsman and won. The call centre is overseas and the staff are useless and beyond rude. The company also doesn’t like to comply with the ombudsman request as the company, who is a credit agency of all things, a shambles.

An unethical & unprofessional business at best, criminal at worst.

I've been checking monthly for over a year to make sure they credit my score with the few points I'm suppose to earn for having made no credit applications or defaults in the previous month. Then in Dec 2018 they stopped & my credit score remains unchanged (Updated 10/4 - 2 mths since I wrote this review & there's been no credit applications, no defaults & my credit score remains unchanged since Dec 2018). This has got to be a scam business working with banks & others. My credit score should be automatically updated monthly & since it's not could only mean they're up to no good.
An unethical & unprofessional business at best, criminal at worst.

Very unhelpful and rude customer service agents

I have recently moved to Oz from UK and rented a property, applied for a energy connection with only to find out that i cannot get it because I failed the credit check with Equifax. So, I called the customer care where the agent insisted that Equifax is not responsible for you not getting any energy connection and he can't help me with anything, I asked him can you pass the call to someone who can, to which he started shouting disclaimers on the phone repeatedly and denied passing the call to someone else. Horrible experience!!!
I am new to the country and only looking to find some information regarding who this company is and how can they deny me anything in this country?
Now apparently I have bad credit history and will continue to fail any future credit checks but the person does not want to tell me how to fix it. I have only been here three months, what could I have done to my credit history!

Wrong Name

I asked to cancel my Credit File Account, need to request 3 time before acknowledge, the they Address me the WRONG name Mr William, which i am Not that person, and here is what they said:
We apologise for any confusion, upon checking on our record you have requested your membership with Equifax Plus to be cancelled immediately.
How do you trust this Equifax to handle your personal details?

They are not updated

In a month my credit score was dropped almost 200 points . I called to customer care and not received satisfaction answer. They did not update my file on the time

Take an arrogant position on my information...

Contacted these charlatans yesterday to discuss an unknown problem with my file. Confirmed all of my details and was told that they required my current emoloyer. When I refused, on the basis that they already had too much info on me (without my approval) they flatly refused to hand over the file.

I reiterated that I am not their "customer" and all I wanted was to see some suspected fraudulent activity on MY file with MY information, they still refused.

I can't believe in 2018, that a company like this exists!

Scan wasting your time and money keep away

I paid 900 dollars to fix my credit report and they emailed me back all good then star to receive calls from credit corp every day to pay $13000 I called Equifax I was informed that I have to pay that amount they mentioned the amount who they knew the amount, I believe Equifax and credit corp same company have two phone numbers keep away scanning many people

Total nonsense company scammers 100%

They subscribe you when you don’t ask for it, your emails don’t load. Limited call times. They are the worst, no logic in their process, you highlight an issue and sollee cannot help you. Go to hell.

I have too fallen into the trap, forced annual subscription

Like others, I have too been tricked by their automatic renewal. They have charged me again this year which was never mentioned anywhere on their website while signing up. The website even now just says that you need the Annual subscription for a yearly credit report. So we cannot do anything against these scammers?

Unreliable reporting pattern that inaccurate and not up to date

I have had numerous problems with this company from being charged even though my subscription was canceled to not removing errors from my file. There calculating system is unreliable and outdated. I wish I could give a zero rating for this fraudulent company and it is beyond me why it is still be used by banks.

Useless & fraud company

Equifax shows my credit is ok. When apply for car loan, it says details does not match. Application declined. I requested for credit file again, it says it’s ok. No one answer call, long waiting time. CSR, or Supervisor don’t know what to do?? Replied sorry but we can’t help. I paid for yearly subscription. Waste of time and money.
It seems like fraud company & steals customers data.

is bad, really bad

Very poor phone manner, sorry they screwed up my time 25 mints just to identify me
think twice, how they can protect us, since they move customer service overseas.
Not recommended at all.

Systems been down for 1 week

Ordered my free report to fix and take control of my credit score. Was told would be sent to me within 24hrs, have been calling the past 5 days only to be told their system is down. Annoying and a big inconvenience.

Don't use this company

Signed up for a check in 2016 when the company was know as veda. I cancelled my memebership end of 2016 only to be charged twice in 2017 for 2 memeberships!! Complained, very poor phone manner. Finally had progress when requested to speak to manager. Recieved a refund and guarentee I was removed from their system. 2018 and would you believe it they have just taken more money from my account. Once again being given the run around when I call. Claiming they are unable to find deductions. Don't use this company! Imagine how many people don't check their bank accounts each year and are still getting charged....

The customer service was great

I had a problem with my score which eventually led to a correction being made by Equifax, and I am very unhappy still with the company being lazy in collecting the data from CBA and Macquarie. However, when I called Equifax, the phone respondent was very patient and helped me realising some stuff which I would never know about how banks delay reporting to Equifax as mandated by the law and known as CCR.
Her advice was great and am very happy of her help. I am premium member of Equifax as well. Not sure if this has anything to do with the service or not.

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Questions & Answers

Today i purchased a phone plan and I lost 60 points for that credit check. Is that normal?
2 answers
Seems to be normal for Equifax. Sorry, I'm being sarcastic. Seriously, it is normal for accesses and enquiries to be noted on your file. I'm not sure how they can justify point loss for it, though.10-15 points for each telco credit check (approx).

Is anyone knows how can I ban all my bank transactions?
2 answers
I would contact your bank and ask them. If they are using your credit card, cancel it and have it replaced perhaps.I have had the same problem with Veda a few years ago , on contacting my Bank I was told to cancel the card involved which did stop the mongrel thieves from accessing more of my money...........

Could you please tell me the contact number? As all I had was a email, even those on their website they said they can be contacted by phone.
5 answers
they do have a phone number somewhere - however they have made it nearly impossible to find due to the aspects that they are a completely dishonest company Veda declares legal statements upon investigations to FOS (Financial Ombudsman Services), yet I have tape recordings of Veda making statements to me directly on the phone that turns their statements made upon legal investigation as complete fraud. Be aware if you do manage to speak to them on the phone, tape record them as they are completely dishonest1300 762 207After trying for a number of months. It is impossible to contact Veda via call centre as I rang the number for declined application it was sales, I ask for customer service I was given the sales number again, another number I was given had a recorded message saying this number was disconnected and another number was a company not Veda or part of Veda. But I found a email address from The Financial Ombudsman Service and it is customerrelations.au@veda.com.au

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