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Poor carpet and terrible service

We purchased Feltex carpet after very careful consideration. Within months it was rucking, flattened and looking old. The problem, I am sure, is poor quality backing on the carpet. I eventually contacted the supplier who passed the message on to Feltex. Someone came, told me it was the weather and all carpet was effected by weather and the carpet layer should pull it all up and re-lay it. He provided a report back to Feltex and my supplier which did not at all report the facts. I complained again, same person came back and I informed him his report had been totally inaccurate - still claimed weather or the layer was the problem. He said if I wanted to complain I could go to the industry body (there is a Feltex rep on that panel so I doubt it would be an unbiased examination of the issue). Today I rang Feltex and asked for the name of the GM or CEO so I could write and outline my concern - I was told GM/CEO names cannot be provided for privacy reasons - they apparently are top secret because they cannot be found online either. I waited on the phone for 15 minutes to speak to a manager, saying intermittently I was happy to wait, and then I was cut off. Appalling. No stars - even though you have to put one on to submit your review!

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Hi Lyn, I am terribly sorry that you have had such an ordeal. Please can you send me some information via email to social.media@godfreyhirst.com where I can look into this for you. I need the claim number and the name and address of the retailer, your name and address and the style of carpet you purchased along with the date of purchase. As I said I will look into your claim. Many thanks Mary

Terrible carpet

Purchased this carpet and had it laid throughout our house. Looked and felt fantastic for 5 months and now has worn and flattened in all traffic areas. It even flattened out in front of the change table where I stood to change my baby within the 5 weeks of him being home. Not good enough. Nothing picks the carpet back up, it’s flat, worn and fluffy resulting in not being able to clean it properly. I did have a carpet consultant come and look at the carpet to which he sent a report stating it was normal within the first 6 months. I’m still wanting this addressed. Severely disappointed in the product and company treatment thus far

Job Satisfaction
Hi Karlie S. I apologise that it has taken so long for us to respond to your feedback. I wonder is you would mind emailing your full name and address, along with the date and place( retailer) you purchased from, as well as the product you purchased from them. That way I can look into the issues you have had and give you a more comprehensive response. I wait to hear from you. Kind regardsHi Karlie, I would like you to email to social.media@godfreyhirst.com Sorry I neglected to advise this in the last post. Kind regards Mary

Lifetime Warranty a Joke

Contacted company in June re warranty. Told a claim would be raised. Called again in July as no action had been taken. Said they hadn't received paperwork. Was told an inspector would contact me in next couple of weeks. Called again end of August. Was told they had been busy. In September received a letter stating that warranty conditions had not been met. Never saw the inspector. Sent an itemised email on 19 October showing how I HAD met the warranty conditions. No response to email. Sent another email on 11 November asking if I would get a response. Still no reply. It seems like the company policy is "stuff them around long enough and maybe they'll go away." Not sure what is worse - the carpets or the customer service!

Here we go - still being ignored!!! Because it might cost them money.Hi Kath, I wonder if you could please email me the details of your claim to social.media@godfreyhirst.com so that I can look into your claim. I require your full name, address, product name, retailer, and after sales number please. Many thanksHappy to do that but first I would like to know why I never got a response to my first comment. Secondly, how do I know, once I do that, that I won't be ignored yet AGAIN.

Ribcord - Dark Pepper

It was only installed 1 week ago. Im happy with it, It looks nice and its everything I expected. Its in a extention that we havnt moved into as of yet, but it looks smart and cozy.

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Hi Miranda, This is fantastic to hear about your new carpet. We are thrilled that your new carpet is everything you expected. Enjoy it . Kind regards

Carpet not fit for purpose

Feltex are marketing carpet that is not "Fit for purpose". They offer a lifetime guarantee on a product that is not fit for purpose. A product that should not be sold in the public realm because it is Not fit for purpose and Feltex is well are aware that the product is Not fit for purpose. Placing warnings in tiny lettering that nobody sees is deceptive and misleading conduct under the Trade Practises Act. This kind of conduct is unethical and immoral and does nothing for the reputation of the company. I would not, under any circumstances, recommend this company to anyone. What I would say is: BEWARE of FELTEX.

Janne C Lindrum

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Hi Janne, thank you for taking the time to express your concerns today. We place great importance on the quality of our Australian and New Zealand made carpets and would like to resolve this for you. So that we can understand the nature of your review, could you please email the following details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com? Product name, colour, address, aftersales reference (if raised).

Very Disappointed

We recently purchased Feltex Dream Shadows carpet for the whole house, I am very disappointed with this carpet, it has only been down for roughly 3months and already is looking terrible in the main traffic areas, ie, hallway, entry into kitchen, and bathroom and where we sit. The pile has gone very flat and kind of matted in these areas the pile doesn’t come up even when vacuumed..it tracks terribly and looks very mostly. I’m worried that after a year it will look terrible. ( it already does ) It shows every foot print and even the cats paw prints are noticeable, so even when you have just vacuumed it, it still looks terrible. I was so looking forward to lovely new carpet but have been very disappointed with the product. I would not recommend this carpet.

Hello Barjilly, We are sorry to hear that you are not entirely happy with your new carpet. I wonder if you would mind please, emailing your details of where and when you purchased the carpet and I can look into it for you. Please send the details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com Many thanksThanks for getting back to me, yes I have emailed my details to the website you said. ThanksSomeone will be in touch , thanks

Extremely disappointed

I was thrilled with the result once the Salisbury Druid Stone carpet was installed, but after a few months it started developing fuzz in the high traffic areas the same way a cheap wool jumper would. It is getting worse and worse and I am bitterly disappointed as I thought I was buying a top quality wool product. How can you sell a carpet that can't withstand traffic? we use a standard dyson vacuum cleaner on the carpet which doesn't show any signs of the wool in it, so it is purely the walking around on it that is causing this... the areas with little traffic still look as good as new. I definitely do not recommend this carpet. Its a complete waste of money.

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Good Morning Inge, we are sorry to hear this. Please email the following details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com and we can follow up for you. Please provide your Name, Address, Retailer and Claim number (if you have one) and we will be in touch. Many thanks The Feltex Carpet team.

Looks great on display in the store, however not practical and looks atrocious after being walked on

We replaced our 18 year old carpet in our main bedroom simply due to wanting a darker coloured carpet whilst renovating our bedroom/ensuite. There was nothing wrong with our carpet, other than it was cream in colour and hard to keep clean. I chose a Stonefields, textured wool carpet, blue/grey in colour. It felt great to walk on (using the sample in store) and it looked fabulous (for a week!). A perfect choice I believed until a week or so after installation and it began to pill/fluff up. Over time it just got worse and worse. It flattens out where walked on regularly and so is not as textured and plush like it was when brand new. We have now had it for two years and I'm so pleased that I did not carpet all the bedrooms in this second rate carpet. The 18 year old carpet in our other two bedrooms is immaculate and looks like it's the new carpet. The carpet in our main bedroom now looks atrocious and old and worn, despite being only two years old. Luckily, we are generally the only people to see the horrid carpet as visitors don't go into our room, however it has made our bedroom second rate. I do not use a rotating head vacuum cleaner on it and I've done nothing to make it this way. It would be fine if we didn't walk on it!!!
Bitterly disappointed and would never consider this carpet again.

Morning Lucinda, we are very sorry to hear that you are not happy with the new carpet. I wonder if you could please email me your details about where and when you purchased your carpet, along with your best contact details so that we can review and discuss your issues with you to feedback@feltex.com. Hopefully we can get a result for you as quickly as possible. Many thanksThis issue was addressed by me in May and numerous emails have been sent back and forth to Feltex, though despite being promised that someone would call, months later, I'm still waiting, yet to receive any call, to have the issue addressed/reviewed/discussed. It seems my only option is to remove the 'new' Feltex carpet and pay for brand new carpet from another supplier to resolve this problem. I will be sure to be giving everyone my opinion on this carpet, letting them know so they can avoid the issues I have had to endure. Even more disappointing is the fact that my husband works for the carpet shop where we purchased this atrocious carpet. A poor effort on behalf of Feltex.

Horrible carpet

Faded in no time even with tinted windows. Nit good wearing. Even my mums neighbour had the same carpet and theirs faded as well. Bad investment.

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Hi Sue, We are terribly sorry to hear that your carpets have faded. If you please email me your details and the details about your purchase, we will be happy to look into it for you. Email to feedback@feltex.com. many thanks

Shock carpet purchase

After purchasing an expensive wool loop pile carpet we were shocked when it turned into patches of unsightly fuzz upon vacuuming. We had purchased a new powerhead vacuum cleaner which we were told by a vacuum franchise owner was the only way to properly clean this kind of carpet. We are now told by the manufacturer that a powerhead cannot be safely used on this carpet. To take this to its logical conclusion ... Feltex is selling a carpet that cannot be properly cleaned. I am deeply disappointed with this purchase!

Dear jillmacc We are sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your carpet. If you could please send me some details to feedback@feltex.com and we can follow up for you? To assist us with a prompt response, could you please include Full name: Address: Phone number: Product: Retailer: After sales number (if existing): Many thanks, Feltex CarpetsThank you. I have responded via email to your request.I would like to provide an update on this matter. Feltex provided a machine to crop the excess fuzz on our carpet but unfortunately this was not entirely successful. The friendly machine operator is a carpet care professional who told us in no uncertain terms that a wool pile carpet can only be properly cleaned by a powerhead. Despite his best efforts, fuzz remains on the surface of the loop pile where it traps debris that an ordinary (non-powerhead) vacuum cleaner can't suction up. Our carpet is now very difficult to clean with any kind of vacuum cleaner. At no time were we warned that a powerhead vacuum cleaner would destroy our carpet. In the Carpet Care brochure put out by Feltex (aka Godfrey Hirst), there is a suggestion (embedded in one of many paragraphs) that one should avoid using a powerhead. Unfortunately it appears that the Feltex sales rep failed to deliver these Carpet care brochures to our carpet retailer so we were ignorant of this issue. (A bundle of brochures was rapidly delivered after my complaint became known.) Feltex accepts no further responsibility for our dilemma and we remain deeply disappointed and angered.

Beautiful top quality carpet

Fantastic carpet, so soft under foot and looks so expensive but was actually reasonably priced. Would highly recommend to do a whole house A++

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Dear SMS, Thank you for providing Feltex with your feedback, We are very glad to hear that you are also happy with your new carpets, and we hope that you will be enjoying them for many years to come. Kind regards

Very nice quality carpet

The carpet is very soft and comfortable to walk on and looks to be a good quality carpet .We had it laid in various rooms in the house recently..

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Hi Fill ,we were very excited to hear that you are as happy with your new carpets as we are to provide them. We hope that you will enjoy your new carpets for years to come, thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback. warm regards

Feels great!

We chose Orchid Charm/ Orchard house. Carpet has been installed to entire upstairs in a new house. Carpet feels great under feet and we're happy with the way the carpet colour works in the rooms. The installers did a great job in that you can't tell where the carpet joins occur. Seems quite easy to keep clean. Comments from other people have said it looks very smooth

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Hi Rookie, Thank you vey much for this wonderful comments about the Feltex carpet you have had installed in your home. We are thrilled that you feel the softness and the comfort under foot, also that you are not able to detect any joins in the flow of the carpets. We do hope that you will be enjoying the look and feel for many years to come. Thank you also for your valued feedback. Kind regards

Really lovely

I chose the Feltex Stonefields for it's natural chunky look. Its very soft underfoot and the Cobblestone colour works really well with each room's decor.

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Hi Sam, We are delighted to hear you are enjoying your new Stonefields carpet. Thanks for sharing! Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Love it

Recently had Feltex carpet laid in bedroom and family room. I love it. Feels lovely underfoot and looks great. I will have no hesitation in putting the same carpet in two more bedrooms.

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Hi Trish, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and we wish you the very best from your beautiful new carpet. Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Great functionality and value for money!

Have bought Feltex carpet for two houses and it is very functional, easy to keep clean especially if you have pets, good value for money and great wearing.

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Hi Danielle, We are delighted hear how satisfied you are with your Feltex Carpet. Thank you for sharing! Warm regards The Feltex Carpets team

lives up to expectations.

Very easy to clean off dog stains. Feels very soft underfoot. And looks great. Couldn't ask for anything more.i recommend this carpet to anyone owning a pet.

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Hi Toby, Our sincere thanks to you for taking the time to leave your kind review here. We wish you all the best with your new carpet for years to come. Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Feels amazing underfoot

Love my new carpet, feels beautiful under my feet. Absolutely no complaints, great product and great service. Would highly recommend.

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Hi Shells, We are thrilled to hear that you love your Feltex carpet! Thanks for sharing. Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Luxury under foot!

Our Feltex carpet is simply wonderful! Andersens Carpets in Noosaville were a pleasure to deal with and arranged for the supply and laying the following week. We were pleasantly surprised with the range of carpets to choose from but settled with 100% wool fibre owing to it's softness under foot, ability to hold it's shape and easy to clean. With a 15 year guarantee The choose was simple.

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Hi Jules, We're thrilled to hear that you're pleased with your new Feltex wool carpet from Andersens Carpets in Noosaville and wish you all the best comfort and enjoyment for years to come! Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

Great result

The supplier was very professional and recommended the product. This saved us considerable time and angst comparing numerous samples. All we needed to do was choose the colour! The result is fantastic, great looking, soft on feet and harmonises with our furniture and the natural timber attributes of our house.

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Hi there, Many thanks for taking the time to review your new Feltex Carpet. We are delighted to hear you are happy with your selection. Warm regards, The Feltex Carpets team

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Questions & Answers

Hi Mary H Will I ever receive a response to my concerns posted 6 months ago or am I being ignored because it's a negative post? Kath
1 answer
Hi Kath, I am terribly sorry that we have not responded to you any earlier, I wonder if you would mind emailing me your details to social.media@godfreyhirst.com Full name: Address: Phone number: Product: Retailer: After sales number (if existing): I will look into your issues as quickly as possible. Many thanks

I have researched that Feltex, Godfrey Hirst and Just Shorn are all the same company, yet marketed as 3 different brands? Why does the same product from the same company have different prices when they look the same? Eg Diamond Lake and feltex wool carpet?
1 answer
Hi Morvi, Thanks for reaching out. Can you provide some more information on the carpets you are comparing? i.e. Do you have both product names; Diamond Lake and the other? Many carpets can indeed look similar. Whilst it would be rare to find the same carpet at the same store with different pricing, the pricing is at the discretion of the retailer. We’re here to help and look forward to hearing from you.

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