Great product, excellent service

Ordered a Coleman Queen Size Double High with built in pump on 13.03.19, great product, inflated easily, comfortable and stays up with the odd top up required every couple of days which the manufactured states. Fantastic customer service and in particular a big shout out to Helen in Townsville who managed to sort out my purchase over the phone and went out of her way to get it delivered on time so I didn't have to sleep on the floor. I cant speak highly enough about Team Townsville ;-)

Return Claim MadeNo
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Glad to hear you're loving your new Coleman bed Dave! Thank you very much for your review it's most appreciated. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Issues with suppliers but Tentworld go the extra mile to resolve

Ordered a Roman instant up tent which arrived damaged, so tent world organised courier to collect & send replacement. 2nd tent arrived damaged in same place. Note do not buy Roman instant up tents the floor may as well be paper. Tent world removed it for sale from their website. Advised I’d pay extra for Coleman & they sent out new tent & arranged collection of the Roman Rubbish.
Coleman tent arrived but issue with misaligned pole, managed to bodge a temporary fix for camp trip whilst tentworld sent replacement pole. Pole arrived & fitted so happy at last.

Yes, My buying experience had issues but all were supplier issues not tent world. Check your purchases & try tents etc before using. Tent world did everything they could to rectify. That’s what you want from a retailer.

Product Quality
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Hi Steve, thank you for your great review. Sorry that your buying experience was not as smooth as we'd like but I'm glad we could resolve the issues for you as painlessly as possible and most importantly - got you camping! I hope you put your tent to good use again soon. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Tentworld Online Courier Service Is a Let Down

We visited a Tentworld store for a particular tent with excellent reviews online but they had none in stock. Made a few phone calls to other stores but they also had none in stock.

We decided to purchase online following the excellent reviews and fast delivery service.

I was really happy with the service online and everything was going smoothly including being able to track my order via their third party courier service.

As my order was extremely urgent, I was tracking it every day and then by the third day I called the courier service company around 2pm only to be advised that it must be on its way and the delivery is still within the ETA but if it's not delivered to call them after close of business.

I called them after close of business and the answering machine said they are now closed and to call back between the hours of 8.30am to 5pm. I submitted another enquiry online and I received an email stating that my order will now be investigated.

My family left to go on our camping trip and I am left behind to wait for our tent to be delivered with no guarantee of receiving my order.

Tentworld Online, your Courier service provider is letting you down!

My family and I returned from our camping trip yesterday (29 Jan) and I am now providing another update. I placed my order on the 19 Jan. According to Tentworld Online Customer Rep, my order was to be picked up from Tentworld Toowoomba by the courier company, 'Couriers Please' and delivered to my address (147km away). I didn't receive my order until the 24 Jan. Asked why a 2-hour delivery would take days, Tentworld Online replied with, "I don't know but I'll try and call them". Well, I tried to cancel my order but was advised that if I wanted to cancel, I would have to pay the delivery fee of $89. I tried to dispute the charge but was advised that courier companies are not liable for any loss or damage of goods and that a customer should obtain insurance. Well no, the online retailer is responsible for the parcel until it is delivered, instead of the Courier company; and insurance is not offered as an option when purchasing goods from your online store. Asked how can I be charged for the delivery fee if I haven't received the delivery? I was advised that I hadn't allowed a "reasonable amount of time". Asked what is considered a reasonable amount of time, and the reply was, "I don't know, about 10 days". In addition, if the order doesn't show up in 14 days, the Courier company will lodge a lost parcel in transit and only then can Tentworld Online refund my money.

I received a call two hours later from the same Tentworld Customer Rep advising that their manager had granted approval to waive the delivery service fee and instructed that I go to my local store and buy one (which means that I would be out of pocket by two x $600 tents), and when my original order arrives that I am not to open it but to return it to my local store.

I am disappointed, to say the least that this is Tentworld Online's best solution. I am very grateful that my original order did arrive and that I didn't have to gone down this path nor would I ever purchase from your online store again.

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Hi Tam, Thank you for your review & feedback. I am glad that your tent did ultimately make it to you. Sorry that it didnt happen as quickly as we'd both expect. We rely on our delivery partners in order to ensure our customers receive the experience they expect. We have recorded this feedback & will be raising this with our couriers at their next performance meeting. We do monitor our couriers constantly, and have changed in the past due to reliability & performance issues. Afterall, they impact heavily on our customers experiences. Unfortunately, on individual cases as you've experienced all couriers are not particularly responsive. Sometimes parcels get jammes somehow in their networks. The trouble is they're such big organisations, with so many people involved they are not able to be very responsive. Thankfully our couriers do have many checks in place, that usually resolve these issues fairly quickly - as was the case with your parcel. Ultimately it took 4 business days to be delivered, instead of the 1-2 that you'd expect normally. Sorry also that you were not satisfied with our solutions for when parcels are slow in transit. These policies were quite standard when we last revised them and are in line with most ecommerce retailers of high value items. We will take this feedback on board and see what we could do to make this more acceptable. Thanks again for your review and giving us this feedback this helps us continuously improve & ensure we're delivering the best experience possible. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Great service

Today 2/01/2019 I bought a Yamaha Generator and I found the staff at Tent world Townsville very helpfull and were reasonably priced

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Thank you for the great review Joe, and for your support it's very much appreciated. Enjoy your new Yamaha generator! Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

ON-line buying

I tried to buy almost $200 worth of camping gear , and on the website it says anything over $89 free shipment. Because i stay in WA , i can not get the free shipment , even though they have a shop in Midland. I would rather support another camping store. Good buy Tent world!!!!

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Hi Dup, thank you for your feedback. We are working very hard to be able to activate dispatching from our Perth store, and when we do we'll be able to turn on free freight to most of Perth and freight to the rest of WA will be cheaper but unfortunately until then we are unable to absorb the cost of freight to WA and must charge for it. We only pass on the cost of freight as we're charged for it and is not profit generating. I am very sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. If you are close to our Perth store I think it's well worth the effort of visiting to touch & hold the goodies before buying. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Best shopping experience I’ve had in a LONG time.

We recently bought an old poptop camper and so are currently decking with everything needed for extended stays away from the rat race. We have visited most camping related stores throughout Townsville, pricing out our requirements. Until we walked into the new Tentworld Townsville store, we had come to conclusion that good old fashioned service was simply a thing of the past and that we should simply research the stuff we needed and then buy from the cheapest store (or online).

From the moment I walked into Tentworld I was VERY impressed by their beautifully decorated and laid out premises and how well stocked it was. Better still is that most things are actually set up or on display so you can look, touch and try things before laying out your hard earned money. This alone was impressive but then I met the staff. Everyone I have spoken to there has been extremely friendly, helpful. Each have gone above and beyond in making sure I had all the information I wanted or needed with never a hint of impatience (like a lot of other stores). These reasons alone had me sold on purchasing m gear here but then I checked the prices. In most cases, there prices where equal to if not better then the other stores!

All I can say is, go in and see for yourself if what I say is true. In the last two weeks I have purchased a fridge/freezer, three camp chairs, a kettle and some miscellaneous items totaling over $1300 and will be shopping there again very soon.


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Hi Shayne, thank you very much for taking the time to leave us with this great review and helping get the word out about what we do & why we're worth the visit. Thank you also for shopping with us! I'm glad we could help you gear up! I'll be sharing this with the Townsville team and I know they'll be very pleased to read such great feedback. Looking forward to hearing about how your new gear performs when you are able to test it on your next holiday! Kind Regards, Tentworld team.


I bought a shade, they had no display of so my only option was to open it and see what it was like. Absolutely "not" what i wanted so when I went to return it, in new condition in its packing a couple of days later,they wouldn't refund my money, this is there policy because it was opened

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Hi Woody, thank you for your feedback on our returns policy. I'm sorry that you're unhappy with it. To explain we're unable to accept opened returns because our customers have an expectation of buying unused, unopened brand new goods when they shop from us. In the past, when we have accepted opened goods - we have also experienced negative feedback from customers who've found traces of someone else trialing the goods. So it's not possible to win at both ends. We try our best to provide all the information necessary by way of product descriptions, pictures etc to make a decision when buying our equipment. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to display everything in-store due to the vast ranges available. We do also make sales people available to help with any questions you may have. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Worst customer service!

If I could rate a negative star review I would. I went to the Tweed Heads store to look at a product I saw online, to see if it suited my needs. They didn't have it in stock but I was advised that it was in their warehouse. I ordered the product and paid, as instructed, by the sales person. When it arrived I collected the same and found it wasn't suitable. I returned to the store to find something better suited. A young fella helped me to find the right product but when it came to exchanging the products I was told I couldn't return my first order as it was a SPECIAL order. I'm a pensioner and I really couldn't afford both products but they wouldn't budge! They even sell Darche products in-store, so the return wouldn't have been out of place. Terrible company and shocking service. Unbelievably disappointed!

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Hi Mark, sorry to hear you're not satisfied with our Special Order Policy. If you think that we've not assessed your situation correctly, or wish to add more detail for us to consider - please email feedback@tentworld.com.au with an in depth description of what's happened & the time line, invoice number etc so that our customer service team can investigate & if possible try resolve. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Great Customer Service - Black Wolf tent

I bought a Black Wolf tent through Tentworld - it was delivered very promptly. The first time I took it camping one of the fibreglass poles broke and I found a manufacturing defect in the floor of the tent that had left one of the seams with a hole in it.
On return I provided photos to Tentworld and explained the issues with the new product.
They immediately told me to return the damaged poles and tent inner and replaced them with brand new ones. They paid for the return shipping and sent the replacements within a couple of days.

Excellent customer service and great product support - thank you Tentworld for great work

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Hi Adrian, thank you very much for your great review! Sorry to hear about your rough start with your new Blackwolf Tent! Glad we were able to sort it out for you as quickly & painlessly as possible. I hope you put your new tent to good use soon! Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Delivered wrong item

Ordered an item. Incorrect item was delivered by courier. Was repeatedly told I had to be home 9-5 on a day for courier to pick up said item to be returned. Ridiculous to ask me to stay home for a day because of their mistake! Went back and forth like this for a while. Offered a partial refund if I kept wrong item. Asked to speak to a manager who then called me said they will forfeit incorrect item to me and refund me fully. Was very apologetic. But I still won't be getting the correct item which turns out wasn't actually in stock. So if you have a business address or somewhere you are 9-5 to receive order, otherwise bear in mind my situation.

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Thanks for your feedback! Sorry for the troubles. We are investigating our stock issues for your item to get to the bottom of how this went wrong. In regards to returns, unfortunately, it is the case with all couriers currently that they're not able to specify collection times, and cant collect without someing being present. We have submitted requests to all our carriers but it is unfortunately a struggle currently. The best suggestion we have, is to take it to work and have it collected from there or give to a neighbour who is at home during the day. Sadly, both are not always too convenient! Thanks again for your feedback. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Outstanding, saved my first solo bikepacking trip

Was struggling to find the right equipment for my trip across Europe and chanced tent world. Was taken away by the great customer service from Fiona and her personal expertise in the camping game, knowledge that you cant buy online. Any starting off bikepackers or overlanders who cant work out their set up for the job, 100% come and see these guys to get you on your way, excellent.

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Thanks for your great review James! Glad we could help you get geared up! Enjoy your travels!

great work great price

Fantastic response to orders, like seriously unexpectedly fast delivery. Great prices on most products ( hey I still shop around), great specials cannot recommend these guys enough, and I never bother reviewing anything online but I got exactly what I ordered in 3 days!!

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Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a review Mojave, it's most appreciated & it's great feedback for all involved in the online sales team to know that everything is firing right. I hope you manage to put your new camping gear to good use soon! Happy Camping ~ Tentworld team.

Horrible customer service, refused return, tried to gaslight me, had to go directly through manufact

Purchased a 12v fan from these guys. Tried it on 3 different battery sources including one in their own store and it kept cutting out. Guy named luke comes out and brings a 14v 300 dollar battery pack and it starts working, then tells me it's my fault. Now I have to submit a claim to get my money back. Rude place run by poor management that does not take responsibility for their products.

Follow up: I spoke to the manufacturer and they have acknowledged that in future models of this fan, they have removed the cutoff feature as it appeared to be problematic despite the fan, overall, being okay for most people. This means that they would have certainly acknowledged the return and warranty, and are sending me a replacement with the new model. This is further evidence that you, Tentworld, the retailer, have absolutely failed to provide the service you are supposed to, and I am glad I have shared this experience publicly so that other people know to shop elsewhere, like Snowys.com.au

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Hi Rob, Thanks for your review & for your feedback. There was no attempts at gaslighting you, only trying to assist you with using your products. Not everything is designed to work with one another, and I was trying to assist you with that. Over my career in the outdoor industry I have collected some useful information along the way that I was trying to share with you. Sorry if you felt that was gaslighting, I was only trying to assist. As you mentioned, in-store we were unable to fault the product, and unable to accept this as a faulty return. We were also unable to accept it as change of mind return, given you'd bought it in February, and are now contacting us in October. I am pleased you were able to achieve the resolution you were looking for by contacting Outdoor Connection directly. As you've heard, your fan was not faulty - as was the case when we tested it in the store. We were simply doing out duty in testing it and ensuring it met manufacturer specifications - which it does. It is great news to me that Outdoor Connection have removed the low voltage cutout, as certainly we would have prefered to not have this disagreement with you. The problem we encountered is that your Suaoki S270 Battery Box is built with Lithium batteries, and uses a power regulator to control the voltage through its DC plugs. We have seen this cause problems with other devices designed for Lead Acid & AGM batteries. This is only a new problem of the last 6-12 months as larger lithium batteries have come more affordable, and commonly purchased. Prior to this, everyone was using AGM & Lead Acid batteries, and this voltage protection feature is great for those applications & in protecting your investment. So it's great to see Outdoor Connection taking positive steps towards keeping up with consumer trends and also by assisting us in providing our customers with excellent service. They have gone beyond what we're authorised to do in-store on their behalf, which is replace/repair/refund fault products. As mentioned, we couldnt fault, so we couldnt do anything. Sorry you were not happy with the outcome we were able to provide. I am pleased you achieved your desired outcome by reaching the supplier direct this is why we choose excellent suppliers like Outdoor Connection - as they're professionals in product development. I hope you enjoy many cool nights under your Outdoor Connection Breezeway Fan. Happy Camping & Kind Regards, Jon Tentworld

Good service but need to step up there game

Ordered a tent and a sleeping bag - both in stock on the website. After 3 days I called as hadn't received notification of dispatch. Advised that the sleeping bag was on back order and the tent would be dispatched shortly. Ordered 20/9, dispatched from the warehouse on the 25/9. I have been unlucky with public holidays but still waiting for delivery of the tent now on the 2/10. We set off camping tomorrow, at this stage without a tent! I thought that 2 weeks would have been enough time to get the tent, and it would have been if not for the lag in dispatch. Not used to companies taking days to pack an order tbh. The customer service when I have spoken with them has been great and the prices were good, I just wouldn't buy again unless I didn't need the item for a while! Disappointing.

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Hi Yarnijoel, thank you for your review & feedback. I'm very sorry that we've let you down. Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback, without feedback like this we cant improve. I've taken a look at our dispatch queue, and we're running at less than 1 business day dispatch currently. So to hear your order has taken so long to be shipped is weird. I'd like to look into this please. Also, in regards to your sleeping bag and the stock variance. We do work tirelessly to ensure our stock on hand is accurate, as it causes problems like these! We sell lots of sleeping bags, so we'd rather show as sold out on one and have someone buy another..... So this is also strange, and I'd like to investigate what's happening here - any why it took so long for you to hear from us. The only missing piece that's preventing me from being able to investiage properly is who you are. Would you mind please emailing feedback@tentworld.com.au with your order number in reply to this so that I can investigate and look into what went wrong with your order. Thanks very much & sorry again for the inconvenience & dissapointment we've caused. Kind Regards, Jon ~ Tentworld team.

exactly what we wanted (sleeping bags)

I would like to congratulate Tent world Townsville for there excellent service.
We were looking for two sleeping bags and Erin (Sales Person) could not do enough to help us.
We had been to other will known stores and were not treated well.
Once again thank you Erin for the excellent and friendly service.


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Thanks very much for your great review Mike, I will be passing this feedback straight back to the Tentworld Townsville team and especially Erin. I know she'll be very pleased to read your words of thanks, it's very nice to receive feedback like this and is a real boost to the team. Thank you very much. I hope you put your new sleeping bags to good use soon! Kind Regards, Jon ~ Tentworld team.

Excellent service

The guys at Tentworld Burleigh went over and above in terms of customer service to ensure that I had the right replacement part for our Coleman Tent. Thanks so much for caring more about us and our imminent camping trip rather than a “sale”. Big thumbs up from me

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:D Thanks Tanya! I'll be passing this review straight onto the Burleigh Heads team, I know they'll get a real boost from reading this one. We try very hard to provide the best service we can, and help people enjoy their camping trips. It doesnt always mean selling more gear, but providing great advice & service too. Enjoy your upcoming camping trip! Cheers, Tentworld team.

Fast, well priced and good variety

I purchased my Engel fridge from Tent World and it arrived really quickly as expected. The whole process was very easy.

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Glad you got your new Engel quick & safely Zhivan! I hope you use it soon! Kind Regards, Tentworld team

Poor customer support and questionable regard for consumer rights

I bought a tent. Within 6 months a zip to the door failed. Tentworld refused to replace or repair the product while advising me that perhaps I could repair it myself. I suggested that they (having sold the product to me) should perhaps have a responsibility to make an effort to rectify the problem. They simply refused.

Hi DLM, sorry to hear you're not satisfied with our service. To hear that we've denied your warranty claim is unusual. The gear we sell is warranted not only by us, but from the brands that we sell too. So if we receive genuine warranty claims, we're entitled to seek remedy from our suppliers for this too under our supply agreements. So we will always, wherever there is a genuine warranty claim ask for the manufacturer to repair or replace this product for our customers. It's simply not good for business to deny genuine manufacturering fault warranty claims. We want you to keep shopping with us. In summary, if we thought there was a manufacturing fault there. We would have repaired or replaced it as you have asked. As this burden of cost mostly falls on our suppliers, we are only the conduit between the supplier and yourself. So if you think that we've not assessed your tent correctly and you do have a genuine manufacturers warranty claim then please email all the necessary details to feedback@tentworld.com.au and we'll open this warranty claim again to be investigated. Many thanks, Kind Regards, Tentworld team.Readers. Please do not trust this reply from Tentworld. I had already sent photographs of the broken zip and several emails calmly, and, I thought, as almost a procedural formality, seeking assistance . Perhaps I was too calm and considered - so easy for a supplier to ignore. Their tactic appeared to be to outlast my concern! Across these emails quotes from Tentworld included "I do understand your frustrations when camping equipment fails whist you are on holidays. Unfortunately as the warranty is with the manufacturer and not Tentworld, all potential warranty claims do need to be submitted to (manufacturer's name) for review and approved at their discretion" " have assessed your claim with the information and images provided by yourself and they have advised that zips are not covered under their manufacturer's warranty." "They have advised this claim falls under wear and tear. I do apologise if this is not the outcome you were hoping for. " The tent was less than 6 months old - my view (and consumer law's view?) is that a supplier should guarantee that a product is "fit for purpose".Hi DLM, I do not know who you are from your name and have no other details to go on. So I am unable to investigate or give you my opinion on your claim until you provide this to me. In my original reply, I was only offering you clarity on how we operate as a business - we do have the right to send back any faulty goods to all of our suppliers. So if we do believe that it's manufacturers warranty, then we certainly will. We are only interested in selling good times, and do not want to end up in warranty fights. Obviously, sometimes they're unavoidable as there can be differences between consumer expectations, and what is possible for us to do but definitely if there are manufacturing faults we'll deal with it. We want you as a customer for life, not just a single tent. So in summary, all I can see now is that you're upset, and have had some kind of problem with your zip. I'm sorry that you're upset, and I am happy to look into it for a second opinion. This is why I asked if you wanted us to revisit your claim to send your details to feedback@tentworld.com.au please also note that we operate retail stores & online. We're happy to have another look. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.

Awesome service.

Extremely helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff. Very comprehensive range. I have purchased everything from a fridge to a gazebo and swag with lots of smaller or even just a comparison visits. Each time is worthwhile.

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Thanks for your great review Doc Evil! Great to hear you appreciate what we do. Happy Camping! ~ Cheers Tentworld team.

Great service

Tentworld midland , fantastic and friendly service. Really know there stuff with great advise. Thanks Deanne for your friendly service today

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Thanks for your great review Elise! I have already passed this onto the Midland team for them to read & enjoy. I am sure that Deanne will be very pleased to read that you enjoyed her assistance so much. Thanks again, hope to see you soon. Kind Regards & Happy Camping ~ Tentworld team.

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Questions & Answers

Hey Tentworld can you explain to me why you think it’s ok to ask a customer who received a damaged product from your warehouse to destroy the damaged product and sent photographic evidence that it has been destroyed to the point it is no longer able to be used before you send a replacement? Not very ethical if you ask me!
3 answers
Hi TC123, we agree with you that it's very wasteful and we'd much prefer that things could be repaired than destroyed when they have faults. This would be much better for the environment, and is something that we try to do as much as we can. We are constantly pushing for our suppliers to develop products that are easily repairable & serviceable rather than disposable items. Sadly, in our current economic environment the costs of repairs are often not practical or are too inconvenient for our customers. Many of our suppliers require us to return the goods to them so they can inspect them to take notes on what failed in their items for future upgrades. After inspection, they typically will then destroy them whilst salvaging as many parts from it as practical. However, in some cases where there is no practical salvage possible, and our suppliers do not need to physically inspect the goods prior to destroying them in some instances we offer the option of destroying the goods themselves at their own home - rather than having to arrange the return of the goods to us. This is offered as a convenience to our customers to be able to destroy it themselves, rather than going through the hassle of arranging to get the goods back to us. Sadly, whilst delivering items is very easy - arranging couriers to collect from residential homes is still very very frustrating - so we try to avoid putting our customers through this if we can. This does also reduce our carbon footprint slightly, because ultimately if the goods are being destroyed in your home - they would be destroyed upon their return to the supplier but a whole lot less fuel has gone into producing the same end result. We are fortunate some of our suppliers allow us to offer this to our customers. This need to return the goods prior to replacement is typical from any retail store before theyre replaced. The act of destroying & us then replacing is mimicing that in-store experience without the hassle of having to arrange for it to be returned to us. I hope that this explains this better. If you have anymore questions please feel free. Kind Regards, Tentworld team.It would just end up another piece of garbage in a landfill I would suggest letting us donate the slightly damaged product to charity and sending a replacement ASAP this not only satisfies your customer it also lowers waste and your “carbon footprint” I don’t think I am being unreasonableAdditionally, how is it convenient for the customer to have to destroy something? As a customer one should expect to receive an undamaged product, it is understandable that these things happen however when they do I believe it is the responsibility of the seller to promptly issue a replacement. Don’t you agree?

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