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Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV

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Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV Tyres 288/60R18

I needed a new set of rear tyres for my Nissan Navava ST-X ute as my last set of Toyo's had done 61,000kms and were badly worn. The Toyo tyres were excellent tyres and had been on from new but priced at $510 each i want something a little cheaper but also quality. The Goodyear had a very close pattern to the Toyo and its a trusted brand. As i drive long distances i don't like tire noise and i also need excellent grip in the wet when pulling onto main roads as a ute is rear light and can easily spin the tyres. I found the Goodyears quiet at speed and gave excellent grip in the wet and at $300 each a saving of $200 per wheel almost a bargain.

Purchased in June 2019 for $329.00.

Tyre Mileage 10,000 km
Car ModelNissan Navara NP300
Tyre Pressure Used32 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyYearly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling

Amazing tyres!

I have recently put these on my Mazda CX-7 (235/65R17). For the first time I instantly noticed a remarkable difference between tyres. These things are amazing! They are quite, but stick to the road like glue, I also have a new found confidence driving in the wet. They are very responsive and perform like a dream. I have previously had Bridgestone and Coopers on this car before, and these tyres are the clear winners!

Purchased in March 2019.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Car ModelMazda CX-7
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi Dean, Great to hear you're loving the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres on your CX-7! :) We're so pleased to read that you have a newfound confidence for driving in the wet and that you're enjoying the responsiveness. Hope you continue to drive on Goodyears! Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Brilliant Tyres For SUV

I put these tyres on my Ford Kuga in November 2015, they are now just over 2 years old with just over 25,000km on them. Got them rotated / balanced etc today and the shop reckons they are only about half worn. We do about 80% bitumen / 20% dirt, but that dirt portion is on some rather bad roads and they have survived without damage from sharp rocks or any punctures. The durability is exceptional!

I expected that with the increased tyre life, there would be a compromise on grip / handling etc, but this is not the case. Grip on both bitumen and dirt is good, and grip in the wet is great - it is very reassuring to drive on these tyres.

The initial purchase price is slightly higher than the competitors, but that is well worth it when you consider the value for money. I like these tyres so much, I insisted that my daughter buy them for her car - and offered to pay the difference between the cheap tyres she was going to get and the Efficientgrips.

Purchased in November 2015 at Beaurepairs.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Tyre Mileage 25,000 km
Car ModelFord Kuga TF.II
Tyre Pressure Used36 PSI
Off-Roading FrequencyWeekly
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi Andrew, Thanks for such a stellar review of your Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres :) We're so pleased to read that you're enjoying the tyres so much you had your daughter get them for her vehicle too! Cheers, Team Goodyear Australia

Can’t beat these - best tyres I have ever purchased

Purchased my 2010 Subaru Outback Premium in 2015. They had brand new Goodyear Efficient grip tyres on them. Have driven 90,000 kms on these tyres - yes, 90,000 kms !!! 225 x 60 x 17 , driven mainly on rural bitumen sealed roads, no off-road stuff. Highway driving a lot. These tyres are amazing - quiet, comfortable, and incredibly safe and handled the road beautifully. Out to buy another set next week, would not even consider any other alternative. Top stuff Goodyear !!

Car2010 Subaru Outback Premium Wagon 3.6 litre
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Hi Michael, thanks so much for your excellent review of your Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres. It's great to hear that you've made it to 90,000kms with them on your Subaru and that you'll be purchasing another set! Cheers, Team Goodyear Australia

About to put another set of these on. Brilliant SUV Tyres !!

Well my set have finally had it !!! Dayyam them!! 66,000 km after they went on they are almost down to the wear marks and I need to replace them within the next few weeks. But the time they get changed over they will have nearly 70,000 clicks on them. That's as good as you could possibly ever hope for, on a larger heavy AWD SUV. These are 245/55VR19's on a 2008 Toyota Kluger Grande. Most of my driving is on rural open bitumen roads, or on Freeways and Highways. I do a reasonable bit of driving on decent dirt roads. I don't do much off roading on poor surfaces.

The roadholding and handling in both wet and dry conditions is excellent, as is their stopping ability. They are very quiet, regardless of the road surface, and they last a very long time. What more could someone possibly expect from a tyre? They aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for.

I have previously had a couple of sets of the original Factory fitted Bridgestone Dueler DL400's and a set of Toyo's on this car. They were all good tyres, but I like the Goodyears better in every respect. I liked them so much in fact that I put a set on my wife's RAV 4 about 6 months ago and she didn't get any say in what tyres were going on her car.

I will unhesitatingly be putting another set of these on the Kluger in a few weeks, irrespective of what specials or deals might be available on any other tyres.

Car2008 Toyota Kluger Grande
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Hi there! Wow - thank you very much for a fantastic and detailed review of your Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres. It's great to hear that you've gotten fantastic wear from them and that you'll be replacing them again on yours and your wife's car :) Thanks again, we really appreciate you taking the time to leave the review. Cheers, Team Goodyear Australia

Solid tyres

I've only had these for a few months but so far no complaints. I chose these based on the Choice review. Compared to the Yokohama Geolanders these replaced, they seem quieter and definitely handle better in the wet. Also, I got a fantastic price and good service from the Goodyear dealer in Essendon. Time will tell how well they wear but happy so far.

CarMazda CX-5
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Hi there, thank you very much for leaving your review of the Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres. We're really pleased to hear that you're enjoying them on your Mazda CX-5 so far :) Please let us know if you have any queries about this tyre. Kind regards, Team Goodyear Australia

The quietest SUV tires.

The noise is much smaller than the original tyre, and it's much more comfortable. began to press the hand, feel the sidewall is soft, thin, feel so big brand design should be justified. When the daily road bumps, the impact of the tire is more obvious, cushioning the general. Linear stability is good, neutral sense, the lane change, the body's response is also restored faster, dry ground control performance, grip strong, side tilt small, safe feeling strong; The wetland steering response is sensitive, the front/rear balance is good, the side tilt is small, the pile is smooth, the grip is better and more secure.

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Hi Gaillard, thanks so much for your review of your Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres. We're delighted to read that you're pleased with their quietness and performance on your Ford. Kind regards, Team Goodyear Australia

Worst tyres

I have done only 750km and I Contact Goodyear via email as i was not happy how they handle the corners.
i replaced my Bridgestone dueler 215/65 16 with 75000km and the old tyre they were handling better in dry and wet conditions than a brand new tyre. Dealer told me they Goodyear using a different compound.The Fact Goodyear send me an email of confirmation of my complain but they did not even made an effort to contact me with the solution or too see if there any faulty tyre.

CarNissan Dualis
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Hi Emilio, we're really sorry to hear this. We have followed up with your email and should get a response to you soon. Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

New tyres

Good durable Tyres which has served me well but in city driving and a little offloading in national parks. They were a little pricey but the two told me its worth spending a little more cash to get longevity and safety. Overall a good product happy to recommend for use

CarSubaru 2012
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Hi Michael, thanks for your review of our Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres. We're glad to hear that they have served you well on your Subaru :) Team Goodyear Australia

Quality you want for your family's safety.

Wow who knew what a difference good tyres are compared to just new. Feeling like you don't have to be super careful and drive ultra slow in pouring rain because you have slid out even with cheap brand new tyres before makes a huge difference. They seem to have tread a lot longer and still look brand new after a few months. Best tyres ever.

CarToyota kluger
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Hi Elle, thank you so much for your review. Safety is our number one priority at Goodyear and we're so happy our EfficientGrip SUV tyres have made you and your family feel safe in your Kluger. We really appreciate you leaving us the five stars too :) Team Goodyear Australia

75,000kms out of previous EfficientGrips

Noticed very good handling when I put 4 x new EfficientGrips on a few years ago. I do a lot of highway/freeway driving on the Pacific Highway each month. Have got 75,000kms out of current set, will be replacing them next week with exact same tyres, very happy with them.

CarToyota Kluger Grande 2014 245/55R19
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Hi Peter, thanks for your feedback. We're really glad to hear that you've replaced your tyres with another set of Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres :) We appreciate the five stars too! Team Goodyear Australia

Great tyres, really suit my vehicle

Have these on my Audi Q5, have been great and will get at least 35,000km driving on dirt roads and sealed. They a give a quiet ride. Rotated every 10 to 15,000km they really have worn well for the amount dirt rd driving as well as towing. They are excellent tyres

CarAudi Q5
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Hi Kylie, thank you very much for your feedback. We're so happy to hear that your Goodyear tyres are doing really well on your Audi. We appreciate you leaving the 5 stars for us :) Team Goodyear Australia

Inconsistent Wear

2 front tyres on Jeep Grand Cherokee need replacing after 18000k in less than a year on sealed roads. The wear is even so its not an alignment issue. Have used same tyre previously and got 60000k. Goodyear not interested. (Suggested the tyres were not purchased through them what ever that means) AAA tyres Castle Hill not offering anything special as compensation. Suggested to switching to another brand. Very disappointed with response from Goodyear and the dealer.

Car2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Diesel Overland
Final Chapter. Goodyear came to the party and I purchased 4 tyres with a guaranteed origin (the back needed replacing through normal wear) at a special price that I thought was fair. Bought EfficientGrip Tyres (Goodyear explained that while it was the same range these were a new model.Hi there, thank you for your review and following up with a comment in May. We hope the new tyres have served you well. Kind regards, Goodyear AustraliaUpdate Total distance travelled since they were put on in May 21,000k of which 2/3 were towing. Goodyear rep emphasised "no tyre wear guarantee." These tyres (265/50R20) are regarded as ones to give the best ride and perhaps not as suitable for heavy duty towing. Goodyear (and I suspect other main stream manufactures don't make a heavy duty tyre in this size. Checked with Jeep re need for a weight transfer system (Hayman Reece) on this model and was told that if the caravan was above 2200kg it should be used. As the towed weight is about 3 tones I need the heavy duty one. As an aside the difference in wear front and rear is not super significant so I don't think they would of greatly improved the result. Next step is to look at Coopers while I use these tyres up. Will be doing very little towing in the next 6 months

Perfect use have been used for 4years without problems

Good to use. No need to pump very often. Have been used for 4 years without change a new one. Perfect quality. I feel happy with this quality and will use this brand again in the future for my next car. Although the price is a little bit higher than other, it worthy.

CarToyato avalon
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Hi Meisy, thank you so much for your review. We're so glad to hear that you think our tyres are perfect quality for your Toyota :) Team Goodyear Australia

I think these are good tyres

Did recently service at kmart and had to change the front two tyres. So i went for goodyear. Have noticed that the steering is batter and very easy to turn. Have used these tyres before as well and they were pretty good - lasted for couple of years. Durable tyres

CarHyundai Elantra

Great Tyres

I replaced the original factory tyres on my ix35 with these after getting about 55000km from said originals which I thought was pretty poor. I usually get in excess of 80000km out of a set of tyres. These tyres are quieter and definitely improve the handling. They were; however, very expensive. I hope to get considerable wear from them.

CarHyundai ix35 2013 model.

Great tyre

I had a set of the Efficient Grip SUV tyres fitted to our Subaru Forester before setting off on a trip around Australia. They replaced the original Yokohama tyres that had done about 47,000 Klms.

After 9 weeks and 16,000+klms, I'm very happy with the tyres.

The Efficient Grip tyres are quiet on the road and handled all weather and road conditions very well with no issues. The roads we drove were highways (NT speeds), back roads and national park unsealed roads (gravel, rocks, dirt, sand, corrugations etc. but no challenging 4WD stuff).

At the moment they're hardly showing any wear and I'd happily fit another set of these tyres when these finally wear out.

4/3/19 Update; I'm just about to replace the tyres after 45,000 kms. They may have a couple more thousand kms or so but time to get another set. I'll buy these again.

Purchased in May 2017 for $960.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Noise Level
Off-Roading FrequencyNever
Wet Weather Handling
Dry Weather Handling
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Hi Steve, thanks for updating your review! Great to hear you'll be re-purchasing your Goodyear EfficientGrip SUV tyres :) Enjoy! Team Goodyear Australia


Perfect tyre for my Mazda. Last for ages. Did not have to change for 5-7 years. Not sure if it's because of my driving or it's actual quality of the tyres. Just the problem with this brand tyre is, they are bit expensive compare to other brand of tyres. .


Awesome tyre

Had these fitted to my 2010 Kia Grand Carnival in Feb 15 - immediately improved the handling and feel compared to the Michelin latitude tour. I have done 55000 on them mainly round town and are excellent in wet or dry - they have around 5mm left on them and will look to replace with same towards end of 2017 - with 4 kids in the car - wouldn't fit any other tyre

CarKia Grand Carnival

best tyre I have ever had in the upper mid range price

got Goodyear Efficiency Grip size 215 60 16 for my AUIII Falcon sedan
firstly, made my car look better > my previous tyres were good year Eagle NCT 5's (they were very good but the Efficiency Grip are even better- made my old car look more soild and newer) _ compared to other tyres on my car the Efficiency grip filled out the spaces in the wheel rim area under the wheel guards. I tried going to 225 width but my guards were not big enough for that size, as the tyre seller said they would rub on the guards when turning, so in the 215 size, the Efficiency Grip filled out that area best for standard. When I first compared them to my old NCT 5's I said to myself, wow! Look at the extra rubber on those Efficiency Grips, they were on "buy three get the 4th free sale", so I grabbed them!
The are a very quiet tyre, but to be honest my NCT 5's were a fraction quiter (but the NCT 5's are the quietest tyre I have ever owned). The difference is a little extra noise only at around about 80 klms but around 100 klms and below 70 klms there is no difference.
they are a little bit heavier on steering because the Efficiency Grip puts more rubber on the road
they feel great on cornering in the dry
they have never slipped for me on cornering in the wet - but I am very careful to drive easy in the wet (so I have never pushed them in the wet)
I have had them for 43,000 klms now and rate them high for safety and for wear and tare. Just looked at the tread left after 43,000 use recently and was well pleased at the low wear, especially at the edges (both sides) where most tyres ware out. Only rotated them 3 times so far with only one extra wheel alignment since I bought them.
just like the goodyear NCT 5's the EG's tread sits square on the ground but at the same time bulge out a little (perfect). Recon I'l get 70,000 klms out of them easy! Say, compared to quality Toyo tyres I put on ages ago once, that had a rounded look on the ground (less tread on the ground), looked bad on the car, and felt like the car was more rolley around corners not feeling like it was sitting solid and square on the road. (had the toyo's taken off and replaced with NCT 5's at a $ loss). Also had the experience of Hankook tyres compared to Bridgestone Turanza tyres - Bridgesrtone Turanza noticeably better (more solid rubber all round and wider look), but I like the EG's better
bought them at Jax Tyres
after many years of diving with many tyres and numerous cars - I feel that spending an extra $20-$30 per tyre is more than well worth it - the better big name brand tyre sellers (Goodyear, Bridgestone and Dunlop) are a very good bet! For the extra few dollars you simply get more rubber and better quality rubber and longer lasting rubber (or silicon) in the tyre than the Hankook or Kumho type cheaper tyres (despite what some tyre reviews say)
My advice is go to a tyre dealer and put those same tyres together and notice the better difference for the few extra bucks

Car2002 Falcon Futura sedan

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Just how quiet are they?
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How can I tell the difference between the standard EFFICIENT GRIP and the EAGLE EFFICIENTGRIP? I can't see anything on the tyre wall to show there EAGLES.
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I'm thinking of fitting 4 of these Tyres on my 2014 Subaru Tribeca (7 seater SUV) by the 31.12.17. Can you please advise on how much each Tyre is worth & best recommended outlet around Blacktown area? Many thanks, Maj
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Hi Maj, My 4 tyres all fitted,balanced and old ones disposed cost $960 in May 2017. I got mine at a Goodyear Tyre Centre. Can't help you with your Blacktown area but I was happy with my local Goodyear outlet. I'm still happy with the tyres and they're wearing well.Hi Steve, Thank you kindly for ur reply. I'm glad that ur satisfied with those tyres. I've just fitted 4 of the Efficient Grip Performance - SUV Tyres from "Good Year Auto Care" @ Blacktown for only $285 each (see Mgr: Hong or Pravin). Where as Beaurepairs @ Penrith wanted to charge me $410. each for the exact same tyre. Pays to shop around. Thank you again, Maj

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