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Maverick RC truck

After seeing the maverick blackout online I drove to the store to check it out. I found the product on special which the staff were to eager to pass on to me. All the staff were friendly and always checking to make sure you are being looked after. I will be definitely be shopping there again

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Beyond Rubbish

Recently I ordered a designer set for our local rocket club, when ordering this it was displayed as in stock and would be delivered within a week. As time went on we noticed that the item had not been sent and we enquired on line if this was the case or had they just forgotten to update the order details. To this we received no answer so we rang the shop and after receiving the run around we were told they would email us back, surprise no e-mail was received.
We went back to their site and noticed the item was now marked as on back order, so in fact they never had the item in stock and just wasted our time.

We cannot rate this shop low enough as they seem to have a habit of doing this type of thing on a regular basis if the online reviews are to be believed.

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we were showing Estes Designer in stock but we have been unable to locate them.We are expecting a big order from Estes in the next couple of days.Sorry about the delay Narelle Scott

Shocking service

Unable to provide me with a replacement needle for an airbrush I purchased from them, wasted so much money with them, after so many promises, they should not be allowed to sell an item unless they can supply damaged parts. Will not shop there again.

hello there. what brand of airbrush do you need parts forIt was a simple hs-80 I was told this make was no longer Available I ordered two on line that day, and will now order all my airbrush stuff this way, and save myself a lot of money and travel time Thank you for your replying

Fast delivery and great price

Ordered a Mini-Z MR03 through these guys via eBay on Tuesday and had it delivered on Thursday (same week). Item as described at a very good price. This is the second time I have ordered through these guys. SOLID.

Excellent range, Great kit, interstate packaging and service. Thanks..

Read about the trouble with frameworks for the store and decided to buy a kit from them having enjoyed going there in the past on visits to Newcastle. With a diminishing rage of good hobby stores I like to support them when I can. Found a great range, good pieces and excellent service. Will be back certainly and recommend to others

Customer service - left wanting...

I get better customer service at a 7 Eleven petrol station!
Had parts on order for 4 months, not one call or email from Frontline to advise. Don't order online, they take your cash and run to the hills, hiding behind there computer screen. After speaking with the directing manager, I was under the impression I would be at ease once I received confirmation of back ordered items. 3 weeks later, and still no email, phone call, text message.
Largest hobby store - maybe, more like largest egos.

hello Ray what parts do you have on order? we are always ready to help narelleI have been dealing with your 'HELP' for the last five weeks, Narelle, and it has gotten you to a "product review website". You are probably unfamiliar with me, as you have chosen not to reply to any emails previously and cut short our phone calls, therefore, communication breaks down and you are responding to a blind reviewer. I honestly feel and believe even if I did mention what parts you had on backorder, they would fall on tired eyes, again. Which is why I have requested a refund from you and your employee, and requested remittance to be forwarded the day or day after the refund has been put through. This was requested on Thursday the 7th of June 2018, but instead of trying to please a customer and provide there Australian right to a refund, you are foraging through online ratings trying to "save face" 4 months after the initial order was placed. Regarding parts on back order, I have acquired through an alternate supplier, it appears you have little pull regrading parts tracking and ordering. For your companies sake, have you and your employees take some day courses on customer service and satisfaction, you can only gain from where you currently are. I will advise the date, the refund is received.

Lost Customer

I ordered adhesives, polystyrene cement, superglue and zip kicker a month ago. Payment cleared, stock allocated, but haven't seen item ONE since. Sent email which was ignored, rang from interstate and spoke to a staff member who was very polite and apologetic, and put it down to one or two items being unavailable, probably due to the relocation of their business premises and I'd probably have to wait another week? Well, another week and NOTHING! What sort of Hobby Shop can't supply glue??? I've been dealing with Frontline Hobbies for years and have come to expect a lot better service and performance....I will be taking my business elsewhere in future and suggest others do likewise!!

Ordered and paid for a part. They couldnt supply it or A REFUND OF MY MONEY EITHER

I ordered a part. 1 week later they said they couldnt supply it. I asked when they were going to refund me through paypal they didnt respond. I opened a paypal claim they didnt respond. I had to esculate it to a paypal case
Dont give this company your money

They don't want to honor warranties

This company is a pack of liars. They are rude and offensive and they will do everything to try and always blame the customer when you try and make a warranty claim on their pathetic 3 month warranty for remote control cars (which I am sure is illegal under consumer affairs & trade minimum warranty period regulations). If you have warranty issues with this company I suggest don't accept their automatic blame the customer first policy, never give in to their lies and threaten them with legal action through consumer affairs if need be. Also if you are just looking for a car for a child consider Kmart or Big W as they have a hassle free 12 month replacement warranty on much cheaper remote cars.

Great help & service thanks Ed

Sorted out my new alpha 1000 problem and had me back on the water with a whole new set up great job and I rate the alpha as an insane machine love ya work!.

Wrong parts again

After repeated wrong parts I stipulated the correct model again. They had to order parts and I was not notified of there arrival I had to chase it up. After driving a 100 t klm to where my baja is stored at a friends I pulled the car to pieces to fit new parts before a race meeting to find that once again I still was given wrong parts. Terrible service and pricing I will advise all my hobbies friends not to go there.

Unhelpful customer service

They were not interested in doing any further business with me, I asked if they had any more action figures in stock and the reply was "none that you don't know of" gee thanks for the great customer service!! Won't be buying from there ever again!!! Bye Bye.

Always given us great service

Admittedly, my kids are only beginners in the hobby world, but we've had nothing but good experiences with Frontline hobbies. When the kids were younger we'd order puzzles, lego sets and craft kits. Now we've graduated to plastic model kits. As we live in Sydney, we always shop around, but we've always found Frontline hobbies to be competitive.

We've also had nothing but good experience with their customer service. When ordering online, delivery is prompt (unlike a major Sydney chain of hobby stores). I've frequently rung them in a last minute situation and asked to purchase something over the phone so that my mother could pick it up on her way to Sydney. The staff have always been pleasant and helpful and have always gotten it right. I'm sorry that others have had bad experiences, but this is certainly one of my two favourite hobby stores.

Over rated (By themselves) Over priced

Staff have no idea what customer service is, but I think they must work under fear by the owner/manager, I was talking to a staff member when the guy comes up and said 'wrap it up if your buying if not basically see you later!!' well I was out of there. Prices are over the top, and you may think they have lots of different items , but a closer look show 10 of he same product. No I won't go back, there are a few other shops in Newcastle, Central Coast or Hornsby, where they know customer service

Over priced

This place should always be a LAST resort. Nitro fuel is cheaper online delivered, RC parts are cheaper online. Just google "hobby store" and only pages from australia and there's plenty of online stores that are better than this place.
If you want to go one step further check out some of the USA hobby sites, much cheaper if you order a few things at once.

expensive, poor customer relations

Looks are not everything

When i first started going to the place it was a kid in a candy store type of trance, hours of wandering and gazing, but as my hobbies gained in experience and started to gather vastly more expensive i began to realise.....

1) the product range is very vast but stocking is always a 2 week delayso they said!, as i ordered in product once before it took them 3 months and they did not notify me in anyway.
2) the prices are way over marked considering the amount of range they do have. it's always 50% cheaper to buy from the internet on average. and hobbyco in the QVB sydney is cheaper, come on QVB sydney and cheaper!
3) the most amazing part to all this is the staff a bunch of silly children that have no experience, only looking for a quick pay cheque. they do not understand the products and have no experience in and kind of hobby and are not interested in taking the time to help. i visited on a regular basis once or twice a week and not once did the staff offer help or advice on the products i was interested in.

Horrible business and staff, a waste of time and money. i was the fool but you know what, get stuffed frontline hobbies, hope you goes out of business.

front line hobbies are terrible

they where ok for the 3 orders then not so happy the staff did not know what they were talking about nor did they know if they had the stock in one dude said yeah we do the next said no we dont its just a wrong hobbie store to buy from.

No returns

Brought over $2000 worth of buggy radio and batteries radio gear in one transaction radio gear (dx3s) is faulty 6 months later after returning 3 times and still no exchange/credit/refund. I will never return to this store due to bad experience. Manager/staff have been nothing but rude to me about my simple request to get $300 worth of radio gear that works


They have a huge range

Mate I'm always spoilt for choice when I head to Newcastle and visit these guys. I enjoy my RC , cars, planes, helis, anything rc and I'm on it, and frntline has all i need. i will go there again and again just to look and sometimes to buy. It's really just a great place to browse around.
Great Range

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hi , did frohtline hobbies buy ''the roma theatre '' ? thank you
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