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Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA (8.5kW)

Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA (8.5kW)

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Delivered faulty and no customer service

Avoid at all costs. Purchased a new unit and had it installed only for the installer to advise the unit had a blocked valve and needed a Fujitsu technician to fix it. Fujitsu customer service took half a day to answer the phone then booked a service call for the following week. Every call to customer service goes to a message that isn’t responded to, called head office asking to complain and got transferred to another message that also wasn’t returned. Sadly this review is exactly the same as another on this site

Date PurchasedJan 2019
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Hi Matt, Thank you for providing your feedback on Product Review. I'm sorry you are experiencing this. Our CoOrdinators are doing everything they can to contact every customer that calls us. If you like please call them on 1300 658 840.


Air Conditioner works well and is very quiet. We are very happy with this purchase.
The guy at Good guys that sold us this model wasn't sure if it would be powerful to cool an extra large area. It certainly does, without any problem. The unit functions well when in high demand and is used for hours on end during the heat of summer. Would highly recommend.

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Hi Sue, Thank you for taking the time to place your comments on Product Review. Your custom and feedback is important to us. We are delighted to hear of your experience with your recent purchase of the Fujitsu Lifestyle ASTG40KMTA. Should you have any further queries please don't hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Great product and Whisper Quiet

Did a lot of research prior to purchasing, unit replaced a Carrier A/C system that had given many years of trouble free service.
Could not be more happy with our decision to purchase this Fujitsu A/C , just had a couple of high 30 degrees days and the system performed brilliantly, has made us realise just how good this inverter system is and outdoor unit is whisper quiet.
Purchase with absolute confidence.

Date PurchasedOct 2018
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HI Mark, We are glad to hear you are happy with your purchase. Thank you for providing your feedback on Product Review.

Just the right timing, before summer!

Have just had this unit installed in my new home, job done promptly and very tidy, polite workers. Great unit with plenty of power and very neat fitting on the internal wall and also on exterior. Outside unit is up on brackets and very tidy, workers took away all the mess, came on time as well. Would recommend no priblems.

Date PurchasedSep 2018
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Hi Veronica, We are delighted with your response to the latest purchase of your Fujitsu Air Conditioner. Thank you for taking the time to provide a review on Product review

Works well when working

Replaced my 10 year old Fujitsu with the new model, had been very happy with previous so was no brainer with replacing with another. However 2 years later it developed a leak, after second attempt the Fujitsu recommended Technician advised the indoor coil was faulty and placed an order for a new part under warranty. One week later having not heard from the technician I contacted them and was advised that the part was on back order and they were unable to say when the new part would arrive. Concerned I would be without my cooling and heating system for a long period I have since contacted Fujitsu direct. Having provided proof of purchase date and model number as requested they have asked me to provide the part number. I will now need to follow up with the technician so as to provide this. I will add to this post when I have an outcome. Depending on the outcome I will adjust the star rating accordingly.

Date PurchasedJun 2016
I have since been advised by Fujitsu that they estimate it will take 4 weeks to get in the part. This will make a total of 5 weeks to get the part if it actually comes in at that time and probably another week to schedule in with the repairer. Very poor service/backup for a unit less than actually 2 years old.After a few emails and referencing this site Fujitsu sent the part overnight and the repairer fit the part a few days later. It is now working so happy to have the heater and aircon back. Happy that Fujitsu got the part in a reasonable time in the end just a shame with the process it took to get it. Fujitsu you have a good product in future don't let yourself down with poor after sales service.Update - I now have a problem with the fan making a noise like the bearing has gone, but it is intermittent. Have since had the techo out and they are ordering a new part, lucky I can still use it but it is very inconvenient considering the unit is just over 2 years old

Very quiet airconditioner

Very happy with cooling performance, heating isn't as powerful I feel. Timer for on and off can be a bit tricky to use at first. Remember to read the instructions carefully. Overall, the air conditioner is very quiet. Inactivity setting works well, esp when you are leaving it on overnight as it reduces power consumption and doesn't blast all night

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Very good

Bought mostly for heating and it does not disappoint. Will sometimes have to take the temperature up on the control for it to heat up the room in a reasonable amount of time. One of the most quiet split-systems I have heard and is easy to control. Overall it does the job and is easily worth the money (look out for manufacturer discount).

Date PurchasedMar 2017

For the last one month it has been performing well

We bought this model of the Air conditioner from Harvey Norman in Osborne Park, Perth. The sales person who sold us this item is Neville. He gave us a good price and an installer. The installation was about 1000 dollars, including the removal of the old AC. The outside unit is very quiet as well as the inside unit. I will let you know how the Air-conditioner is performing in about six months time. For the last month the AC has been performing well. Fujitsu is offering a rebate of about 200 dollars for this AC. The inside unit is not as quiet as I would have wanted to. But it is not noisy.

Date PurchasedMay 2017
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even though, we have not used the Air-conditioner that much in this Summer, the AC is still running well. We live close to the western sea breeze and I have noticed one screw getting bit corroded. I need to apply some material to protect the silver colour screws.The AC performed very well in the winter even though it was at a high setting. We saw a big change in our electricity bill after changing the ten-year-old air-conditioner.

Summer cannot live without it

Great for summer - used a couple of times for heat in winter for mornings
Very quiet
Had in stalled by professional internal wall away from lounge
Very easy to use remote for all settings (self explanatory)
Love the setting for quiet outdoor unit
Happy to recommend for purchase - why not buy

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Unexpectedly good! An invaluable purchase

We finally caved and bought an aircon unit in November, just before the hottest summer ever. While we calculated the size of the room etc and made sure that we bought a conditioner of sufficient capacity, we were surprise to find that the unit, with a bit of fiddling of fan speed, swing directions etc, can actually cool the entire bottom floor of our house. And it does so pretty quickly and quietly. Really didnt expect the efficiency or speed of cooling. Since we bought it the weather has been horrendous and we were quite worried about the power bill. The blurb said it would cost $480 or so a year to run, and I suspect this is under very specific conditions. But given that it had high use for two months, the power bill wasnt diabolical. - maybe $200 more than usual.. and well worth it considering how ridiculous the weather has been. We chose to get the Energex attachment that allows Energex to reduce the load during very hot days, but it hasnt really been intrusive. And we got a $200 rebate for doing so. The installer - whom we booked through The Good Guys - commented on what a good unit this was, and that it was of a great capacity for the open-planned nature of our house. Apparently they are very reliable and easy to fix. Thus far, no problems despite continual usage in hot conditions. As we booked the install through The Good Guys, if we have any problems in the future with the installation or the unit, we just go back to them for the warranty. It was about $300 more expensive than another model on sale at the time, but seemed sturdier and had a better distribution method.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

working very well only had for one week that has been installed

very quiet and keeps the area very comfortable in temp keeps the room very easy to be in on hot days. The system is not imposing and is very neat.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Quieter but not as cold as the 10 year old cheapo that it replaced

my air-conditioning installer recommended this unit, I trusted him, but the unit is definitely not as powerful on cold and is similarly down on performance on the heating cycle, last week I had a cheapo Chinese Aircon of a lower capacity but it was getting a bit noisy so I thought rather than repair I would update, what a mistake $3000 for the unit and installation and it won't even go down to 16° like the old unit did (only goes to 18°) and is painfully weak on both the cooling and the heating, absolute rubbish don't waste your money

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Fantastic! Powerful, quiet and oh so cool

I was worried after reading bad reviews about Fujitsu aircons that I might be making a mistake but my electrician (Clayton from Hux electrical) said we'd have no problem if we chose a powerful model and he was right. At first I thought it was noisy but that was because they finished the install at 2:30pm so it needed to be on high. Once the place is cool you can turn the fan down and barely hear it. It's an unbelievable 40 degrees today but you wouldn't know it inside the house and can only faintly hear it working. If you know it's going to be hot and you're at work you can set the timer. Love it!

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Questions & Answers

Why does this air con NOT have an inverter?.
3 answers
Hi Bridget, thanks for contacting us. All Fujitsu General Air Conditioners being sold in Australia are inverters. For more information on the product visit https://www.fujitsugeneral.com.au/product/astg30kmta---8.5kw(c)-9.0kw(h) . We hope this information helps.Shocking to hear, had similar problem, worked fine for the first 2 1/2yrs. Than the problems started and got nowhere with the manufacturer. Numerous emails back and forth, got nowhere. Posted negative review on this site, within minutes they were asking me to private message them and asking me to remove my post. I decided to rip the entire system out and went with a more reputable company. The only thing this product did was create aggravation for me for 2 yrs and $5700.00 on original install. Only to rip it out and have another system installed. I'd recommend the same to you.Hi Lou. As discussed with you we are based in Australia and the reason you were asked to remove your post was because you had posted your comments on our page which is a totally different company in a different country to which you bought the unit. We have reached on your behalf and contacted that company to see if we could resolve your issue. Other than that, unfortunately we do not have any control over them and cannot force them to resolve your issue.


Lifestyle ASTG30KMTA (8.5kW)
Reverse CycleYes
Indoor Unit Depth280mm
Outdoor Unit Height830mm
Outdoor Unit Width900mm
Outdoor Unit Depth330mm
Price (RRP) $2299
Cooling Capacity8.9kW
Heating Capacity9kW
Cooling Energy Rating2stars
Heating Energy Rating3stars
Indoor Unit Height340mm
Indoor Unit Width1150mm
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