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Avoid at all cost

Gearbest are conmen, I have purchased a Xiaomi electric scooter on 8 November with a delivery date before Christmas. It only arrived in January, it was not as described and it didn’t work. They accepted to take it back after I contacted my credit card company and sent them a video of the product vs what was advertised, the credit card company ruled in my favour so gearbest agreed to take the scooter back and offered to refund me for my shipping fees which they never did (claimed they sent it to the wrong paypal account and that is this is somehow my fault and I need to sort it with paypal) i’m taking them to the trading standard committee and will hopefully have their UK website closed soon so they stop conning people. But meanwhile I hope no one else has to go through the hours of useless chats with their agents, banks, paypal and a missed Christmas gift.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

A purchase does not mean you are guaranteed to receive the product

Bought a pair of wireless ear buds when it was on sale back in january. Today is 22/3, during this time gearbest has been sending me out of stock messages wanting me to cancel my order. In reality they have it in stock and is selling the same product on a substantially increased price. The reason they aren't sending me the product is because my order does not make them any profit, what they are doing to me is not right. To all the potential customers out there be careful with what you buy from gearbest, you could pay for something, but this does not mean gearbest will honor your purchase

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

'Very limited/cheap' coupons just like bait advertising

Have tried over half a dozen times to get Gearbest's "amazing" coupon deals, that have a few items available for a very cheap price.
No matter how quick you are they say no coupons available as soon as you click them.
These seem to be bait ads to draw you to their site - in fact, not sure if they are even real?!?
Gearbest's response - "oh well, bad luck, try next time, or...have a look at this other deal on the same product" (obviously nowhere near as good a deal) - what a joke!

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Shipping company lost products. Read this if you want to buy from Gearbest!

Heard of this site from a friend and so I did a big Black Friday purchase.

Purchased approx AUD 700 worth of products, only received a half of them. After follow ups and almost three months' of waiting, was told the shipping company lost the remaining products and they could only offer me a partial refund.

Some of the products that came were great, such as the Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Pro, which looks cool and works well.

Some were broken and of poor plasticky quality. For broken items sold on sale (most things on the site are "on sale" anyway), no refund is available. You could only return for repair at your own shipping cost.

See the "Terms and Conditions" here and note that the website bears little responsibility when things go wrong: https://www.gearbest.com/about/terms-and-conditions.html

Anyhoo, there are indeed things you could get on this site that you might not be able to get anywhere else. If you want to purchase from this site, make sure you do these things:

1. Check the regional settings on the top of the website. It's in a pretty small font and I was completely unaware that the prices displayed were in USD. Make sure you choose the right currency to display!

2. Get the shipping insurance. Again, shipping insurance was not always necessary with local websites and I wasn't aware of how important this is. Apparently they do not bear any responsibility whatsoever if your products are "lost" during shipping. When I tracked my products though it said my products have arrived in Australia. How were the products lost? Who knows what has happened to those products, really!

3. Ensure that you are ready and willing to bear the costs if the products do not arrive or arrive faulty. Don't buy anything at a cost that you are not willing to lose. Some products might get here perfect, but there does not seem to be many guarantees with this website!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

WARNING!! "in stock" is not in stock and still no refund.

Looked for a computer they had in stock as we required it for school. It stated dispatch in 2 to 3 days.
12 days later it still hadn't been dispatched and when I contacted them it was going to be another 2 to 3 days, so we waited 3 days more. Still not dispatched so asked if they could supply another similar computer but they couldn't so we cancelled the order and requested a refund. up to week 4 now since refund requested and still no refund.

Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product Purchasedcomputer

Worst online retailer in the world!

site intuitiveness 1/5
ease of ordering 2/5
processing time 1/5
customer service 0/5

Ordered something which I didn't get for 5 weeks. It was only a cheap phone case so I was annoyed but not devastated. I then ordered a tablet and we're about to hit 1.5 months with it still not shipped. contacted them multiple times EVERY time estimate they give me has been well over-stepped. I'm now trying to refund but they're not even letting me do that with any ease at all.

Do not buy from this place!!!

Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes


Where 4.1 stars comes from I don't know. I purchased 2 x 8inch samsung tablet covers at a cost of$32. They arrived in due course, so all good. They would have rec'd 5 stars. BUT...I realised I had incorrectly ordered 8inch instead of 7inch. My fault entirely. I was happy to pay postage to exchange. Site would not allow me to put my order # in the exchange request form, so I was unable to submit it. Was going to write it off to my own stupidity, then I read reviews to see if others had probs with site. I was appalled at how bad this company is and decided to pursue. I spoke to Paypal who gave me an email address. Their inbox was full and had no more storage, so that is a red flag right there. I told Paypal I was going to post them back to Chullora registered post with a letter requesting exchange, which they approved. Aust Post has lost them, (prophetic?). so is paying me the value. I always read reviews on big items but didn't with this as I thought what could go wrong, and, in fairness, the goods did arrive, so that part was fine. How many people write off an amount because it's too hard?. With the reviews on this site, this company should not be trading online in Aust. I read a review on ozbargain where a person said Gearbest were banned, but "showed remorse, and promised to do better" so were allowed to continue. If I knew who to contact to stop them trading I would.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Appalling service - will not use again

I placed the order on 01/02 and received an email to say it was being processed that same day. Four weeks late I'd heard nothing and contacted their customer support to be told it would not be sent out until about 15/3...nearly 7 weeks after the order was placed. The reason given was that the item may not have been it stock. However, when ordering, I made sure to only order items listed as being in stock. They offered no compensation and no apologies.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedTwo pairs of shoes

All good...until something goes wrong

Bought a camera gimbal/stabiliser from gearbest. It died after a few very light uses. Despite the site’s warranty claims, gearbest offered ridiculous solutions - a refund of $24 (for a $189 item), or a replacement, but ‘please pay postage of $160’. Or send it back and have it repaired. I opted to return for repair - after sitting on it for four months, they claimed it couldn’t be repaired, and again offered to send a new one... but please pay postage of $160! I ended up with a refund of $60. Buy cheap, but don’t expect any form of customer service if things go wrong.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes
Warranty Claim MadeYes
Product PurchasedFEIYUTECH WG2X 3-axis Wearable Universal Camera Stabilizer Gimbal

Gearbest Scam

The new phone never arrived. It took a month to send, and then it was returned by courier service to the sender due to not meeting some requirements. Another month later (two months after purchasing the phone) Gearbest told me that I would not receive a refund or the parcel because it is the couriers responsibility, and the courier send they sent it back to sender. This is a scam.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Don't expect customer service

I ordered an electronic product, and it came only with a Chinese language manual.
My request for support was answered by this Gem:

Thanks for your inquiry.

Unfortunately, we are not sure about this information for this item.
We hope that the answer is helpful for you.
If you have any further questions, welcome to submit another ticket to our Support Center

Best Regards
Gearbest Customer Service Team

Please do not reply to this email directly as this mailbox is not monitored.

Of course I regret ordering anything from them, though I did receive all the items I ordered.

Awful stay away

I wish I had read the reviews before. Unfortunately I am just another one that has paid AUD10 extra for quick delivery because I needed a charger quickly (AUD40 worth of charger), and is still waiting after 3 weeks.
Tried to ask for refund and no answer given. I wonder if there is any other way to claim the money back and shame them?!?!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Paid for item never got shipped

Paid for item ($300) never got shipped I waited for 2 months listening to them saying the supplier is late delivering it’s not our fault bullshit
I demanded for my money back as a full refund and they didn’t give me a full refund saying we don’t refund delivery charges ( the thing never even got delivered ) absolute joke of a place don’t even think about going near them

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Product PurchasedDrone

Scam, do not buy from them!

Bought a fitness watch from them, it was not shipped and despite multiple attempts to get a refund there appears no way to challenge them. Their dispute resolution process just generates automated messages. Avoid at all costs! Do not buy from them!

GearBest website and comapny are a total scam!

DON'T BUY FROM THEM !!! They are a total scam and the checkout price is not the total price you will pay! Plus you will go through so much difficulties to even receive it (if ever!)

waterproof fitness band that got water in it

I bought a Xiaomi Mi Band 3 in September 2018 and was very happy with it until last week when I found water on the inside part of the screen. It's very difficult to read the screen now and am pretty sure the device will eventually die with all that water in it. I contacted GEARBEST and they replied with this:

"Please kindly review our warranty here : http://www.gearbest.com/about/warranty-and-return.html
Waterproofing of all electronic products represents cold water and does not prevent hot water and moisture.
In this case, there should be no compensation.
As a good will, we can offer you 50 points to your account as compensation.
You can use these points in your future orders.
Learn more about points from http://www.gearbest.com/about/about-points.htm
Can we go ahead this compensation for you?"

So the warranty does not cover for moisture and hot water? A fitness band that claims to be suitable for swims up to 50m deep and that is made to be on your wrist while you exercise and sweat?

And then they offer me 50points to use on their website... that's $1 AUD !!

Still waiting for someone to tell me that this is a joke

Delivery is very very very slow

I have ordered Shoulder Back Support Belt from gear best.
It's been more than 9 days. Till now I didn't even receive my product.

Never received the item. No refund either.

Never received the item and was asked to wait up to 60 days for the parcel to arrive?!?! Asked for a refund with no response. Will never use this site again! Very disappointing customer service!

Fraudulent: doesn’t provide refunds for returned items

I returned my item, a smart watch, in line with the organisations policies. They have refused to provide me with a refund, claiming that they haven’t received the item yet (after 6 weeks). Don’t return your items because you will be left with nothing!

I wish it had a -star rating

Was meant to be get here in 2 weeks,waited 2 months for some small electronic goods,and never received them,after contacting them between then and now,last message received was on the 5th of jan which stated:

"We feel pity to hear that you haven't received your order.
Later we would start a claim for the package with the carrier and the carrier would trace your package from their end. We would take further action for you when we have the result.

As the claim would go on, would you mind giving us 5-7 business days to wait for the result? "

I don't think they understand what customer service means,I have disputed with paypal,this is unacceptable and will not use them again.

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i have the challenger drone and would like to know where to get spare parts ie props motor ?
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Are there any generic or knock off video cameras worth buying or should I stay away from buying? I'm currently looking at a Ordro video camera with external mic. Thank you.
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stay away from gearbest ripoff

Were is my order.wwp1705150057219939 order plz?
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Hi Steve. Read the Australian reviews pretty much 1 star average. If you have been waiting for the product for some time I would look at getting a refund through your payment system soon as and not later. I waited nearly 2 months for a pair of headphones. I ordered and paid extra $2 for 10 days 'priority' shipping. I had to get Paypal to intervene and get a full refund after it was becoming evident from lack of communication on their part to actually answer my questions. It's a faceless promise filled web operation that I won't be using again.NO replies or delivery of the product payed for this site is a scam siteSunny at gearbest Didn't give full refund, kept stalling me and changing his mind. Guy is a total crook. I saw on Aus bargains he claimed to repent so they would keep posting his adds. Scammers. So many people furious of with them

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