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gotU Roadside Assistance

gotU Roadside Assistance

3.1 from 32 reviews

Great service

I had a flat tyre, had a friendly mechanic out in 20 minutes and had the spare fitted in even less time. I don't normally write these but credit where credit's due, great service, thanks!

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Hi Enni, glad to hear you were happy with our service! Regards, Anthony.

NEVER using this service again!!!

When I paid for a tow truck it said 22 minutes ETA, then I got a text message to track the driver and after few attempts it said ETA 148 minutes. Tow truck finally came and it went well until we got our car back from mechanic and realised the tow bar cover of our car was missing. I called the mechanic first to check if they had the missing part and they explained the tow truck driver is the one taking it off to be able to tow the car. So, I called gotu to ask for the missing part and after they talked to the provider (they are just a third party, which makes it even harder to make a claim) they said the provider told them the driver affirms he placed the cover in the middle console. We checked and it was not there. Now they are saying the dealer might have taken it and they don't want to be responsible for it. They blamed the mechanic, who didn't need to even touch that part. The only person that even touched it was the tow truck driver. My husband went to the dealer with the car and the driver didn't even inform him he had placed the part where he claimed. Then, gotu says they can't do anything because the driver says he placed the part there and he's not to blame. They want me to deal with their provider when I shouldn't have to, I paid gotu not their provider. Gotu should be responsible for their providers. If something goes wrong you're doomed.. better go with a different company

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Hi Alejandra, I'll be in touch with more details. Regards, Anthony.

NEVER using this service EVER again

I was charged two payments of $99 dollars for a lockout that occurred on the 9th of February. After the service was done I tried contacting GotU Roadside Assistance and nothing was done from inquiries. I have called them multiple times and they have not replied despite their "investigation" by an Administrative Officer.

Hi Peter, thanks for the comment - I'll pass this on to our team to investigate. Regards, Anthony.Hi Peter, I've been informed the refund was issued today - the funds should clear in the next couple of days. Please let me know if this doesn't occur. Regards, Anthony.Thank you for attending to my feedback Anthony and for making this a smooth process.

Horrible Horrible service

I had a dead battery, I got an inexperienced immature P P plate driver in a poorly equipped small van, his name is [name removed].

First of all he is rude and has the worst attitude ever. He
I complained to GotU but they refused to give a refund of $77. I sent and email , after two weeks of no reply to my email I called gotu , they lady said they are only a third part website that doesn’t have control over their third party mechanics, no they have a control over quality apparently. After a week from that call got [name removed] calling me to tell me that they can’t give a refund.

[name removed] wasn’t able to replace my car’s battery because the right tools are with the other guy who works with him ([name removed] is the other guy’s name).
[name removed] told me [name removed] will come to replace the battery but then he said he is not coming.

So what he did he just jump started the car and didn’t replace the battery.

The battery still needs replacement. I called NRMA , and they did it in no time.

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Hi Joseph, I'm sorry to hear about this experience - I'll contact you with more details. Regards, Anthony.

This is a daylight robbery.

The worst service ever.
Didn’t jump start my car and only wanted to sell their expensive batteries. And he was very rude.

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Hello, I'm sorry to hear you weren't happy with our service. I'll message you with more details. Regards, Anthony.

Amazing Service - Highly Recommended

Roadside Response is prompt, professional and reliable. Having called them for a battery replacement, i was treated with the "gold class treatment". They helped me get back on the road in no time. I recommend them to all my family and friends all the time! Thanks everyone!

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Hello, thanks so much for the shout out and for recommending us! It's greatly appreciated. Regards, Anthony.

Double charging customers

I booked gotU service for Jump start and was charged for that service in the app. However, the mechanic told me I needed battery replacement and did not do jump start. So I paid for battery replacement as well. After he left I realised I’ve paid for both jump start and battery replacement.

I called contact centre and was advised that jump start fee is call out fee even though that service was not provided to me.

In gotU website on “How gotU works” page they say there’s no call out fee. It’s misleading customers..because whatever service you initially request for, they’ll charge that even if it’s not done (as call out fee) plus the actual service.

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Hello, I've organised our call centre to get in touch in regards to this, so they should be calling you soon. Regards, Anthony.No one called me from contact centre. They emailed me confirming that it is call out fee contradicting the website information.

Easy to book, responsive and helpful

I'd just used the service today to get my car jump started.

1) Re-scheduling is done by first cancelling the job via web/app and then re-booking at that time.

After your booking, you will get a call from the serviceman if anything is up. For me, my serviceman couldn't get to me quickly because he was located in South Melbourne (while my car's location was in the Northern Suburb), and it being 5PM, traffic was heavy. He called to inform that, he would try to get someone closer. If this wasn't possible, he'd just wanted to let me know, he would take longer to arrive. I'd decided to try and re-schedule the job.

2) A job can be cancelled after booking through the app, and payment won't go through

So after I'd discovered that I couldn't re-schedule the job over the phone. I was told to re-book. But this was a bit confusing for me at the time because I'd thought that the payment had already processed. However, you can cancel a job before payment does go through. I did this immediately after our conversation ended, and the payment did not go through.

3) If an error appears along the lines of 'no serviceman was available'. Check if the payment had gone through, if so, contact the company (customer service) to get things sorted

I was going to book the job in the morning. But decided to go ahead and do it at night. At 7PM I made another booking. However, after 15-20 minutes I got an error message on the app. I tried to do another booking, but I got a payment error. I realised this time, the payment went through. I had to call customer service, I didn't wait long. About 5 minutes in, someone helped me and they got in contact with dispatch. They assured me that someone would still come.

4) Save the serviceman's number (you will need to make the call to get the number) before leaving the app to run

Next time, I would save the serviceman's number. I left the app running, and when the error message came up. His contact details disappeared, alongside the company's number. I believed I had to do a little bit of digging around to get the company's contact number.

Anyhow, it took about 1 hour before somebody had arrived. But because I was in my own home eating dinner, this didn't bother me. I was expecting a call by the serviceman after I hanged up with customer service. But he'd directly showed up in front of my house instead (8PM). And the job was done within the hour.

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Hi Ivy, thanks for your helpful comments - I'll pass them on to our team. Regards, Anthony.

Very impressed

I had a flat battery on a Saturday afternoon so I booked online with GotU. Within 5 minutes the mechanic called me to say he'd be there in about half an hour. He arrived when he said he would, was extremely knowledgeable and really pleasant and helpful. All sorted quickly and efficiently. Very impressed!

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Hi, glad to hear we were able to get you out of a sticky situation. Regards, Anthony.

Not worth your time

This service is hopeless. I've tried a number of times to use the towing option. Sydney Metro based (north Sydney), normal business hours, and they NEVER have anyone available. You can't schedule an agreed time or even request next available. All they do is put an authorisation on your credit card - hence you don't have those funds available for 5 business days. Awful system, awful process. Steer clear!!

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Hello Matt, thanks for the feedback. We're currently rectifying the authorisation issue you mentioned, and I'll pass on your comment to your team. Regards, Anthony.

How about charge the account after the job is complete

Dont know how this can be legal, how do you have the audacity to charge even when you cant confirm a service can be provided, and the lady on the phone telling me "you have to take the risk of losing your money again". Probably should lodge a complaint to fair trading for this one.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Dan - if the job didn't complete, then your funds were not received by gotU and would be with your financial institution. Unfortunately we cannot advise the exact time frame the refund will be back in your account as this depends on your financial institution, and can typically range from 5 to 7 business days. To get a better understanding of the timeframe of when you can expect these funds to be back in your account, we suggest you get in contact with your financial institution for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact the gotU team on 1800 252 655 if you have any further enquiries. Regards, Anthony.

This is far from perfect. Ruined my weekend.

Trying to find reasons why this service isn't an absolute scam...I've needed a breakdown / roadside tow twice in the last week...(not a good week!) & both times I've logged into the website to book tow, both times been charged $69 (each time), only to be told that there are no service providers in the area. Are there ever service providers in the area? Money is tight this time of year, so in addition to getting no help, & having to pay for another tow now, I'm out of pocket $138 this weekend. GotU have got $138 of mine & thousands of dollars from others like me to invest in the short term money market while I wait to get it back... Looks like TV, toast & baked beans this sunny weekend. GotU? A more apt name would be GotYourMoney!! Not impressed...

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
Hi Paul, I'm sorry to hear about your experience. In regards to you being charged, your your funds were not received by gotU as your requested service did not complete. Your funds are currently with your financial institution. Unfortunately we cannot advise the exact time frame the refund will be back in your account as this depends on your financial institution, and can typically range from 5 to 7 business days. To get a better understanding of the time frame of when you can expect these funds to be back in your account, we suggest you get in contact with your financial institution for more information. Please do not hesitate to contact the gotU team on 1800 252 655 if you have any further questions. Regards, Anthony.Anthony, with respect, you have made this comment previously about "GotU not receiving funds" this is ABSOLUTELY FALSE. I have confirmed this with my bank. They do not have my funds!! GotU is essentially charging people for a service they DONT KNOW IF THEY CAN EVEN PROVIDE!! This is outrageous!! & the only advice that your staff can offer is go through the process again!! I can't afford to keep being charged $65 again & again. Sure, I'll get it back. But what money can I live on in the meantime? Can I tell woolies I'll pay for my groceries when GotU pays me back? You CANNOT CHARGE SOMEONE UNLESS YOU KNOW THAT YOU CAN PROVIDE THEM THE SERVICE THEY PAY FOR!! First, identify if there are local service providers. ONLY THEN do u charge people OR NOT based upon whether or not you can deliver the service. Also, it doesn't say anywhere that consumers will be charged regardless of whether or not a service can provided. YOU TRICK PEOPLE into parting with their money, & they pay because they're stranded, it's cheap, & they have a reasonable expectation they will be serviced!! Stop with the rhetoric Anthony! GotU is a disgrace!! Change your site & STOP CHARGING PEOPLE UNLESS YOU CAN PROVIDE A SERVICE!!! Do the right thing & stop screwing people over before the ACCC shuts you down!Hello Paul - I'll be in touch with more details. Regards, ANthony.

They definitely got me!

Amazing service!! Car needed a jumpstart and after calling around and being told we'd need to wait hours, we tried gotu. App was simple to use, and we received a call immediately from a mechanic about the issue. He was with us within 20 minutes (shout out to Daniel James, a baller dude) and had the problem fixed so quickly. Service was quick and reliable and easy to use. Only downside was that the map tracker kept messing up and wasn't live updating. Completely satisfied with service.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Kate, glad to hear you were really happy with our service! Regards, Anthony.

Terrible - No service people even available

I had a terrible and stressful time trying to use this app, for about an hour I tried to contact a service person but it continually told me that no one was available at the time, after about the 20th time of trying I was then told that I needed to confirm whether my card was divas or MasterCard even though I already had, the app then pretty much imploded on itself and I gave up, all in all absolutely terrible.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Zoe, I'm sorry to hear about this. We're currently investigating this as we're always looking to improve the gotU service. Regards, Anthony.

Worst app and service

Worst service take your money then say they can’t service you !!! And I’m in Sydney .... will never use them again and will never recommend them

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Ruth, I'm sorry to hear about this and that we weren't able to help you out in this instance. If the job wasn't serviced, you will financial institution will return your funds within a few business days. If this doesn't occur, please contact us. Regards, Anthony.

Haven't got me. Just left me

Broke down on Monash freeway on 36 degree day. Booked through the web based app. No available person to pick me up, app advised me to call call centre. I'm in Burnley Melbourne just near citylink. Spend fifteen minutes on hold. Can't find my booking. Transfer to back end. Can't help me. They cancel my job and advise me that I can't be helped. Advise me not to rebook the job. Can't pick me up today. Happy to talk to rep of company and advise you time of call so you can listen. Honestly price appears too good to be true. I feel so disappointed with my first experience. Racv saved me. They got me. Might be more expensive but they were reliable.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Lucas, I'm sorry to hear about this. I'll pass it on to our team as we're always looking to improve out service. Regards, Anthony.

Amazing Service

Our man Sam was extremely helpful! Nothing was too much trouble. We asked him to have a quick tyre overview to make sure the others were okay after he fixed our flat and he was nothing but calm and nice about it PLUS he was at our place within 15 minutes!!! We will now not be renewing our NRMA roadside service due to this amazing experience. If you need ANYTHING...Sam Monteleone and GotU are the way to go! 5 stars all the way.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Jordana, glad to hear Sam was of great help to you! Thanks for the feedback! Cheers, Anthony.

So cheap!

The fact that i could use this service and only pay $69 to get my car towed is pretty amazing! Especially compared to other sites charging minimum $169. Skeptical at first, and i did wait a few hours but worth it for the cost and the lady on the phone was lovely advising that it was busy! Would definitely recommend this service.

Roadside Assistance RequestedNo
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Hi, thanks for recommending us! Regards, Anthony.

Amazing fast service, excellent price

I locked my keys in my boot this afternoon at the supermarket and the gotU guys were there so fast! They were both really kind and professional and a disaster was averted due to them. Half the price of the other place I called also! Thankyou!!

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hi Trudi, thanks for the great review and glad to hear you were happy with our service! Regards, Anthony.

Left me on side of freeway

I booked a tow. They took my money. Then sent text saying they couldn't tow me at this time. I'm on the side of a freeway at 3am. they then told me the money would be returned in 4 hours. Worst ever do not give them any money.

Roadside Assistance RequestedYes
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Hello Daniel, I'm sorry that we weren't able to help you out here. With regards to the payment, your financial institution will refund this to you after a number of days. If you are still having issues, please call our contact centre on 1800 252 655.

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What happens if you breakdown more than once ?
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Hello Andrea. gotU is a pay per use roadside assistance service, so you pay for what you need at the time. Regards, Anthony.