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ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon Swaddle and Sleeping Bag

ErgoPouch ErgoCocoon Swaddle and Sleeping Bag

0.2 tog, 2.5 tog, 1.0 tog
3.8 from 96 reviews

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BernGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Best sleeping bags that I've found


I've tried a number of different sleeping bags for my biys and ergopouch are easily the best. Both my boys wiggle and roam around their cots while they sleep so sleeping bags are a must.
The quality of fabric and fit are great with all the sleeping bags - I have a selection from 0.3 to 3.5 tog - and maintain shape even after being washed multiple times.

Purchased in April 2018.

Value for Money

Claire S.

Claire S.Southwest, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Loved these for winter bub who didn't like wrapping!


I loved these for my winter baby born August 2017. They were warm and fit nice and snug. She went to arms out early on, and the MCHN praised these bags as being better than the Love to dream ones. Now 19 months old and she's in the Ergopouch sleep suits. Love the brand!

Purchased in August 2017.

Terrible. So unsafe. Suffocation hazard


This sleeping bag ends up completely covering my son’s face by the end of the night and he is definitely in the right size for his age (3 months). Will never use these again they are so dangerous. I’ve told all my mummy friends to steer clear and they just can’t believe the pictures of his face covered. I’m surprised this product is allowed on the market.

Delene K

Delene KMelbourne

  • 3 reviews



It worked well when my son’s weight was in the lower half of the sizing recommendation, but as soon as he got a little bigger (and should have still fit into the pouch according to the sizing), he would manage to wriggle till the zipper popped open and his arms could come out. This isn’t the best from a safety perspective and as my son was not yet ready to transition out of a swaddle, having his arms free turned out to be a major distraction.

Meh. Worked for awhile. Product quality is not great and have had a number of sleepless nights resettling a baby (who would normally sleep 11 hours) as a result.

Charis and Vivian

Charis and VivianMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 25 reviews

The best swaddle - my daughter loves it!


I used the 2.5 TOG ergopouch swaddle (0-3mth size) when my daughter was born (July 2018). For the first 2 weeks she liked her hands being down, but at 3 weeks she liked them up so i undid the poppers and she had her arms out and slept like a champ! From 6 weeks she slept through the night. I have since purchased another 2.5 TOG 1.0 TOG and a 0.3 TOG all in size 2-12mths. These are the only swaddles i have used, and will use as my daughter loves them and so do I!
They wash up great and i just put them in the dryer and haven't had any issues with zips or quality.



  • 4 reviews
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Cosy but hands escape


We have the 1.0 tog 0-3 month old ergopouch
My bub sleeps better in the pouch as opposed to a swaddle but he can get his hands out the top unfortunately. He is a small bub however so that could be the issue
Otherwise high quality fabric and he seems really happy to be in it



Terrible experience


I am a returning guest, last purchase is last year and I knew there is a bit waiting time to receive products.
However this time is even worst. Received an item at different pattern and incorrect size, replacement is not what they promised again. Now I have no time to wait to correct it as I’m depart soon! And it supposed to be a gift for my nephew! Thank you very much

Poor quality on zip


I just bought one of these for my 6 week old bub. The fabric bunches up around her face, and she is able to escape just by pushing her arms out as the zipper is just not strong enough. Fairly disappointed as I bought this product to contain her arms.



  • 21 reviews

Perfect for my baby who slept with fists under chin


Everyone raves about the love to dream but this suited my fists under chin or fists on chest baby perfectly. I loved that it was organic cotton and able to transition to arms out. Didn't love that different patterns had different fabric strength. It was very noticeable between the 2 I bought. At 7 months, my bub (who is just over 50 percentile for height and weight) outgrew the 3-12 month size. The neck hole was quite restrictive at about 6 months and by 7 he was getting heat rashes cuz it was so tight.



  • 6 reviews
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I swear by the ergo pouch and ergo cocoon! Easiest bag to use and so simple to transition Bubs from


So stoked! The Ergo Pouch saved us! Bubs hated being swaddled for the first few months, so when he transitioned to ErgoPouch he was free to move around and wriggle, but also safe and warm!
The cocoon model was our first love, it saved us. We got more sleep and so did baby. Also very reasonably priced for the type of product you’re receiving.



  • 3 reviews
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I purchased two of these with high hopes as I had read and heard good things. However, unfortunately the items were not great. Firstly the two different patterns I bought were clearly made of two completely different fabrics, meaning the fit was totally different on my son depending which one I used. I found that one was too tight, bunched around his neck and generally did not appear comfortable, whereas the other was better. Probably wouldn't repurchase purely for this reason. Poppers done up for the full swaddle was also not great as he would move his hands right up to the neck hole and try to suck on them - not contained enough as a swaddle but perhaps a useful transition from swaddle to sleepbag...



  • 8 reviews
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A good sleep for the baby


I started using the 1.0 Tog swaddle on my daughter when she came home from the hospital. She sleeps very well in it from May to July although I do find her sweating even with just a light top underneath. The 1.0 tog is too hot for Brisbane winter unfortunately. Now that she is over three months I let her arms out through the holes but she doesn't sleep as well as before. I am thinking of changing her into the 0.2 tog larger sized swaddle for the next months but unsure if it will be too hot.

Sarah quinn

Sarah quinnSouth Australia, 5169

  • 20 reviews



I brought my daughter an ergo 0.2 tog swaddle its perfect for winter with her pjs on as well it doesn't make her swear and light enough for summer
This is the only one she doesn't make her way out of
And the two way zipper makes it easy for late night nappy changes with out disturbing her too much


DaniMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

  • 53 reviews
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Best swaddle for summer!


After researching swaddles and I really loved the look of ergococoon and ergopouch swaddles. I purchased a few of the ergococoon 0.2 swaddles for my son as he was born in January right in the middle of an Australian summer. The material itself is thin and extremely high quality. It swaddles babies perfectly while still allowing airflow and never overheated my son even in the middle of summer (35°C+). Best swaddle on the market, couldn't be happier! I'm definitely going to get more swaddles for future children!



  • 6 reviews
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Good Sleeping Bag


Started using this sleeping bag at 4months when bubs was breaking out of her swaddle and waking countless times during the night to be re-swaddled. We moved bubs into her own room the first night we used the 2.5tog arms tucked inside and she slept the whole night! It is stretchy which enables her to move around freely inside the sleeping bag without being startled. This bag also enables the option of transitioning her arms out when bubs is ready. Only thing is whens she keeps moving inside the bag the sleeping bag can start to ride up to her face which is quite scary.



  • 13 reviews

A must!!


When we brought Bub home for the first night, she was crying for hours and nothing could put her down until we put her into one of these sacks!

Since then we have bought larger sacks and different Togs for the spring and summer. These things have been our life savers!

Perfect product


Excellent swaddle as the zip makes it easy for everyone to use. Especially when grandparents are babysitting! The option to progressively let arms out is fantastic. The pattern and colour range is great this season. The only improvement would be a car seat hole option but it's a great product!

I would have been lost without this product


I would have been lost without this product. so easy to use, especially when my baby was tired, the last thing I wanted was a complicated swaddle. Even though the swaddle was firm (as it is meant to be) It didn't imprison my baby, and allowed her to "wrestle" for want of a better phrase, to self-soothe to sleep. I believe it has truly helped my baby become an excellent sleeper.



  • 4 reviews

Nice product


I bought this for my 5 months old son. It is fantastic. He sleeps so well in the bag. I love the material.
Only issue we had is some times the zip handle touches the neck of the baby. For one of the sleeping bag the press button lost in the night which was bit chocking hazard for the baby I felt. They replaced with new bag for me. However if they come with a new design with the same meterials, it would be fantastic.
Customer care is fantastic.
I have also bought baby carrier..which is also very nice.



  • 8 reviews

Love this


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I have bought two ergococoon swaddles one 2.5 tog and one 1 tog in the size 5-8 kg why are they completely different sizes ? The 2.5 fits perfectly the 1 is much smaller and tighter which doesn’t fit him.

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