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Absolute crap service

Eyebuy Direct - Received my two pairs frames, no prescription included in either frame. Email them about it, phoned them about it. Was not listened to - constantly ignored my request for a refund instead they kept offering discount, replacement. I am still to hear about my refund! The phone call I made either dropped out or she hung up on me and no call back, after she accused me of lying about the prescription being added to the frames! I can't see!!! STILL WAITING and there's no complaints email, phone etc to contact.

Return Claim MadeYes


I ordered and received my new glasses in 5 days. I almost ordered a designer label pair at OPSM and was quoted $414.
I ordered the ‘firefly’ style from EyeBuyDirect, entered my prescription and with my code my order total was $27.
Absolute bargain and I can finally read again minus the headache.
I highly recommend EyeBuyDirect and will be purchasing another pair soon.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Hecc yeah

Ordered on Monday 23rd June, paid for fast shipping and received them 27th June (2019).
Was notified by email that they'd been shipped on the 27th and received them same day.
All in all I'm pretty impressed with shipping.
As for the quality of the frames, they fit fantastically and are up to par visually speaking with any other pair of prescription glasses I've had.
Frames seem sturdy but as I'd read a few reviews on here about sub-par quality I chose to go for a pair of thicker, sturdier looking plastic frames.
In the cardboard case I received them in it came with instructions to adjust fit which was cool, and a dust bag.
Only thing that annoyed me is in relation to not EBD, but the company Clearly. They are obviously affiliated as on the box I received them in it had a "Clearly" sticker printed on it. On the Clearly website I was told before purchase that because my prescription was resting on the cusp of 3.00 as my right eye prescription that I had to pay an extra $30 to thin out the lenses. However Eye Buy Direct didn't push that on me even though I was on the cusp according to their website also, even though the particular pair of glasses I got were clearly a pair of Clearly branded glasses. Or at least affiliated. So I'd like to commend Eye Buy Direct for not making me pay an obviously unnecessary extra $30.
Fairly sure I paid $40-50 all up and as I'm on a tight budget and haven't been able to replace my old, broken pair in about 6 months I'm so thankful that I didn't have to come on here and leave a bad review. Yay!
Also, just saying, if Eye Buy Direct could update their glasses try-on technology that would make my next buy so much better.

Product Quality
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Outstanding value for money and excellent customer service.

Can't believe all the negatives on here. I am a repeat customer, 5 pairs over 4 years. The only drawback, no health fund rebates. Nevertheless, an excellent online supplier who went out of their way to fix things when I incorrectly ordered some lenses.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

After sales warranty a joke

When I first received my glasses, I was happy with them. They are more flimsy than my past glasses from local stores but they were under half their price. They were worth the money I paid.
Out of the blue, 3 months after purchasing, when i took them off to clean the lenses the arms holding the lenses just crumbled as though there was a fault in them.
I contacted the company by email and they told me they have a one off return policy but it would cost me shipping $15 and I could opt for a different pair of glasses. Through a series of emails where they never seemed to actually answer my questions, it seemed to be costing me more and more. I have now asked for the same pair exactly as original order. Let's see if they can get this right.
They need to pick up their after sales service.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Perfect in Every Way

Dissapointed in the high prices at my local stores, I decided to RISK? a purchase here. I got a superior product at 1/3 the price. 24/7 online follow up and confirmation of my prescription details.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo


Purchased two pairs of glasses. They arrived, looking different to the pictures, absolute flimsy quality. The lenses don't even seem to have a prescription in them. As per their "no questions asked full refund" policy I have requested a refund and they tried to dissuade me from it. About a dozen emails and 3 days later I am still trying to get my refund. I don't know how they have such good reviews, I honestly suspect they are fake reviews because this company is so dodgy, it is obvious they are a scam.

Shipping problems

Bought some glasses, they shipped. But they didn't put my unit on the address even though it was specified on my account. Anyway so there was some screw ups with aus post and the glasses never came and so I contacted Eyebuy and they offered a replacement. All this was fine. Except this time I specifically sent them my address through email to them. Guess what. No damn unit number again. So now I'm waiting to see if these ones even show up. Get your stuff together seriously.

New glasses

Hello I would just like to tell everyone at eyebuydirect that both my mother and I are both that you all are fantastic. We are very very happy with our glasses thank you all so much. We will be a return customer extremely grateful

Good quality for the price

Ive purchased a couple of pairs. Sunglasses and progressive. Service was excellent, email follow up and even received a phone call because of pair that went missing in the post. They couldnt help enough. The quality of the frames I found good for their prices, web site is easy to order and email communication was excellent. If the glasses arent right you have the option to change styles and they will send you out another pair and tell you to keep the first pair - donate them......

Beyond expectations

I want to start off with first impressions which lead me to my purchase and this was the styles that were available.

I like to collect various prescription glasses and sunglasses and over the years, have bought from many retailers including specsavers and visiondirect. My problem with them is the lack of simple glasses at an affordable price. I like simplistic glasses without some metal designs on the edge or some fancy logo etc. Those aforementioned retailers do occasionally offer the simplistic glasses that I am after but at a price that is ridiculous for something so simplistic.

This is where Eye Buy Direct comes in. I love how they offer something that is simplistic and is affordable. Now that is value right here. There are just so many styles and at such affordable prices. For example, I love the style of the Ray Ban’s wayfarer sunglasses but for something that is so simple and plastic, $200 just isn’t worth it. Yet, Eye Buy Direct offers something that looks similar for a fraction of the price. If you’re like me and are into the style of glasses as opposed to the branding, then this is definitely the site for you.

Ordering was very straightforward. The website reflects the range that is offered – minimal and simplistic. There is no cluttering of adds so that stands out among other sites. They are fairly transparent with the pricing as you progress your order and do have a ton of add on options (although the “advances lenses” are a bit too expensive – but hey, that’s only optional and if it’s out of your budget, then basic is fine). I just wish there was more colours and level of tints when it came to lens colour as I was kind of after a lightly coloured yellow tinted glasses. But other than that, no stress.

Now onto the glasses itself.

Order took a while I guess – around 10 days to receive it – compared to other retailers. The prescription glasses I ordered felt a little cheap due to its light plastic construction but for the price that I paid for, I certainly cannot complain. With care, these will definitely last for the next few years. The glasses looked exactly like what I saw on my computer screen which is great. The glasses pretty much ticked all the boxes that a pair of glasses needs to do. I didn’t order them with a case but it comes with a nice box, a fabric pouch and a screw should I need to adjust my glasses. Personally, I very much like the fabric pouch and the box which it comes with – despite the price, it certainly gives it that premium feel to it.

So, would I shop at Eye Buy Direct again? Definitely. Unless I decide to go after a branded pair of glasses, I think Eye Buy Direct has me covered for value. It’s great and I would definitely recommend this to friends and family.

Get what you pay for cheap price cheap quality.

I liked the website userbility. Ive had my glasses now for under a year now. They aren’t the best quality. Hair gets caught in the frame hinges, that needs tightening from time to time, and the lenses anti scratch lasted 6 months, also I had one of the nose pads fall off which I replaced. But on the plus side, it’s really cheap. Could get four pairs for the price of one. That would last you 2 years.
In a nut shell, Id just go to your local shop and get one if you don’t like the high turnover, but if you are strapped for cash then its an ok alternative. 2.5 stars

Junk quality frames and lenses

I've owned over 20 pairs of glasses over the years and the last 5 pairs have been brought online.
My 3 month old glasses from eyebuy are terrible... cracked on the lens..and 2 places on the frames... seems to just be really cheap materials.
Very disappointed.

Good quality and ridiculously low price. Great value

I have a big nose and usually find it hard to find frames that fit me well. I found a frame that fits perfectly only by using their "try on" tool on their platform. They look awesome. Cheap frames on a popular chain store feel like they're going to fall apart after a few days. This one feels like a good quality frame for a fraction of the cost of the expensive branded ones. I usually don't leave reviews but I'm so happy with the product, the service and the low price that I felt I had to share my experience. I fully recommend Eyebuy direct. From choosing the frame and "trying them" on their platform to the actual delivery, everything went smoothly. Cannot recommend them enough. I'm never overpaying on brick and mortar stores anymore.

thank you

I want to thank eye buy direct for replacing my glasses it meant alot to me . I broke them and they sent me an email saying they were going to send me another pair thanks again for the great service have a nice day

Very cheap, good quality and decent delivery time

I've been using Eyebuydirect since 2011 and just received my 3rd set of glasses (2 pairs) from them.
As usual, the prices are really cheap, about a 3rd cheaper than local optometrists, which is very nice.

Lots of glasses to choose from when ordering and the prescription was easy to enter in. Nice you can save various profiles for glasses and prescriptions.

It took 10 days from the day I ordered them for them to arrive at my door, which is a reasonable time frame for online ordering.

The quality of the glasses are as usual really good. I'm using my new pair as I type this and it's crystal clear.
The build quality on the glasses feels good, they're sturdy and no scratches, blurs etc..

No complaints here. Highly recommended.

Just go to your local shop

I ordered a pair of glasses, i recently had my eyes tested so used the prescription i got from my optician, the glasses are ok for the money but i cant see a thing out of them, obviously did not use my prescription. Also waited weeks. A complete waste of time and money. The glasses are useless.

Great result.

I recently purchased prescription sunglasses. After procrastinating for several months, I finally made my purchase on-line. Although at first I did have problems communicating on the telephone and chat line, the end result was one which I was completely satisfied with. I would definitely refer this company to others

Fast shipping, good product.

I had a pretty great experience buying from Eye Buy Direct. After seeing some questionable reviews I thought I'd proceed with caution, but risk it anyway. I ended up buying the "Chillax" frames, and had no problem entering my script. I received regular updates on my order and a tracking number when the package sent. My order was complete and in my hands in about 8 days, which was fine with me being that I wasn't without glasses the whole time. My script is correct and the glasses themselves are fine, albeit a little flimsy feeling but nothing I'd complain about for the price. All in all, didn't have an issue!

Great service and product.

I have quite a difficult prescription that forces me to get the thinnest lens possible. Shopping at the regular optometrist chains costs me a fortune, so I thought I'd give Eyebuydirect a go.

The glasses are fashionable and the lenses are not too thick. The customer service is great and always helpful.

Good quality glasses

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