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Extac Australia

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4.0 from 26 reviews


It was a small order, just 3 items. I also had some questions which I submitted via email. My questions were answered quickly with the answers I was looking for from Matt. My items were shipped and arrived almost as fast! The customer service from Matt/Extac was first rate! My wife and I are getting ready to move back to California and I’m sorry it wasn’t until last week that I found Extac! Thank you so much Matt!


I spent $250 on their website and was never once told that I needed special permits to ship to WA all my items have been seized so be warned where your ordering from a heads up I never got.

Went out of their way to help

I stopped in to the shop to have a look around on the way back from a meeting. The staff member went out of his way to help me. In the end i picked up a nice little Kershaw knife after checking out half a dozen other ones. Each one was clearly explained to me, with the pros and cons and I was able to handle each one and work out which one best suited my hand. After i selected the knife I wanted, he even took the time to let me look at various things i told him i wasn't going to purchase. Having previously worked in retail myself, its great to get this kind of service.

Smith & Wesson

Purchased a couple of tactical pens from here, after a delay for the Xmas period, and a bit of radio silence, they've now got back to me and will be sending out the pens today.

Im a happy shopper again!

Good old school sevice with excellent customer service.

I have made numerous online orders with these guys and I have never been disappointed, I live in remote outback Australia in the N.T. and my orders are always delivered within a week and always exactly what I ask for. They even give me a call if something in my order can not be filled and let me know the expected time of arrival. Their products are all good quality and the staff is very easy and helpful to deal with.

Product dispatched and arrived quickly. Good phone service

The product was as specified and arrived in Canberra within a week. The only negative was that there was no email advising me that the order had been received and was being processed or dispatched. A phone call resolved that quickly and I was given a tracking number. I expect that my email address was entered incorrectly as there was no email in junk mail or anywhere else.

Great store, great service

Extac is a great store with with a wide range of products get all my gear from there. The Staff are on point they are great to talk to and are very knowledgeable about there products and can help you choose the right product for your needs. Highly recommended.

Quality Gear and Quality Staff!

Awesome shop with a quality range of products and great, friendly staff who know their stuff and couldn't have been more helpful. Would definitely recommend going in store or checking out the website, either way the service is top quality!


Great customer service by all team members at Ex Tac, will be recommending to others to shop at Ex Tac

Go somewhere else

If you want to be overcharged and have terrible customer service go to Extac. I have nothing good to say about this store and from my experience I would suggest you buy your item from anyone else. There was no amicable solution to a legitimate warranty issue. I would rate this store as '0'.

Extac set a new high in service

Simply the best customer service, turnaround and support of any site I have dealt with. The prices are competitive, the processing and sending is fast, and the tracking system is precise. I have purchased 8 items from them and they all arrived properly and securely packaged undamaged. Both Matt and Adrian at Extac where always very helpful and knowledgeable and sincere and honest about products, steering you in the right direction. Look forward to there expansion and purchasing more products from them in the future. Extac have set a new high in service and good service goes a long way.

Great turnaround

I would recommend, got my stuff really quickly as long as you purchase things that are in stock I didn't have any issues and my stuff was delivered in less than a week

Excellent service!

Purchased 2 products from Extac last week. Email correspondence was very quick and we received the goods in good order in 6 working days. Will definitely get stuff from them again.

Quick turnaround

Just received my Velcro patches only 4 days after ordering them online. Only complaint is that the site didn't detail dimensions so some patches are much smaller than assumed. Quicker and cheaper than overseas sites.


Forget what the haters say! If the haters, actually got up off the couch, took the time to go in store they would undoubtedly find that the sales team there, are simply put, the Best. Their extensive product range coupled with their extensive product knowledge makes for a perfect storm of awesome!
I personally dislike going into a so called knife retailer, only to ask where the knife is made and get an answer like, (ahhhh let me grab the box and check...).
At Extac all the product knowledge is right on point. These guys know their stuff, their recommendations are great and they go out of their way to make sure your happy. I turned up at their store at 16.55, five minutes before closing and they stayed open for me till 17.20. I left with exactly the right knives for my purpose.
I wont buy my knives anywhere else, but really why should I everything I need when it comes to my knives is at Extac. Enough said!

Couldn't be happier, great service and product knowledge

Okay, first - mack.truck.547, it "is" an actual shop! Been there! Second - the guys that run the shop, are two of the most genuine bloke's I've met. And they know the products the sell. Third - if you have any doubts about a particular products availability, call the guys, and ask, I'm sure they be able to help you!, as they have helped me, numerous times. Finally - I've personally been buying from these guys for over a year, I've have had a few, minor, hiccups, but the guys
ALWAYS come through! And, no one is forcing you to purchase through Extac

Wow - Awesome Team - Awesome Products

I have placed three (3) orders with Extac, now and have been blown away by the quality of the product, the willingness to help and the speed of shipment.

If I am looking for any Outdoor or Survival gear now, I always check out Extac first, as they have a great range of top notch gear.

Best Survival Shop

Extac has to be my new favourite place to get survival, hiking, tactical and outdoor equipment. They carry an extensive range of high quality items for any budget. The staff [names removed] are a pleasure to deal with, they clearly have a passion for what they sell and take pride in their work, knowing all of their products intimately, if you have a question they will and do know the answer. This is a place where you easily lose track of time and can't help but buy something, with the constant new arrivals of unique gear I haven't seen before. I'll be coming back again and again.
Professional, High Quality, Friendly, Extensive Range, Great Prices, Customer Service

Awesome customer service. Excellent range

Went into extac's showroom on the gold Coast. Was greeted in a polite manner. Amazed at the range of gear they have in store. The guy serving me had an extensive knowledge of the products they sell. I brought a knife and some survival products. Can't believe the negative reviews here. My experience with extac was awesome. Finally a shop on the coast with all the right gear and expert knowledge. I would recommend them highly.
biggest range. awesome service and expert advice. cheap prices. just a really awesome shop nothing else like it on the coast

Awesome shop great staff

Went down to the Extac showroom on the Gold Coast was really impressed with how much gear they have! If you get into tactical and military gear, you have to check them out! Heaps of knives and survival stuff too. The guys there were really helpful and I'll be back for sure. Two thumbs up!!
Friendly staff, big range of products
I didn't bring enough $$ :)

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