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Freedom Screens
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Brilliant product, the way to go.

Friendly and expert staff, brilliant product that is the way to go, particularly for bi-folds and open areas. So happy we went with Freedom.

amazing product! absolute game changer

screen has only been in for a couple of weeks but already has paid for itself! there is nothing better than sitting in the lounge room listening to the birds, crickets and night creatures without the fear of being eaten by mosquito's and without being bothered by flies!

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Hi Nigele, Thanks for taking the time to post a review. We're glad you're happy with your screen.

Very poor service makes the product overly expensive and poor value

I purchased 3 large Freedom retractable screens five years ago for my outdoor living area - at very substantial cost. I had ongoing problems with them not opening properly, and the service was not good. Now, one has ripped right across the bottom and I am up for a huge repair cost. The supplier now tells me the problem is salt build-up in the track - a hazard of beachside living. Apparently, we should have been pouring hot water right along the track regularly.

Well, why didn't they tell us that when they installed the screens?

A product is only as good as the service behind it, and failing to tell buyers about KNOWN problems and the appropriate preventative maintenance requirement brands a supplier negligent.

Well, the screens have been fixed and work superbly now. If only the original installer had given us the information the repair staff provided yesterday, we would never have experienced a problem. I still can't determine whether the 5 year warranty had actually expired or not. It would have been very close to expiry or just days out when I reported the major problem - but given that I had been complaining regularly for years with no proper response, I think I'm within my rights to claim warranty. The problem was bad installation and bad service. The product is superb. Happily, the Gold Coast franchise is under new management, and it appears that the service now matches the excellent product quality. I do love my screens, and now that I know what caused problems, I am confident they will work reliably for many years to come. Thank you Freedom Screens Gold Coast for showing us the trick to keeping them working.Well, it appears I have to revise my above comment. Yes, the screens finally work. After 5 years of no service and an ongoing problem resulting from poor installation, I'm now being bullied by someone telling me I should have called Freedom Screens Australia instead of the franchise I was advised to call (as if I'm a mind reader). The person who couldn't tell me the installation date when I asked about warranty now suddenly can tell me exactly. Odd, that! I have no invoice, nor any advice of any amount they claim is payable - and they never gave a firm quote - yet I'm being told I 'have to give them a credit card number RIGHT NOW' - over the phone. Fat chance! I don't even have a contact for Freedom Screens Australia - only the franchise that installed the screens, although it is under new management. The former franchisee clearly told me to call that business and when I did I told them of his advice and that I believed it was a warranty issue and nobody said one word about having to talk to the head office or anyone else. Freedom Australia - you need to do something about the manner in which your franchisees or agents or whatever they may be are treating customers. This is NOT acceptable. I do NOT give credit card numbers over the phone. It's illegal to demand payment without proper documentation. The problem with the screens was a result of negligence on the part of the installer and failure to honour the warranty. And I do not take kindly to being spoken to rudely or accusingly - much less to repeated harassment by ongoing phone calls, which I will NOT answer. Please have someone from the head office contact me - someone who can be polite and respectful of my consumer rights.Today, I contacted Freedom Screens Australia head office and the response was very helpful. It appears that Freedom Screens Brisbane/GoldCoast/Toowoomba/Northern Rivers Distribution rights were sold a while back and the unfortunate buyer inherited a lot of disgruntled customers and warranty claims, and that combined with the Christmas rush has overwhelmed the staff to some extent. It's not an excuse for failing to discuss my complaint courteously, but I'm sympathetic. Business operators are human, and when they are under pressure, mistakes happen. When people misunderstand a complaint and think a customer is just unreasonably refusing to pay, tempers flare. And likewise when customers feel wronged, they get upset and may not communicate well. Thankfully, the intervention of head office enabled proper communication and an acceptable resolution. Thank you, Cathy (I hope that's the right spelling!) The Distributor has now sent a fair invoice with a hefty discount for the repair job in recognition of the problems we've had, and Freedom Screens Australia has apparently assisted the distributor by waiving the materials cost. I am happy to pay the invoice that has now arrived in my in box, and I am delighted that my screens finally work well. The Distributor did go above and beyond by servicing the undamaged screens to ensure they slide freely and not charging for that extra labour. That is much appreciated. His team also took time to show us how to maintain to avoid further problems. All's well that ends well. I can't see how to change the rating, but now aware that all the problems were a result of a past distributor's failure, I would if I could. The screens are great. And having seen how the current Brisbane/GoldCoast/Toowoomba/Northern Rivers Distributor's team went about servicing, I'm confident their customers enjoy a quality installation job and good backup service.

Don't know how I lived without it!

Hayden from Freedom Screens Richmond provided a professional quote, then later delivered and installed exactly what he promised. His work and manner were excellent. The screen looks amazing and is even better than I'd hoped. I couldn't be happier with the product and service. I'm looking forward to a summer without bugs!

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Hi there - So glad you're happy with your screen. I'll pass your comments on to the Victorian team.

Exactly what we wanted

Andrew from Freedom Screens Sunshine Coasts took us through the process so well. Professional, knowledgeable and so customer focused. Explained everything well, nothing was a problem that couldn't be resolved.
Everything went according to plan and installed right on time. We would highly recommend both the brand and the company.

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Thank you for taking the time to review your experience Brian. I will pass on your comments to Andrew.

High Quality Screens

Andrew has a professional approach and a high quality product; installation was excellent and issues addressed quickly, resulting in a very happy customer. All expectations met and highly recommended.

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Hi Terry. Thanks for taking the time to review your experience. It's much appreciated.

Perfectly Installed; Perfectly Happy

Andrew went above and beyond, conscientiously fitting my retractable screen, making a perfect job of it. I couldn't be happier with the product or Andrew's work.

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Hi Kate. Thank you for the feedback. I will pass this on to Andrew.

Fantastic screens

We had 3 Freedom retractable screens installed 5 years ago and couldn’t be happier. Quoting and installation was quick and easy. Love the feeling of not being trapped behind ugly screens they really do bring the outdoors in. They have proved their strength having to contend with 4 young children! We did have 1 incident where a friend accidentally walked into the screen, broke her glasses but screen stayed perfectly intact. I would certainly recommend this product.

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So happy you are enjoying your screens. Thank you for the feedback.

Perfect screen

A job well done .a professional approach to this project with the sales team being informative and speedy in delivering a great product ,thanks from David and Gwen .

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Thank you for taking the time to review your experience. Much appreciated David and Gwen.

Love our retractable screen

Andrew and his crew were efficient and extremely helpful. All our screens fit perfectly but the retractable screen is the best! It is sooo beautifully done most people don't even know it's there. We can now open our retractable doors to access the outdoor open space with no bugs! In addition, all screen frames perfectly match our existing doors so the installations look like they were installed in the original build, which was over 10 years ago. I absolutely recommend Andrew and love his products.

Lasts approximately 12 months

We had a freedom screen installed in Feb 2017 after a recommendation from Doors Plus at Macgregor. It has now come apart from the track in the back half of the top and bottom of the screen and will no longer retract. They even cut the door frame to put it in, we agreed at the time thinking this would last a lot longer. An installer came to look at it today and advised it would $450 to replace the screen as it’s 2 months outside warranty. It cost $1,400 to install and throwing away another $450 for something that will potentially only last another year seems like madness. Better to cut my losses and consider myself suitable ripped off with a damaged doorframe for good measure. Of course we were given the line that someone must have walked into it, however, we know that’s not the case as it’s only my two of us living here and given it’s falling apart in the back half, not the front half where the entrance is, makes it highly improbable.

Interesting how many positive reviews are not verified customers and sound like a TV commercial.Freedom screens are the manufacturer of these retractable screens and as such offer a quality product with generous guarantees. The screens are purchased by our distributors and are fitted by them. Because of the structure of the screen it is a hardy product which is difficult to damage if used correctly and our warranty claims are minimal. Our distributors are aware of the difference between a commercial fault and accidental damage which we obviously do not warrant against. If workmanship is at fault all our distributors are encouraged to correct this – and if the product is faulty we are happy to make good. We are proud of our customer service and the positive reviews which are submitted are genuine happy customers who were so impressed with our product, they thought it appropriate to comment. We do thorough quality testing, including static load testing and automated cycle testing which demonstrates open/closing statistics of 35,000 cycles with no signs of wear at all.The actual evidence does not support your claims here. I was thinking I could not be bothered making a complaint to fair trade as your product clearly does not last a reasonable amount of time. However, your insinuation that it was accidental damage or mistreatment has motivated me somewhat.

Great job!

The quoting process was simple, turnaround times were as quoted and Hayden was brilliant during install. Thank you, highly recommended.

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Thank you for sharing your experience Tim.

Quoting Issues

After initial quoting issues, Freedom Screens have reached out to rectify the problem. I will edit the review post install.

Top product and after sales service is AMAZING!

Fantastic product, we originally installed cheaper screens and after about 4 years of stressing about them and much damage to them, we replaced our cheaper screens with Freedom's and the difference is huge. This is a quality product, easy to operate and we don't have to worry anymore when we have guests over that they may damage the screens when going in or out. We have had to ask Andrew back for a couple of minor issues and he is a fantastic guy, explained things clearly to us, showed me the best way to keep them clean and just very professional. I do not know him personally and he did not ask me for this review, that's how impressed I am!

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Hi Jo. Thanks so much for sharing your experience.

Screen running strong after years

I had Phantom screens install a screen for my balcony about 7 years ago. They did a great job and came back for a service to seal up some gaps. Since then the screen has been going strong and had no problems. Well worth the money and it mad my place look so much better.

Way too expensive and poor customer service.

After 3 weeks of trying to get in touch with this company to schedule a quote, for a retractible screen. Quote was ridiculously high, so I asked for discount and if I needed everything as quoted (i.e. could it be done in a cheaper way?), was told that they would review and revert back, however they were not likely to offer a discount as it was peak season. They only discount when they cannot find work. In addition they wanted to charge me $310 extra for installation, extra aluminium piece and non-standard colour (even though the colour was a standard powdercoat colour). In my opinion, the lack of discounting when busy is another form of 'price gauging' (its artificially increasing prices without justification), which I personally find unethical.
After calling the SalesRep several times, never to get a return call or any follow up, I got a competitive quote from Eclipse (based in Dandenong, Melbourne) for a similar screen (arguably slightly less quality) for half the price, without the extra charges (inclusive of installation, additional aluminium & any available powdercoat colour).
I would have paid a little more for the Freedom product but not with all the extra charges and poor customer service.

Hi J.M. I'm sorry we couldn't help you in this case. Our people always like to separate the various extras in their quotes so you know what you are paying for. For example, a stock powder-coat colour will not attract an additional charge but a non-stock colour will because of additional labour and handling.Well good to see that you're honest enough to concede that you over-charged and struggle with poor customer service. Hopefully you can resolve your issues and improve for future customers. Thanks for responding.

Love our new screens!

Andrew and Jack of A Retractable World, Sunshine Coast provide a great service. Friendly, polite, fully informed on the product who worked tirelessly through high heat and humidity and many annoying mosquitoes until the job was done. I particularly appreciated the time and due diligence they took to make sure the fitting was done well, i.e. plumbed, level and squared. We are thrilled now to have these beautiful screens to keep out the said annoying mossies! They work perfectly and add a new spatial dimension to our way of living, opening the house up further to take in more of the beautiful outdoors. It's an excellent product with a great two-man team whom I have no hesitation in recommending.

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Thank you for taking the time to review your experience with Freedom Retractable Screens. I will pass on your thanks to our fantastic team on the Sunshine Coast.

Retractable screens and roller blinds

Extremely happy with the product and service. Andrew Bryce of A Retractable World on the Sunshine Coast did a fantastic job. Our farm house is a bit out of square and he fitted 2 Prowler proof doors 3 sets of retractable screens on French doors and 3 large retractable screens on bifold doors plus roller blinds,, The service was second to none. We were fully informed from when we received the quote to when they were fitted. Very, very impressed with the service friendliness' and quality of product. Highly recommend Andrew and Freedom Screens

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Thank you for your kind review Willy! I will pass your thanks onto Andrew.

Absolutely wonderful screens and installation

These screens are exactly what we needed. They are firm, easy to operate, obviously of a very high quality and the frames are pretty unobtrusive. The communication was great and Andrew and his offsider Jack did a wonderful job installing them. Andrew was helpful and pleasant all the way through. We are very happy.
The only downside was the reluctance of the parent company to supply marker dots (necessary particularly for families with children for screen closure alert). An odd shortcoming especially given the expense of the product.
Otherwise, great all round.

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Hi there. We're glad you are happy with your screens and Andrew's great service. We're happy to supply Andrew with some marker dots to send on to you. Sorry for the oversight.

Great all round

We previously used another company for our large Retractable flyscreen and had always been disappointed with the quality. We then arranged Freedom to replace the screen and their staff were friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful and their product is far more superior and functional. It was a great experience with a great result and we love our new Retractable screen

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Hi Carly B. Thank you so much for your review - We're glad you are enjoying your new screen.

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Questions & Answers

Is the sa freedom branch 1/38 North East Road, Walkerville SA 5081 still operational the wife has rung several time on the 1300 no. And 08 8 no. And emailed and no reply. Thanks Steve
2 answers
Try calling (07) 5598 3575. That's the corporate office. I found them very helpful.Dear Steve, Unfortunately the SA distributor has closed their business. We have a new distributor who can be contacted on 08 8443 4000.

Hi I live in Newcastle. Can I have a rough estimate for a retractable fly screen that is 4.8m x 2.4m? Thank you.
1 answer
Dear Deepthika, Thank you for your enquiry. Could you please contact our Newcastle distributor, Daniel Ballaam, on 02 4388 1547. He would be happy to provide a quote and advice. Cheers.

We need to replace two flyscreens in our house, but we need them to be removable once shutters have been installed. Can you advise please? Thanks Lesley
2 answers
I doubt Freedom Screens would suit your needs. They are costly. They roll away into a cylinder on the side when not in use.Hi Lesley, Our screens slide along tracks and into a side cassette completely out of the way. If you would like more information please phone 1300 727 336 for a distributor near you.

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