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GlamPalm Original (GP201)

GlamPalm Original (GP201)

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Glam Palm Versus Chemothetapy !

I was in the process of purchasing my daughter a Glam Palm after she had brought your slim palm and the hairdryer for me as a gift.

I had been through Chemotherapy and my hair grew back white and curly and always had a kink in it. I loved both items especially the slim straightener as my hair is still very short and the slim glam is perfect for short hair. I decided to view the reviews that customers had written something I must admit I rarely do as I feel it is such an individual product and EVEYONE HAS A DIFFERENT OPINION!

I was so shocked to read some of the negative comments that some customers had written some I personally thought were a bit over the top. Personally I love my straightener and to date haven’t had any issues at all. It does exactly what it is supposed to do and I would RECOMMEND this product to anyone which I have done to numerous friends and family who decided to purchase a Glam product possibly about 60 or so people. These friends and family love their Glam and have commented to me how wonderful the product is.

Having a husband who has been retailing for 49 years and is The National Manager of a very large international retail company I understand implicitly that things do go wrong. With the reviews I have read and the response from the company certainly shows what a gold class customer service department they run.

Unfortunately you can’t please everyone and some customers seem to want to make it their mission to hurt a company by way of negative comments via social media. It is sad that we use social media now to try to ruin a companies reputation with such nasty negative comments.

Thank goodness though there are many many great positive reviews on your product which do outway the negative.

I reiterate I LOVE my Glam Palm products and having been through Breast Cancer and the Chemotherapy treatment I can now control my unruly hair thanks to my Glam.

I do hope that future customers will read my review and make up their own mind rather than taking on others issues to confirm their purchase.

Good luck with your business Glam certainly is miles ahead of the GHD which my daughter has and uses mine all the time hence I am purchasing her own......question is which one do I buy ?

Hi Marina, Thank you for your lovely feedback. Each styler has been created for different needs and styles. We would recommend to try our "styler guide" on the website or just give our office a call during business hours on 1300 652 797. Kindest Regards,Hi Marina, Thank you for your lovely feedback. Each styler has been created for different needs and styles. We would recommend to try our "styler guide" on the website or just give our office a call during business hours on 1300 652 797. Kindest Regards,

Best hair iron ever I love it

My hair was extremely damaged I tried everything nothing helped I use to hate going out the house but after trying GlamPalm my hair is silky soft to the touch everyone started complementing my hair it felt amazing I recommended it to everyone and I would continue to do so But now after 2 years and 4 months of use it started making a ticking sound and I am afraid to use it not sure what's wrong during the time I had it I only used it once a week so i don't understand how this could be I still have the box but no longer have the slip

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Thank you for your lovely feedback. Give us a call on 1300 652 797 to get it in for a service. Kindest Regards,

The best straightener for fine hair

I am constantly worried about damaging my very fine hair with straighteners but I love the look! I had heard about these being the best from a girlfriend and I so I dropped some very unsubtle hints at christmas and what do you know, I got one! It is great too. Silky and "glidey" to use. I can style my hair very quickly without any sense of drying or burning it. I really recommend this especially if you have fine hair too.

Customer service is exceptional

The product is absolutely brilliant and the after sales service is even better. They fix your product and send it back to you within a week no questions asked, they are so helpful and certainly go above and beyond. I will always buy their products.

Amazing, better than GHD

Smooth, easy to use, has multiple heat settings and it is the best straightener I’ve ever used! I have mad curly hair and this works a treat! Have had my glam palm for 3 years now and it’s never failed me. Very highly recommend!

Love it- best one I've used

Simple to use, heats up quickly. Never had a snag on hair. Turns itself off when not in use for a little while so I don't have to worry that I've left it on when I go out. Would be better if it was designed for wet hair- I use it on damp hair without a worry.
Hair stays straight until it gets wet

I love it

I love that straightener. Everyday I straight my hair, and they are quite dry and damaged but GlamPalm make my hair look very healthy. It is one of the best straighteners I've ever had.

Straighten to perfection

This straightener is amazing!! I had tried multiple hair straighteners over the years but I have always come back to glam palm straightener. It heats up very quickly and works great on my wavy hair. My hair has never looked so amazing after being straighten. By far the best straightener I've ever used.

This is perfect! Can't live without it.

I have had this straightener for 3 years now. And it is so quick at straightening my thick long hair. I love it and use it everyday! Highly recommend. My previous GHD has nothing on this!

Heats really fast and does its job!

The straightener is very fast at heating up. Can be used within a minute. Makes it much more convenient when in a rush. It is also thin enough to get to the small hair. I usually just use it for straightening my fringe and its perfect!

overpriced for its functionality

normal functionality but higer price, it’s just same as the other competitors with lower price ranges I think it’s just the brand awareness that attracted me to the product unfortunately

Been using it for 9 years and still does its job!

Bought this 9 years ago when my ghd died. To be honest this is much better, still does its job after 9 years. However it is now taking a bit longer to curl my hair as compared to couple years back, but I believe its normal as the heatness from the ceramic would have worn off a little bit, but still a great investment.

Love it!

I have long wavey hair and use my glam palm a lot. Powerful without damaging hair, helps with fly always. I have used it on many types of hair and I'm impressed with results.

Amazing, better than GHD

I was always a die hard GHD fan until they changed their production and seemed to not work as well. My hairdresser told me about the Glam Palm and I was hesitant but it really is as good as everyone says. Its like the old GHD's except probably leaves your hair feeling a little more silky. It heats up very quickly and doesnt seem to damage the hair as much as other brands. Very happy!

Forever Faithful Customer

After 5 years my 201 finally packed it in. I could not even consider another brand as it stood the test of time and has always given me amazing styling results.
I jumped online last night and ordered another one, it arrived this morning .... now that’s amazing service. I have and will continue to recommend Glampalm to everyone, truly standout products delivering shiny, straight , frizz free hair every time.
I did consider the new clinic version but I was so happy with my original 201 I decided to stay with what has always worked for me.
Glampalm Thankyou so much for making such outstanding products. You truly have changed the Styling game and have given me great hair for the last 5 years.
I look forward to the next 5 and beyond using your straighteners.
Forever Faithful to Glampalm

Best for blond coloured hair

My hair is fine. I have been colouring it blond for many years and this has been contributing to my hair often looking dull. For I like straight hair style, I decided to try a hair straightener. The first two inexpensive ones I purchased turned out to be a disaster : my hair looked very dry and damaged after I had used them. So, I decided to buy an expensive one: GlamPalm. GlamPalm surprised me the first time I used it: my hair did not look damaged and dull. I have been using GlamPalm for over 3 years, twice a month on average. So far, it has been really great for coloured hair.

Love love but devastated

My sister and I won our glampalm on a facebook competition, we really wanted to try out a new hair straightener after our GHD blew up. Wow, we have very temperamental curly frizzy hair, so was satisfied to find a straightener that could tame our hair. I found that I didn't need change the heat level over 190, so that was a nice change.
I have recommended this for years, and we even bought wide plate model (I prefer the original though for my short curly hair but still works wonders).

We got our straighteners in 2013, and hasn't let us down at all, also great to style waves and curls. Heats up so fast, comparatively to GHD where there is a longer wait. Also don't need to re-straighten my hair the next day, just for touch ups when my hair may have gotten wet and frizzy again.

Also reduced my straightening time of 50 mins to a good 15 to 20 minutes (depends on the length of hair though). I did notice though within the last year I think one of the plates lifted a bit, so it did snag on my hair.

Unfortunately I took it overseas where the electricity is a little bit temperamental (which is what broke my GHD) and so when I came back to sydney, my beloved Glampalm made a weird beepy noise and now won't work.

tl;dr great straightener for folks with thickly crazy frizzy hair, doesn't super damage but be wary when traveling to places that have shorty electrical circuits.

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Hi Kelly, Thank you for your feedback. Give us a call as all our irons are made with screws and easily can change any component. Kind regards,

Really true straightener ever!!

I have been looking to get this straightener for months and months. I finally got it and it is everything I expected and more. It's very light weight which is awesome if you have to get through a lot of hair like me. The curls you can achieve with this straightener are really awesome, look more shiner and healthier. I don't even need to have it at its highest temperature to achieve the results, which is great for me as I am always worried about hair damage.. Thank you Glampalm!!

Don't waste your money!!!

I bought these about 18 months or so ago after my classic GHDs started overheating. I was sucked in by how amazing they sounded and all the awesome reviews on their website (which I now suspect they seriously filter as there is no way every single person who tries a product loves it). I've tried really hard to like these straighteners especially after parting with a small chunk of my hard earned cash.

To be fair my hair is rather 'gnarly', strong, fuzzy and wavy these straighteners just couldn't handle it no matter how small a section I tried to straighten at a time, then if there is so much as a drop of humidity in the air I may as well have not even bothered straightening in the first place. Even on a dry day I notice that my hair slowly starts to expand within a few hours of being 'straightened' and those wee bits by my temple never manage to be controlled. To top it off the GlamPalms burnt my hair!!! My hair dresser asked what I had been doing as it looked like the very ends of my hair had been burnt with a match (that was with using the GlamPlams at 160 degrees AND a heat protector). Because my hair is constantly fuzzy and unmanageable I've come to really hate it over the past year or so.

In comparison at my last haircut my hairdresser used the GHD Platinum straighteners on me, holy moly what a difference!!!! My hair was smooth, shiny, sleek and straight for about 6 days until I washed it (I purposely held off washing it because I has actually enjoying my hair again) even when it rained in that time, a couple of those wee hairs by my temple lost the plot but for the most part control was maintained. The comparison with GHDs is like chalk and cheese, as soon as I get some GHDs these are going on TradeMe with a $1 reserve as that's about all they are worth, I would put GlamPalm on par with some cheap Remington's.

Hi there, We have looked into our records and cannot find anything under your name. Most likely you have a counterfeit product. We highly recommend to purchase from our Authorised Stockists or official website. Otherwise this might be a fake review by a supportive party of a different brand. Kindest regards,I bought them from Combined Salon Supplies in Christchurch NZ, April 24th 2015. I even still have the receipt. Definitely not a counterfeit and definitely not a fake review :)We really would recommend to check our Authorised Stockists. We are the original manufacturer of ghd (2001-2008) and have a long-lasting reputation of quality products made in Korea which we are proud of. If it is a genuine product maybe the temperature should be re-calibrated again. Please contact us at info@glampalm.com.au if you would like this to be checked. We are here to help.

Better than the old GHD, not the new GHD

I was really skeptical of this as I had only had a GHD since 2004 and it has been absolutely amazing. But, old faithful was nearing her end, so decided to go with this one after hearing bad reviews about the new GHDs since they sold the company.

I am glad I took the plunge. It is seriously amazing. I use it everyday without fail, curling, creating waves and straightening it. I am lazy and do not always use heat protectant or anything else and my hair is in perfect condition. It straightens very quickly and the curls for me last all day if I use the correct heat setting for my hair (170 for curls 190 for straight). I have naturally wavy hair and I find my hair holds the curl and stays straight from morning until I shove it in a tight bun for bed- even in Thailand's humidity it held up!

I purchased the original size, which I did think may be too small, but it is the same size as the GHD in medium. It has a bunch of heat settings, and I have never needed to use the hottest (200 degrees).

If you are thinking about buying one, do it and you will not regret it. Tip: buy the heat proof case and their hair clips are amazing and so reasonably priced.

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Hello there, Wanting to know the lowest temperature I could set the GP 201? Just needing it to smooth my hair over for everyday wear I already have straight hair, thin texture, but a lot of it! Currently a lob, trying to grow it a bit longer. Thank you so much! Lisa
2 answers
Hi Lisa, It comes with 11 heat settings. From 100 to 200 degrees. The Clinic has a Clinic mode which is 60 degrees. Kindest regards,Thank you so much for your answer!

I have long fine hair and looking at buying a glampalm, to straighten and curl. I've seen other questions which suggest 201 to be best for my hair type. Does anyone know much about glampalm clinic and whether it's better suited? Thanks
2 answers
Hi Liisha, we would recommend you the GP201 or GlamPalm Clinic. The Clinic will be released on June 7th. The differences between the two are: slightly longer plates, nano-vibrating technology and clinic mode and of course the white with black plates design.Just placed my order for the clinic can't wait

I want to straighten and curl long fine hair. Is the 201 the best option? Would like to work faster if the bigger plates would curl fine hair that will hold. Also is there a product you would recommend to hold curls for all day dance performances?
2 answers
If you have long fine hair the 313, or the simple touch would ideal. The 501 is fantastic but it is more designed for long thick hair. I'm sure the 501 would work equally as good in your hair, but as the plates are that bit wider, the curls would possibly be wider. As for holding curls, Moroccan Curl control mousse or Moroccan curl defining creamy (they have a heat protector in them) once you've curled wait for it to cool and give a short spray of hairspray. Just remember though putting a hair straightener on hair that has hairspray on it, is not a good thing.I am a hairdresser and i would recommend GP 201 or simpletouch as your hair is fine.The curls will last longer when you curl with one of those straighteners.:) For the hair spray i agree with Sunlily's answer.


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