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Faulty Gel coat

I’m really disappointed in our pool, our handover with astral pools was shocking to say the least, we’ve had to have our clock replaced already because it kept resetting. But regardless of this - our issue lies with freedom pools.

3 years since install we suddenly have a white film damage around half of the pool
I know they put it down to chlorine damage (which every month we have tested and they have been relatively okay) but these ‘gel coats’ should be able to withstand the chlorine levels from time to time and if it were chlorine damage it should be around the entire pool. I’m not the first person this has happened to and it seems to be quite common. But 3 years on, I’m heartbroken that in such a short time frame we have this damage for such a large purchase from freedom pools.

I strongly believe this is a faulty gel coat and that the coat is defective.

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Hi C88 you have said that you are unhappy with the handover with "AUSTRAL POOLS" we are FREEDOM POOLS not AUSTRAL. Can you please clarify? It looks like you have given Freedom Pools a bad review when you have purchased your pool from another company.No we have definitely purchased our pool from freedom pools, astral is the equipment you sold us, is it not? We didn’t have any kind of equipment run through with freedom, only astral. Surely you would know what product you sold us. However My issue is with the Gel coat on our pool which is freedom. Our timer has been resolved by astral. However our gel coat has this white stain ring around half the pool, which is really concerning and disappointing only 3 years into owning the pool. Correct me if I’m wrong, but a pool should not do this. I believe the gel coat is faulty.Hi C88 We have no record of you or anyone else calling us to report an issue with gel coat, if you have a problem please give our head office a call on 9492 0600 and ask to speak with Ben the Service Manager. He will look into the issue for you and try to help. Thank you. Freedom Pools

Freedom Pools Springwood QLD

We can not fault the service we've received from this company and its staff. The whole process from beginning to end was fantastic. Communication throughout was exceptional. Dale and Elizabeth went out of their way to help with any concerns we had. Our pool was completed on time to an exceptional standard. Peter from the landscaping company recommended by them also helped complete the process seamlessly. We would highly recommend Freedom pools Springwood to anyone looking at installing a pool.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Hi Linda, Thank you so much for your 5 Star review, we are so happy you had a great experience with our product and service. We wish you many years of enjoyment in your new Freedom swimming pool.

Poor service, terrible contractors

They where great to deal with before the money was handed over. The pool finished up good but this came with a lot of issues. Once the payments had been made the service provide feel of the face of the earth. From not returning calls to not going through with instalment dates. I was stuffed around for over 2 weeks from 2 different contractors and they still didn’t even end up carrying out the work but continued to give poor excuses one after another. They also done extensive damage and would not acknowledge nor fix the damage they had caused leaving me further out of pocket.
DO NOT USE FREEDOM POOLS, unless you want a headache and continuous issues

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Hi Branten, we are sorry to hear that you are still unhappy with the contractors, we were under the impression that this issue was addressed and you were happy with everything else when you sent us this email message below. “It’s ok Ben sorry about being so angry yesterday it’s just been a frustrating week. I will forward through the forms tomorrow and a picture of the pool with the proper fencing up. I will also forward through my banking details. Other than the paving experience everything else, I have been really happy with the quality of work and communication. Enjoy your weekend “ We never want any of our customers to be unhappy with their experience so we hope you enjoy your new pool for many years to come, if there is anything else we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact our office.That response was my response after many of back and forth emails which where going no where. With the damage caused next door you will have contact from the owner once he returns from his trip. He is going to still want all the damaged repaired you guys have caused. Yes the pool did come out well but that was no thanks to your contractors, only because I in the end got quality tradesman to finish your job.Hi Branten, if there is anything else we can do for you please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Fantastic Service and Workmanship

Our 10 x 3m pool was installed by Freedom Pools and we are thrilled with the end result. Everything went like clockwork and to schedule. Everyone was very professional and the installation guys were amazing. Attention to detail was spot on! Our pool cover was installed by Elite who also carried out a great job! Thank you!

Product Quality
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Enjoy your new pool Carole, happy to hear you are pleased with your Freedom Pool.

Great Service Friendly staff who are always willing to help

We recently installed an entertainer 5.5 from Freedom. The pool install was exactly as outlined and completed on schedule. The pool landscaping was undertaken by Variety Landscapes and I recommend them to anyone installing a pool.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Enjoy your new swimming pool Stuart, we are so happy you love it.

A Freedom pool of perfection

Huge thank you to the team at Freedom pools in Springwood who have done an amazing job on the installation of our pool. We had a bit of a shaky start and were held back with weather and some delays in the manufacture of our pool shell but freedom were in contact the whole time so we knew what was going on and provided us peace of mind! The freedom pools team were prompt and of high standard in their workmanship, everyone was always friendly and nothing was ever too much trouble. Can hardly wait till its gets a bit warmer, we will defiantly be in our pool everyday!! Thank you for everything the team have done for us and I would happily recommend freedom pools to anyone interested in buying a pool!!

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Thanks for the great feedback Damian, we are so glad that you are happy with your experiance and your new pool.

Very Happy

Very quick and hassle free exercise. Less than a week from earthwork to handover. No hesitation in unreservedly recommending Freedom Pools Kenwick. Our pool is the SAN Remo, exactly what we wanted.

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Hi Stephen, WOW thanks for leaving us such kind feedback. We're glad you had a great experience. Wishing you many happy memories around your new Freedom pool!

More than happy to recommend.

I am 2 hours away from Freedom Pools, and nothing was a hassle from start to finish. I was never placed in the "To Hard Basket"
I found everyone, from sales, to workers, to after sales service 10/10. Every body really made me feel welcome and nothing was to hard. Most importantly the after sales service, Brilliant. They are not a company that once they have your money you don't hear from them again, in actualy fact its the opposite. They will help you months after the install if anything arises. The company is run like a well oiled machine.

I would highly recommend Freedom pools.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Warranty Claim MadeYes
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Hi Lees, thank you for the wonderful feedback. It will be passed onto the WA team. Wishing you many happy memories in your new Freedom pool!

great finish following a bumpy start

My wife and I signed up for our Pool with Freedom in Kenwick Western Australia over 1 year ago. we opted to dig our own hole so we could have a good excuse not go to work on a few weekends as we are self employed. we set about digging the required hole twice the excavator had mechanical failure delaying the progress over several weekends.
Freedom sent a foreman to inspect the dig and we were advised the hole was not big enough, the next week it started to rain, we have a clay soil and a high water table within a week we had over 200mm of water in the hole. within 6 weeks we had a hole filled with water, after it finally stopped raining and the water evaporated we finally got to finish the dig some 12 months after signing.
the foreman still said the whole was to small, i tried to explain several times the top of the pool was being elevated above the ground level by 300mm.
Finally when the Operations manager got involved we got some sense, except now the hole was way to big we needed an extra 5 cubic meters of fill and a compactor, he had misread the plan and gotten shallow and deep ends mixed up.
the operation manger here in Perth is brilliant as are the office staff,
the guys that actually worked on the pool were great tidy polite and friendly, the hand over guy again was great explained everything was polite and very helpful.
The entire process once the hole was complete and the massive amount of sand 20m3 was ready, (this was way more than required normally, but we did have fun playing with the excavator as a result of the oversized hole.) took less than 12 days
if I could name the operations manager at the Kenwick branch I would he is brilliant and an someone you would want working with you, thank you for a great end after the rocky start, it ended top as we had dreamed it would.
Thanks Freedom, its all about the right people ultimately
well done for what could have been a poor experience becoming a good one
if I could 4 1/2 stars I would have I cant stretch to 5 due to the foreman on our job but in the scheme of the project just a small issue really

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
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Hi Peter, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We appreciate your understanding that things don't always go to plan but we are always seeking to provide the best service and products to our customers. It's great to hear that everything has turned out great in the end. All the best, Freedom Pools

Perfect Pool company and great after sales service

The pool is great quality and has given us many hours of great times i would not hesitate to reccomend freedom kenwick to anyone.

Great company with a great after sales service Ben is a credit to the company and always strives to get any issues resolved straight away. I have had a few contacts with Ben for some small issues and he has gone above and beyond to get these resolved. Sales training woukd be helpfull however to the sales team to ensure they arebselling you the correct equioment at time of purchase.

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
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Hi Darren thank you for leaving us feedback. We greatly appreciate your kind words and the feedback will be passed on to the WA team! Have a wonderful weekend enjoying your new Freedom Pool.

disgusting from start to not ever going to be finished

this is very detailed and the exact letter I wrote to Freedom pools
firstly, we had a quote from Narellan Pools then went to Freedom Pools Burpengary and spoke with A, wow he was great set our minds at ease was very informative lovely person, Narellan Pools quote was cheaper, but A was so great we went with him
we were told by A and I also have the email that we would be swimming by xmas but the surrounds would not be done, we were fine with this but did say if it couldn’t be swimmable by xmas we would rather wait until the new year to start any of the build
we asked if my husband who is a Tiler could do the coping tiles A said no as it would void our warranty
the foreman came to inspect the site gave it the ok, I asked if my husband could do the coping and he said no it would void our warranty??
the foreman mentioned we would be swimming by xmas, but the beam and coping tiles wouldn’t be done until after the xmas break.
14/12/2018 Dig day 2 guys turned up one in a ute one in a truck, the guy in the ute was lovely guy in truck had the craps it was obvious
it started to rain, and I offered coffee tea water as they said the foreman told them they had to wait for 1 hour to see if rain stops
truck guy was on and off the phone swearing saying the foreman the cu#t is making us damn stay here we just have to sit and wait its damn nonsense
I then asked if they would like to come and watch Netflix or something whilst they wait, they declined
about 30 mins later rain had stopped and clouds started to clear I believe they got a call from the foreman who told them to start the dig
truck guy was furious he started throwing tools around and slamming things
he got in his truck and backed straight over my palm tree and it snapped at the base to which he started laughing
he continued to slam things during the dig and was very erratic slamming the excavator arm into the back of the truck
he moved the truck around the back of the house and ran over the septic breaking the surrounds
he continually drove over a spot I specifically told him not to as the weeping pipes from the septic where there they are now also broken and leaking
as they were about to leave, I had to ask them to put the temporary fence up to which the truck driver slammed the truck door and huffed off throwing the fence panels around
the ute driver was apologetic, and he never once was out of line he was lovely
truck driver left and I had to ask ute driver to fix fence as there was a 2m by 1m gap the kids or my dogs could fall into if they were near the pool, he corrected this for me
I rang the foreman and let him know what had happened regarding palm septic and attitude he told me he would come look at the septic (nothing can be done regarding palm apparently not even an apology) and not to worry about truck driver as he was knew and just finding his feet but wouldn’t be back at my house as his job there was complete
next day 6.15am I get a call from the foreman asking me for a favour
he asked if I could I hit on his son flirt with him wink at him?????
I said no I wouldn’t
when the foremans son arrived at 7.30 that morning with his crew, I spoke with him regarding the phone call and said that I didn’t want any part of its I’m married
I kept my 4 dogs inside with me all day as I just wasn’t sure what the whole situation meant and there was approximately 6 to 7 men in my yard, I wasn’t risking having any of them hit on me or worse
I did cook the crew bacon and egg sandwiches at about 9am to which they were thankful.
It rained overnight so the hole was drained, the shell was lifted please note (the foreman asked me to cut down one of my beautiful trees to get the shell in the yard I didn’t cut it down completely as its very old and lushes I cut the branches that I thought would need to be cut the crane driver informed me that it wasn’t necessary at all he would go over the trees as there are no power lines on my side of the road??) BAFFLED and now missing the branches covering my driveway!
the foremans son called me outside after lunch and we had a chat about the filtration system amongst other things regarding the pool he stated in the conversation that we would be swimming by the following afternoon
after all the ATTEMPTS to level the pool mud and muddy water had risen through the bung hole approximately 200mm in the deep end??
and instead of using their bilge pump that was right next to the pool they just plugged the hole and dumped the fresh water in on top, I asked why they would do that they said its ok the cleaner guy will be here tomorrow to clean it
they put the chemicals in put temp fence up and left
throughout the day there was no direction just unhappy workers with no respect for money I had paid for quality and service
the pool was dirty no cleaner turned up so I rang the foreman he said he was trying to find someone to clean the pool ??I said shouldn’t it have of been booked in when the pool deposit was paid?
the foreman said it’s a busy time of year
by the afternoon the foreman called me saying I won’t have the pool cleaned until the new year
he said let your kids swim in it, it won’t hurt them
I then contacted an independent pool company and they lent me the pipes and vacuum head and told me how to bypass the cartridge so as not to damage it
they sold me some chemicals to drop the debris to the bottom I left it over night
I vacuumed the pool in the morning left it sit until afternoon refilled the pool and vacuumed it all over again refilled the pool let sit overnight and vacuumed again in the morning
took sample of water to pool shop and had to buy liquid chlorine and bags of salt to rebalance levels
pool was not 100 percent clear but a lot better then what we were left with
during the refill I filled the pool quite high and we could see the difference in the levels from deep end to shallow end
also, a stain around the pool where the muddy water had reached
I rang the foreman and he told me the level of the pool can’t be perfect, and I agreed but this is noticeable he said its within Australian standards I asked him to come and view it and he said no
with that said my husband got his laser level out and the mould is out of square the back wall is bowed
I rang the office and a South African man answered [name removed]?? I asked to speak to the foreman he said he was busy and to leave a message
I said could you please tell the foreman to call me because the pool is out of square and the mould seems to be out of line
he said and how would you know that
I said because its visible
my husband said to me tell him I got my laser out and checked it
before I could say that [name removed] said who are you talking to,
I said my husband
he said I’d rather talk to him not you
I said I beg your pardon
he said he will know more then you
so, I gave hubby the phone
[name removed] said your wife is complaining about the pool
hubby said well actually the pool is out of square the steps don’t line up the steps are hollow and there’s a massive lump in the shallow end along with staining
[name removed] said how would you know the pool is out
hubby who is a polite person works in people’s homes every day and never had a complaint, raised his voice to [name removed] and said because I got my damn laser level out
[name removed] response was oh you have a laser level, I’ll have to get the foreman to call you back
we hung up the phone and hubby said let’s get rid of the pool I damn hate it I hate looking at it and for the rest of my life I’m going to know that there are faults and its going do my head in
I told Tim it would be fine, and that the foreman would get it sorted
the foreman rang the next day and said he was going to come and view the pool that day at 11am
I waited and he never showed by the time hubby got home from work about 4pm I had left messages for foreman to call me and none had been returned
then a man turns up about 5pmish I believe his name was [name removed] he stated foreman had sent him I asked why foreman didn’t turn up he said he was too busy
apparently, [name removed] was new to the company after running his own pool company [name removed] was rude and treated us like idiots
we showed him the problems and he brushed them off saying foreman won’t fix this take him to court if you want but you won’t win, and it will cost you a fortune it’s not worth it just be happy with what you have
I said if this was a new car and I went to pick it up and it has scratches or dents I wouldn’t except it and I wouldn’t pay for it
[name removed] said it’s not the same thing and I said it cost the same as a new car and I shouldn’t get less then I paid for
hubby offered to get his laser out to look at the problem properly and [name removed] said no, and he didn’t have any levels or measuring devices to look at the job properly
the next day I rang foreman I said what’s happening with my pool
he said nothing [name removed] advised me it’s within the Australian standards so its fine
I asked foreman to come and view the filtration system as it sticks out like a sore thumb and if someone was to fall near it, they would snap the chlorinator off
I asked him again to please come and look at the pool as its horrendous and im very upset with it,
he still declined
then without any notice the concrete beam guy turned up to pour the beam but had to leave as it looked like rain was going to hit
he returned the next day and completed the beam I asked him if he knew about the warranty side of things, when it comes to us doing our own coping tiles he said if I where you I wouldn’t do anything to your pool yourself even if you are told you can foreman will void your warranty has done it to people in the past, also adding Quote: you didn’t hear that from me
this made us scared to complain any further incase our warranty was revoked
the tiler text me to tell me they were coming the next day, my husband waited for them so he could talk about the layout, and centring of the pavers, the tilers seemed to listen and said no worries
when my husband got home from work he was annoyed they didn’t listen at all and just did whatever they wanted, also A the sales man had left the tile insert skimmer lid of the contract, so now I have to find one I understand I signed the contract but I really thought it should of been on there more fool me
I found the tops of the silicone bottles in my skimmer box, and the silicone job was brutal, the tiler had broken his measuring tape whilst he was here and just throwing it on the ground, and I had to put it in the bin
, so once bitten twice shy we got the laser and Stanley levels out and we were mortified at what we found, and I rang foreman again he said if the tiler is happy with the job then he is and that was that
I mentioned the layout was planned and agreed to in the morning before any tiles where laid he said to bad as you don’t have a say on how the tiles are laid??
so, I looked up the Australian standards and foreman was wrong I rang him and mentioned the Australian standards weren’t met and he booked to come out and look at them Finally
in the mean time I received a text from [name removed] the cleaner he wanted to book a time to come clean the pool,
[name removed] the cleaning guy turned up in early January and is lovely, very informative thorough and took time to explain things to me
he asked how the build is going and I let him know he apologised for everything even though it wasn’t his stuff up
he did a wonderful job and as he was about to leave, I asked if he knew about the staining to the water line and he hadn’t been told at all, he then cleaned the water line most came off but, in the sunlight,, you can see a brownish tinge to the pool (pool is alabaster in colour)
foreman brought the tiler with him my husband showed the problems with the coping and foreman immediately told the tiler he must rip it all up and do it again
I said I didn’t want him back to do it again foreman said well has the only one that can
I said hubby is a tiler why can’t he just do it has been tiling for 15 years and mainly does stone, and he can try and hide the stuff ups you aren’t willing to acknowledge
foreman said of course he can why didn’t you ask me earlier?? I will work out a refund , I was furious as we had asked so many times I said I wanted it in writing that it wouldn’t void our warranty and that he was giving us a refund he said no ill just ring through with a figure and I said no I didn’t want to talk to him unless it was in writing from now on
I told foreman I wouldn’t sign off on the pool he said I had to, I wrote on the sign off sheet some of the problems and he assured me they would get fixed but just wanted my signature, I felt pushed into signing and was scared he would void our warranty if I didn’t sign
I understand that the tiling would not be warranted as it will be on my husband’s back if something goes wrong with it (please note tiles are not done at this point in case they have to be ripped up again due to the imperfections with the pool build)
I then asked foreman to look at the other problems that he hasn’t seen, and he said no they are within the standards and I’m not going to look at them there’s no need and he left
I received a text msg that night from the tiler telling me that he was 100 percent happy with his tiling job and that my husband should stick to doing bathrooms and leave the stone work to the professionals
I replied with can I please have your licence and ABN numbers ?
he said no its none of your business I work for Freedom pools not you
I said yes but you still must have a licence to trade he said he ran under foremans licence??
the next week without notice 2 young men turned up to rip the tiles up I had to cancel a specialist appointment as I didn’t want to leave the men alone with my dogs
I can only assume the tiler had run us down as one young man said why are you getting these ripped up, they look great I said the pavers are beautiful but there not layed correctly
the response was who said that, your bathroom tiling husband?
I said yes
my hubby turned up and the same comment was made to him that he is just a bathroom tiler my husband said I do 80 percent stone work this shut the man up
after coping tiles where taken off we found cracks in our shell in both the deep end and shallow end
I received a text that night from the tiler saying I was an idiot and knew nothing about tiling
I responded with you have been in the industry for 2 years I’ve been in the industry for 15 years so I recon I know the industry, please cease contact with me as this is harassment
he sent back if you slander me you will be sorry
I then blocked him from being able to contact me
All four corners of our pool are cracked
We now have a cracked filter case water is leaking from the filter we have had a pressure gauge replaced due to being installed broken, the hump in the shallow end is stopping the cleaner from going the full length of the pool so the shallow end doesn’t get cleaned the bottom of the pool is like walking on corrogated iron sheets
I have never once held payments I always paid my invoices even whilst these complaints remain unattended to.
I really hope we can come to a satisfactory agreement to get this rectified
I would like to thank their receptionist for all her help thus far she has been wonderful
This is the worst experience of my life and I wish I never started it in the first place
UPDATE Freedom pools has told us they will fix cracks but that’s it their argument is they have already taken a financial loss on our pool build? So In other words due to Freedom Pools gross incompetence and poor quality products and as they have since told me inexperienced pool builders?? We have to keep and be happy with a pool of poor quality and build I won’t be lettingbthis go anytime soon

Value for Money
Cleaning & Maintenance
Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeYes
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Hi, thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. Your concerns have been taken on board and will be passed on to the relevant team so that processes and procedure can be amended to avoid issues in the future. Thanks, Freedom PoolsUpdate I have received an email from [Name Removed] Freedom Pools Springwood stating he is disappointed in me for writing this review and that Freedom Pools has taken a financial loss due to my pool build?? Nothing has been fixed so how have they taken a loss? I have taken a massive financial loss for investing in a Freedom Pools swimming pool and not having and quality in the build or the servicewarranty certificate states 6 year cosmetic warranty yet handover booklet states 3 year cosmetic warranty

Great after sale service

My family have used our freedom pool for the best part of 3/4 of a year for the past 15 years, this was a great investment. After 15 years my daughter noticed an issue with our pool. "it had a small crack near the deep end step. Initially I freaked out but after calming down I went back through my paperwork to notice I had a 35-year structural guarantee.

After phoning Ben from Freedom pools and giving him some photos and background, he sent someone out the same day to investigate. Soon after Ben notified me that this was under warranty, he sent Chris and Sam out within a week to rectify the problem. Ben was great to deal with as was Sam and Chris, the whole process was painless. Freedom even topped my pool up with salt after.

I can't recommend these guys enough, if you're looking for a pool freedom is the only place to go!!!

Thanks again to Ben, Chris and Sam.

Chris Martin.

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Hi Chris, we're glad that you've enjoyed so many happy years in your Freedom Pool! We stand by our products which are proudly made here in Australia. Thanks for choosing Freedom Pools!

Disgraceful Customer Service

A disaster pool installation by freedom pools in Springwood QLD. They dug the hole, installed the shell, back filled all while filling the pool up with water, so you could imagine the pool had loads of gravel and dirt in it, and it stayed that way for 3 weeks as the tradies had to leave because the office didn’t send out enough fittings so the pool stayed dirty without the pumps going to clean the water for 3 weeks! Then once going again the site got stopped by Elec company because they put the pool under a main power line to the house and a meter box in pool area which they should of known better. The manager said he would pay for the line to be moved which I have not seen yet 3 months on and at an extra cost to me of $2200 not happy that the manager lied to me. Now I have to pay the final $200 pool hand over as the said they won’t give me my pool compliant form! what a con held to ransom and will they pay me back? who knows. Wish I would of read all these other reviews first I would of gone with someone else.
Do your homework and look elsewhere.

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Hi there, thank you for getting in touch. We're sorry to hear about your experience. Your feedback will be passed on to the QLD team. We understand that the electrical works can be a major undertaking however it is also stipulated in your SPASA contract that electrical works are the responsibility of the owner and to ensure your due diligence is completed. Freedom Pools are a SPASA member which means our contracts are regulated and overseen by the Australian body to offer mutual protection to customers and installers. We thank you for taking the time to give us feedback and we will be sure to implement any changes needed to reduce the risk of your concerns happening in the future. Thanks, Freedom Pools

Bad experience wouldn't recommend

The process of signing up for a pool was no dramas. However once the pool was lowered in to our yard, there was dramas trying to get our pool connected and finished.
The tradies that were supposed to come finishing our pool were never booked, no one knew what stage our pool was at or which trade to send out next. We had handover before the backfill was completed. Which made a mess of our pool again, so we had to get a second pool clean. In the mean time we had to buy more pool acid within a week, while we waited for the second clean. The pool cover didnt get installed initially, so I had to chase up with Freedom pools serval times. When i spoke to Kenwick branch about my issues, no one cared.
Our local shire also sent us a letter of warning saying we never informed them our pool had been filled up. We thought Freedom would notify our shire as they did all the paper work for approvals in the first place.
When we had our pool gate inspection, even the inspector said many people in the area have also had issues with Freedom.
It would be good if Freedom were more organised. They know weeks in advance the date of pool install, so they should book tradies straight after, not weeks after. All staff should also be trained in the stages and process of a pool from start to finish, that way they know what trades to book in.

Branch LocationWA
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Hi thanks for letting us know about your experience. We're sorry to hear you were not satisfied. Please send us a message with your contact details so that we can follow up. Thanks, Freedom Pools

Awsome pool great workmanship and great after service support

We use our pool once a week over the summer and the pool is relatively easy to maintain. Very happy with our purchase!

Branch LocationWA
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Hi Buddy, thanks for the great feedback. We're so pleased to hear it keeps you cool in the hot months! Enjoy

Rude and terrible customer service

In our recently installed pool the light did not work we contacted the Customer Service Manager to advise as of this to which he replied that he is "extremely busy" and that the light not working has been caused from our landscaper causing damage but as a "good will" he will have the light replaced at no cost but this will involve ripping up our pavers and we will have to have them re-laid at our own cost. I advised the Customer Service Manager that our landscaper did not do any damage to the light and our pavers will not be ripped up as the cabling can be access without removing the pavers. After several emails from the extremely busy Customer Service Manager who went on say it was all our fault the light was not working and they will be removing the pavers I requested a photo of the working light before hand over which he could not provide and then the emails were passed onto the WA State Manager who started his reply email with Dear T(my name removed) which he also went onto tell me how this was our landscapers fault and what a good will gesture that Freedom was doing. The tone of his email was very patronising and came across that I was a silly female who didn't know what I was talking about. He also advised they took aerial shots of our home showing the work being carried out on the pool area by our landscaper using a number of machines. No machines were used by our landscaper doing the brick paving. We did not sign any agreement for them to take photos so they have now breached our privacy. I advised the WA State Manager to stop being a key board warrior and wait until their maintenance person has been out to look at the light. Surprise Surprise, the light not working was Freedom's fault as the connector was not installed correctly and had to be replaced and pavers were not removed in order to do this as the cabling was run under ground beside the pavers. No emails have been received from the Customer Service Manager or WA State Manager to apologise to me for how we were treated and in fact that it was not our landscapers fault it was Freedom.
I work in the building industry and if I ever treated and spoke to my customers they way these two did I would not have any customers left.

Branch LocationWA
Hi Tam thank you for letting us know. I believe we have addressed your concerns in another review. Thanks, the Freedom Pools team.Hi Freedom I havent made another review anywhere else but happy to copy and paste my review for other customers to see. My concerns have not been address. I was contacted by someone from Freedom who stated they would look into my file and I even offered copies of the emails from WA State Manager so you could see they way he spoke to me and how unprofessional he is, however no reply from your company. Please do not put false statements on my review as it only makes your company look worse.

Do not buy a Freedom Pool

Every summer we use our pool and maintenance is relatively easy if you keep on top of it by testing and adding acid to control pH and sodium bicarbonate for total alkalinity. To start with all was okay but there is a problem with the gel coat on these pools and the lifetime warranty does Not cover this damage, the only warranty cover is structural and does Not cover anything with the gel coat - cracking,osmosis or colour fading. Again do NOT touch one of these pools - you will regret it eventually.

Branch LocationSA
Hi Dave, we're sorry to hear that you're not happy with your pool. if you would like to send us a message with your contact details so that we can look into this for you? Thanks, Freedom PoolsMy email is Hedaemsa1@bigpond.com

Warning - pool lights are crap and freedom will not replace!

Two Ultra Bright LED lights were fitted when my pool was installed and after about 12 months I noticed the lights were filling with water and destroying the LEDs.
I rang Freedom and about a week later a technician came and both lights were replaced.

Theses replacement lights have lasted about 3 years before again filling with water. Rang Freedom today - "Nah can't help you they are out of warranty" - Thanks Freedom!

One light failing is understandable, but not four lights, that's a design fault.

My best course of action is to now take them to the small claims court as the lights they supplied were not fit for purpose.

Branch LocationWA
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Dear Winno thank you for taking the time to leave us feedback. We’ve looked into your file and it appears your pool was installed in 2013. The lights you have mentioned are approximately 4 years old, which means they are no longer covered by the Manufacturer’s warranty. We’ve also offered to replace them at cost price as a sign of good will. We have also organised for the light manufacturers to give you a call to discuss if they can assist. Thanks, Freedom Pools

Great job

Great work from Paul and Richard (spreader bar) all work went to schedule as I was told , finish product fantastic thx again freedom pools.

Branch LocationQLD
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Hi Stephen thanks for the great feedback!

Justeen is a star!

Justeen promised my pool would be swimmable by Christmas and she went the extra mile to make that happen. I spent a very happy Christmas break enjoying the pool. Justeen is a delight to work with and communicated with me at every stage.

Branch LocationQLD
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Hi Karen, wow great to hear! We're so glad you've had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas in your new pool. Thanks, Freedom Pools

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Questions & Answers

What does the lifetime structural warranty actually cover?
5 answers
Hi Nikki, the lifetime structural warranty covers the structure of your pool shell and it's construction. Thanks, Freedom PoolsWould it cover a 90 degree poly pipe elbow that is moulded into the fibreglass shell for a spa seat air line?It definitely does not cover the fibreglass coating, they blame it on incorrect chemical balance - do NOT buy a Freedom Pool

I'm looking for a pool company that won't cause me all of the stress I'm reading about!! Most of the companies I've read about the reviews are terrible. Are they all sub contracted out?
3 answers
Hey Mel We know building a pool can be a stressful activity so we're eager to make sure it's as smooth as possible for you. If you're able to let us know which State you're located in we can have some talk you through the installation process, in some suburbs we do have contractors however a Freedom supervisor is always around to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Thanks! Freedom PoolsMel if you are in Melbourne do not use any Freedoom Pools agents.We have had pool installed not finished taken almost 12 Months supervisor does not return calls and blames for any issues.Do not use Freedom Pools the warranty is crap, try getting the gel coat repaired

Hi I'm looking getting a freedom pool there seams to be negative reviews what area / office did you use
2 answers
I used the kenwick one in perth had no problems with them .talk to grant the representative i usedPerth. Just don't use freedom pools! They never installed the pool properly, leaking, and I'm currently in a court battle with them. They just don't care. Their contractors are 'cowboys' and don't have a clue how to install a pool. I had to hire my own tradesmen to fix the problems and I'm thousands of dollars out of pocket! Don't make the same mistake that I did. I'm happy to discuss further, if you like.


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