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Ford Falcon BF

Ford Falcon BF

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Mk3 bf wagon..still requires aftermarket oil trans cooler for 4 stars

Awesome powerful engine and comfortable wagon.
479000kms old, ran it o 504000 before it died, it still looked above good condition.
Rusting in the lower rear door seals..coming out on a 4 year old car is unacceptable.
Paint was decent though. Warped rotors still an issue.

Just had to replace the gearbox box and drove 30k only to have the oil cooler
In the trans break and flood my engine with transmission fluid.
09 falcon you would think they would have fixed it, problem is the cooler is behind the engine bay on top of the trans 4 spd. Beware! Sold it for 600 in the end, and the guy replaced the trans again,

BadgeClassic XT
Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedFeb 2009


The Ford Falcon XR6 2006-2007 model is generally a reliable model, despite its age. Typically, Ford has given it the powerful 6 cylinder motor and, in this case, a six speed sports automatic gearbox which is designed to suit all types of drivers. This car catches the eye of sporty enthusiasts with its sleek, aerodynamic body lines and bold paintwork. Even at relatively high kilometres on the clock, the XR6 performs well; great response under the pedal, with its traditional gutsy 'gurgle' as it changes through the gears. Generally good on fuel, 9L/100 highway driving; obviously more in suburbia and/or if driven to its full potential!

Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedMar 2007

Bullit proof

I have had my 07 bf wagon for a few years . Has 190000km now and has had no major repairs . Servicing and wearing parts only . Only down fall is the paint quality . The top has faded pretty disappointing with the crap paint . But overall top and reliable car

Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedJan 2010

Xt lpg only

This car has been a pleasure to drive and extremely good fuel pricing on lpg making it a good around town vehicle power windows built in bluetooth for hands free phone is also a god sent it also has great freeway fuel economy making it just as good for long drives and with the lumbar support your back never gets saw and electric seats make you very comfortable as adjustments are easy. I would highly recommend for any company to use as a fleet vehicle.

BadgeClassic XT
Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedApr 2012

Love my ford xr6

I brought my 2008 ford falcon xr6 about 2 months ago second hand and love it handles great lots of guts great family car I upgraded to this from a mazda tribute, still have lots of room for 2 baby seats and 1 child in the 3rd seat. Boot is huge I have enough room for my double pram and left over room for my shopping. It has great functions that you can set how you like eg. Lights to be automatic, radio to turn off once your door opens, choice to have your boot locked at all times unless pressed with special key button which isn't car door unlock button. It had been great for me and my family. The bf looks great too!

Engine Size5.0
Date PurchasedMay 2017

mk2, hard to corner, but grreat

really good car, low on fuel economy, but big boot, big chasis, big everything, heaps of space, mine did 150k, neevr missed a beat, loved it to bits. such a a beautiful car to look at. regular maintenance is enough, and change nattery every so often. would not regret. this beautifully made car.

Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedJan 2011

BF Falcon was supposed to be the model with all the bugs ironed out. IT'S NOT.

Drives nicely in a straight line but the comfort of the front seats has dropped considerably from previous models and the rear seating has stayed as awful and uncomfortable.
Plenty of power as usual for Ford sedans and when on an easy cruise the fuel economy can be surprising.
Very noisy on most of the tar roads.
Bought this Ford at 68,500kmsand at 72,600 the rear suspension bushes had to be replaced - crazy to have multi angle rolling ball bushes on the rear suspension of a large sedan- ( quoted $690 ) and at 58,000kms the starter failed. Only 1 of the plastic gears in the remote door lock assemblies has not failed YET.
Poorly finished bodywork and a severe lack of paint coverage in so many places that start to rust pretty quickly.
Thought we could get around the "pregnant roller skate roof line" with corresponding reduced head clearance when accessing the seats but we were wrong - we're now head bangers without the music.
This is our 1st Ford and will more than likely be our last - not impressed.
Yes we are have had Holden since HT, LH, VB, VS, Rodeo and tried Ford due to price and having to get a sedan to transport a 95yo mother in law - wrong choice.
Probably just spoiled by the overall finish and driveability of other cars.

BadgeClassic XT
Engine Size4.0
Date PurchasedSep 2014

Nice car

The running cost of car is perfect it then reliability of it is flexible.
Recently I am troubled with having to start it.
It won't start as normal and I have to adjust the gear lever or accelerators pedal to force start it.
Please advice me in this issue.
Otherwise This car is great!

Badge(No Badge)
Date PurchasedOct 2005

cheap family motoring !!!

I two BF falcon sedans, these cars are value for money. Common problem I had is the front control arm bushes fail . So after spending $250 for control arms +$265 new front shocks the car drives like new. I have a young family with two kids and everyone can fit in there without any problems. And if anyone spill anything in the car NO Problem its just a falcon. Any one who planning to buy one my advice is to check if the front control arm bushes and rear diff bushes have been done by the previous owner. Fixing those two issues will cost about $1000 on top of the car purchase price. I had a big suv and I downgraded to a falcon, now when I come home I am more relaxed I don’t have the feeling that I have to go and see a chiropractor.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Crusiey class

Purchased a second hand G6 with standard 4.0l six. Great car to drive with instant grunt, enormous torque and does everything well and surprising economy, used 7.4l/100km on 600km round trip to Busselton. Surprisingly potent sound system and sufficiently quiet to enjoy it.
Only has the 5 speed auto but this still the best auto i have ever had.
Ours is navy blue- very sexy machine.

Engine Size4.0

love this car

I purchased my new BF Mk 11 eurosport in 2007, it is the best falcon so far, (this is now the 6th falcon , XY,XB,XC,XF,XD,AU), build quality is quite good no squeaks or rattles, only replaced tyres, brakes, and a couple of minor things. Great on fuel averages less than 10 ltrs per hundred ks around town, on a recent rush trip into the wheatbelt of WA, she averaged 8.2ltrs per 100ks, sitting on the limit with cruise, and 1200kms straight through, the mighty 4 litre six just loping along happily.
I find the falcon very comfortable, quite and a pleasure to drive, ok sometimes a little big to park, but try it with a landcruiser or similar that people drive, and keeping the fuel companies in business.
It will be a sad day when the last of the falcon's roll off the line

Engine Size4.0 litre

Great Car

Love my falcons I have a Ba gtp a Ba Turbo and have had our Bf XR6 for 8 years. Had 11000 on it when I bought it its now done 225000. Great car only issues starter motor died, alternator died warped rotors and did the pump seal in the tranny. Overall this has been a great car suspension wise she is starting to get a few squeaks but it still drives awesome the B series was a beautiful shape just thinking of trading this in for a 50th anniversary FG


BF XR6, ZF Trans. Much better than I could have imagined.

After owning Subaru's for years I finally got one that everyone warns about, so I replaced it with an XR6 because they are reasonably cheap second hand and I just wanted an appliance to clock up lots of open road KM,

My expectations were pretty low, but I can honestly say this is the best car I have owned.

Purchased in 2011 with 140,000km on the clock, now has 240,000km and still going well.

The ZF transmission makes the car what it is really, very intelligent smooth transmission. The suspension holds the road better than my old 2005 GT legacy.

Get around 8.5-10 km/l open road - although I do have a heavy foot. Around 11km/l around town.
Typically get around 620KM tank.

Maintenance costs are low, service every 15,000KM (versus Turbo Subaru 8000).

Rotors needed replacing following a social race day on a race track. No surprise there.
Ball joints, again probably related to treatment.
Wires in headlight switch breaking, easy fix but annoying.
Bushes in rear suspension, Cost around $1200 to fix. Common fault apparently.
Catalytic converter not meeting efficiency, would have cost $2500 new but got one from wreckers for $200

Surprising fuel economy for a large car
Great size for a family, get more in the boot than the old station wagon stacked to the roof.
Probably the best transmission I have ever used.

Driver seat position too high.
No isofix for the kids seats.
No rear window wiper
No bluetooth and can't easily replace stereo.

Considering the mileage and lack of respect I have given, it has been a very good and reliable car.


about average

My brother bought one of these ford xr6 after that he leased the same car.and I was usually stuck in the passenger seat and noticed with a smooth transition ride and boy it used to go quick when it was warm even though the motor was noisy and it used to go up bulli pass quite easy / most of the times it's usually better to buy a new car as someone can run the motor in to their own preference / the car was struck by a truck and was totalled so basically it was written off by the insurance company after that the have him a new car / as my brother was not hurt I totally recommend the ford falcon cars

Engine Sizev6
BadgeXR6 Limited Edition
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Of course the insurance company didn't give him the car they gave the lease company the money to cover it so the lease company gave him another ford car I am pretty sure though I never went in though it's a bit darker colour

piece of crap

My old car was a BF Mk2 and that was an absolute rust bucket,rust in the boot,doors,engine bay,underneath,in the boot lid and leaked water into the boot when driving through rain,the sealant applied from the factory was such a hit and miss it was laughable.I have recently upgraded to the FG MK2 and its a much better car no rust anywhere or water leaks and it feels a lot better built as-well doesn't have the rough crappy quality the B series was famous for.The doors on my old BF didnt have any bead of sealant apart from the bottom,the FG mk2 has sealant all along the seam.My BF also had steering pump rattles when hot,rough idle issues,btr 4 speed clunking was just such a piece of junk. The B Series quality was the worst of any falcon!! I can't understand how people can like this crapbox on wheels, is just such a horrible car to own! I wouldn't have one even if someone gave me one, I would sell it straight away!!

Engine Size4L

Had mecanical work done.

After the last review I wrote on the BF XR6 Ford Falcon I took my car to a mechanic to get a few problems sorted. I can now say I will keep the car for another couple of years. It's driving better than before. i had a major wheel shake problem as most owners of these cars would know but after getting the disc machined and new bendex pads the car is more stable now than before. the steering shudder is gone and it feels great to be able to put my foot on the brake pedal and get no shuddering. Other work was done as well to the engine and the car runs great.


Like a step back in time

Design disaster. Firstly getting in I hit my head on the A pillar, it's so steep.
The 2 cup holders in the centre console are too small, will not even hold a 500ml water bottle.
The hand Brake is so far forward you have to bend your wrist forward to release it.
The front storage bin in the centre console fills with condensation from the air conditioning, enough to soak anything in it.
Steering like it's connected by rubber bands.
Back tyres squeal even at moderate speeds when making junction turns in the dry (I didn't get to drive in the wet so can't comment on this).
No Bluetooth on a 40k car.
Ok, this is a one owner fully serviced car, early 2012, 65,000kms on the clock, and it's not a taxi, it's actually kept in immaculate condition.
Glad I only drove it for a week to help someone out.
The owner said to me 'if it catches fire let it burn, I don't know why I ever purchased it'.
This car is not a lemon or a friday afternoon car, it's just a badly designed car.
On a positive note it holds a lot of junk in its trunk but so does an industrial rubbish bin.
It does cruise nicely.
Unless you hate modern cars and don't like to actually 'drive' a car, avoid at all costs.


No problems since new

We bought our BF II Falcon new in 2007 with the 6 speed auto, it's now done 125,000km's.
It's been the most reliable car we have had. Nothing done but but servicing every 15,000km's.
It has been a cheap to run and service car. Front pads lasted 95,000km's and are cheap to replace
We will buy the new FGX Falcon when it is released.
Comfort, reliable, good on fuel, Sydney to Queensland on one tank. Great 6 speed auto. Good steering and handling
Only thing is it has power windows in the front but wind up in the rear

Engine Size4.0

Reliability? Ehhhhhhhhh....

I have a 2006 XT Falcon that's done 40,000km.
My Nana bought it brand new and I've now owned it for 7 months. She had the flywheel replaced twice; the first time just after the 3 year new car warranty ran out (Ford replaced it for free as a gesture of goodwill, my Nana had to pay to have it towed from Sydney to Melbourne because it broke down while she was on holidays) and the second time in 2011 when the car had done just 30,000km (which she paid for)! Now, after owning it for 7 months with just over 40,000km on the clock it I've had to have the flywheel replaced for the THIRD time on this car! Ford wouldn't comp the bill even though it is an ongoing problem because their last replacement has a 12 month/ 20,000km warranty only and it had been 3 years (mind you, the new flywheel only lasted 10,000km).
It cost $560~ to replace. They said there was nothing they could find easily that would explain the fault and it is not due to being started or driven hard. To fully investigate they would have to remove the engine and check the drive shaft (at my expense, which is not happening).

It's pretty disappointing to say the least. I bought this car because my old car (a 1981 Merc) had the same problem and it got to the point where the repair would cost more than the price of the car (I had the Merc for 7 years as a daily driver with over 250,000km on the engine and it was unbeatably reliable! Perfect transmission until the flywheel went and it became a pain to start). When I bought the Ford I thought I was upgrading.

My mum had a 2008 Falcon (dedicated gas) and offloaded it at 120,000km after spending over $5000 on repairs (backfired when started every time (cold or warm start), no one INCLUDING FORD could diagnose the problem. Sometimes due to this problem it couldn't be started). Had to have it towed from Adelaide to Melbourne after it broke down while on holidays.

I hear the Mondeo is built in Europe... if you love Ford maybe try it for reliability and quality?
Sits on the road nicely. Safety. Lots of room.
Reliability. Flywheel problem. Ford not willing to pay to fix an ongoing problem for a car that's only done 40,000km.


Last of the falcon wagons

I was in Darwin during the wet season, 2012. I wanted to drive home... St Leonards in Victoria... I bought a 2009 wagon... Falcon. My current car was a 1996 Falcon wagon... 5 speed manual... I loved it! Well I paid $12000 for my new wagon... 84,000km on the clock... a spring chicken! Perhaps could have paid less. She was not perfect... some cosmetic body stuff. I drove all the way home without a glitch... sleeping in the back with my dog. A seamless effort. Now I drive to and from Adelaide in comfort and ease. My partner has a Toyota Rav 4 that uses more petrol! Could do without the rear leaf springs, but driven sensibly fuel economy and pleasure is great. These cars are a bargain... mine has bluetooth etc... all the modcons I need. Towining is a dream.. and overtaking is lovely... room for 2 kids, 2 adults, 2 dogs and heaps of cargo... and not top heavy. From behind especially my car looks very similar to a falcon wagon 10 years older... if you want to look current... forget it! But if you want a good reliable car with so much to give... a bargain!

Rear leaf springs.... hey ford have always had lazy bums

Engine Size4.0

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My 07 bf L/H side drivers light is not working, It found it has no power at it's fuse ? Where do I go from here? Thanks
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do i need to replace noise in diff probly bushes or will they be ok
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is there a variety of diff ratios that could be fitted to my 06 falcon futura.
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Ford Falcon BF
CategoryWagons, Cars and Sedans
Starting Price $46,405
TransmissionAutomatic and Manual
Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive (RWD)
Fuel TypePetrol
Wheels17" Alloy
ANCAP Safety Rating4 Stars
Fuel Consumption12.9 L/100km
Fuel Tank Capacity 68 L
Engine6 Cylinder 4L
Max Power245kW @ 5250rpm
Max Torque480Nm @ 2000-4500rpm
Country of ManufactureAustralia
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)
Release dateJan 2005
Discontinuation dateDec 2010
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