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GlamPalm Wide (GP501)

GlamPalm Wide (GP501)

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Very easy and fast! makes me look gorgeous

This is just perfect for me. I wanted to get an iron that I can make beautiful curls and straighten my hair. This was what I was exactly looking for. It heats up very fast and if you have not used a hair iron before, you will not have any difficulties using this. It is just that easy to make curls and make your hair look gorgeous!

Makes my hair silky soft and shiny. Love it!

I’ve used GHD Platinum before and it doesn’t hold a candle to Glam Palm. My hair is thick and long and the wide plates make ironing my hair super fast and easy. I also love that it makes my hair shiny and silky soft after straightening even if I don’t put heat protector on it.

It gave me an electric shock!

Bought this product for my mum and it gave her an electric shock. Tried to return it and they wouldn’t. They ‘fixed it’ instead. However when it returned it smelled of burned plastic and wires. The company were very unhelpful and did not take any responsibility for their poor quality product. Don’t buy!

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Hi Kait, Thank you for your feedback. All our irons come with a warranty where we can solve an issue when it arises, even out of warranty we can help as all our iron are made with screws and it is easy to replace a failing component. It is better for the environment as well. Our return rate is 0.001% as all our irons are made with the highest quality materials in Korea, which we are proud of. Our customer service is one of the best around and has been awarded for this. All electrical devices need to be handled in a correct way not to receive an electrical shock. All our irons new or repaired have to pass a electrical safety test to determine whether it is safe to use. Hope that helps! Kindest Regards,

Love it

Love the straightener. I've used the ghd and cloud 9 in the past and the glam palm seems to be smoother and less damaging. Also appreciate the two hairclips and carry case that comes as standard.

Better for long hair

Used to have a GHD but going to GlamPalm - well i wont go back. I have long thick hair which looks amazing when straightened and i have more time in the morning as it can get through big pieces of hair quite quick.

AMazing product

Heats up really quickly- 30 seconds.
Doesn't pull the hair at all.
Straightens the hair in one stroke without having to apply multiple strokes in the same section of hair.

Doesn't damage my hair!

I'm very happy with this straightener, it heats up quite fast, is easy to use for both straightening as well as curling, and doesn't snag on hair. In addition, I never use heat protector as it doesn't appear to damage my hair. In fact, my hair feels even smoother after using this!

Great straightener

Heats up fast and straightens well without snagging. I like the auto-off safety feature that's built in. Unfortunately it doesn't curl nearly as well as hoped, hence the 4 stars instead of 5.

Exceptional customer service

I've had my straightener for 10 months and have been extremely happy with it. Unfortunately it became faulty the other day and I had lost my receipt but the customer service couldn't have been better! They were very accommodating and had the problem fixed within one day. Very happy with the service, would definitely purchase from this company again.

Love this

This iron is great! Very affordable. Love that it has a wide blade. I am a hairdresser amd need something really durable and quick to heat up. This is the perfect straighter for me.

Best straightener by far and amazing customer service

Heats up super fast and is super fast to heat up. I had an issue with it out of warranty and Glam Palm fixed it regardless and was so friendly and efficient. I posted it on Tuesday had it back in excellent order on the Thursday! From a different state

I expected more :(

Fair results, easy to use, little slow to heat up, no snags. Unfortunately it doesn't beat my old ghd I was so so excited to get this product and I'm a little sad. I have super fried bleach blonde and it's results against the ghd were dramatically different.... the wide plates are good for a big curl

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Hi Jade, Thank you for your feedback. As we are the manufacturer of the original ghd (from 2001-2008) we are surprised to hear why it would be any different. As you have super fried bleached hair we would recommend to use the straightener at 170-180 degrees for a few weeks and let your hair recover from all the damage. You will see in about two weeks time your hair start to look less "fried". Kindest regards,

This thing is a game changer

My ends are no longer frazzled, stiff and crunchy after straightening thanks to this straightener. My old straightener was really ruining my hair. But this does an amazing job, I'm so happy I found it. I had no need to use a high temperature either, I recommend starting at the lowest and seeing how it goes. My hair honestly hasn't looked like glossy healthy hair since that one time 10 years ago when a number 1 hairdresser played some tricks on it. Beyond impressed. Used it after the alterna bamboo heat protectant and air drying

Just Amazing !

I absolutely love GlamPalm, I know if I search the whole world I would never find anything better than this brand. My hair has been feeling so much better and much healthier without using any products in my hair. The straightener heats up within 2 seconds!
It doesn't burn your hair or damage your hair and there's no need for heat protecting spray! It heals your hair instantly leaving your hair with such a beautiful silky look which also feels good ❤️
I have been telling all my family and friends about GlamPalm and they are all purchasing them right now, they all deserve to feel the glam with GlamPalm everyone does. I would recommend it to everyone tbh. I have ordered another Original GlamPalm straightener with the Aero hair dreyer and it's just amazing, im ordering more products soon :) Just Love It!
If you want to know more about GlamPalm hop onto their website there's also videos on their site to show everyone how it works and how fabulous it is :)

My go too over all the big brands

Nothing at all that's bad can be said about this straightener if anyone asked me what I would suggest it would be this in an instant.

The glam palm is an innovative creation from korea using a healing stone in its ceramic plates which soothe the hair .

Easy to clean, highly recommended for daily use on a lower temp setting .

received as a gift and nothing compares. Oh had mine two years or more no plate damage and cleaning is recommended weekly for health of plates and hair

Would love to try other products by glam palm

Beeps continously without heating up.

I love this product but very disappointed at how quickly it gave up. Have it for +- 4 years. Refuses to work now. Too expensive to last only 4 years.

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HI Vinola, Thank you for your feedback and great to hear you were one of the early adopters of the GlamPalm in Australia. GlamPalm straighteners are made with screws (not pressings) which means you don't have to throw away and purchase a new straightener but we can easily just replace the failing component which saves you also a lot of money. Please call our head office on 1300 652 797 to see what we can do for you. Kindest regards,

Better than I expected

My cheapo hair straightener had died so I looked into purchasing a decent one. Didn't like the sound of ghd and cloud nine recent reviews so went with the gp501.

Tried it on the day I received it. I have long thick hair that kinks within seconds of tying it up. As it was tied up I wanted to see how long it would take to get the kink out.... A couple of minutes. And hair felt smooth and had that 'swishy' look to it.

Very happy I purchased this product.

Just Love it!

This iron heats up fast, is easy to use, has various temps and the cord is long. Having an extra long cord comes in real handy. A fantastic product all round!

Burnt my hairs

This is the worst straightener ever.I have used this only twice in 3 months.I followed all the instructions, used heat protectant even though it claims that is not required.This straightener was only capable of burning and breaking my hairs when I used it for first time...Now I have loads of flyaways in my crown area, caused by hair breakage.

I gave it a go again last week just to make sure if I didnt make any mistakes when I used it before.I badly wanted to love this product as it was bit expensive for me.But it disappointed me again.I can never use it again and I cannot afford any other straightener now.

I bought this straightener after reading good reviews on the internet.Most of the reviews were positive.

I regret choosing this over GHD.so my word of caution for everyone with thin hairs, please stay away from this.

I would love to return my straightener back if they would accept and refund my money.

Hi SKC, We regret to read you are not enjoying your GlamPalm. GlamPalm comes with 11 heat settings so we would suggest to lower the temperature. As the max. heat setting is 200 degrees it is almost impossible to burn the hair as the cuticle layer of the hair only closes at 200 degrees. Make sure you dry your hair completely. if you straighten you hair when the hair is still moist the cuticle is still open and that will allow the heat to penetrate into the hair which will give you that dry feeling an fly aways. As we used to manufacture the ghd from 2001-2008 we have confidence in our product. Please contact us if you need some more tricks and tips! Kindest regards,Thank you for your reply.I straighten smaller sections of my hair each time,but I have the model GP501.Do you reckon that might be the issue?Do you recommend me to straighten a bit thicker section of hair as I am using GP501?Yes we would recommend 1.5 inch sectioning with trying different heat settings as every hair is different. Make sure you hair is dry and go over it slowly so the Healing Stone can "treat" the hair. If you have any further questions please give us a call on 1300 652 797 and we will be happy to help you further. Kindest regards,

Useless piece of crap!!!

My Glam Palm has just started continuously beeping and doesn't even heat up. So not impressed, it only cost an arm and a leg and breakdown after a year #annoyed.

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Hi Ally, We are sorry to hear what happened to the straightener. Please contact our offices on 1300 652 797 to have a look at it as it comes with two year warranty just for unusual situations likes this. Kindest regards,

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I’m tossing up between clinic or the wide plate, I have long thick hair. I normally use hair mask and do keratin treatment. Also can you use the wide plate to damp hair or does it have to be really blow dried?
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I have medium length thick hair with frizz. I had an original GHD for 9 years but now needs to be replaced. Im after a model that keeps the frizz out all day and takes 1-2 passes through the hair to straighten but wont fry the ends. What model do you recommend?
1 answer
I'd recommend the GP 501, it has 11 heat settings so you can adjust the heat. This is the one I have and I love it. It doesn't fry the ends however I always use a heat protection product ( I use de Lorenzo thermal treatment and Argan oil) and regular hair cuts or trims. But I swear by GlamPalm hair straighteners. You will love it. As has been mentioned before section into 1.5 cms lots and start with the middle setting, if you find it too hot, turn it down or if you need turn it up, but only one temp setting at a time.

Hi, I have long straight hair but I regularly like to curl and wave my hair when I go out or straighten small sections if it gets lumpy. What model do you recommend for me? Also, does the healing technology result in any oiliness?
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Hi there, We would recommend the GP501 is you like big curls or GP201 if you like tighter curls (ringlets).The Healing Stone Technology does not result in any oiliness but leaves the hair silky and smooth. Kindest regards,


Wide (GP501)
Heat Settings11
Price (RRP) $320
Release dateJan 2013
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