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Regrout made it look like new.

Nick regrouted both my showers and they look like new again. Thank you for your professionalism, being on time, explaining the process and being reasonably priced. I’d recommend GroutPro to my friends and family.

Great work

Nick regrouped my shower and it looks like new. He was friendly, on time and a great person to deal with. Thanks heaps. A fantastic job :-)

Terrific work

Nick has cleaned and re-grouted my bathroom, second bathroom and kitchen. I’m amazed at the re-grouting job - he’s restored my shower, which had been looking very tired. He’s also colour-matched the silicone sealing, improving on the original work. Nick, You did what you quoted, you were on time, diligent and the work is impressive. Thank you!

Just like new!

I no longer grimace when I look at my shower. Nick has transformed it to look like new. It no longer leaks, it looks refreshed and it I smile when I look at the clean white grout and silicone. Nick was extremely efficient and professional. From our first contact to the end of work Nick did what he promised. A quality job, minimal disruption, and great value for money. I love my new shower. Thanks Nick. Great job!

Refreshing grout colouring

Nick was helpful with all aspects of the job. The bathroom looks as new thanks to his attention to detail.

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Hi Sue, thank you for taking the time to leave a review of the work Nick completed for you - enjoy your like-new bathroom! Cheers, GroutPro HO

Nick in Canberra is excellent

I have just had my showers done and they look amazing. Many thanks to Nick who did a fantastic job.

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Hi Jan, thank you for leaving a 5-star review on the work Nick completed for you!

Triple AAA+++ service. Fantastic job

Review for Groutpro Port Macquarie.
Our villa was refurbished just prior to our purchasing it and grout dust was left on all the tiles throughout. This grout dust had solidified on the tiles and no matter what we tried we couldn't remove it.
We had multi tradesmen through to look at the problem and none of them could offer an acceptable solution. Then came Mark from Groutpro!! Superman!! He not only removed all the offending residue, it was so bad some areas it had to be done twice to finally remove it. Mark was meticulous in his work and ensured the tiles looked like new at the end of the job.
Altogether a thoroughly lovely man to deal with - even left a bottle of cleaning product to help us to keep the tiles looking good going forward.
Can't recommend Mark highly enough.

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Hi Sammie, wow what a glowing review! Thank you so much for taking the time to leave awesome feedback of the work Mark from GroutPro Port Macquarie did for you. We appreciate your business - enjoy your beautiful tiles!

Best decision ever!

I was absolutely amazed at the result. I have been living with tiles that I really disliked for over 10 years but the mess of removing them prevented me from doing that. I can't believe they are the same tiles. I had my entrance, kitchen and bathroom done and they look like I have replaced the old tiles. So happy with the result - Hugh was really great and took the time to make sure I was happy with the colour choice. A great job and I would definitely recommend both Hugh and Groutpro. So much more economical than replacing my tiled areas and the result - the same "as new" look. Wonderful.

Hi Christine, we are thrilled to hear how happy you are with the work Hugh completed for you! We appreciate you taking the time to leave a fantastic review, thank you for your business. GroutPro HO :)Hi Christine, we are thrilled to hear how happy you are with the work Hugh completed for you! We appreciate you taking the time to leave a fantastic review, thank you for your business. GroutPro HO :)

Bayside grout pro specialist - A+

We engaged mick from grout pro to fix our bathroom. The grout had worn away and we had some concerns with a few tiles! He has fixed everything, applied epoxy grout and we couldn’t be happier with the results! He was also on time and worked around our work schedules!
Very happy clients and would recommend to anyone.

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Hi Lozza, thank you very much for sharing your positive experience with our GroutPro specialist, Mick! We appreciate your feedback and your business :) Cheers, GroutPro HO


ABSOLUTELY DEVASTATED - this was my greatest regret ever! I paid for the service to renew all the grout in my bathroom, to make it look like new again. It NEVER cleaned as agreed, that alone cost ~$450. The overall job looked incomplete, extremely poor quality, and got damage done to one of the bathroom walls! Then after I contacted the man who did the work, he claimed it actually looked good, despite me pointing out to him a number of grout areas ENTIRELY MISSED or poorly applied product and the damage! And to make matter worse, the product washed off in chunks after the first contact with water after 2 days as recommended!! $900 down my bathroom drain! NEVER should have paid the man!

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That certainly isn't the experience that we would want you to have, Matt. We apologise for the way this has made you feel. Are you able to contact us on 07 5515 0119 or admin@groutpro.com.au so we can look into this further and and hopefully resolve this as soon as possible.

Super clean floors - GroutPro Golden Grove

We hadn't professionally cleaned our tiles since we built our new home.....9 years to be exact. We were recommended to get in touch with our nearest GroutPro. Rod and Brett from GroutPro Golden Grove were very professional right through the process. From the time I contacted Rod , had the quote done and then the tiles cleaned we were extremely impressed with the service. Being a fairly new home Rod and Brett arrived on time, treated our home with respect and took great care whilst cleaning. Our floors look like the day we moved in!! Thanks Rod and Brett! We will definitely recommend yours service.

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Hi Nads, we're so glad to hear about your awesome experience with Rod and Brett - they're great GroutPro specialists! Thank you for taking the time to leave a wonderful review on the services GroutPro provided you :)

We paid top dollar for sealing and it has failed

We have tried to sort it it with our Grout Pro person and refuses to return and fix the issue under warranty.

Customer Service Terrible

On the 19/10/18 I spoke to the Grout Pro Call Centre. I was told that a Technician would be in touch very soon. Later that day, I received two text messages, basically telling me my enquiry had been received and that a Specialist in my area, is being located. The final text message the following day was:- Hi Thanks for your enquiry however due to high work load we can't currently service your area. Sorry we can't help you at the moment but we'll get back in touch with you when a specialist becomes available. GroutPro//
Well most of SA must be looking for a GroutPro Specialist, because it’s the 31/10/18 and I have had no further contact from the Company, basically left high and dry. Coincidentally just as I was going to contact similar companies, my husband by chance through his work. Discovered a lady whose husband Nick Grey is a GroutPro Specialist. After contacting Nick, he promptly came to my house the very next day! Courteous, professional and able to help us with our bathroom grout! Surprising considering the text messages from the Company, indicating they had no Technicians available!! Does GroutPro actually want Customers?? This is appalling as I can’t help but wonder how many other customers have gone elsewhere, with such terrible customer service. Disappointing, please explain GroutPro?!!

We're sorry to hear that you were not happy with the way your enquiry was handled. As we have over 50 specialists Australia wide and a lot of enquiries we have to distribute them automatically by computer. At the time you made your enquiry, all specialists within range were offered the opportunity to respond but they were all too busy to do so. That's why you received a message letting you know it was taking longer than expected to find someone available. It appears when you called Nick a few days later you caught him at the right time. We're glad it worked out for you and you were happy with his service.......

Sparkling Clean

Nick from your Woden Valley franchise was good enough to fit our ensuite re-grout and shower glass restoration, ensuite and bathroom silicone restoration and tile cleaning for all of our tiled surfaces into his busy week with great results. the 4 star rating is actually an interim rating until we can test the silicone restoration work in the ensuite, but judging from Nick's professional and tireless work ethic I would be surprised if this part is not as well executed as all other aspects of the work carried out and will be happy to amend my rating to 5 stars.
Nick was punctual with his (GroutPro's) initial response and visit to provide his work quote and arrived early on the day arranged for the work to commence. As already mentioned, I was impressed with Nick's professional work ethic, along with his explanations of why (and how) things are done.
Overall, the cleaning of the main entry floor tiles is so good, I avoid entering and exiting the house via the front door for fear of making them dirty and spoiling Nick's hard work! cheers

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Hi Wayne, thank you very much for leaving a great review about the work that Nick performed for you. The whole team at GroutPro appreciate your honest and positive review !

Great job done quickly

I used Norman Deineko (he is from the Central Coast but covers parts of Northern Sydney) from GroutPro to regrout one shower and resilicone two showers. The quote was not the cheapest, but it was close to it. His work was very thorough and clean and he was prompt and courteous. I asked for a small extra job to be done which he did at no extra cost. I would have no hesitation in giving him the highest recommendation.
Gerald, Normanhurst NSW

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Hi Gerald, thank you for taking the time to leave a genuine, positive review on the work that Norman completed for you. Our specialists are great at what they do - we appreciate your recommendation of GroutPro!

Regrouting of showers

Nick was very professional from the first contact. He turned up on time as promised. He has done an amazing job and two very old looking shower recesses look brand new again. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick from GroutPro.

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Thank you, Amanda, The team and GroutPro very much appreciate you taking the time to leave a fantastic review! Great reviews and recommendations like yours really helps our specialists in their business.

Care and attention was second to none

I booked Lester from Groutpro to clean mould and reseal shower. He was amazing. Took the time to talk through options and was patient with all my questions. He was fastidious in his work and the result is fantastic. Very happy to recommend him.

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Hi Lucy, we just wanted to reach out and thank you for taking the time to leave a great, positive review and recommendation about our GroutPro specialist, Lester. He is great at what he does!

All promise no show

Would have to be the worst company I have ever dealt with , have had 2 representative a from this company with each promising to get back.asap.with quote after 3 months I gave up on the first one , so tried again , got someone different and now 4 weeks later after 2 promises to give quote nothing.
How this company stays in business is beyond me , would highly recommend any company but Grout Pro as they have no idea !!

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Hi Kingfish, we're very sorry that you've been let down like this. Our specialists are usually very prompt and responsive as you can see from all the other reviews, and if there's a delay there's usually a good reason for it. For example, sometimes our company email is caught up by email spam filters so customers don't receive their quotes, but a phone call normally sorts that out. We realize you've given up on getting a quote, but we'd appreciate knowing which specialists you were dealing with please.

Tile repairs came up really well.

I had a bathroom that had water damage under a couple of tiles. I had waited a few years to get this fixed, as I figured no tiler would be interested in this small job. After my parents used GroutPro Werribee for their bathroom floor tiling repairs (and were very happy with their work), I contacted Darren and Meg. Darren and Meg were professional with their quote, the repair work and communication post repairs. They were very tidy and took care when walking in and out of the house. Darren worked hard to remove and replace a couple of tiles, waterproof the floor, and lay and grout the tiles. It looks great and I am very happy their work. Would recommend them to anyone who needs tiles repaired, grout replaced or cleaned.

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Thank you very much, Lily for leaving a fantastic review on the work that our GroutPro specialists Meg & Darren completed for you. We're thrilled that you are so happy with the work performed! Thanks for taking the time to write this up!

Totally thrilled with the result!!!

Where to start? Our tiled floors (a very large area) have been laid now for 23 years. While they have withstood the trials of family living, lots of partying and a very high visitor rate. Not to mention that we live in a rural residential area to boot - which adds dust, grit and a whole different range of challenges to that of suburbia, so our tiles were looking 'tired' and in some areas 'chipped' due to heavy use over time. The prospect of re tiling (cost) was not within our budget, so we looked for a professional organisation to provide advice, and quote. Nick from GroutPro Canberra assessed our floors and suggested a clean and chip filling would give us the desired result. The end result - totally exceeded our expectations. In fact my husband was circumspect about having the work done.....but this afternoon he is walking around in total disbelief! Our honest opinion is that the floors look as they did when they were first laid......and the chips....well, we know where they were....but now cant see them at all, other than one rather large superficial one that Nick repaired, but couldn't finish until the filling was dry (and he gave us the necessary product to just 'finish it off' after drying). Nick was on time, friendly and even helped to put our furniture back (at his suggestion), which we were very grateful for given our elderly years (late 60/70s). We could not recommend Nick from GroutPro Canberra highly enough! Thanks Nick - we are soooo very happy with your work! We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know who needs tiling work done.

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WOW! Thank you so much for your fantastic review - we are so pleased you are so happy with the work that Nick from GroutPro Canberra completed for you. We (the GroutPro team) very much appreciate the time you took out of your day to write this very positive recommendation!

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Questions & Answers

Is there a warranty on regrouting bathroom tiles?
1 answer
You can google their details - there are some guarantees listed on their website. But as with everything, it's conditional. I'm still very happy with the job done - I've had previous 'tilers' come and try to clean/fix my tiles - this has been the best job done so far.

Has anyone from SA used GroutPro?
3 answers
Sorry, I'm from Queensland, but the GroutPro service I got was great! Hope your local guy is just as good. Hairy HarryThanks for responding. Nick from Adelaide GroutPro was wonderful in the fact be was so honest! He told me he couldn't help me because my 20 yr old grout and tiles were too clean! Thanks for the honesty Nick !Hi Sue, we have 7 specialists operating full time in South Australia who have performed thousands of services for home owners and businesses. Have a look here for customer comments: http://www.groutpro.com.au/testimonials/

Hi Groutpro, I had someone come out between 12 to 18 months ago to regrout our ensuite. We've always kept up with using the specific groutpro products; however the grout is already going mouldy and black. We hardly use the shower as we all shower in the main area and our cleaner comes and cleans the bathroom each fortnight using the products. I'm disappointed as I've used a cheap kmart grout pen in the other bathroom and I personally feel that I've had better results for next to nothing, where I paid over $400 for groutpro to regroup our shower. I would like if someone could visit and look at the work if possible? Post code 2227. Thanks Kate
1 answer
Hi Kate, thanks for the opportunity to look at the problem. Can you please let us know which of our specialists performed the original regrouting work so we can have him get in touch to inspect. Best if you email us on admin@groutpro.com.au so we can handle it promptly. Thank you.

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