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Naturopathica Fat Blaster Coconut Detox

Naturopathica Fat Blaster Coconut Detox

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Detox NOT Diet

I have been in the fitness industry for about 20 years and the mixed reviews I have read about this product have been very interesting to say the least. I am not going to comment on what I have read but what I will say is that everyone is starting on a different baseline, each one of us has a different storey, different energy levels, different hormonal system and therefore share different experiences. Regarding this product specifically (which I have tried) ITS A DETOX, NOT a DIET (or a way of life). Detoxes such as these are not meant for long term. They are designed to be done then followed by a correct eating plan, accompanied by an exercise program, combined with a specific mindset, prescribed specifically for you, this is what you should be doing. Weather you have lost 1kg, or 3kgs or none, that's not their purpose, they are designed to kick start or prepare the body for change. The fact that some have lost weight in two days or three etc. is a bonus. There is no quick fix...you must do the work!!
To your health, good luck.

It 100% works if you do it properly

I have just completed this detox (about to go to sleep, will eat in the morning).
Alot of people on here are saying it didnt work and while it will effect people in different ways, you can bet they didnt do it properly. I have not eaten a thing and used the drink as a meal replacement and have lost 3.5kg in 2 days.

It tastes great, quite sweet but i like that. Is is thick though.

It is all a matter of will power. A friend and i did it together and that really helped. You will be hungry but you can do it!

Not working

I don't like the taste of this product, just like drinking sugar. and the problem is it is not working on me. I had drank 8 bottles, it still not worked. Never buy it again.

Great product...but...don't eat fruit!

I drink this product 'only' for the two days (nothing else). Fruit contains sugar; healthy yes but still sugar so don't eat fruit. Product works great! Just use your willpower!

Doesn't work!

I recently bought this product with the clear idea of a complete detox. I followed a very strict fruit diet only with the product and loads of water to make sure I get the best out of the product but nothing happened. I have tried detoxing before with normal everyday ingredients and they work way better than this expensive drink. Please don't buy it - not recommended at all!!


I am using it as part of 5:2 & started it at the beginning of last week. I definitely felt lighter after the 2 days. No headaches, and was full of energy. I was initially worried that I would struggle doing it, even if just for 2 days, but it was a breeze. I am now in the 2 week & started doing my fasting day today. Knowing the results from last week spurs me on to continue. I lost 3kg after the first time & am continuing to lose weight since.

It works

Usually quite cynical about detox product but this did manage to stop me eating for 2 days. List a couple of kilos and good kick start to diet. Also helps to shrink your stomach ready for diet. Those people that slammed it. It's impossible not to lose weight.

Not worth it!

Purchase this product thinking that it will clear out my system. Nothing has happened, and made my bloating worse. Def not worth the money, better off drinking water and lemon

Awesome product!

I lost 3kg after 2 days of detox. The taste is tolerable, it makes you feel full and it diminished my sweets and caffein cravings. I became more concious with my food intake now and planning to use this product again sometimes. I encorporated it with light excercises. It is a great head start for me to being fit again.

You will be hungry and unhealthy drinking this rather than eating proper meals

Basically you dilute the product with water and drink three time a day which replaces your meals. I tried this product twice (not consecutively) as meal replacement and doing light workout during the two days (I do light workout as I doubt if this product would provide enough protein for my body). I felt a bit full for a little while after drinking, but gradually got very hungry in between the drinks. The first time my weight changed 1 kilo after two days, and the second time only a few hundred grams. To be honest, I think that's the water my body is losing. You can achieve this result by eating healthy and do workouts too. The difference between this product and health lifestyle is, my weight will bounce back to prior to drinking this product, but my weight will maintain the same is I just do workout and eat healthy.
In summary, please do not frequently use this product, as it will cause damage to your health in long term. Take time to exercise, say no to junk food, you are good to go without this product.

This is great and worth trying!

It has worked beautifully for me! I have lost 10 kilos and have maintained my weight as I come back to the detox every two months. My bloating symptom is gone and my belly fat is gone. I look great! However, I feel tired on the second day on the drink and it is a bit hard to drink so much water. I recommended it to my friends as well.

Purchased at Chemist warehouse

I'll use it again!

I liked the sweet taste, mine was the coconut and lemon. I found i didn't really feel hungry. On the last night i was tempted to give in and eat as i didn't feel any less bloated. I am glad i didn't though. When i woke i weighed myself and i had lost two kgs and felt great and not at all bloated. This was a few weeks ago and this morning i weighed again and have managed to lose one more kilo. Since the detox i have been eating clean and the two days on the detox was strangely enough time for me to detox/no longer crave chocolate. And i LOVEEEEE chocolate! I will use this again if i have something on i want to slim down a bit for but i realise also that if i went back to eating what i was, that weight would have come back. I found it a great kickstart for a diet as losing one or two kilos gets your enthusiasm up!

Hasn't done anything so far.

Well I've been on it for 10 hours so far. Drank 2 litres of water as well. Nothing has happened yet. Aren't I supposed to get flushed out or something? Don't under why it has any sugar let alone artificial sweetener that is so bad for you. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Definitely worth trying

For me this product worked well. I dropped 5 kilos in the 2 days. I enjoyed the taste I must say you need to be a pineapple & coconut fan as the flavours are quiet dominating. It reduces your appetite although I made a tuna, cucumber & tomato salad on day one for dinner. Note you need to be drinking a vast amount of water to cleanse & remove the toxins. The verdict is it is unrealistic to maintain a diet such as this as when you resume your general eating habits you will most likely return to your original weight. What I found this product good for is to assist in a quick fix to look slim for a certain event example the beach or a wedding. It also helps you make healthier food choices as you want to maintain the physique you obtained.

Awful and made me feel sick

Day 1 lunchtime I got a headache that changed to migraine quickly. 9 pm day 1, I was violently vomiting. Definitely a product to avoid. Save your money. Eat healthy with moderation.


I have been struggling with bloating for years. I love food and love carbs. My body can't digest food as it should. I had medical test all appear normal. It wasn't until I heard about this coconut detox that I thought it's not a diet it's a detox. After the second day someone said you have lost weight your bloating has gone. I eat the food from the website and most of all you must drink 8 glasses of water a day which is easy for me but maybe not for others. Yes, it's sweet I have a sweet tooth add a bit more water to tone down the sweetness it still works. I have not side effects at all. I'm a coffee lover so me that's been hard. But I have 1 coffee a week and usually it's a treat when out.

Just Fine

I am at the end of my second day, I feel good, have loads of energy, not hungry and haven't experience any side effects.
I think the drink tastes great, tis sweet but still nice and more that palatable after the second day.
I think it is a great idea to kick start or get back on track to eating healthy and for getting out of the habit of eating poorly.

Be careful about this product

It's so awful. I had so bad side effect. My blood sugars level up, it was very high! Secondly, I had so bad headache, vomited, feel sick, and also any flushing and cleaning from inside. I wasted my firstly health and money. It is really rubbish product, making money from naive people. I did not continued to drink next day. Me feeling was like I am dying.
Please be careful people, this product rubbish just makes money from naive people.

I have no idea what I'm doing but great

A friend of mine gave this to me. And I'm not a health nut or no idea what a detox is. I just chugged down the bottle after dialuting and I feel great, my tiredness went away and feel like if I drank bunch of red bull. I swear to god this thing has caffeine..

Totally gross!

The flavour was just awful. It was coconutty, but sickly sweet and acidic, it tasted like the aftermath of having vomitted from drinking too many pina coladas.
I did manage to last the whole 2 day detox, but i literally had to force myself to drink the mixture. You are supposed to sip it over a 2-3hr period, but I found myself just taking large gulps every half hour or so just to get it over with.
I didn't weigh myself before-hand so I can't comment on the weight-loss side of things, but I did feel less bloated after the two days and that I could hold my tummy in more, but in saying that, I'm sure a 2-day fast on green tea would have the same effect.
My advice after trying it would be not to bother wasting your money and do a 2 day green tea detox/fast instead.

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Fat Blaster Coconut Detox
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