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Extension Factory
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An experience, but not a good one.

You'll start your Extension Factory experience with the design team and you'll be feeling pretty good about things. Communication flows, people want to talk to you. Of course; they have dollar signs in their eyes.

After perhaps a few drafts you'll have a plan you are happy with. On to contract signing! This is where Extension Factory's knowledge really shines. They will modify every single penalty payable by the company to well below the regulatory recommended figure, whilst making sure the customer is on the hook for the maximum. (Late payments of $250 a week? Try $50.) Of course they'll hope you aren't paying attention whilst their designer sweet talks you through the signing. They'll mention Prime Costs, but not point out that they will only cover the lowest quality product available, so you'll just end up supplying the fittings yourself rather than pay 25% extra for the privilege.

Oh well, you've signed. Lets get permits! The drafting team were the best communicators during the whole process. (Shout out to [name removed], always prompt on the emails.) At this point you will want to quadruple check the work drawings on hand, as it turns out they aren't very accurate. You'll need to correct all the mistakes in the written copy that aren't reflected in the drawings, as they don't seem to do this themselves. (Why do the prime costs not match the schedule I received? Why are my sliding wardrobes written as hinged?) Worry not, they'll attempt to invoice you for anything you miss later in the project.

Your permit is here now! Time to build! .. Maybe. It'll take a month from moving out and making the house available to the slab being poured. You'll probably have some optimistic project duration like 8 months, so at this point you might be worried. Settle in, they'll take a full 12 months. You can use your $50 a week penalty payment on all the phone calls to your project manager trying to find out whats happening, because they wont be calling you.

Now remember those drafting inaccuracies? Time to have some fun! Does your kitchen have an island bench? They didn't make an allowance for trenching the utilities through the slab. You've got tiles throughout? Well they didn't make an allowance for levelling the slab. A new roller door in your garage? It doesn't fit!

Congratulations! You've moved in. At this point there are probably only 10 things remaining to be fixed. They will promptly send around their least qualified "finisher" to do the patch up work. He'll come back 4 or 5 times because, well, he's just not very good. You'll receive your final certificates and a nice letter from the team letting you know you could get up to THREE HUNDRED dollars for referring a friend. A final gentle reminder that you're really not worth that much to the Extension Factory.

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Thanks for your feedback Tom, we have taken it on board & your Project Manager has discussed these matters with you & worked diligently to complete your project. We are glad you are happy with the end result & apologise for the issues you experienced along the way. Feedback is always helpful for us to improve our service.

Long ride but sound result and well worth it

An overall good result with the Extention factory. From the get go we shared the same vision with the design and preliminary drawings, great stuff. The building timeline however was a long ride, engulfed with tradie shortages which postponed the build. Ultimately the build was sound and exactly what we had expected. We would not hesitate in recommending this company to others whilst initially ensuring you have an agreed timeline outlined to avoid any unexpected delays and heartache.

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Thank you for your feedback Matt, it's been great helping you achieve your dream home. We hope you & the family enjoy all the extra space for years to come! We really appreciate your patience with the unforseen delays.

Dishonest and incapable!

This builder is dishonest and incapable of communicating. We have discovered a cracked sewer pipe in our home under the concrete slab, the builder is ignoring our ongoing requests for this to be fixed under the builders warranty, and instead trying to avoid any responsibility whatsoever.....
We reported this 3 months ago and still no outcome.
Don’t use this builder!

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Our office has replied to your emails regarding the sewer issue & are currently awaiting response from the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria on how to proceed as the Plumbers Warranty period of 6 years has expired as the works were carried out over 7 years ago. The Victorian Building Authority have advised as it is outside the Plumbers warranty period it is not the builders responsibility however we are cooperating with the DBDRV for an outcome.

Fabulous extension

Love our extension from the design to completions. Zac our superviser was attentive quick to respond and always available. We lived in the house whilst we renovated The trades were professional quiet and helpful. Although there was some hiccups along the way the job was completed on time and looks amazing. Would def recommend this company.

Building up

It has been a slow slow process. Lack of tradies being an issue. At the beginning once we had signed I felt like we had become a number as it was hard to contact anyone to answer questions. However once things began rolling the communication between Aaron our supervisor and ourselves improved. The tradies we have had have always been very professional in their work and the way they conduct themselves. We are looking forward to this being completed in the next few months.

Don't sign don't take ANZ offer

If you sign with ANZ for the 12 months interest free you will only be eligible for $1 per week liquidation damages. They have a scale for liquidation damages that depends on your contract price. My price was $167,000 and I would have been only entitled to $50 per week for every week past completion date if I had not taken the !2 months interest free offer. My renovation is 16 weeks past due. They have trouble getting tradies as they are all contracted. I do not recommend using them.

Please check out the extension factory experience on facebook for more information from me and others.

I would also like to add that now 9 months past due, the extension factory only just making the engineering adjustments requested to get the building certificate, I finally agreed to make the final payment so they would complete connecting the power to the areas they constructed. They offered me $250 in liquidated damages.
Please be aware of the following items in the contract: As per the contract, please refer Schedule 5 Item 16, Liquidated damages cease from whichever comes first:

§ Date of Possession of the Works (as per Clause 41.1),

§ Date Notice of Completion issued,

§ Date of Handover, or

§ Date of second last progress payment becoming due and payable (as assessed by Builder)

The Fit Off invoice was issued 29/11/17 due 5/12/17 and therefore Liquidated Damages cease from this date.

Happy Kids

Excellent company to deal with exactly what we wanted and completed ahead of time.
We added 2 bedrooms and a living area for our kids to each have a room we are all extremely happy with the job done

second storey extion

we added new kitchen dinning room and lounge open living plan.and second storey with 2 bedrooms bath and retreat.we had few hick ups along the way. Other than that everything was pretty good, good job guys.

Happy with work

We added an extra bedroom and lounge room to our house. Very happy with the finished work.
The project took 8 months which was very slow and frustrating. And they were always quick to ask for the next progress payment.
All of the contractors were great and experienced though.
The end result is great.

Wonderful job

I'd like to thank Extension Factory for making it possible for our house to add a second storey which consisted of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a rumpus space. They were really professional, we had good communication from the start until the work was finalised. We were really pleased with their work, the project manager was always in touch, the trades did a good job, and there was no interruption to our family life. We were amazed how quickly they did the job and no dirt could be seen in the lawn. We have recommended them to various friends who saw the second storey and are happy to recommend them to others.

Worst renovation experience EVER

It took our family a long time deliberating whether to sell our house or renovate. We finally made the big decision and signed up with Extension Factory in May 2015 to renovate our home of 17 years. Now here we are in May 2017 and our renovation is still incomplete. Our one year renovation has taken double the time and double the outlay in rent expense, not to mention an enormous amount of stress, anxiety, frustration and financial pressure on our family.
We were enticed by a 12 month 'no repayments' finance deal - in return for minimal penalties for late completion (which our salesperson assured us would not happen!). As it turns out, the project took so long to start up, that the Extension Factory paid minimal interest expense in the first 12 months, whereas we have incurred a large rent expense for the second 12 months of the project running over time, and we have no clause to claim back a fair and reasonable portion of our rent.
The reasons for delays? Poor management (in fact no communication from senior management - they chose to ignore our emails asking for assistance), lack of proper project management, high turnover of project managers, faulty workmanship, failed surveyor inspections, trades not turning up for weeks at a time, only one trade working on site at a time, incomplete works, and many other excuses.
I would not recommend this company to ANYONE.

Our vision became a reality

With a large family we decided to renovate our home to add two bedrooms, a bathroom and versatile rumpus space. The Extension Factory cost estimate compared favourably with two other quotes from alternative builders. The designer was outstanding - listening to us, and working with us on a range of items throughout the house to make the extension function with the rest of our home. We entered this project with our eyes open (a must!) - even though we had a very experienced project manager with whom we had a good working relationship, we needed to be on top of many aspects of the project which was always going to be a fairly major interruption to family life for a while. The EF trades completed good quality work with a couple of exceptions. We were frustrated at times by the lack of communication, and the perplexing fact that while there were often delays in getting various trades to complete their bits, there was no delay in invoicing us and asking us for money (in fact invoicing was often premature). Overall the EF delivered what they promised. We are really pleased with the result, and we are happy to recommend the team to others.


The whole process from design to build is structured and professional. We undertook a substantial ground floor extension and the transformation of our home is exactly what we envisaged. We really enjoy spending time in our new home. Extending can be stressful and there are always issues that arise but our site supervisor was very experienced and helped us through the process. We found him to be very honest and easy to talk to. Nothing seemed to faze him.

Exactly what we needed!

Ground floor bedroom, walk-in robe & ensuite extension. Alternative solution for our situation to a granny flat for my aging parents. Sales and design staff were friendly and helpful with our design. The project manager assigned to us (Aaron) was honest, helpful and very accessible. The works were delayed by days due to an unforeseen issue with the doors, but they factored in weather and resourcing perfectly. Extremely happy with the workmanship and what we have achieved overall at the price point we agreed on. Definitely far easier than trying to deal with independent builders as I have in the past.

Life Changing - Couldn't be happier

As one of the biggest financial investments that we'd ever made apart from buying our property we wanted to work with a builder who really specialised not only in construction but extensions. Zac and the team were excellent and really went the extra mile. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone -really happy with the result.

Should have read the signs from the start

Our experience of the extension factory was that it was a complete con! Being novices in regard to building they took complete advantage of us. Now 10 years later I look at what they did with disgust nearly every day!

2nd floor extension

Overall the Extension Factory provided a great experience from the initial meeting with the design consultant through to the construction. All of the workmanship from each of the trades was excellent.

Communication could of been better as to when each step was taking place, when tradies were on site and any expected delays. But overall very happy with the job.

Home Extension

We are delighted with the service provided by the Extension Factory and would happily recommend them. The future is much brighter with our new and improved space :)

Happy With The Result

We had three different companies provide quotes on our proposed extension/renovation. In the end, we decided to go with The Extension Factory as the design consultant that was assigned to us was very helpful and understood what we were trying to achieve, plus, was able to meet our budget. We had a "fixed price / fixed time period contract" which was pretty accurate (finished slightly before time but with some minor additional sub floor work added in).

Once our contract was initiated, things were a bit slow due to council approvals coinciding with the Christmas period. During the build, we were concerned about the rate of progress at times, however, we were assured everything was on track. Generally, we were very pleased with the trades that worked on our extension/renovation, however, there were a few instances where certain aspects of the build didn't go to plan and we did need to work closely with the Project Manager and Supervisor to sort through the issues.

All in all, we are very pleased with what we have achieved with the help of the Extension Factory.

Impressive people - impressive process.

We got 3 companies out to compare and my wife and I instantly chose The Extension Factory. The design consultant Wayne was impressive and gave us lots of design ideas we hadn’t thought of. Not pushy like the others. Project manager Bill was excellent and explained every day what was going on which we enjoyed. Our first floor extension and entertainment area were completed on time and was beyond what we had hoped for and didn’t need to move out. Couldn’t be happier.

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Questions & Answers

does this company do built in kitchen alfresco with swim spa?
4 answers
I think they would But you would be better off asking them directlyI would not be sure about the spa. I would use spa experts for that. I do not recommend using the company. You can see evidence of the level of quality of their work and practices on the extension factory experience facebook page.Thanks I think we’ll go to a different company

Are there any reliable builders working for the extension factory?
1 answer
NO - don't go anywhere near them!!

Hi i require an urgent extension on top 2 bedrooms and bathrrom, i live in caulfield. Also do you take care of council permits etc?
4 answers
Hi, I don't actually work for them, but they did take of our permits. Regs, CamYes they do. But take some advice and don't even contemplate using Extension Factory if you want to retain sanity. They are hopeless, too many supervisors covering there own A#$ and nothing happens. Communication non existent.Easier to do it yourself, as a few people have mentioned they are slow. Also they tend to wait for things to happen, dont get on the front foot so let councils take longer than needed. Our first permit took a 2 weeks, not done by the EF, the EF minor change took over 2 months and I ended up ringing the council to sort out some issues.

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