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Filthy, rude and disrespectful

Not surprised by the bad reviews. One the franchisees ( Bolgers of Bendigo 2 vehicles) drove into my business. The woman entered the store then walked out and urinated on the forecourt, one of the men urinated On the side of the driveway near the garden.Totally inconsiderate of any person who has to walk there or the fact that young children play at the side of the drive near the garden .When approached about their behaviour and the fact it was on security cameras ,one of the men laughed “Free advertising ”. They started cooking.This is a service station, not only a dangerous but also an illegal activity. They were very rude and started get confrontational.I decided to closed early and asked them to leave then closed the gates. I phone them to discuss their behaviour and was met with pure profanity. Didn’t care. So I can only surmise by their attitudes that they conduct themselves that way in all aspects of their lives.

Don’t look below the surface or once we have your money we don’t care

Granite Transformations (Goulburn/Canberra): the work looks great, but the cupboards and drawers left full of rubble, dust and screws (finally admitted it was their tradespeople but did try to blame it on the plumber) and left rubbish in the skip of our other tradies. Reception staff lied about following up, accusing us of things we never said. Refused to deal with the issue and once paid, refused to deal with our concerns.

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction

Still waiting for promised repairs

The kitchen, laundry and ensuite were great when first completed. However within a short time we had a warped kick board, trim peeling off shelves and bathroom panels warping from water damage. We have been waiting for 2 years for them to fix these. They have promised but not shown up yet.

Customer Service
Job Satisfaction
Rates and Fees
Product Quality

Very dodgy buyer beware

Kitchen fell apart and bench top cracked.They tried to tell me the bench top crack can’t be helped because of movement in house. Virtually kitchen fell apart.Very poor quality.Buy at own risk

Buyer beware and go elsewhere.

My kitchen has only lasted 6 years and totally fell apart.Bench tops cracked and cabinets all fell apart. Quality is below standard.They also didn't honner warranty.go elsewhere.Very dodgy and poor quality.

Lifetime limited warranty is worthless

I had Granite Transformation install new countertops about 4 and a half years ago. There was a problem with the edge chipping within a year and it was fixed. However, since that time many rough places have shown up on the surface. I have requested repairs and have been turned down. Do no business with this company because they do not stand behind their product.

Love the new bench top and pantry.

We had the Penrith store do our work. The guys who did the work on our bench & pantry have done a fantastic job.
But, dealing with [name removed] has been hard work. The lack of communication on the day of installation was disappointing, as the guys were late but no phone call was received. Then I was told the pantry would not be done that day as promised when booking the job, but days later as there was a problem with a machine. I had to call the office to find out what was happening. Again I had not received a call about this. There is a smear mark on our bench which we are trying to get fixed and [name removed] has come out but he keeps forgetting us and not showing up so after sales service isn’t great. Luckily we are happy with the product, just disappointed with the follow up service.

Love my new bench tops.

Mark my installer from Cairns Granite transformations was very professional in his work and i`m very happy with the outcome and he cleaned up as he did his job. Thank you.

Not very happy

Granite Transformations Coffs Harbour installed a beautiful kitchen for us 9 years ago with a 10 year warranty but now, the cornices installed by one of THEIR contractors, are falling off the ceiling and they don't want to know about it because, as they say, the business has changed hands (not OUR problem). We dealt with a business, NOT who owns it, and have a warranty. Whoever bought the business is also not OUR problem. Our contract was with a business, Granite Transformations, despite the 1,2 or 3 owners who may have come along in the meantime. I will be taking them to the Department of Fair Trading, as the company, at that time should, in my opinion, still be held responsible under our original warranty agreement with Granite Transformations.

Easy way to to cover old kitchen tops

Had our large kitchen in Balwyn and our unit in Kew both fitted with Granite Transformations and found them perfect. Was surprised the first time when the fitter turned up with the material which looked liked sheets of laminex but when he fitted the sheets together quickly and easily over the existing tiles the result was surprisingly good and looked like an expensive granite counter top.

Our perfect kitchen!

We were extremely happy with the workmanship and overall service provided by Jeff and All at Granite Transformations. We love our new kitchen! We would definitely recommend Granite Transformations. Thanks Guys.

Top quality workmanship

Our installer Jorge was a perfectionist, so our result is excellent. All concerned were a pleasure to deal with, but the ultimate result depended on how well Jorge worked. Highly recommend this company and product.

Great result

I recently had the benchtop and splashback in my kitchen done. The kitchen is now looking so modern and fresh. It is also very easy to clean.
The work was of highest quality and staff were helpful and reliable. I would recommend.

Kitchen Renovations Make Over

Well these people are worth more than a 5 stars wonderful, very helpful, reliable, was quick to make solutions and suggestions to any problems along the way. They are very reasonable price, they never suggested a more expensive option. I/we extremely happy with this group and thoroughly recommend Granite Transformation (Taren Point)
My kitchen has been the talking feature of our home and have decide to expand the kitchen with there service.
Thank you guys

Branch NameTaren Point

The edges corroded quite quickly.

After having granite transformations install my bench top from scratch, as in not an overlay of an original bench top, it began to stain right away. At least 6 months later they came to put an overlay on their original and put a big seam over my work area where there hadn’t been one before. After not very many years(3?) the edges were corroding and chipping. Many of my favourite shirts have holes in them now. I thought I must have moths particular to the stomach area or some bizarre reason until another friend with a granite transformation benchtop told me it was the bench edge and happened to her too.
After several calls and requests for them to please fix it, and I told them I was willing to pay for the repair, Granite Transformations continued to ignore me and I now have the huge expense of paying for a whole new benchtop.

Branch NameBalcatta

Exceeded Expectations from Beginning to End.

We recently chose Granite Transformations ( Box Hill) to install a new kitchen. From the first moment they called out to quote to the completed job we experienced only professionalism, thoroughness, amazing customer service and couldn’t be more happy with our experience from beginning to end. It exceeded our expectations. The attention to detail and the way they worked with us made the whole process easy. The team at Granite Transformations and their recommended tradies, were on time, polite and respectful as the work was being completed and left the work areas clean and tidy. The schedule we were given for the job was on time and the cost extremely reasonable. The owner ( George) went above and beyond. We are so happy with our completed new kitchen, I would not hesitate to recommend this company. It was absolutely extraordinary. Total install was 4 only days and could not have had a better experience.

Branch NameBox Hill


Poor workmanship, had them back 3 time to make the job look half reasonable standard. Just discovered why our new rangehood they installed is not venting, they fixed the rangehood on wall and plugged it in to power but didn't install the venting. Guess they thought wont matter if we can't see it. Now we have to remove the whole rangehood install the venting and reinstall.
Overall far below average job.

Branch NameGoulburn

Great new makeover

Happy with the result
Kitchen looks great and the tradesman who came was very polite and happy - always ready to listen to any questions or queries we may have had.

Branch NameCaringbah

UPDATE Great Product. Terrible Customer service

Had bathroom vanity benchtops installed last week. Installers were pleasant and tidy. After the 24hr drying period I became aware that the front panel of the benchtop was preventing drawers and cupboards from opening. I contacted the franchisee who seemed barely bothered by it. Being a main bathroom, all of my bathroom/cosmetic/hair products are in this drawer which I can not open. I would have expected some form of apology and effort to resolve the problem as soon as possible, instead I was told they would talk to the installer the following week to see when/maybe he could attend. I have tried telephoning the showroom numerous times with no answer (been told phones are having a problem), tried mobile numbers, left messages and no response. I even contacted Head Office (whose phone number listed on the website is incorrect) and was told it was up to the franchisee. They did today have the audacity to request payment which will not be forthcoming until the work is completed to an acceptable standard ie. ability to open drawers/cupboards. My concern is how they are going to fix it, grinding it back will likely a) cause damage to the existing cupborad frame and b) not leave a clean straight edge; removing the benchtop, if even possible will more than likely damage the cabinet.I am very disappointed and my original excitement of the look of the benchtops has worn off following this complete lack of responsibility and customer care. I am sure the showroom workers have access to their toiletries albeit they seem to think it is not a problem for me.
UPDATE: Installers returned and fixed the problem by adjusting the drawer/ cupboard hinges. Now I can enjoy my new bench tops.

Branch NameGold Coast

Wonderful new kitchen renovation

From the very first time that your company representatives called in to give me a quote, I knew that my kitchen would be great.

I had a total of four companies give me quotes. One didn’t even send a quote and didn’t follow up either. Another said he doesn’t usually do doors and panels (was a little worried about that), and another only had his ideas. Granite Transformation came up with some good ideas and were very helpful. The price was in my budget, and I felt very comfortable with the trades people that I had met up to this point.

I also visited your office to enquire about bins and finishes and there to everyone was very helpful.

After a hiccup up with the installation date, beyond your control and a delivery problem, the two installers did a wonderful job on my kitchen, arriving on time, cleaning up each day. They were very obliging and added a shelve in one of the cupboards.

The plumber and the electrician also left the site tidy as well.

I would not have any hesitation in recommending Granite Transformation for kitchen renovation

Branch NameNorth Rocks

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Questions & Answers

Has anyone dealt with Granite Transformations Central West? It seems there is a huge difference between franchises.
1 answer
I would stay away imo.My kitchen literally fell apart in 7 years.Also they didnt honer the warrenty. Huge franchise issues in canberra. All are the same quality and will be junk in 7 years imo

Hi, About 2 or possibly 3 years ago, John from Penrith store come to give me a quote to renovate my bathroom. He was there for about an hour, we discussed my options and he explained how they install the granite sheets. Even though he told me that they don't do many bathrooms he was still going to give me a quote and mentioned who he had in mind to do the job. A few weeks past and I hadn't heard anything from him, so I called numerous times and then called into the Penrith branch some weeks later - to be told that John would call me in a few days. .....I have never received a quote or phone call to follow up since the initial call out.... still waiting. The disappointment is two fold - a) I have no idea how much the job was going to be and if it is worth pursuing and b) I am still interested in the product and the concept of not having tiles in the shower area, no more trying to keep the grout clean. Now that a few years have past the range of products and styles has increased and it is even more appealing. I am hoping by using Granite Transformations that my bathroom renovation would be a more economical option than a full renovation. What are my options? I don't really want to have deal with Penrith? I see there is now an address for Prestons which is a lot closer to me. Do they have a sales and service team that can quote, explain the process and install with some professionalism? Thanks
2 answers
We used Taren Point/ Caringbah, and I think every branch is a different contractor, running their own show. From the showroom friendliness, to the measurer, to the tradies installing, we had no problems and the kitchen splashback in the same material is the best thing I have ever done!!! 3 months down the track and we are exceptionally happy with the product, workmanship and professionalism of this branch.Thanks Eileen, that's great, I have been impressed with what I have seen and I would really like to see how much it would be to 'transform' my bathroom. The situation is though, I believe they are Franchises and they refer you to their local branch so they aren't treading on anyone's toes. I am hoping I can deal with another branch and then receive the service like you and others have experienced.

I have not seen good reviews for Caringbah branch yet. Before I press go on this, any recommendations or otherwise on GT Caringbah? Thanks.
3 answers
We personally found them to be very professional and helpful in comparison to some other tradies we’ve used in the past. There were obviously a few things along the way but nothing that couldn’t get sorted out. My tips: - Check everything during the quote (eg decide where your drawers are going to go, how big etc). Also you deal with a few different people along the way - the person giving the quote, someone doing the check measure, plus the installer - so you have to keep track of everything meaning you might have to relay the info a couple times! - We actually bought our own handles somewhere else and used those instead. They also have a catalogue that you can look through that has all of the options which is worth looking at. - Finally we did have an issue with our sink but they came around and fixed it straight away, no problem. Hope that helps!My review was for Gtanite Transformation North Rocks which I was very happy withThanks so much. This is really helpful! I appreciate your taking the time to comment.

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