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So easy to keep track

First used this site over a year ago. Since then I get monthly reminders to check my score so I can keep a close eye on what's happening over time. Easy to use and highly recommended.


Excellent motivation!

Having had a sharp decrease in my credit rating in late 2017, GetCreditScore has helped me maintain my motivation to get back on track!

Easy to use and helpful

This has allowed me to improve my credit and keep track of it. Would highly recommend this site for help with your credit scores

Have tried hard with finances.

Only get what I can manage. Live within my means. Don’t buy spontaneously. Have distinguished between needs & wants & prioritized spending after bills are paid.

Easy way to see how well your finances are going.

This is a great service, prior to this I had no idea what my credit score was and how I was perceived by any financial institutions.
It’s also a great way to adjust your habits and see your credit score rise as a result, plus they have great tips and tricks on how to get on top of your finances.
Discounted loans are also a great benefit.

Nice, Simple and straight forward

Get Credit Score is a good company and offers a nice clean website. It is easy to log in and access my credit score and they give handy offers with affiliated partners. Unfortunately most of there credit score advice is very vague and does not get to the point, they should invest more in this part because the first step people do when their credit score drops is seek advice.

Very refreshing

Every month it shows me my score which helps with my finances. There are not too many emails and the sight is very easy to navigate

Very happy with the service!

Its great to know how my credit score is tracking along. Its a real motivation to keep going and paying down debts.

Great idea, saves a lot of footwork !

Very helpful to know
My credit standing to give me some ammunition should I need to apply for credit. Thanks

Quick and easy

I always get sent emails to check up on my score. It's easy and quick and a great way to keep a eye on how as a family we are tracking.

Love the service

Have been using credit score for a year now to accurately track and increase my score with ease! It’s a perfect resource of information how to increase your credit score as well, which was well appreciated!


All very good.good service.reliable.comfortable and easy to deal with ur staff.maintaine the quality and flexible service.try to focus on how to improve the creadit score.

Fantastic service

I signed up for this service to keep an eye on my credit score in order to repair my finances and create goals. The monthly updates have been fantastic and the information is great!

Great - regularly checking to see how I’m doing

Been awesome, makes me consider my finances and financial decisions- will help me save money!
I will save almost .5% on my home loan with the recommendations made!


I found get credit score a convenient and safe way to monitor my credit rating. Its good to compare the credit services that are on offer.


great to keep track of your scores assisted me to get the finance i needed it made my life easier


This is excellent and through this site is very easy to monitor our credit score, which is very helpful to maintain credit scores and have alot of tips to increase credit scores.

Keeping me in check on a regular basis

I'm reminded to log in monthly to check my credit score status
It's become quite a highlight each month to see how far it has risen
I set challenges for myself and this makes me accountable for my lending and spending
Easy to use website with many additional features to help along the way!

Good feedback

Rhis app helps to see where I'm heading with my finances ..keeps me in check whether I'm heading up or down.

Very informative

I love that credit simple provides up to date information just about every week without me having to go on the website.

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Questions & Answers

What is my credit score
1 answer
Hi Myra, For us to attempt retrieving your credit score for you, you would first need to create an account. You can create an account with us by following this link -https://www.getcreditscore.com.au/create-account

How do i update my email address please ?
1 answer
Hi, At this stage, we are unable to change the e-mail address associated with an account. If you would like to change your e-mail address, you would need to cancel the account against the old address and then create a new account against your new e-mail address.

I have an account with get credit score, but the email address I used is now closed. I cannot log into my account to get my score. I sent a message to you with my details, to change it to my new email, but never got a reply and still cannot log in. Since then, someone has opened an optus account & got a new phone on a $59.00 month plan in my name, which my phone has been prepaid since I bought it seven years ago. It is now being investigated. Can you put a fraud alert on my rating, so the fraudsters cannot open any other accounts or borrow in my name. Once I find the mugs, I'll put them in Jail.
1 answer
Hi Scott, In order to place a restriction on your credit file, you can contact the credit bureau directly which we can help you with – just send us a private message via this website, Facebook or via our website contact form – It’s possible that our prior response to you went through to your spam or junk folders, so please check these after contacting us. We’ll also take you through the steps to get your account up & running again on a new email address. Thanks

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