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Sneaky rate increases. Untrustworthy staff.

Been a customer in one way or another for around 28 years. I feel absolutely deceived by The Greater from misinformation regarding fees at my loan interview to sneaky rate increases without being notified.
On rate increases: Once i was told "It was published in The Australian" Who reads The Australian.
On loan application: Was told at the last minute that if i don't agree to the extra fees i will not get the loan.
Used to be good many years ago. Now no better, maybe worse, than major banks. Do not trust and make sure everything is in writing and still do not trust.

Customer Service

Best Bank in Australia

Greater Bank is by far the best bank in Australia ., best customer service , easiest to use apps , fastest to send and recieve funds ! They do not delay payments coming into or leaving your accounts which is very annoying when other banks do.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

Variable Home Loan

Switched our home loan over from CBA In late Jan to early Feb 2018. Started out at 3.74% then had an increase to 3.83 around August 2018. Just because they can I guess. And, they again increased it on the 15 May 2019 to 3.93% in anticipation of this rate cut. Now they are advertising that they will cut all loans on the 11th of June 2019 the full .25%. Just like every other bank...

Customer Service

Great Rate Home Loan fixed 5 years

I did a check price against one of the ‘Big 4’ with Greater Bank and I’m glad I did. Excellent fixed term home loan rate 3.74% against 3.89%. Greater Banks LMI was 20% cheaper than the ‘Big 4’ bank (based on < 90% loan) and in my case my former bank was uninterested in matching them.

Service was exceptional from application to unconditional approval and I’m pleased that I’m paying interest to a customer owned and 100% Australian bank.

Would highly recommend anyone giving them a try, you’ll feel better for it!

Review TypeLoan Application

Difficult staff

Most of the staff at the Greater are lovely however there is one very difficult staff member who is often at the Hamilton branch. My first encounter was when making an over the counter transaction, I was asked for my driver's licence which the teller then recorded. I told her I did not like my licence number being recorded and asked what the purpose was. She said it was to verify who I was. I did not understand how writing it down verified who I was. I had my key card, the payment I was making was to a card in the same name as my main account and viewing my licence which has my picture and my address should have been sufficient. She advised me she could record it if she wanted to. I found this rather rude. I made a complaint to the Greater and was assured the teller had been spoken to, a note had been put on my account not to record the licence number and that I would not experience this again. A few weeks later and the same teller is on. I tried to avoid her but had no choice. I was transferring from my bonus saver to my account (both linked) I showed my licence and that was not good enough, she wanted it handed over. I said to her you are not to record my licence number there should be a note on my account. She then said Oh I know who you are and told me if she wanted to record it she would. She then went on to say how I could be fraudlently withdrawing my money, really my own money. She then said she had to verify the signature (evidently a signature expert) I questioned this as my signature should be on the bank's records. Again I raised this issue with the Greater and the explanation received was insufficient. Evidently they do random licence checks.

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

The only thing great is the staff, sometimes

Not so great and that's an understatement. I couldn't increase the limit on my card and after several attempts got turned down. No matter the amount of money I've got they refused to increase the limit. I'm not sure what was that and every time I've had to supply loads of paperwork for nothing. The staff is great though and were always helpful despite my problems. Waiting times can be tricky so better be prepared to sit it out.

Customer Service

No so great

I have previously spoken to the lending manager at Greater Singleton.All my details had been taken and I at that time did not qualifiy for a loan.I still wanted to consider changing my accounts to Greater at Singleton
I phoned last week to arrange to see the leanding manager and was expected to give details over the phone,i informed whoever answered the phonev hat My details would be on file and I was wanting to see the lending manager.I was informed that I would have to tell who ever answered the phone how muuch I wanted to borrow.I tried to explaim it was a little more complicated than that due to the fact I have an ivestment property and personal loans to be considered.I was told unless I told her that amount they couldnt help.
I rang back this morning to again make an appoinment to discuss my requirements and was told the girls at the front desk could help me.I explained no,its a bit more complicated-after I was put on hold and spoken to patronisingly.
I eventually hung up twice in frustration and will now not go to the greater at Singleton,not only because of attitude but because Im not standing at the front counter trying to work out a complicated transfer and to front end staff that do not want to listen to what I have to say or even need.
No so greater experience
Annette Brown

Customer Service
Review TypeCredit Card Application, Loan Application and New Account

Not so great after all!!!

Did quite a bit of extensive research into home loans and found Greater Bank to be highly rated in terms of competitive rates and customer service awards for 2016, 2017, and 2018. Was so excited to refinance my home loan and so made an enquiry. The agent took all my info including the location of our home and postcode. I informed them that my property was a rural property with acreage. She put me on hold as she took my details and looked into my situation. After a short wait she came back and informed me I was qualified for their Great Rate Home Loan. The local loan officer from Coffs Harbour got in contact with us and made an appointment to write up the loan. We travelled an hour up to Coffs Harbour and spent 2 hours in her office providing all the info and completing the application. As is customary we had to provide heaps of personal information and agree to a full credit check on my partner and myself. She was friendly and professional and most helpful. She said she needed to complete a few more things on her end and would get back to us later that day. We travelled another hour back home only to get a phone call from her that afternoon informing us that the bank would not be able to provide the loan after all, as we were located outside their location parameters and as such the bank could only agree to loan an amount that would not meet the refinance commitments.

Needless to say this was a huge disappointment and a waste of over 4 hours of our time, providing highly confidential and personal details, all because their initial screening process was not thorough or of high enough integrity to tell us the outcome in the first instance. Our credit rating and banking history is impeccable so these were not issues. I would recommend potential customers to fully investigate before proceeding with Greater Bank and expect to be disappointed with the outcome.

Money Magazine, MOZO and Roy Morgan should all seriously look into their ratings and revoke these rewards. Most unprofessional bank that needs to change their name to Not So Great Bank!

Review TypeLoan Application

Rude Teller, Greater Bank, Nowra Branch.

I've been a customer with Greater for a few years now, I have used them to Bank cash and cheques as my other bank (Credit Union) decided to close the Nowra branch. I have always found the customer service really fantastic, that was up until a couple days ago. I went into the branch to deposit some cash, not a lot, and was served by a young chap, when I passed him the bag containing the money he asked if I knew how much was in the bag, to which I replied "yes". So he starts counting the money when another teller comes along, a young lady with an American accent from memory, and asked the young chap if he needed a hand, to which he replied yes. So then the young lady looked at me and asked if I knew how much cash I was depositing, again I replied "yes", she then snapped back "how much" to which I replied, "you'll find out in a minute when you finish counting" her response was swift and nasty when she barked back at me "HOW MUCH!!" Wow, I was a bit stunned by the ferocious reply and then told her the amount, which by the way was actually written on the envelope containing the cash. She must've seen the look on my face because straight away she started to be nice. Anyway, not my kind of customer service. What this young lady didn't know was that this particular cash deposit was a precursor for us to change all of our Banking over to the Greater from CUA, including our 2 Mortgages. Needless to say this will no longer be happening, I have already transferred the cash out of the Greater account, and I won't be troubling the Nowra Greater Bank branch anymore.

Terrible "Bank"

I joined The Greater with my home loan and other banking needs when they were a building society. I recently tried to re-negotiate a better deal with my fixed home loan expiring. Greater Bank had no interest in helping me get a better deal and still had the hide to charge a package fee for no frills products. I ended up getting a far better deal with one of the "big 4 banks". However, The Greater still "lost" the paperwork from my new financial institution which caused delays and still had the hide to charge me their package fee for another year even though I left.

Definitely don't recommend The Greater.


I have had my house loan for about three years with no issue. But even after advertising there not like the big banks they still put interest rates up even though the RBA has them on hold. How do these people sleep at night just screwing over families while they complete a money grab!!! Shame on you Greater I will be changing my home loan ASAP

Getting a Mortgage so slow

Have banked with the Greater for 7 years and always found their customer service to be really good. However, when recently applying for a new mortgage everything seemed to be so slow. Despite us being pre-approved for the same amount less than a year ago and holding other loans with the bank and having a good credit history. We were frequently asked for additional documents to be submitted urgently. There seemed to be staff away on holidays, training, not in because it was Friday afternoon whenever we called to try and speed things up. Disappointing service.

Terrible is not the word

Don't go close to them, It says they do unsecured loan, after application, they call and talk and later say they can't do unsecured.

False misleading

I was on their site and they have live chat. So I asked about a small loan to help me move, while I am on disability. The live chat correspondent stated they do loans for people in my situation. But after a long stuff about and reducing the loan amount I originally asked for, no matter what, they weren't going to approve.

Terrible experience

One of the trash bank in Newcastle area. Don’t worry about caring the current customers. Never never never bank with Greater.

A very stressful process

Preapproved for loan for 100000 we had 260000 deposit on a 340000 house. After contracts were exchanged Toronto branch cancelled the loan for no good reason they had mentioned previously so we have 2 days to find a new loan. We spoke with regional management instead of a loans manager and all was rectified. We have been assured all is good for the loan now. Very stressful to have exchanged contracts and be told the loan wasn't approved not an experience I will ever want to repeat.

A great bank, excellent customer service.

The staff are always very friendly. I found the refinance process simple and easy. Swapping to Greater Bank has saved me a substantial amount of money.

Poor treatment

I have been a member for years, never had an issue with the bank until yesterday, the manager from the Wollongong branch treated me like I was a suspect and stole my own money. Asked me why I wanted some funds cleared from my cheque, I explained it to her then she went on to ask personal questions like when are you having your operation... (This is none of her or any employees business), she then asked me after looking at the cheque which was a bank cheque from the Comm bank and had my full name on it, 'how did you come to get this cheque???" Still not her business. After pure embarrassment and interrogation she told me she didn't feel comfortable releasing any funds. She had already made up her mind before she asked the very personal questions. To make matters worse, I get a call from someone who said they were from head office, to tell me they cannot clear my funds, and the matter has been escalated... No apology for how she spoke to me nothing.. I didn't realise you needed to be a millionaire to actually get respectful service and not treated like a peasant. Just disgusted with the Wollongong managers way of dealing with this matter...

Pretty good overall

Joined Greater Bank around 2 months ago, and so far find them pretty good.
Service from Newcastle based call centre is really good, no waiting 20-30 mins like others, English speaking staff.
Accounts are on a par with majors, free access to Westpac ATM network, transaction fees can be fairly easily avoided or reduced.
Interest on Bonus Saver is a bit low for that type of account, but not the worst rate around.
App is very good, you can do most things through it.
I'm just hoping they will start doing investment home loans again soon and I'll be applying.
A few more branches in metropolitan Sydney wouldn't go astray either.

Fraud bank

Careful careful with GREATER BANK. My 700 has been taken off by this bank fraud member even I have proof this so called bank cannot work it out.
Now in Australia this would be great if everyone start up this business so the responsible organisation doesn't take any action.
Greater Ripping Bank.

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I done a wallet Wizard loan at 6:30 this morning I was wondering if it will be in my account today
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Is anyone aware when this credit union turned into greater bank?
1 answer
Yes. It's changed around May 2016. I'm sure that's when it happened.

I got $27 interest for the previous month on my bonus saver, then came up minus $13 for tax W/HOLD, just wondering what that means and why it took $13?
2 answers
They haven't recorded (or haven't got) your Tax File NumberI had this with another institution, who had not recorded my Tax File Number correctly. Go and see them with your Tax File Number, and ask politely if they can refund the withholding tax? Say your not sure if you made a mistake with the number , or they typed it in wrong. I managed to get the Withholding back. My approach is to treat everyone as I want to be treated - seems to work. So "If you see someone without a SMILE, give them one". ******* It costs nothing

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