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Espressotoria Capino

Espressotoria Capino

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Reasonable coffee

We bought this machine about 12 months ago to use in a caravan. It make an ok shot with the Vittoria gold and mountain grown capsules, but all the other ones we’ve tried haven’t really been worth drinking. The capsules are very expensive at around $9 for 12, but coles and woolies often have them on sale for 1/2 price.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi there - thanks for the review, glad to hear you are enjoying your Espressotoria machine! Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Can't get it to work.

This is the third one we have gotten. After returning the other two. And it still automatically flashes the red light indicator that the tank is empty. Even though it isn't. And there is no over ride option. So you can't do anything. I think this machine would be fine without this feature.

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi there Rosie - the red light should only flash if there is no water in the tank or if you haven't replaced the tank properly back in in it's slot. It seems very unusual that you have had the same issue with 3 machines. Please find the link to the user guide here : https://www.espressotoria.com.au/how-to-guide/capino/ Cheers - The Espressotoria Team


I have bought two of it for my home in Sydney and Perth. It is really great and useful as my husband drink his coffee and it is quick to make his cupper. As you can have control the amount of water you require.

Yes it does leak that why I have only given it a 4 but it is asking alot for $50. A girlfriend visited recently and love the coffee and like many of you I buy the coffee whenever they are half price and there are a number of different pods. Which my husband seems to enjoy them all.

For a lazy person like myself there is hardly any cleaning required and I found a solution to my leaking coffee I uses a dark blue hand towel to sit under the coffee machine and it does the work and I washes it as and when just soak out the coffee. ENJOY the best buy for my husband daily coffee of 3 to 4. Saves heaps of money.

Date PurchasedAug 2015
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Hi there Cobytan thanks for the review! Glad to hear you are enjoying your Espressotoria products. Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

great machine

I was fortunate to get this FREE at an amazing deal offered at my local Wollworth store - the coffee is great ,the pods are reasonable priced, the machine is just the right size and the operation is easy and uncomplicated. I love it !!

A must addition to any kitchen !!

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Dinaz, thanks for your review! Glad to hear that you are enjoying your Espressotoria machine. Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Happy with this machine.

Got this machine for free at foodworks by puchasing 8 packs of pods and ive been stoked with it ever since.
Coffee is pretty good.
Easy to use and to clean
Perfect temp , nice and hot.
Pods are reasonably priced but i try to get heaps when on sale.
Thinking of buying another so when this one dies its replaced.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Honest - thanks for the review! Glad to hear you are enjoying your machine. Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Would not recommend - frustrating and there is more coffee in waste than cup!

We picked up this machine from our local IGA for a cheap $50 in Dec 2018. I've given it a month of use but unfortunately the majority of mornings have resulted in frustration. They say what you pay for is what you get and what we received was a leaky machine whereby half of the coffee is leaked into the waste container as opposed to your cup. The quality of the coffee is also quite poor, very weak flavours from the Espressotoria pods. You can read the accompanying manual where anything more than a piccolo basically requires you to use 2 pods. Therefore economically in the long-run this does not make much sense. The temperature of the coffee is also lukewarm at best, my partner and I have had to boil hot water which defeats the whole purpose of having a coffee machine in the first place. Final verdict is that this coffee machine has major defects and should be recalled.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Hi CC2 - Sorry to hear you are having issues. Get in touch with our warranty team on 130093895 and they can talk you through troubleshooting or organising a replacement. Cheers, The Espressotoria Team

Great machine when working

I have had a similar problem with my machine, great machine and coffee when working well I had used it a few times a week when I am home came home last week and it wouldn’t do my special brew very diappointed I took it back to Coles and they said I had to contact the manufacturer

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Lynne, Thanks for the review. Please see link below for some troubleshooting tips: https://www.espressotoria.com.au/docs/customer-service/Capino-User-Guide.pdf Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Goodbye messy coffee grounds

I purchased this espressotoria for myself as I’d been using a brevill cafe Roma for the past 5 years and it’s been great ! but it’s too much work to make coffee everyday or for a crowd and cleaning up all the spilt coffee grounds has just become too much. So All I have to do now is switch it on and within 1or2 mins it’s ready. So I just pop in the capsule and hey presto my coffee comes out just the way I love it ( you can adjust the pour amount depending on how strong or week you like your coffee. My only problem now is selecting which flavour of coffee I’d like as they have plenty of variety of different blends.Only disappointment is you can't buy decaf in stores. In fact after writing this I think I’ll make myself a coffee ☕️

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hi Mick - thanks for the review! Glad you are enjoying your Espressotoria products. Cheers - The Espressotoria TeamHi, and thanks to the team at Espressotoria for your comment. Could you please tell me if you have any plans to stock decaf in any of the supermarkets. Regards MickHi Mick - not sure where in Melbourne you are located however the below independent stores stock Decaf : Ritchies Dromana, Supa IGA Thomastown, Ritchies Mt.Eliza, Ritchies Mt.Waverley. Cheers

Cheap cheerful

Very cheap coffee machine, so you kinda get what you pay for! Yes it leaks, but its so cheap you can buy 2 per year! I am a bit angry that when I went to register online to get my free coffee pods, someone has already restored the serial number?! I think maybe the staff at Woodland registered all the serial numbers to get themselves free coffee...otherwise how is it possible?! Crappy that they can't fit other pods, but once again you get what you pay for. Woodland are selling them for $25!!! CHEAP!!!!

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi Natalie - thanks for the review. If you access the link below you can find a troubleshooting guide that can help you if you have a leaking machine. https://www.espressotoria.com.au/docs/customer-service/Capino-User-Guide.pdf Regarding the online registration the system stores your details if you have registered before, it's something we are looking at so people can register multiple machines. Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Great alternative to nespresso

Husband bought this machine from our local foodland on special. For the price it is an awesome machine. Flavour and heat of coffee was a bit meh for my liking (perfect for hubby) but after purchasing the milk frother attachment my coffee's are perfect! Only one small criticism is that its a shame it won't take other types of coffee pods like it's competitor so limited to the espressotoria range BUT in saying that the coffee itself it still really nice.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Machine and coffee is great

The coffee quality is perfect, the coffee quality is consistent and the coffee temperature is perfect every time. I really like the overall design of the machine and would love to purchase the new milk frother to go with it. I would give the machine an overall 8 out of 10.

Date PurchasedDec 2018
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Thanks Mitch for the review! Glad to hear you are enjoying our products. Cheers, The Espressotoria Team

Second machine, coffee runs into capsule area. seems a common complaint

Why aren't these machines being recalled? So many reviews of coffee running through capsule catchment area as both machines I have purchased have done exactly the same thing within a few months of purchase. They are a waste of money. Defective machines, need to be recalled to fix problem and a replacement would be excellent.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Great addition to your home or work place

We hav3 many customers come into our work and Ben able to offer a good cup of coffee is all part of our service. The machine is easy to use and keep clean, requires very little maintenance and makes a quick and delicious coffee. Many flavour pods to choose from so it will suit everyone

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Thanks for the review Layney, glad to hear that you ae enjoying your machine! Cheers - The Espressotoria Team

Works a treat!

This coffee machine is great cannot fault it even flashes red when the internal draw is full of the pods or out of water, usually on sale in Coles for $49! For the actual pods just store them in a seperate container and stack ontop of machine! Easy! The maintenance on this machine is very easy, also can hold a bigger mug just remove the front small cup holder and walla, works a treat!

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Klara, Thank you for taking the time to review our Capino machine, we really appreciate it!

Coffee pod holder available ?

Love this machine need a holder for my pods any suggestions please got it as a freeby when I bought the pods will buy the milk frothed as well on next visit to Woolworth's just needing Ronnie if the pods fit the nespresso holders please as I can't find any

Date PurchasedDec 2018
Hi Debz, thanks for the great feedback! Unfortunately we don't supply Capsule holders, most holders in the market will fit our capsules though so long as they have an outer round lip at the top of the capsule.I tried the nespresso one it doesn't fitPerhaps you can look online? Good luck!!

Worked ok for 3 months then faulty

I won this machine in a fundraising raffle in July 2018. It worked well for a few weeks then the water sensor light would come on even though we had refilled water, turned machine on and off, tried all the tricks. It would continue to do this intermittently until eventually the sensor stayed on and the machine was then completely useless. Since we didn't purchase it and have no receipt what am I supposed to do with it now??? Anybody else have this problem?

Date PurchasedJul 2018
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Hi There, Sorry to hear you have been having issues with your machine. We have an online Capino user manual that may be of assistance. www.espressotoria.com.au/docs/customer-service/Capino-User-Guide Please peruse the document and if you still have no improvement, give our customer service team a call during business hours Mon-Fri on 02 8748 3600. Kind Regards,

Great coffee but leaks!!

Love the coffee and the design and features of both this machine and milk fritter, but unfortunately the machine Leah’s a significant amount of water into the capsule tray and leaks onto the bench. I have read this is a common issue with this model. Very disappointing after I was beginning to enjoy this system.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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Hi Domenico, Thank you for your review. The main cause of water coming out of the capsule tray is overfilling of used capsules. If you have emptied out your tray and there are no visible cracks in your unit, please give our customer service team a call on 02 8748 3600 so we can assist you further. Kind Regards,


I've had my Capino for about 12 months now and use it almost every morning. It's quick and easy. I use the full shot twice and three coffee is perfdction with beautiful crema. I love the coffee black and it's beautiful every time. I love the design. It's a great size with small narrow footprint. I would like another 2 for my guest holiday cottages. Highly recommend

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Thank you so much for your wonderful review! We hope you continue to enjoy our machine and capsules for years to come bit at home and in your guest cottages.

Coffee capsules

Do you do a mocha in the capsules please I if so we're please don't know the date of the purchase I got it as a birthday present. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. ..

Date PurchasedNov 2018
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Hi Simone, We do not manufacture a mocha pod for the Capino machine, however if you add some of our Chococino original powder after the coffee extraction you will then have a beautiful Mocha without missing out on the full bodied coffee taste!

Compact and efficient

We purchased our Espressotoria machine after our very expensive Nespresso broke down and cost us $180 to fix. We happened to see the Espressotoria machine on special at our local Woolworths store whereby upon purchasing $50 worth of capsules you could purchase the machine outright for $50. This was half of the original price at the time. The machine is very compact and looks good on the bench. It's very easy to use and the coffee flavours are much better than Nespresso, which claim to be the best quality. We found the Espressotoria to make excellent coffee and the pods were much easier to buy locally than constantly applying online to Nespresso. The machine is super easy to use and although it does not come with a milk frother, we found that whole routine superfluous to our needs. We've been very happy with our machine and would recommend it to people who want something a step up from instant coffee but without the hassle of a very expensive $3,000 coffee making machine.

Date PurchasedMar 2018
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HI Raddy, Thank you for your wonderful review, we really appreciate it and are so glad you are happy with your purchase. If you are looking for a milk frother, we have recently launched our Espressotoria milk frother which can be found in your local supermarket or Espressotoria.com.au Kind Regards,

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Need help with my machine only producing warm coffee. How do I troubleshoot?
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I have the above coffee machine, im on my second on since august last year, the first one started leaking at the left hand side near the used pod holder, so I bought a new one about 2 months ago and it also does this infrequently regardless as to whether there is a pod still in portal or if it is empty. my biggest problem atm is that the long pour has reset itself and is now short than the short black button.
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I have had the machine since Xmas and it is not producing coffee. the lights are not coming on the froser is working but not the coffee part. what should I do?
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Price (RRP) $99
Input Power0.5w
Pump Pressure19bar
Water Tank Capacity1L
TypeFully Automatic

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