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Feeling Sexy

Feeling Sexy

4.6 from 54 reviews

Fantastic Service - Fast delivery

Purchased my favourite perfume as has become unavailable in major department stores. Item as described and in original packaging. Delivered on time. Easy website to navigate. Will definitely purchase again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedMay 2019

Chic Shaik No 70 by Shaik and Opulent Shaik Classic No 77 by Shaik

Different, Sensual, Distinctive, Subtle Aoud scent from the Jewels of Arabia. Scent lasted well over 12 hours. Scent not recognisable compared to other brands on the market. A true scent of the Jewel Of Arabia.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedApril 2019

Buyer beware - questionable quality

Refer my below question (unanswerer at time of writing)

Purchased Lacoste L'Homme Intense online because its not available otherwise in Australia. Was dissatisfied with thr product. RMA has been approved but accompanied with a long winded excuse that clearly avoids acknowledging any issues.

1 star for packaging and promptness of delivery
1 star for willingness to take my return.
0 stars for unwillingness to acknowledge any issues, despite a product that clearly is subpar.

I'm happy with the online purchasing process, packaging and delivery aspects. I'm happy that they've accepted my dissatisfaction.

However, the product itself does not impress me. Nor does their unwillingness to acknowledge there is any issue (which is also evident on other reviews here).

Last words - buyer beware. Seems genuine but you accept the risk of a subpar quality product. My recommendation, in hindsight, would be to always buy in person (or online from a chain store or direct from manufacturer).

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Date PurchasedApril 2019

Fake perfumes but quick delivery

I bought
La nuit de l'homme
Prada Le femme for my partner
Bentley intense for men
Mont Blanc individuel
A big disappointment as none of them last as expected or reviewed by perfume reviews such as jeremy fragrance
only good thing was that delivery was very fast and a nice packaging too.
I would recommend to buy from some other store as for me these perfumes were completely far from original and i think that's what we reckon as a FAKE/COPY perfume.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedFebruary 2019
Hi, we just need to make clarification on what Ankur said. He disappointed on the fragrance because the fragrance that he purchased does not last as long as what Jeremy fragrance said on Youtube video. He wasn't comparing it to his previous purchase from another retailer. We like to comment on this one by saying the longevity of fragrances can be vary from person to person depending on their skin condition. Something that being reviewed to last for 8 hours but only last 4-5 hours on your skin does not make the fragrance is a fake. There are plenty of reviews on those fragrances online and every single one do have some mixed pros and cons reviews. Every review do said different things about a particular fragrance and there are reviews who said totally the opposite to what previous reviews said. Every single person do experience each fragrance differently and to expect the full exact experience according to a single video on something very subjective such as fragrance is kind of unreasonable. FeelingSexy.com.au is always committed to only supply genuine / authentic product. Dealing with counterfeits is a serious crime and we will never go down that path in running our business.Cool But your fragrances doesn’t even last for 3 hours and that’s what I’m talking about longevity on skin Projection is not even 30 minutes My skin might be the crappiest ever made by god but what about the prada la femme that I bought for a female Same issues with that And I never said that it’s fake What I said was that A cologne with that sort performance resembles something that we call FAKE Hope I’ve cleared out myself here

Purchase of Tom Ford Perfume

I found and purchased the Cafe Rose perfume by Tom Ford on the feeling sexy website at a reasonable price. The perfume was delivered in perfect condition and is authentic and legitimate . I will definitely purchase from this website again.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedFebruary 2019

On time delivery, no hassle, great customer service

It was on time with great customer service and prices. The package was delivered with express in 2 days and it was exactly what I wanted.

Fraudulent and Misleading website

I ordered online via website Polo Blue for Men Eau de Toilette 125ml Spray x 2 and sent me Polo Blue eau de parfume 125ml x2. When I tried to return them C/S team member [name removed] told me that I can not return them due to one is opened to check the product what I received in the mail.

It seems that this website is fraudulent and misleading as products are cheaply priced and when ordered on line somehow order converted into different product but very similar in nature. once you opened the order you can not return!. (Buyer beware).

Leant a good lesson - Never to buy from this feeling sexy on line website (very unsexy and fraudulent to me) or unknown online mushroom websites due to cheap pricing!


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Hi Don, I have run through investigation on your order history and my finding do aligned with CS team that you indeed placed an order for 2 bottles of Polo Blue Eau de Parfum not eau de toilette. However, I have approved the returned of both of products for full refund regardsless of product condition as I can totally understand how customer can easily made a mistake during order process due to the similarity of the two product images. Should you have any question, please feel free to write back to customerservice@feelingsexy.com.au

Amazingly Fast Service!

I wanted to buy Ellie Saab Girl of Now perfume and shopped around online for a good price. I tend to stick to well known sites and stores, but couldn’t go past the discount on this site. I also received an extra 5% by joining up with them as a First time Customer. I read the reviews and decided to take the risk as everyone was saying how good they were. Happy to say I’m converted now as well. I ordered yesterday and received my perfume today. Excellent service considering we are in Regional Victoria. I will definitely be adding these to my favorites.

Excellent quality, excellent customer service.

I ordered Thierry Mugler’s Alien perfume, it is always hard to find, but found it here at a competitive price. I forgot to change the address to home instead of work and wanted to swap to express delivery- this was all done quickly over email with no problems.
Definitely will shop here again, although, the name of the company made me think twice as I wasn’t sure what website I was heading to.

Genuine quality products at a fair price.

I have ordered fragrances from Feeling Sexy over the last few year without any issues at all.
Just recently I purchased a GHD Gold Hair Straightener & 5x GHD Hair Care Products, these were for a gift and I did feel a little unsure about buying these online and spending this much however after calling Feeling Sexy and speaking to a gentlemen who told me about the products and reassured me I placed my order, paid a little extra for express shipping to Perth WA and received my order in 2 days. I was completely happy with everything & satisfied that these were genuine quality products at a fair price.

Fastest shopping and BEST price!!!!

I bought hair pomade and givenchy gentlemen only cologne for $99.95 (saved about $60-$70) in the 150ml which is hard to find! Myer only stock 50 or 100ml; 100ml being $140!!
Original packaging/brand new/100% real and not fake.
The shipping took 3 days which is great and was free! I will definitely be doing all my cologne/perfume shopping from here!

Amazing experience Except 1 thing...

Order process was easy, delivery was 3 days and constant messages and emails on where the order is at. Couldn't expect any more except 1 thing..... Thee name.... emails and text messages come FeelingSexy. Very embarrassing as others would look and think I am on a dodgy site or message from a porn site. I have to delete it quick... they need to change this

A pretty easy experience

I ordered some cologne from them and they had a great price online (lowest I could find). Ordering and delivery were all straightforward and it came when it was supposed to- all in all an easy, delightful experience. I would give them 5 stars but I struggled with the name "Feeling Sexy" coming up in emails and was super afraid the box would have their name on it as it sat with my name in front of our house. Other than that, a 5 star experience.


Perfume smells nothing like the real product, and return policy is a farce. Company claimed I had selected incorrectly, when I have been wearing same perfume for years. I’ve paid $100 for something that smells like acetone.

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Hi Kellie, our CS team basically trying to explained that you ordered Tresor Lumineuse instead of the normal Tresor Eau de Parfum. These are 2 different perfumes and they do expected to have different scent. Tresor Lumineuse Link: https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/tresor-eau-de-parfum-lumineuse-by-lancome-19312/ vs Tresor Eau de Parfum Link: https://www.feelingsexy.com.au/tresor-by-lancome-14497/ What you purchased from department store is definitely the Tresor Eau de Parfum since they never sell Lumineuse version. Yes they have a very similar name and we can understand that it is easy to made a mistake during online shopping due to how similar the name is and the image showing those products, unfortunately we are unable to accept return for opened / used product. Just like you, each customers do expecting a totally brand new product when purchasing from our store.

Favourite perfume stop

Genuine products and great quality , unbelievable service, would definitely recommend this store to anyone who is looking for great products at a very good price.Thanks a lot again guys.

Excellent customer service

My email was replied to within the day. Very polite communication. Extremely helpful. They priced matched a product for me.

Fast shipping, great quality

My items came super fast and just in time for Christmas, they where in perfect condition and they offer zip pay allowing me to pay off my items slowly. definitely would recommend this store.

My new online store

I was looking for a perfume that I had tested at a major department store but was over priced. When I googled the perfume, Feeling Sexy came up. I read the reviews for them and was satisfied they were genuine. Excellent service, email sent when my perfume was dispatched. Would highly recommend them to anyone wanting fast service.

Fragrance bargains!

Brand name colognes and perfumes at competitive prices. Wait for a sale for absolute bargain prices. All my purchases have been sealed and genuine. Shipping has been fast and secure, with tracking and sms updates. Extremely happy with purchases and customer service. Brilliant!

An amazing company !!!

I cannot say enough positive things about this company so helpful in sorting out a delivery issue which was not thier fault they were amazing would buy from them again and recommend them to anyone

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Questions & Answers

Tried the Lacoste L'Homme Intense at Dubai International Airport about a week ago. However I ran out of time and didn't get the chance to buy it before I left the airport, so I bought it online at feelingsexy.com (noting that no other Australian retailer sells it, online or otherwise). Delivery was prompt and well-packaged. Looks the real deal. But as soon as I sprayed it, it is clear to me that it's not the same as I had tried. Similar smell, but distinctly less intense, less rich, less projection. Not very long lasting either - 2-3h vs the airport version which was still very prominent after 12h. I also tried the non-intense version (which looks different). I know what i was buying, and I bought what I was after. I suspect it might not have been stored or handled correctly, leading to the product breaking down under high temps... Not claiming this is a fake product, but it certainly isn't the same product as if I had of purchased it from an international shop. Seeking a refund. Will give a star rating following a response.
3 answers
Yeah that’s what exactly I’m talking about I’m not saying they are fake but they don’t last at allSeems like there's been some good reviews here though. I don't think it's necessarily dodgey or watered down (which is why I'm thinking possibly that it hasn't been stored properly), or else we wouldn't be seeing half the positive reviews here (trying not to inject too much cynism haha) Whatever the reason, it's not the quality that I expected and hence why I'm seeking a refund.Update: they've provided me with a very long email describing how the product should be fully stable even at temperatures of 64°C. They've defended their warehousing procedures and claim their warehouse temps don't exceed 26°C. As someome whos worked closely with warehousing environments over the years, I have my doubts that storage temps at the upper bays vs ground temps are comparable. They've tried to use an excuse of humidity and temperature (but realised that at DBX, it would have been fully air conditioned). As such, they've not tried to push for this. RMA has been approved. I'm happy that they've accepted my dissatisfaction. I'm happy with the online purchasing process, packaging and delivery aspects. However, the product itself does not impress me. Nor does their unwillingness to acknowledge there is any issue (which is also evident on here). Last words - buyer beware. Seems genuine but you accept the risk of a subpar quality product as a risk. My recommendation, in hindsight, would be to always buy in person (or online from a chain store).

Can you please advise when Mancera Cedrat Boise Eau de Parfum will be available? The 120ml. Many thanks Chris
1 answer
Cedrat Boise 120ml is now available

Some reviews say the products aren't genuine. Is this the case or are all your products guaranteed to be the genuine item and not fake products?
1 answer
See you interested to catch up