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Derma suction

This product took more than 40 days to arrive. And when I used it the low speed was not strong enough to remove blackheads so I used higher speed which only removed minimal amount but left red marks on my face for 2 days. This product is not gentle and does not work. So not worth waiting for or the money

dirty tricks

if some one says no the don't want a item don't put it on the order that is ripping people off i only wanted 1 item and got 5 . keep your dirty trick to your selves

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Delayed delivery

Payed for the item on 3rd jan for birthday on 19th jan. Plenty of time for delivery right ?
18th jan i ring global shop and im told CONGRATS your item is ALMOST READY FOR aust post to pick up an deliver. Not a mention anywhere about stock or delivery times. But they tell me i should read the fine print.
The item is rubbish (magic pad )
No wonder they sent 2 they cant give em away. Best option is not to shop with GLOBAL DIRECT . and save the hassle .

Don't ever buy from this company

I made the mistake of buying from them now continually harrassed by sales calls from them told not interested but they take no notice

Not Happy Jan

My Mother In Law ordered a grill mat from Global shop direct, falling for the smart tv advertising for $49.90. Bunnings sell the same item for $7.95, what a rip off.

no more adds

Doesn't that Kiwi bloke ever shut up ????? same garbage over and over again and looking at reviews all they sell is overrated junk

8 weeks and still waiting

Brought a products on 15 December.... call Global shop direct today 18th of January to see where my product was.... they told me today they are still waiting on stock to come in from the manufacturer On 14 February Then she said Day can take up to another 28 days for delivery
So three months to get a product from Global shop direct RUDE NOT Happy Jan
There should be a disclaimer saying out of stock back order... I gave him one star because I could not give them no stars.

Not worth a piece of crap solar lights worked one night and that's it no more someone needs to look

Solar lights they just don't work been in the sun for a week rang and complained no call back never again the accc needs to look into this company to see how many Aussie people are getting ripped off this company is making lots of money and we the people ate getting sick of it

I made the mistake of purchasing something once. Never again!

I have been harassed repeatedly with endless sales phone calls since I made the mistake of ordering something with this company. I have asked them over and over to take me off their list, and that I would never buy any of the crap that they are flogging with unsolicited phone calls like this. Pants, that were poor quality and were not even marketed as Global Shop Direct. Trust me, just spare yourself the irritation and don't buy.

Tigerwrench most useless tool ever bought

This Tiger wrench doesn't do 12 mm and slips on 10 mm bolts and nuts, I did not expect a good quality tool but I thought it might be handy to have around, and I was right it makes a good paperweight

Unscrupulous spammers

this is as dirty a marketing company as you get. if you are dumb enough to buy something from them, they have your details and will continue to spam you endlessly. they intentionally make sure that their unsubscribe links and contact numbers do not work so you cannot get out of their claws. Stay away!

not for me

I recently purchases a tac glasses how disappointed was I with this product it does not say they cannot be used for driving only when you open the box does it say so now I will have to buy another pair of glasses to drive with very unhappy customer Anthony woodham 104 greenbah rd moree nsw 2400

Can’t live without it

Easy as to buy delivered fast and so good it gets cat hair off everything it’s amazing I was very sceptical before I bought it as cat hair sticks to everything, but it works it’s fantastic brilliant easy to use

Products with no back up or spare parts

Hi all,
I thought I would write a review on Global Shop Direct and let you all know what I recently discovered from the ACCC. I purchased a Quietpure Compact air purifier through Global Shop Direct. After about 4 months the "replace filter" warning buzzer went off, so I contacted the company about a replacement filter only to be told that they only sell the product and are not responsible for the supply of any replacement parts. The customer service rep then said that he would sell me another Quietpure for the same price as I paid for the first and that it would be delivered free. The cost $99.95. My jaw hit the ground when they said this. I then contacted the ACCC and Fair Trading Queensland and discovered that as the importers of these and other products that under Australian Law, that they take on the same responsibilities as the manufacturer and that means that they have to ensure that all replacement and spare parts are made available for the products imported. I also found out that regardless of what any company states whether verbally or in writing, the return costs are always fully refundable. So in essence I say that if you are ever contemplating buying anything from the tele or any magazine, first you must ensure that replacement and spare parts are available should you ever need them.

Took Payment 5 weeks ago and no goods

Global Shop Direct took payment for my goods 5 weeks ago. I received an email shortly after saying my order has been processed and to allow 28 days for delivery. Today I called as I have not received the goods to be told by the operator"We did not expect to sell so many and our next shipment wont be here till the end of next month" Really bad service considering they took payment knowing they don't have the stock.

Great Product

I love Global Shop Direct. I am on a pension and the payment plan is excellent and affordable for me. I love the range of products and have bought a couple of things. I am currently saving to purchase the Dream by Genie bra.


It is pretty easy to navigate and very self explanatory and quality of goods are very good also very happy

Excellent. Certainly made a huge difference, especially for driving.

Excellent. Especially for driving, but generally a great improvement. Glad I purchased them. Would strongly recommend them. My son also agrees. Has found them to make a big difference. Thank you.

Something dodgy about this company

A couple of years ago I ordered a spin mop from this company. Soon after they were ringing me weekly to ask me to buy some of their products. Then it became a daily phone call. I had to block the numbers because they were virtually harassing me. I recently saw an advertisement in the Sunday paper for the geniebra. I bought the pack online because it was cheaper. I paid with paypal on a Sunday. I never purchased anything else that week. By Thursday I noticed that there were 2 unorthorised transactions on my Paypal account. There was also an unorthorised transaction on my credit card which was linked to my Paypal account. I unlinked my credit card from my Paypal account and the bank sorted out the fraudulent transactions. After 3 weeks I still hadn't had any correspondence about my purchase so I contacted Paypal. A week later I heard that my purchase was on its way.

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Hi Christina, can you please urgently contact escalations@globalshopdirect.com.au - we take all fraud concerns seriously.

Product not up to hype

I purchased a 5 minute cooker and to the only good thing I can say that it cooks omelettes ok
Any other food product it struggles and only ends up steaming product
If unit was advertised to only cook eggs that's factual other products demonstrated on TV it is not capable as very much under powered
After being used about 6 times unit failed and kept on blowing earth leakage device
It is now in the bin as I'm not prepared to spend more good money on freight sending faulty unit back
The famous 30 day money back guarantee you the consumer pay for the privilege
I swore that I would never buy any product that is promoted on TV, I should have listened to myself

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Where are your shops in Adelaide South Australia
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Where is my order? Normally things dont take this long.
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Hi Vicki, send an email to escalations@globalshopdirect.com.au and we'll check this out.

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