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Fitness Passport
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I left my job yet I’m still being charged!

I haven’t been in my job since March yet they still take money from my account. I have tried to council but my former supervisor doesn’t seem to want to help me. Every time I email Fitness Passport I receive nothing back & they just refer me back to my old supervisor. As far as I can tell they don’t even have a contact number. It a great idea but they don’t make it easy to leave if it doesn’t suit your situation anymore. Big regrets! I won’t do it again.

Value for Money
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Hi Lee I've sent you a private message asking for your membership details but have not yet received a reply. I'm unable to find any requests from you in our emails - are you emailing info@fitnesspassport.com.au ? It may be that you are emailing your workplace facilitator rather than Fitness Passport. If you are able to respond to me with your membership number I would love to help resolve this for you as soon as possible, and make sure that correct procedures have been followed. Kind regards, Polina

Total rip off. Don't do it.

Used only once. Moved to a different job on January and asked for refund for the continuous debit till March although I have not returned my cut up card. I only got presented a no brainer term telling I cannot have a refund because I have not presented the cut up card straight after my resignation and it has remained actove. Crap! Total crap.

Value for Money
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Hi Kat. We're sorry to hear you feel you've had a negative experience with us. Our cancellation process is quite transparent and the returning of the card is standard. If you PM me your member number or email address I can look into your account and make sure everything was handled correctly if you like?

Saved so much money

This is literally the best thing thats happened to me! The flat fee really motivates me to gym to get the most out of what I’m paying. Easy to use and very straightforward joining and suspension process for when on holiday. Can’t believe there are so many bad reviews on this, mainly people complaining it’s a rip off when they choose to not use it correctly!

Value for Money
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Hi Meera! Thank you for such a positive review, we're always thrilled to hear such great feedback!

Do not do it!!

I took out a family membership but then found out my son was not able to use it. I paid for nearly a year but only used it twice, to go swimming, a grand saving of 12 dollars. They then have the gall to charge you a cancellation fee of well over $120 dollars. I made a mistake signing up - but these people are only interested in one thing, and that is ripping you off as much as possible.

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Hi Tineke I’m sorry you feel you haven’t received value out of your membership. You signed up for a 12 month contract last June, on a single membership (not a family membership – your son has never been added to your account). Since signing up, you have had unlimited access to any facility on your program, and this program hasn’t changed since you decided to sign up. You have also visited facilities more than twice. Our cancellation fees are also listed clearly before, during and after sign up. The only contact we have heard from you since signing up was yesterday when you asked us to cancel your account. We didn’t know you were unhappy with any service provided. We are extremely proud to offer a huge range of facilities for an affordable price. Again, we are sorry that you didn’t maximise your membership with us. Kind Regards, Polina

Would not recommend. Disproportionate Cancellation fee.

I would read the fine print before you sign up. Large cancellation fees apply even when provided with adequate reasons that fit within their terms and conditions. Disappointed. Would not use again.

Value for Money
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Hi there, Sorry to hear you are disappointed, but we clearly display our reasonable cancellation fees in our Terms and Conditions and in our FAQs. There is no fine print and we are transparent about these fees before, during and after sign up. If you feel as if you have been charged a cancellation fee in error, please send us an email to info@fitnesspassport.com.au so we can look into it for you. Kind Regards, Polina

Useless if you leave your home town

While it may be slightly cheaper than having a membership with your local gym if you go anywhere they don’t work eg snap, world gym etc that useually work nationally so kinda defies the point, as i travel what I would consider the normal amount it ends up being expensive and frustrating.

Value for Money
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Hi James You're correct in saying we offer a less expensive rate than most gyms, as well as the option of accessing a variety of gyms and pools with your Fitness Passport rather than just the one facility. We consider our memberships to be excellent value and we are extremely proud to be able to offer affordable health and fitness options for the vast majority of our members and impact their lives positively as a result. We're sorry that you haven't been able to maximise your membership accordingly. Kind Regards, Polina

Currently being charged for a product I am unable to use

I set up my FP and was accepted a month ago. I have been charged for this month, however have still not received the card in the mail. I have been charged for a month and been unable to use the product. I can not seem to find a contact number on the website to discuss this with the business. Currently very disappointed.

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Hi there, I’ve sent you a couple of private messages to try to resolve this for you but unfortunately haven’t heard back. Your membership card is typically available within 2 weeks, and is either delivered to your Workplace Facilitator for collection or your home address (depending on your employer). If you haven’t received your card, please get in touch with us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au so we can check on the delivery information and issue you a Temporary Access Letter to access facilities in the meantime. We don’t have a contact phone number at this time but we are available via email Monday to Friday at the above email (info@fitnesspassport.com.au) as well as via ticket submissions here https://fitnesspassport.freshdesk.com/support/tickets/new - we are proud to have a very fast turnaround time so if you are still having issues, or need any assistance in the future, please contact us there. If you still need any assistance, please feel free to respond to my private messages with your membership details. Kind Regards, Polina Operations Coordiantor

False Information and Expensive

My friend is paying 23$ for a family but FP is charging me 54$ per fortnight and when i tried to cancel my membership as it is expensive for me, i might have to pay even more money or i have to wait for a year and let them suck my blood money until my contract finished. It is also hard to contact them i have mail them several times about the issues but only got replied once. I am very unsatisfied with the service.

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Hi Saruna As discussed, the correct information on pricing had been advised to you both on sign up, and each time you have contacted us (7/1/2019, 25/2/2019 and via Product Review messages). You had previously added your brother as your dependant (child) on your account which is unfortunately a breach of our terms and conditions. You were being charged 2 x single memberships as your brother is over 18. We cancelled your brother’s membership as he is not your dependant and therefore ineligible for the program. You have now added your child to your account and you are being charged a family membership fee which is correct. A single membership only covers the primary member, and a family membership covers the primary member, partner, and any dependants under 18 years. If you could please let us know where you received information from Fitness Passport that dependants are $0, we will definitely look into this and rectify. Kind Regards, Polina

Great but not a lot of communication

Hard to get a gym wanting to participate on fitness passport. I am told to fill out the survey but after nearly two years I have never seen a survey to fill out . Apart from that I love it

Value for Money
Hi Wendy Thanks for your review and I’m really glad you are loving your Fitness Passport! In regards to the surveys, we send these annually to your workplace facilitator to distribute to staff members - the time of the year depends on where you are located. I’m really sorry to hear you haven’t received a survey, you may need to get in touch with your workplace facilitator directly about this. If you email us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your member number, we can look into it as well and give you some more information. You can also encourage the gym to fill in the form on our website which will go directly to our facilities team for assessment - https://www.fitnesspassport.com.au/Contact/Gym/ Kind regards, PolinaThanks for the info. I guess our facilitator didn’t tell us fees were going up as well, but for $27.90 is good valueHi Wendy Could you please email us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your employer name and location so we can follow this up? Thank you, Polina

Good program

Good value for individual and family A lot of options at different gym Also at other swimming pools, thanks for the program.

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Hi Dave, Thanks for your review! We love hearing that our members are enjoying the program with their families! Happy exercising! Polina

Local gym recruitment

In my local area there are not many fitness passport supported gyms. One particular local gym has been attempting for almost a year got us to sign a support document with lots of signatures and they have been getting the (pardon the pun) run around.
It would be great if fitness passport would support local gyms. (Sues gym at Yamba in particular).

Just request supporting local gyms.

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Hi there, Thanks so much for contacting us about getting your local gym on the program. The way Fitness Passport works is that we approach those facilities who our members, and potential members from our partner employers, vote for. If the gym is popular on the surveys then we most definitely talk to them and try to get them on board. We also aim to keep the costs down as much as possible for our members so adding every single facility just isn't possible (we wish it was but it's just not). We honestly love supporting independent facilities and corporate facilities alike. I know we have some great facilities on the program in Yamba already, so we have you covered. Feel free to email us more details of Sue's Gym and I will pass that directly onto our program development team for a closer review – info@fitnesspassport.com.au Kind Regards, Polina

Super handy

Really good for myself and partner as we can go to many different gyms or swimming pools. Its great that you don't have to be tied down to just one! In this way we can be flexible as to when or where we want to work out.

Value for Money
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Hi there, Thank you so much for this review! We love hearing about our members making the most out of their memberships and enjoying the variety of facilities they can visit! Happy exercising! Polina

Refuses to provide accurate receipt for health fund claims

Fitness Passport will not provide a receipt which proves that I (dependant adult child) am an additional member on my mother's membership. This means that we are unable to claim both our gym memberships with our health fund rebate. Fitness Passport have provided this receipt in the past, but are not now. Incredibly unhappy with Fitness Passport not providing this as this seems unethical- I am simply asking for a receipt that reflects there is two people on the membership and shows the itemised cost for both memberships. Customer service response has been very unhelpful. I'm very upset with Fitness Passport and would recommend people think twice before joining due to poor customer service. A massive shame as I am very happy with the gyms I can use the passport for.

Value for Money
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Hi there, As discussed with both you and your mother, I can understand this is really frustrating for you as your health fund has not accepted the 2 receipts we have generated for you. Your membership is paid by your mother’s bank account as the primary member, which is what we have shown on our receipts. Contrary to your review, the receipt we have provided is highly ethical as it shows exactly where payments have been withdrawn. To alter the receipt to reflect payments from you specifically would give a false representation of payments made on the account and isn't something we're willing to do. Once again, we are sorry that there is nothing more that we can do for you in this instance. Kind Regards, Polina


I recently joined and forgot my password. I did the forgot your password steps and got the email with temporary password to log in. It won’t let me. It keeps telling me the temporary password is wrong. Then I got a new one. Then it tells me I must confirm it, which I had!!! Frustrating. Can someone call me thanks

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Hi Veronica As discussed in our private messages, unfortunately we hadn’t received any contact from you to our customer service email info@fitnesspassport.com.au where we have a very quick turnaround time and would have been extremely happy to assist you with this! I’m really glad to hear that your password issue was resolved, and that you are excited to begin the program after hearing great things. I hope you enjoy it! Kind Regards, Polina

Difficult to contact

Initially difficult to contact - they operate by email only so there's no phone number to call. Once I was able to get in touch with them they were very professional and helpful

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Hi Mai, Thanks so much for getting in touch with us and giving me a chance to clarify your situation! We do only have an email customer service channel at the moment but we try very hard to respond to all emails within the day, as we did yours. I hope to see you on our program again in the future. Kind Regards, Polina

No application response - Fitness Passport

I am keen to join Fitness Passport and sent my application email on the 20-1-19, but have not had any response so far and it is the 1-2-19. I received the confirmation email on the 20-1-19.
Is there a direct phone contact number available so I can speak with someone directly?

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Hi there, I’ve sent you a couple of messages so I could help you resolve this but unfortunately I haven’t heard back from you. Once you submit your application, it goes to your workplace facilitator (employed at your place of work) for approval – unfortunately, Fitness Passport are unable to verify eligibility ourselves as we don’t have access to your employer’s payroll etc. If you are still not yet approved, please send me your membership number which was sent on your confirmation email, or your full name so I can have a look into your application and we can get in touch with your workplace facilitator on your behalf to see what is happening. Alternatively, if you know who your workplace facilitator is, you can contact them directly to see where your application is up to. I hope this clarifies the process. Kind regards, Polina.


My family signed up to fitness passport and we have never looked back. There are a huge range of pools around Sydney that we can access as a family, as well as countless gyms that I am free to visit anytime. My family loves it.

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Hi Dave, Thank you so much for your awesome review! So glad to hear you and your family are loving your FP membership! Happy exercising! Cheers, Polina

Very difficult to get in contact with.

Following signing up to fitness passport I was advised I would receive a membership card, it never arrived. I have been actively trying to cancel my membership due to a change in circumstances and no one replies to my messages. Fitness Passport is continuing to draw $ from my account. It’s been months amounting to hundreds of dollars. I still can’t locate a phone number to speak with a person to complain. Next step is the ombudsman.

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Hi there, As discussed in our private messages, unfortunately we hadn’t received any contact from you through our info@fitnesspassport.com.au channel. I’m glad we were able to quickly resolve your issue and hope to see you on the program again. All the best, Polina.

Perfect for my family!

My family and I have been members of Fitness Passport for nearly 4 years now and love the flexibility of the program. My children get to use the pool and my wife and I use a few different gyms, so it's really worthwhile for us! I can see some negative reviews about the customer service, but I've never found this to be an issue - I've always gotten an answer within the 2 days they mention. We read the T&Cs so we knew what we were signing up to, and it's been great.

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Hi Richo, Thank you so much for your awesome review! We love hearing about families making the most of their memberships and accessing loads of facilities! Keep it up! Cheers, Polina

How do you private message

Hi there. Not sure how to private message in this service as I have tried to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and no response from two ticket enquiries and an email. How do you private chat as I need this sorted before it gets out of hand

Hi James, Thanks for chatting with me via private message. As discussed, we had been closed over the Christmas period and have now reopened. This definitely does not impact your cooling off period so I’m really glad we could resolve this. Thanks, Polina.Thanks for sorting out this matter promptly when you reopened. The scary situation with this program is the fact that 14 days cooling off period should begin after we receive cards and start utilising and testing the system, you will find there to be a more comprehensive understanding if you allowed this to occur. Having the cooling off period ending before the people are able to utilise the service means that people feel trapped to pay for something that they might not like or need. If the system you run was altered to this then I'm sure you will get many more great reviews and more people utilising the passport. Take care and good luck

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I work for wide bay health do you have a list of participants?
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Will anytime fitness sydney regions be added
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Hi Owen, Thanks for getting in touch. Each employer's package is slightly different, so for more information on your packages get in touch with us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your employer's name and location and we can let you know. Cheers, Polina

Will anytime fitness in the sydney region be added?
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Hi Owen, Thanks for getting in touch. Each employer's package is slightly different, so for more information on your packages get in touch with us at info@fitnesspassport.com.au with your employer's name and location and we can let you know. Cheers, Polina

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