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Scam alert!

I bought a digital 12 Month XBOX Live key from these thieves. The key did not work and I am trying to get a refund. The seller is Electronictechnologies. They are saying the key works, but it dont. Do not get scammed by these thieves.

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First negative purchasing experience

That was my first purchasing experience and they failed to deliver good customer service. I purchased Trend Micro Maximum Security key for 3 years subscription, I received the key on time and when I install the software and entered the serial number (Key), it was invalid. I contacted the seller and took him a while to respond. He requested a screenshot of the error message, and I provided him with all the screenshots. However, I was expecting to be offered other solutions but he only purposed a full refund which I got successfully., Would I buy anything from them again? Maybe, from a different seller.

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i bought one game code from here it automatically signs me up to their G2A premium subscription, i don't check my email that often when buying stuff. in the end, i lost more than 30 dollars just because i bought a 10 dollar cd key at their website. worst decision ever.

and the subcribtion give you nothing at a cost of 5 bucks a month.

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Bought AVG 75% cheaper than through AVG

Bought AVG Premium Security.
Wanted to try, didn't read here before I did so.
But key has activated and AVG said it's legit
All working fine my end.
Guessing I was one of those lucky ones.

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I have been charged twice for a subscription for having an "open account not logged into for 180+ days". It has cost me $4 each time because it "costs money to have an account open". Mean while every other company around the world doesn't charge people for having online accounts open and inactive.

Its a scam and a way to get people to pay money without knowing. I will never buy from this place again. I will never recommend this platform again and I will go out of my way to ensure no one that I know uses this website again. Its this kind of shady stuff that steal the trust of a consumer.

If you do buy from this website, delete your account instantly.

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Same as gary. I bought a year subscription for Bitdefender via G2A. After a few days, Bitdefender advised me to renew my membership. I contacted Bitdefender and they advised that G2A is no reseller and sells illegal licenses. They are a SCAM filth of the earth AVOID

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G2A are one of the most deceptive companies I have ever dealt with - WATCH YOUR WALLET!

They automatically added G2A plus to my account when I was checking out and stole about 20GBP from me.

They have closed down their live chat making the G2A Shield useless now as it takes at least 48 hours for their staff to get back.

Avoid this business unless you have no other choice. The extra 10GBP or whateve you need to pay on steam is well worth it for not having to deal with this company.

Product Quality

G2A is a scam

I bought a year subscription for Bitdefender via G2A. After 4 days, Bitdefender advised me to renew my membership. When I rang Bitdefender they advised that G2A is the preferred platform for 3rd party scammers. They advised that differently from Ebay and Amazon, G2A has done nothing to stop the proliferation of scammers. They advised that what the G2A scammers do is sell the software subsctiptions on to others (as they had done to me) and then they cancel the subscription. When I approached my bank to get a refund on my credit card, they agreed. When I approached G2A directly, they simply asked me to work it out with their seller ....arrgghhh! They have absolutely no interest in protecting purchasers. They even asked me to register to put in a dispute. I did that and then started receiving junk mail advertising from G2A.....arrrggghhhh! #2
They send responses from non reply emails, so it isnt even possible to bring G2A's dodgy practise to their attention ...arrgghhhhh! #3

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I bought a key from G2A, seller Zillakami on 3 February. I tried to use it, but was redeemed. I discussed with Microsoft and they sent me via email an evidence that the key was used on 1 February.
Now the seller is not responding to my messages, and g2a says that is not their fault and can not help me.

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it feels like playing the roulette :)

The issue is that the keys you are buying on G2A come from dodgy resellers which are not really endorsed or backed by G2A. G2A is just the middle man - sort of like the eBay of keys. Sure you could get a working key - I've seen plenty of ratings and comments and people getting good value out of them, but I didn't and and got an already used key, even buying from a 95% reputable seller.

So then I raise a ticket with the seller, at least he responded back but didn't really want to fix my issue. He kept asking for me to prove the key was invalid which I finally did by posting an official response from a Customer Rep from Blizzard. Still no replacement key. I somehow managed to change my rating from negative to positive (that was my error navigating the G2A website) so the seller now really doesn't have any incentive to fix my problem. Then I lodged a ticket with G2A support which they didn't respond to within their stated 72 hr policy. So I ended up raising a dispute via Paypal (still pending).

In the end I really think it comes down to how lucky you are feeling that particular day but I'm not willing to take that risk anymore. Too bad because they really seem to have good prices on lots of stuff and I would've bought lots more keys from them, even with the Shield subscription (which I didn't subscribe to) it would've been good value.

I'm not too fussed because the amount I paid was quite small but I feel for the ones that pay big dollars and get used keys.

Do you want to play the roulette? :)

Very Dodgy

Very dodgy. Keys come back as used. Support will not help, only ban your account so you cannot contact the seller.


I purchased a Xbox live membership from this company and they unknowingly signed me up to a monthly subscription charging me 2.38 euro/month. They did this for free expecting me to cancel this within 7 days if I no longer wanted it. It took me a couple of months to figure this because the initial withdrawal was made not long after my initial purchase and I thought it was an international transaction fee. I would not use this company, their practice to help themselves to your money (without permission) is completely unethical.

I have bought a few keys from this…

I have bought a few keys from this website and when one wasn't working they sent me a replacement key within minutes.


G2A is total nonsense, blocking accounts and when you contact them and provide all the necessary info they fob you off with some nonsense and don't help.
Avoid wherever possible!

Attempted scam

Billed without providing a product. Offered a refund, but stipulated the refund would only be after 30 days. That is outside the protections of most Credit Cards and Paypal. Opened a dispute with Paypal. Paypal ruled in my favour, G2A permabanned my account for 'fraudulent activity'.

Be VERY Careful

I bought Civ5 with all the DLCs from G2A. That aspect worked fine. I got the key and worked right away. But there was a big problem that I didn't realise until now. They will charge a G2A premium subscription monthly. Luckily I noticed that $5 a month near enough was being auto drawn from my account only two months into my subscription. Note: I never knowingly agreed to this which was highly frustrating. Sure. This isn't a lot of money but if you have many users only buy one game from their website and not go back for years this money adds up a lot. Cheeky buggers >:c

Do not use G2A

Do Not Use G2A!

I purchased a key for PUBG only to find out it was region locked to Russia. I immediatly created a ticket but they refused to refund me and I was unable to sell the key on.
I feel like the whole website is a scam and its very hard to manage your items. Please steer clear of G2A, pay a small amount extra and buy the game on Steam and you will be a much happier person.

The response from G2A was that I will not get a refund but they are happy for me to on sell the region locked product to the next unsuspecting victim, as long as there is a small disclaimer on the order page the buyer is likely to miss saying this item is region locked to Russia. The next buyer will also NOT be entitled to a refund but when they realise they can't use the region locked product G2A will suggest them to sell it. Meanwhile G2A will make a small profit from every transaction meaning that just 1 region locked product can make a lot of money.
This is clearly not in favour of customer and until I get my refund from G2A i will be telling the world...

Scammers and don't reply to support tickets

Bought a cd key from these guys only for it to not be valid, literally never heard back from them, stay clear.

Scam Alert!!!!

Purchased software, then billed for additional services I didn't purchase like G2Shield whatever that is. In addition, I was charged 7.8% credit card fee and an overseas transaction fee. A simple A$9.81 purchase, generated a A$40.82 charge to my credit card. B E W A R E these people.


Bought a game there, but the key cant be used as it has already been used by another account. Worst customer service, doesn't response.

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