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I never even signed up to this company but somehow they found my email and phone number and called me stating I had signed up with them when I wasn’t even on any devices at that time.. they call me constantly trying to set me up and ask for money, and when I start to hesitate they are aggressive and pushy. Obviously scammers, have seen nothing but bad reviews too.

Incredible Investment Experience

I recently had phenomenal investing experience at ForexCT I have been coming here to get my money parked in CFD’s from years. I've exchanged different currencies over here and invested in shares also. The exchange rate is always very fair, even than at trusted banks. I always recommend everyone in need to invest in Forex to visit this establishment first. I will be a customer of theirs forever!


Professional and knowledgable

I have had a great experience with this company. The Account Manager has phoned me day times, explained the happenings in the world and it's effects on the markets. I have learnt so much. Yes it's my decision to choose to trade or not, but they want me to succeed and have my best interests at heart. I like there inside information and they watch the trades, letting me know when it's a good time to trade. They have been awesome to work with as I'm a young trader.



Lost $670,000 in one day, 2/1/2019. The day before there was $1,032,000 in account balance, $360,000 was forexCT credit, which appears to have been withdrawn by them, but I got ZILCH. Is being looked at by ASIC/ AFCA. How many others had a similar experience??


Hi forxct customers looks like again I have been dumped by my forxct broker I haven’t heard from him for three weeks now I just don’t understand why jack freestone dump me from forxct
I had no market update no vip messages no guidance I’m very disappointed with the service I’m getting I don’t recommend forxct haven’t heard from forxct they always say they are sick leave you would think they would give there vip client an update what’s going on I’m so disgusted with the service I’m getting if anyone is thinking about ForexCT Melbourne I suggest you think long and hard before you sign up with forxct

Regards Leon

Above average brokerage company

I've been with ForexCT for a few months now. The platform could be a little more straight forward but I really like the account manager service. My one sincerely does have my best interests in mind. I feel like a lot of these negative reviews are due to losses through their own decisions but need someone to blame so they blame their account manager.

At the end of the day if you don't agree with the trade recommendations no one is forcing you to trade.

I will continue using ForexCT for hopefully many years to come. Keep up the good work guys

Say goodbye to all your savings

I have lost nearly $10,000 within 3 weeks of signing up with ForexCT. Here is a summary of their tricks to extract the maximum amount of cash out of unsuspecting members of the public.

1. The self-proclaimed Senior Account Manager is well trained and made me feel good by saying that he's now looking after my account after taking it off the hands off unskilled juniors who initiated the cold calls. He charmed me about the unique opportunities arising from Brexit. He claimed to be based in St Kilda, Victoria to create a sense of legitimacy but would not reveal exactly where.
2. He sweet talked me and matched my deposit with 100% of their money with the bait that this will allow me to place bigger positions. He also provided Protection on first 3 trades so that if you lose any money on the initial Positions or Trades this does not affect your Balance. But this honeymoon period was very short lived.
3. Once they noticed that I could close positions and make money he called to offer me their End of Month Bonus as long as I made another deposit of at least $2000. He kept complimenting me on how smart I was by closing the positions when they were in Profit.
4. I saw my Balance double on the screen (due to the fake match made by ForexCT) and I had $19,000 within 3 weeks. This only misled me into believing that I had made money. It's all part of getting you hooked.
5. I received daily text messages, emails and phone calls pushing me to take Positions, that is follow their recommended currency pair for the day. BUY now or SELL now. What they won't tell you is that they're market makers who trade against you and it was common to see the market do the opposite of what they had predicted earlier in the day. The Account Manager then advised me to close my Positions daily if I want to sleep peacefully. However he advised me to keep losing positions open as they would come good eventually as the market corrects and takes a turn. What he doesn't tell you is that is you have placed some bad trades only you will lose out as ForexCT still pockets the Brokerage Fee and whatever else they're doing behind your back.
6. The Account Manager kept reminding me that he's treating me as a close friend (although I've never met him), how he found out about Forex Trading after questioning his brother who just bought a Ferrari in secret with his Forex success, how his family ran away from a war zone and how he has survived the military. I was waiting for him to also claim that he had been a war hero, SES volunteer or a trusting farmer.
7. The Account Manager worked on my psyche to make me feel that I was missing out on something bigger. What he will say is that you're Class C client as you're only spending $10,000. He will claim that Class B clients spend up to $50,000 and how the luckier Class A clients spend more. He will get you to dream of ways of finding your hard earned cash in order to deposit it in ForexCT account. Class B and A clients receive more attention, more daily phone calls and tips on upcoming hot picks.
8. ForexCT does not provide their physical address. So all I have is their PO Box in St Kilda as they are too scared to face their victims. I have made numerous calls and sent emails to ForexCT but the line is now always busy.
9. Forex CT seems to be located at 636 St Kilda Rd , Melbourne, Victoria 3004 Australia.
Stay CLEAR from this dodgy outfit!!!

Fine for me

Was a little hesitant to say to come back to say the least, but got Ad AShakly as my account manager, wasnt pushy very respectful all up made $3000 in a week and have learnt allot. Ive had bad experiences trading before its nice having someone with you who knows their stuff and cares!


i signed up and lost my money pretty quickly to a low enough level to say it's not for me I'm down but not out and I'll withdraw my balance (no bonuses provided by then). I'm still waiting so gave up it was impossible to withdraw. I tried for months escalating etc etc. Everytime I just got sales calls. I started to ponder how can an Account manager spend days and hours helping me when I only put in $1000 and they only get a small cut. I then pondered if 20 suckers per month only add $1k that they suck away in a heartbeat (some lose tens of thousands) then that's $20k per month per trader! Not bad. I suspect their income is from that and holding people's funds no matter what.


Their primary focus is to get as much money through the front door as possible to enhance their performance
targets. When you deposit funds you receive a large bonus which entice you to trade more for their commissions.
To keep these bonuses you have to meet turnover targets which I found only put more pressure on the trader when losing money. They devise trading set ups and ask you to deposit more funds. When I explained that there were no more funds that I could deposit my 'Account Manager' became very aggressive and yes, vindictive. After this he would not ring me with any further advice." Woe the day I signed up".

It has been good for me.

I was allocated Account manager, Robbie(Robert Buchhorn). I've had some experience with trading before but recently got back into it by depositing $10,000 AUD. I quickly turned that into about $17,000 and successfully withdrew $15k(my initial deposit plus $5k profit and left the balance in). The process for withdrawal is quite slow(around a week i think) but I eventually got it no problems.

Robbie offered some incentives with my initial deposit such as money back on spreads,etc...

Robbie provides updates each morning and several throughout the day. I was the person clicking the buttons but i credit at least 80% of my success to Robbie.

He is pretty full on and goes a million miles an hour and I thought he was a bit pushy at the beginning to make sure I had enough equity to follow a certain style of trading but he's obviously very passionate about what he does and has a detailed knowledge of the financial world and I'm sure he only wants the best for his clients.

I am confident if I listen to his advice I'll continue to be a successful trader. Thanks Robbie.

It has been perfect for me

I have been with Forex CT since September and have had no problems with them. The Account Manager has been very helpful and very patient with me. And I have been going really well. So my review is very positive.

Stay Away!!!

You can tell from their signup call that this is a scam especially when someone sounds so desperate and is offering you amazing promises.

Try doing it yourself, when someone calls you for signup listen to what they have to say and notice the aggressiveness then in the end when they ask you to signup let them know that you will do some research about them before signing up then notice they will almost be fighting with you. That was enough for me to stay away.


They are extreme aggressive in making you deposit .
The bigger the deposit . The bigger fool you are ! It's a SCAM !

Pure Scam /fraud

This is pure scam , they provide misleading information, fortunately I recorded all conversations and am already filling a lawsuit against them, because by law an information that is 70 percent true is 100 percent false and can be equivalent to fraud and that's what am suing them for, and investigations are soon to fellow for their fake not true market trading information and non allowance of withdrawing the funds in your account with them,according to my Lawyer, if someone gives you a credit of $5 is yours because you earned it and you can do whatever you want with it, but it is against the law to manipulate or refuse someone to use his own credits or funds. they are good in arguing and talking their way out of things but they have not met a lawyer like mine. If you have ever being scammed by these guys , you gotta suit them so they can learn to work hard and stop being a disgrace to the human race or contact Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN)://www.acorn.gov.au/

Don’t waste your money

Signed up, they give you a nonsense match on whatever you debit into the account.
The Account manager/advisor will purposely lead you into a investment which will result in you losing your capital unless you deposit more.
They do not help you, very well set up SCAM!
If you want to throw away your hard earnt money then do something good and give it to a charity not to these guys ForexCT .

Happy with the support and tips!

Being completely new to trading was a little bit nervous getting involved. Definitely happy with the support and the results so far. Highly recommend

Ditto ditto

Sales people extraordinaire. Poor advice on numerous occasions, again rollover oil trades at $1200 thank you to see that die very quickly. Near impossible to withdraw, they threaten to take their 'bonus' OUT. This is a poorly run scamming company beware. Great $$$ as a lure but it NEVER transpires.

My experience has been good.

I've noticed a lot of poor reviews regarding Forexct. I've been trading with them for a couple of months now and though I did make some bad decisions to begin I feel like my account manager explained to me where I went wrong and moving forward I have had much better success. I checked their reviews before signing up and believed people had lost money with them, but I wanted to learn how to trade and I know FX trading is a legitimate way to make money and I saw these guys ASIC license. So it's up to you who you listen to but I say only invest what you are prepared to lose, listen to your account manger and don't get greedy. That's been working for me.

Good Trading signals

I’m happy with ForexCT. My account manager has kept me in a oil short trade for over a month and I’ve seen a fantastic return! Thank you ForexCT

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So who do you go to for help with shady transactions
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Can anyone help me i just deal with this company and cant withdraw my money can anyone give me good suggestion and legal action please?
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Hi Guys, just only signed up to forexct, omg most of the comment are not good. just wondering can anyone give me an advice with this? this is my first time and have no Idea with everything. would like to learn how to do trading but one of the personnel in this Company rang me and assure everything will be good. :( Can anyone please give me an advise?
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I couldn't get the rest of my money back after losing some of it.....Try Etoro , you can copy experienced traders and learn that way. You will need to keep depositing with Forexct to save the account from going broke.

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