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Could not care about customer service and long standing customer

I ordered a box of wine as I was having a dinner party and paid for same day deliver. The wrong wine was sent. I contacted customer service with no reply. I tried to contact them twice more with no reply. I have been shopping with them regularly for well over ten years but this didn't seem to matter. I have since shifted to Dan Murpheys and to date quiet happy with service.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Very rude staff

On several occasions I have found staff at First Choice Keperra to be extremely rude and not at all helpful. One of the worst instances of this I witnessed today. An elderly gentleman was making some purchases. He was going to pay cash but realised he didn’t have quite enough money so he decided to use his card. At this the salesperson became quite impatient and rude. He then asked about purchasing the special for $10 as he had spent sufficient, but was told it was too late as it had to be all on one purchase. Not only was there no offer to cancel his order then ring it up again including the additional item, but the cashier made quite derogatory comments to another customer about the older gentleman. I found this very offensive. Will not be shopping there again!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Good Service and price

Went in to First Choice Bicton earlier this month and found a very helpful staff member named Dan who told us exactly where to find the product we were looking for and served us with immediately. We will go back.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great prices, good specials

I enjoy shopping here, prices are very competitive, free delivery offers, good stock levels. Delivery usually quite fast. Aust Post often lets online delivery down. Staff at Lutwyche are friendly and helpful.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

No stock. Oh wait, now we have stock a week later.

Ordered two bottles of wine and got a ‘sorry, no stock’ email that said they could send another wine or give me a refund. Asked for a refund. No response. Asked again. No response. Asked again. No response. Nine days later I get a shipment notification from AusPost. Meanwhile, I ordered a six pack from Qantas for cheaper. Lesson learned, only buy from Qantas.

Great range

Love my local First Choice! Great range, good prices, friendly, helpful staff and I love all the Flybuys bonus point offers that have seen me get free alcohol on many occasions!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Product not available on Special. On shelf day after special ended.

I tried over two weeks to buy Johnnie Walker Green @ $65 per bottle.
The day after the special ended and the product went to $84 per bottle, suddenly there were 5 bottles on the shelf!
Tried to complain via email, bounced back.
I’m no Dan fan, but that’s were I’ll be shopping from now on.


Ordered our New Years Eve liquor, Carton of beer a couple of wines. Order date 28th December, plenty of time EXCEPT they sent the order by Australia Post. On New Years Eve we were advised that the delivery wouldn't be happening. The local store is 15 minutes away. The fact that they didn't take into that New Years Eve was an Australia Post holiday and in any case as they are a 7 day operation why couldn't they do next day delivery? And there was no delivery . All I got was a card in my letter box advising that I should pick the two cartons up from the Post Office. That's NOT delivery in my view.

Click & forget First Choice

After reading many of the reviews here I see that I am not the only one experiencing order difficulties with First Choice.
After having online orders taking over a week to be delivered I decided to use click &I collect. Big mistake.
My first cc order was lost.
So next time I decided to pick up at a different store. Here I experienced a similar problem. They could not find the order. After I provided the order number they found the system claimed it had been collected.
Staff went as far as asking if I had got someone else to pick up. (As a senior I wonder if someone younger would have been asked the same question.)
Now let's remember that you need to show Your drivers licence to collect.
Staff still not believing me said they would check their cctv to see if the person who collected the order was myself. (Again I take offence to this)
Finally after searching more thoroughly they determined that a staff member had pressed collected against my order by mistake.
Now that mistake is understandable but the accusations that Had been made to me is not.
Off to Dan Murphy from now on. The staff their are trained to handle customers and problems in a much better way.
Bye First Choice.

Incompetent and waste of time!!!!!

Like to place an order for over $ 700.00. Web-site doesn't work and the "Help-Center" has no clue at all!!! Canceled everything and deal now with "DAN MURPHY"!!!!

Very Disappointed

Went to Salisbury on Monday very busy wanted special out of locked display didn't want to ask as so busy went back today so too late I never go back.

Non Existent Customer Service and repeated non application of FlyBuys - FRAUDSTERS!!!

Typical Coles company. Hammers me with emails about Fly Buys promos. I make several orders, wait the 4 weeks max time and receive points on 2 orders after repeated call to FlyBuys. It's a con. Fly Buys tell you to contact First Choice and they don't respond. How do they get away with this?? Probably because consumer affairs is weak when it comes to the big companies.

Zero Customer Service by Duncraig WA Store...

well Today I ordered online a dozen bottles of wine for pick up at Duncraig Store (Order #584230) but after completing payment found out is was to be delivered 21st December, not for collection today. Rang the 1300 number 3 times no answer until the 3rd call and that was after I rang the Duncraig Store and spoke with a guy who was not really interested in my issue and told me to call the 1300 again which I dad and this time got an answer and was advised that some of the click and collect customers were having the same problem as there was a "glitch" in the online order system. The guy sorted it but said the guy from Duncraig Store could have put me through to him... obviously he had no customer service.
Finally the guy on the 1300 number corrected the issue and I was able to go and collect my order.
Usually I buy thought Dan Murphy and get them to price match. Won't ever deal with First Choice again.. mainly due to the guys attitude at the Duncraig Store or just was not interested and also the stuff up of my order.
I spend around 2k a year on liquor.

Shocking customer service

Not happy with First Choice. Ordered online and paid for next day delivery. Received phone call from Toll Couriers in am of the next day saying it would be delivered between 1:00 and 5:00. Rang Toll at 5:30 (on hold for ages) to be told it would be another 20 mins due to Christmas. Rang again 2 hours later at 7:30 only to be told - very casually - that as it is after 7:30, delivery would be the next day. If I hadn't have rung I would still be waiting.... Now whilst this is not First Choice Liquor's fault, when I rang to cancel the order as I won't be home tomorrow, (and was on queue for over 20 mins) the lady was rather short with me.... this was an opportunity for FCL to build a tattered relationship and deal positively with a frustrated customer .... instead I won't be using you again. Shame on your customer service. Toll was unacceptable but FCL was insulting. At least Toll was genuinely apologetic.

First Choice Kenmore didn't accept that my $74 bottle of champagne tasted off

Husband purchased bottle of Bilie Cart Salmon champagne for my birthday. It is my absolute favourite and is often bought for me for special occasions. Didn't get to drink it then so we opened it for our wedding anniversary. The cork didn't "pop" it just plopped out. then I smelt it and had a bit of a sherry odour. Tasted it and was overly sweet with a sherry-like taste to it also. Very disappointed so we didn't drink it. Hubby took it back to First Choice at Kenmore. A lady in store tasted it and smelt it and apparently it is supposed to smell and taste like that!
I am a regular customer and believe that I know what my favourite champagne should taste like and it was not good. I can't drink it and won't be buying it or anything else from there again. Very disappointed as it spoilt our anniversary as well as wasting $74.00.

Fantastic Service

We buy all our wine from First Choice online and take advantage of their Free Delivery days. The specials they have cannot be beaten in the shops and no heavy carting of winr bottles home.

Left a bad taste in my mouth...

....It wasn't the product but staff behaviour. I was in the store and realised I needed a trolley. Being a first time shopper at the store I asked a customer at the checkout where they were. I left my wife shopping and went outside to get a trolley. When I got back into the store my wife said that the staff member who heard me ask where the trolley's were began rolling her eyes, shaking her head and made smart remarks about how easy to see they were . Not sure why staff should think it appropriate and necessary to make a comment and belittle customers in front of others for no reason Seems like staff at First Choice need some training or management need to do a better job at staff selection.

unexpected thouroughness

Paul took time helping me clarify what I valued and enjoyed most .He then identified 6 different red wines which I'm looking forward to trying. He also helped me select the best quality and value wine for a special gift.

Order process online ALL TOO HARD!

Just tried to order some stuff online via click and collect, should be "click and forget" , site was SLOW and each time I put a password in it asked for something else to be added of which none were identified in the password instructions? I also called their help number and just after I gave my mobile number the phone dropped out and no return call? I then called the store who said they could not help and I would have to call the same place that hung up on me? All too hard in my estimations with no time saving to be had!

Poor refrigeration

Helpful staf however, There’s very poor refrigeration at the Waterford West outlet. There’s nothing better than a nice cold beer on a hot day but you won’t get one here. It’s also been that way for years very sad. You won’t find cold beer at nearby outlets either. And there’s a common denominator with all local outlets Coles. Very sad!

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