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GlamPalm Clinic (GP225)

GlamPalm Clinic (GP225)

3.9 from 10 reviews

Loved this straightener but I wish it lasted longer than 3 years!

I LOVED this hair straightener!!! however I was using it this morning and it started making a strange sound and had a burned out motor smell. I'm completely devastated but it was 3 years old so I'm not sure if that is the life span they have. I am looking at possibly buying the muk this time as my friend has had hers for 10 years now & I don't want to have to replace another glampalm in another 3 years. But I will miss this one for sure!!!

Purchased in December 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Hair Length Long
Hair Style Wavy
Straightening Time 20 minutes

Great so far

I've bought this and was a little skeptical about its claims but I've been using so far and it's been great. The straightner is light and heats up fairly quickly. My hair is fairly damaged but this seems to not make it worse when using. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars it's because it's only a week old and not sure how long this machine will last.

Super Happy

My order arrived within 48 hours. Only used once so far. I have fine wavey/frizzy hair with a lot of breakage. I used the 120 degree setting and it worked really well. Will definitely be able to us it more regularly as I didn't have any snagging and I feel it is more gentle on my hair. Love the brush I bough also. Would recommend to others to try as it has the lower heat settings available.

As a hairdresser i can say best straightener ever!!!

Im a hairdresser and have tried the ghd, cloud9, halo, silver bullet and other brands. I can say when i got the glampalm clinic i was positively suprised. This styler gives never seen before shine and my hair and customers hair stays straight for 2 or 3 days!!! Can u imagine?! Its crazy. I fell in love! OMG!! The vibrating function is doing wonders and its not annoying at all. Love love love!!!!

Just ok

I purchased the clinic glam palm about 8 months ago from hair mart after my trusty old ghd died. The clinic model doesn't glide through my hair like other straighteners. When curling it gets stuck and I have to open the tongs slightly to let it glide through. I find I've had more split ends since using which might have something to do with the hair not smoothly gliding through. Still does the job but just annoying to use!

Hi Kfrank, Thank you for your message. As you might have seen we our first batch of the clinic had an unfortunate fault in the coating of the handle. Unfortunately things like this happens with new inventions however all has been rectified now and people are loving the Cliinic! If you havent been contacted yet by us, please call us on 1300 652 797 to organise an exchange of handles. Hope that explains! Kindest Regards,Thank you for your reply I will call to discuss further. Great customer service :)

Don't bother

For over $250 for this glampalm clinic straightener I expected more.
It snags on hair. Heats up too much to burn hair or the temp is too low and the hair doesn't go straight.
I was looking for that silky smooth straight for days result with this straighter. For me I did not get that with this straightener.
Instead I was left with fluffy frizzy half straight hair that was burnt at the ends and I was using small 1inch sections and a heat protective spray each time.
Had a lots of hopes for this product after doing my research, asking friends and chatting with hairdressers.
To me it's a dud and very expensive.
I have now purchased a could 9 wide iron.
Third time lucky hopefully.
After a dud GHD that cost over $300
A dud glampalm that cost over $250
And now a cloud 9 that has cost me over $280.

Why don't the straighners work and they are still sold for such a hefty price.
I even bought a $30 Remington as a back up that I have heard rave reviews about.
Sorry but sick of being disappointed with such an expensive item.
For me this was a dud product.
I even spent the extra on the 'clinic' variation with vibrating technology for at home or in salon keratin treatments apparently. This feature was useless to me.
I wish i could say something more positive about this straightener but I can't.

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Hi Ms Shopper, Thank you for your feedback. The clinic iron comes with 11 heat settings to turn up or down the temperature with increments of 10 degrees. The Clinic is a professional iron used by many hair stylists and celebrities hence we are suprised to read your feedback. The Clinic has gone through extensive tests and has been named the most advanced and the one that causes virtually no damage to the hair. Give us a call on 1300 652 797 for tips on how to use and/or to see whether it might be a rare faulty product? We looking forward to receiving your call! Kindest Regards,

Better than any straightener I've used.

I was a little confused by the turning it on part.. (not an instructions person rather prod and go from there) I thought it might of been a touch pad so i was poking the "on" part like a mad woman.
Turns out you hold in one of the Degrees buttons.

I've only used it once. It straightened my hair amazingly and i was only using it on 110C and it stayed straight!

I've been a user of "Muk Style stick" (horrible), GHD (okay but with no heat settings), Ozhead straightener, VS sassoon, many,many remingtons.
I have very fine/very dry damaged hair.
Now i do have healthy parts of hair and the glampalm made them feel so soft and smooth.
My dry/damaged ends were made to feel slightly drier (did use heat protectant anyway even though it says you dont have too) BUT! not as dry as my "ozhead" made my ends feel when i'd use it and it wouldnt even stay straight.

I haven't used the clinic function as of yet. i'll update later!

Overall, the straightener feels well made/sturdy.
heated up fast, no snagging when i was using it.

-Edit- I've used the "clinic" function twice now with the plastic sticky wrap provided. Doesn't feel like it does much when your using it with the treatment in, left for 10mins, rinsed out (cold water, seals the hair ) once dry the hair feels so soft and healthy!

worth jt

Amazing tool! It's expensive, but totally worth the price (assuming it lasts as long as I assume it will). Feels really solid, but not heavy, and heats up really quickly. Buy it

Not as good as I expected

I had such high hopes for this good looking set of irons! From day dot they have been a little pully when curling but as the weeks went on it's become worse. Tried so many different things to make it stop as I use these irons on my clients and it's not ideal to have me pulling whilst styling. I message glamplam and explained but they just said stop using too much product while curling... which I don't do at all. Have found many others people have found the same problem. Such a bummer for such an expensive set.

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Hi Brooke, Thank you for your feedback. Please contact our customer service on 1300 652 797 as the new batch has a different cover and would love to exchange it for you! Kindest regards,

Kick ass over the current GHDs

To say I am terrible at doing my own hair is an understatement, so I usually cut it short. Feeling like a change I got extensions and was concerned how to make them look nice. My hairdresser raved about the glam palm so I ordered one. It arrived the very next day. I straightened my hair so perfectly and easily and decided to try doing curls, to my surprise I had gorgeous curly hair in 30 mins. I can not speak highly enough of the magic straightener. And to top it off the carry case is stunning too. Can definitely tell this was made by the original manufacturers of the GHD. Keep up the amazing work. Worth every dollar

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Questions & Answers

If I purchase at one of the authorized sellers, how do I know it is one from the new batches you have pointed out in other reply's?
2 answers
Hi, Thank you for your question. To be sure to have the latest technology we recommend to purchase directly from our head office through www.glampalm.com.au. This will give you that extra peace of mind! Kindest Regards,Does RY online shop has the latest release of the glampalm clinic? I wanted to purchase from them among other things but am concerned of getting a dodgy batch.

Hi, I am trying to decide which straightener is best for me. Tossing up between the clinic or the GP313 - Mid. I am not interested in the clinics feature of applying hair product but am interested in finding out more about the nano vibration technology. I really just wanting a reliable straightener that I can use every day without damaging my hair too much. Any ideas?
1 answer
Hi Julz, Can you tell use what you would like to do with the iron? for example Curling or straightening or both. Also let us know how long your hair is and whether it is thick or thin hair so we can recommend the correct iron for you. The Nano-Vibrating Technology will prevent hair going frizz, make it shinier but foremost the style will last until the next wash!

While doing my hair my glampalm make a continuous beeping sound. What is the beeping sound?? What do i do??
2 answers
Hi Kaylin, Best to call GlamPalm Customer service on 1300 652 797 and they will help you further very efficiently. Kindest regards,Hi, I have the same issue..what did you find out about the beeping?


Clinic (GP225)
Price (RRP) $350
Heat Settings10
Release dateJan 2013
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