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Guardian Pet Insurance

Guardian Pet Insurance

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Unreasonable requests for information

I was with guardian for 6 months. During that time I made 1 claim which wasn't paid even though I followed the consultants request to the letter. A month after the submission of the claim I received a written request for further documents including the vets consultation notes,-all of them. And details of every single visit and test. All for the sake of 50 back when I pay 60 a month. RIDICULOUS

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Hi Pauline, we're sorry that there has been a delay. Please send us a private message with your policy and contact details and we will forward them to a Claims Manager who will be in touch with you shortly.

Insurance increased by 18.6% because my dog turned 4

My policy was increased by 18.6% from the previous year. When I called to question it they advised me it was due to my dog turning 4 (How ridiculous). They then went on to tell me that if I move to a different insurance company they will seek payment for the whole year (one month into new policy) as I had made a claim for a general check up already. This is the first review I have ever done on anything but felt compelled due to the laughable feedback I was given. I understand increases on an annual basis occur, but 18.6%.......give me a spell.

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Hi Daniel, thanks for sharing your feedback. We'd be happy to arrange for a Service Manager to contact you to discuss this matter further. If you would like this please share your details with us. You can send us a private message on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GuardianInsure thanks.

Excellent job

A really nice service from you guys. The customer service was really helpful. Casper had a skin problem. I took him to the vet and the bill was around 200. On Friday I just got 80 % transfered to my account. I have to admit that I was really scared reading the reviews. But anyway i was very satisfied with your service and the process didnt take long at all.

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No idea of customer Service & very quick to take your premiums

I attempted to confirm that my claim had been received as this was my first on line,,after 20 plus minutes on hold I gave up & sent an E/mail to their address. received an automatically generated reply,,it will be interesting to see how quickly I receive a call etc from a Human.
These people are quick to take your funds but very slow to provide customer service.
My last experience where I made a claim using the Fax number provided was Horrendous.

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Hello, we're sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service provided. If you'd like to speak with a Claims Manager please share your policy details with us in a private message, thank you.I was more than unhappy,,read my E/mail carefully,,there was "NO" Service provided,,I wonder at the reason why I would need to take the initiative again & make contact with a claims Manager.I suggest it is your responsibility to have them contact me thanksHello, we'd be happy to arrange for a Claims Manager to contact you. In order to identify your policy we kindly ask that you share your policy details with us in a private message, thank you.

Difficult but paid off

Very, very difficult to deal with their customer service. My vet had to email my pet's history 4 seperate times over three weeks until they finally received it. I would call customer service to see if they had received any emails from my vet and they would tell me that there was nothing coming through. Then after three weeks all of the sudden my claims were being processed after my vet had called and re-sent the email while on the phone to customer service. Although they were very hard to deal with, they covered my pup for ingesting foreign objects (valued at $1500 and they paid us $1100) and an ear infection witch medication. I have the premium cover and although i have never had pet insurance before, i am really pleased with the value and cover they offer. Here's hoping they will be less difficult in the future.

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Delay Payment of simple claim

A simple claim and they continually inundated us with paperwork and repeatedly requested the same paperwork. My dog was 2yrs old and didn't have any history other then check ups. They just don't want to Process the Claim. None of the claim correspondence had a contact number, or representative only was all via email/fax. I am sure I will never see my claim

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Hi Heather, we apologise for the delay. Please send us your policy details in a private message here: www.facebook.com/GuardianInsure and we will forward them onto a Claims Manager who will be in touch with you shortly. Thank you

Keep Away

Keep away, I have made two claims, both were rejected.
The first claim was rejected as a preexisting condition, specifically before the cover was taken out my dog was possibly bitten by an ant on its front paw, when the cover was taken out later we visited the vet for a rash on my dogs back, possibly in accordance with my vets advise a chemical rash from the dogs shampoo. According to Guardian this was a preexisting condition.
The second claim, my dog had kennel cough, after going to the vet and being prescribed medication a claim was made, the claim was rejected as the Guardian letter sent to me said "diagnosis is not covered under my policy".
This is a 600 AUD PLATINUM policy not covering diagnosis?
I have rated them with one star only because PRODUCT REVIEW hasn't got the option of ZERO stars.
Rating ZERO stars. What a scam? Guardian what a rip off?

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Hi Arthur, please send us your contact details in a private message so we can call you to resolve this. ThanksTo late, I have cancelled my policy with Guardian. I wish you were as nice an understanding when I first called regarding these matters. I have taken my business elsewhere.

Don't deal with them.

I cancelled my policy with this mob yesterday .. After posting all the original paperwork to them in late May /early June, for a claim for my dog's annual check-up and injection I rang to find out why my claim had not been paid as yet. I was told I would not be paid as the policy does not cover this and that I was informed of this fact by email and letter already.. WRONG !!! No email, no letter was ever received.. I asked what my fortnightly payments did cover and was ignored. I told her to cancel the policy effective immediately and she told me she would transfer me to someone to arrange that. ...20 minutes later I was cut off.. I have contacted my bank and told them to stop further payments to this lot. Will never recommend them to anyone at anytime...

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Waiting Period for Pre Existing Conditions

I took out Guardian Pet Insurance over the phone after referral from iSelect. I took out the highest cover and was told about the 30 day waiting period for Pre Existing conditions. I did not understand that pre existing was anything that happened during this 30 day waiting period. My dog was critically ill and we took him to the vet hospital. They ran a barrage of tests and after they proved negative asked me to ring my insurance company to check if they could run some blood tests. I called and gave my policy number etc and was told yes I was covered and that I could tell the vet to run the blood tests. It turned out my dog had swallowed a 3cm foreign object of some rubbery material. I called guardian to be told that I was not covered and my bill was over $1,000 they admitted that I had been given misinformation the last time I called but that they had a recording of me agreeing to the conditions of the policy including the waiting period and I said that after reading the policy booklet it was not really clear. I hung up as I was so upset and re read the booklet and found the section on swallowing a foreign object and called again they told me that it also came under the 30 day waiting period. I also noted that they had paid $4.00 for a scientific diet meal they had given my dog as he stayed overnight, and was told that was the only thing covered which I could not understand. I was informed to scan and email all details of my dogs hospitalisation to their review dept that day which I did. I said how can I cancel my policy if Im not satisfied with the outcome and they had already paid me ($4.00) and the cooling off period was over by this stage. they indicated that under the circumstances I would just have to pay the $4.00 back as the review would take some time. They ended up paying as a Gesture of Goodwill after telling me in over 2 pages how I really wasn't eligible for a payment due to the misinformation but that I could not claim on that particular condition at any time in the future. Im happy they ended up paying out but am not happy at the obscurity of the policy. I would not take out a policy over the phone like this as Pre-existing to me means that the dog already had a condition before taking out the policy not something that happens in the first 30 days, even a car accident, especially paying for the highest cover. I looked at some others and found that the Woolworths one was the same.

Worst mistake

They are quick at taking your money but when tin comes to paying you there is always more information needed .It has been nearly 5 months still havant paid my been lucky i had the money because you cant realiy on them.Have talk to a number of vet they do not recommend this company so go to a company that the vet recommend to you trust me i am out off pocket thousands.

Cant comment on the policy as i had to cancel before any claims were made

I really cant comment on the policy as we never needed to claim (thank goodness). I just had problem after problem with these guys. Nobody seems to know what they are doing.
I was quoted one price, whilst applying for the policy online and by the time my first bill came it was considerably higher then the original quote.
After multiple phone calls and emails I was then advised that unfortunately I would need to pay the higher amount. Silly really as when you sign up for something, in my opinion the quoted price should always be what you are expected to pay.
I had to hound them constantly to sort it out, finally getting tired of it and cancelling my policy as it was within 30 days.
Would not recommend to anyone, unless you feel like sitting on the phone to different people, retelling the whole saga daily, with no resolution!.

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